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My spare room

There’s a spare room in my house, but I can’t remember it not being taken. Countless lodgers and tenants, short-term renters. People come and they go...

Slowly but surely

I live in a small cottage at the edge of my town. People say it’s hard to find; they’ve always maintained that. People say they tend to get lost when...
Gold cherry

The thing

No one knew where it came from, despite competing theories. Some said China just because lots of things come from China, or at least used to go...

Honestly, I've got a Great Netflix Recommendation for You

Well I was just sitting at home here not doing much on a Monday so I clicked onto Netflix (in spite of myself), on something you’ve definitely not...

The Best Man

Ladies and gentleman, I am the best man. Now everybody comes and wants me to write their speech, to do their speaking. Now you look at me as...