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The cicadas trill and the cypresses disgorge their aroma over the dirty brown ground. The tarmac of the path is riven, is fissured. The tarmac cannot...
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Pick of the Month


Approximately one hour ago my head fell off. I could have struggled, tried to stick it back on but it was almost gone, already toppling. It was...

The Crouch

I knew it was coming so I stood there stock-still, didn’t dare move a muscle. I did the right thing. I couldn’t see it or I could just about see its...
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Story of the week


No one wants to talk about me, I’m the elephant in the room. It’s almost as if people don’t see me. I’ve been told numerous times that I’ve done...
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My Other Half

Half my body is clean and pristine, the rest is pretty much gunk. The left side is the good bit but it wouldn’t matter which side was which; it could...