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I once knew a girl called Diane. I knew her but I wasn’t infatuated like some of the others. She was intriguing. Some people were loopy about Diane,...
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My grandmother

My grandmother liked to break up the monotony of a normal dull moment with a chastening call-to-arms for a ‘nice kippah tie’, an exhortation that...

After the ball

Devastation. We walked with our heads bowed in case they were watching. We didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to make song or dance. We couldn’t...

The Light (III)

In the coolness of showers the light is less pressing, the leaves not just leaves, the green far more than just green. In the light, the green is a...


Mum died yesterday; a total wrenching of my soul. Suddenly no safety net and I hadn’t realised I had had one. I hadn’t realised that everything I was...