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2 till four. Clouds hang back and brain is dead. Real feel, 106. I'll prick my lips with cocktail sticks to check that I'm alive. This mute and frigid air. This stupid swamp.

On the lake

Take your boat out on the lake where the land sinks to flatness, and float and wait. Clement ripples sloth to shore; through verdant ridges slung in cloud

One more lemon-grass tea

Namaste to you too, soft-voiced nicey-niceys with your facile Jesus glints. When forced benevolent grins part those slender anaemic lips,

Continental drift

Here the horror of life is stark No feint or fake can dodge it. Ply this track between sodden fields Where strays marshal buffalo And the lake backdrops all. Breathe this clotted air,

Rubin's Response III

They were on their way to America, just he and his mother. The others had flown the week before and were waiting for them.