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The Wasteland

If someone offers you a way out of the wasteland, you should generally decline. It will not happen often, it will happen occasionally, perhaps only...
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The Switch

I woke up in a body that wasn’t mine; it had most obviously been switched. There were all sorts of subtle differences that you wouldn’t have noticed...


I was a therapist long before therapy became a thing. I know all your secrets. When people come to me they think there’s something I can do for them...

Somewhere on Nextdoor

(As seen on Nextdoor, the social network and website for nice neighbours) Totally inconsiderate and selfish runners I’m sorry but I cannot believe...

Why I decided to become a Scotsman

Wunna woke ap the-smorrnin’, fah sum rees’nah’d-ah scorrtish-acksen annae tohtelly muhsterfaiyte-mah. Ah tohtally brode wun laiyk ya gettan warrken-...