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Samantha Benson

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Up Yours 2017

You may agree when I say… 2017 has been the plug to the barefoot, The scooter to the ankle, The shirt you can’t iron out every crinkle. The red sock...


Soaring through security and contentment although, weighed down with doubt and uncertainty. I pulse harder than ever before, to ignore the brain’s...


Surroundings are spinning and she is opening, outer body experiencing the dizziness, pumping with adrenalin while she destroys. Destroys all structures and a picture that captures,

Once Upon a Time, I Grew Up

Selfish. Smothered. Spiteful. It’s been rough these past few months. In fact, it’s been a few years now. Though lately, it has got worse. They think I cannot hear.

The Girl is Lost

The girl is lost, Remembering your smile, Awakens her heart, And opens her bliss. Closing her eyes, Memories fade more, Clawing the stomach. It hurts to laugh,