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The Oaken Barque

I’ve never really loved still, not too long anymore, I’ve never really touched, crooked little run aground. The sinew that tips the rod, makes sultry...

There Are No Mondays In Space

In space, nobody cares if you yawn. Yawning wildly and with some pleasure Observational Specialist Lenny 'DVD' Al-Khalili sat in a room that was...

The Pond in our Garden

Gault faced sturgeons bend in wide tidal rituals, Clicking their eyes with a slow precise searching; Better if everybody had remained quiet, watchful...
Gold cherry

Lorgnette to Sunrise

"I am astonished by everything I am delighted by nothing." She said, now stood before the open window; Her shadow holding a thin brazen line, As...

Enclitic Heart

How can we spend our emotions, so cheaply, I talked for hours and you dozed. Picking dry skin from the flakes of my fingers, You always frowned, "...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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I like the child like prism

Posted on Tue, 28 Mar 2017

I like the child like prism with which the narrator views, or tries to make sense of the senseless. Religion can be a kindness or a plague, that is the nature of ambiguity.

Which is kind of, but not at all like formal, hegemonic faith...

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