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Eclectic Golem

Passively, I watched her shiver, a cumulous kind of tremble that took her body captive. Some kind of possessive instinct, cruel and unreliable yet...

That Old Maieutic Moth Debacle.

I’ve been watching the caramel canal waters for hours, sat beneath some rickety dirty bridge upon a pristine bench, dedicated to the life of Enrich...

The Jeremiad of Inadequacy.

Watching the spider, that watched him, he cleared his throat and scratched hastily at his ear. His nose had the odd idea that it belonged to somone...

The Sequacious Prophet

Barefoot he rucked through the sharp dry grass, Not deterred by thunder and glad to dance and laugh, Shivering he grinned beneath timbre of oily...

The Golem of Lachrymose

Morning is when the golem of desire is best evoked, From a crude mash of salted bone and tin sinew, Every dusk obstructs his will to die in dowdy...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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I like the child like prism

Posted on Tue, 28 Mar 2017

I like the child like prism with which the narrator views, or tries to make sense of the senseless. Religion can be a kindness or a plague, that is the nature of ambiguity.

Which is kind of, but not at all like formal, hegemonic faith...

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