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Peter James Jackson


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The Golem of Lachrymose

Morning is when the golem of desire is best evoked, From a crude mash of salted bone and tin sinew, Every dusk obstructs his will to die in dowdy...

A Gleeful Duck in Apologetic Oil

With severe earnest fakery I make noise, Advertising my honesty in all things false. Evidence bores me, my rage is immaculate, Here is where I ramble...

There Are No Mondays In Space

In space, nobody cares if you yawn. Yawning wildly and with some pleasure Observational Specialist Lenny 'DVD' Al-Khalili sat in a room that was...

The Pond in our Garden

Gault faced sturgeons bend in wide tidal rituals, Clicking their eyes with a slow precise searching; Better if everybody had remained quiet, watchful...
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Lorgnette to Sunrise

"I am astonished by everything I am delighted by nothing." She said, now stood before the open window; Her shadow holding a thin brazen line, As...