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Peter James Jackson


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Enclitic Heart

How can we spend our emotions, so cheaply, I talked for hours and you dozed. Picking dry skin from the flakes of my fingers, You always frowned, "...
Gold cherry

Ailurophile in Autumn

Announcing herself in sleek pageantry, a terse body unfolds, half bored, half aroused by the everything of everywhere, we fasten our eyes upon the...

A Broken Jacquard Loom

We are constructed of contrary fibres, Our charred bones aching when used, Muscles burn a wispy grey smoke; Our saddened eyes, drunk with colour! We...

When I Sleep, A Cockroach Eats My Liver.

I am sick, we are all unwell after a fashion. Soberly we dream, each a selfish embryo, Shuffling along affluent ooze, enchanted by nothing. Laughing...

Melting Inside the Opal Glass Elephant.

Everything was trouble, I told her. Something other than, a different hue, something blended from the bone and the wordlessness. I talked myself to...