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Peter James Jackson


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The Bell Beats Like A Drum.

Coming home late, quiet keys and clumsy ways. Later than expected, the gas fire moaned my bringing in the wind. The room bent backward, an untidy...

The Day Moon

Winter makes the most ghosts Everything goes softly and wisened, Wistful lips as dry icing done spittling. The metallic growl of binmen in jest...

Autumns Totem in Demise

Cumulus slumber could be scented in the air Through dovetail furrows in the sky, Dreaming along our ailing gentle lullaby. Rain bones as sweet tallow...

Cold Flan For Curiosity

I watched the broom ignore me ignoring it, Sick buttery light clawed through the fabric vines, Thick lunges of light fell in pools around the table...

Periphery Purple

Was this a day, to be as wind declines a pleasingness, I sat beneath a dancing branch, The stomping wind a person, with equal measures a blessing...