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My stories have been read 57881 times and 21 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Peter James Jackson


My stories


Noir City Cigarette Diaries

'...A good day for bad intentions...’ he thought

Between the Sky and the Sea.

'...His answer meets her question as the sea does the sky, never quite completely...'

Only a Matter of Time

'...chance is hardly an exact science...'

An Ode to HMS Foudroyant

'...From the Inn they fall out fouling In slippery verse a whale shanty Beards weather the chill howling...'

God's Vision Treatise

'...The lights went out, a stir of hushed reverence zipped around the enforced gloom like a swarm of over zealous birds at dusk, this way then that, a mask of ever fluttering mysteries...'