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My writing class was given the task of putting a character from a 'novel' into a different situation. Not sure if this is too close to original! Abi...

Time Lost

A concept that has defeated philosophers down through the ages. Man and his place in the universe, are we the peak of existence or just the servants...


I suppose the whole of life is a journey, much of it smooth and uneventful ending in some kind of fulfilment, at other times like a roller coaster...

Hopes and dreams

On a recent holiday, to a place we love. 'They have no hope in me. I have no hope in me!' A seventeen year old boy, face impassive, looking straight...

Times Past or Past Times

My writing class was given the task of writing biography/autobiography. a suggestion was to write it through the eyes of a childhood toy or pet. This is my attempt, not sure if it works but it is just the intro.