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A Song of a Poem

A Song of a Poem On a long winters night in a dark lonely flight it’s you oh it’s you You were by my side but now I’m alive Babe, it's you And me on...

I'll Save Myself

Don’t save me You see me frowning, face pained, emotions overflowing, You see me sobbing, heart open, hurt showing. I want to thank you for not...

Time and Place

Time and Place It isn’t like I wait for you, and wonder where you’ve gone. It isn’t like the night will come, just before the dawn. I see the way it...

This Modern War

A short story about loss. This Modern War I find myself staring a little longer than most days at the print on today’s paper, 15 June 2011. It is the...

Speaking in Silence

Speaking in Silence You now pass without a glance no hello, no second chance all the while knowing how we affect the other all the while telling...