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Not much can be said, other than I started this profile primarily for improvement on my writing skills.

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Go On

I know not of where my father lay Nor of where my mother prays I don't know where my sister cries out I don't know where my brother wanders about...

It Takes a Foolish Optimist

In between the moondrop blessed land and dream rich sky a lone train shoots through uninhibited by any opposing force. It’s foremost light pierces...


With another step I find myself in a strange world Everywhere my feet go, creatures of small dimensions hovered about By now I realize this is where...

As Per Your Order

You're supposed to look both ways whenever crossing any street. Unfortunately sometimes this knowledge just isn't enough to save a pedestrian's life. Here's what happened after one particular individual just has an overall bad day, then cold overtakes his lively warmth.

Lost Cause

When a renegade crew is arrested for treason, world destroying truths are brought to light.