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*NSYNC fan, 23, Female. Business Management trying to manage my life. Like many, I strive to be a stay-at-home author. Currently working on poetry to try to hone my skills but I also work on fiction, fan-fiction, and non-fiction stories on my personal time.

I struggle with punctuation (especially with poems), please help. 

My stories

Triumphant Temperance

Content warning: Mentions of drug use

A small BOO

This actually was written as a song, I don't write music but I sing and write. I wrote this maybe a few months or even a year ago (I should be writing dates), I just cut a lot of unnecessary/unrelated lines.

Reinvent yourself

I wrote this while coming out of dissociation.

(Hope) in a small can

Something a little different, but also writing about relationship/love again.


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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"‘You appreciate I am not 

Posted on Fri, 08 May 2020

"‘You appreciate I am not 
actually here’ you told me,
‘this is some kind of 
memory disorder 
triggered by traumatic loss.’ 
‘You are not helping' 
I said, 
Hoovering around

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