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It's been a while But i know the feeling One glimpse of your smile My heart hits the ceiling Its stupid I know As we cannot be But I'm sure you’re...


I like to watch movies There's hundreds I've seen The colours, the sounds Big stars on the screen I like the fiction The escape from real life And...

School Daze

Now I'm 5 I've got to go to school Arrrrrgh! look at the size of that big school hall All the others are so big and tall How could it be that I am so...

Weight On My Mind

Look in mirror Overweight How'd I get here? What a state Diet pills Lose a few pounds Put it back on Feeling down Calorie counting Every day Exercise...

Cynical Valentine

Valentines day is here again And for some it just makes them sick An unsubtle reminder every year That they are getting no pussy or dick Slushy cards...