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Bashing my head against a wall I cant make you love me Cant help the way I feel just wish I could make you see You are in my thoughts every day you bring a smile to my face

Dream Girl

He’s looking for someone, Someone he kissed, but he cannot find her He’s not sure she exists. It would be just his luck If she was just a dream, A fictional girl That may never be seen.

Moment of Clarity

As I'm getting older, I've starting thinking I'd struggle to live without drinking Beer or vodka, whiskey or wine Don’t really matter, one more before time.


You smile at me It makes my day But you lead me on Then push me away I keep thinking of you I’m going insane But you don’t want me You’re just playing a game

Secret Crush

Your laugh is infectious Your smile makes my day Your eyes are so pretty But these things I can’t say. I suffer in silence My feelings not heard And when I see you with him