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Janet Jones

All that I write is true. I love TKMaxx it is my favourite store. I believe People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold! Stop The Traffik! I love watching Under Cover Boss & I would love that to happen to me. I buy cotton & linen clothes & tie dye them I also love screen printing & batik I would love to do basket weaving again & knitting.

My stories

Mother's Day.

One day this week, I didn’t feel like a Mum, as I was thinking of Mother’s Day, I naturally thought of my Mum, for that’s what it means to me. My Mum...

Clark Gable.

I’m still in shock. When I heard the news that Clark Gable had died. You might have heard that he was already dead, but that isn’t the Clark Gable I’...

Home Is Where The Heart Is.

“Home is where the heart is,” And the word home means different things to us all. For some, it’s a wonderful place of refuge, where they always feel...

The Robin.

On the wall just outside our Living room window, my Daughter Meghan put a plastic container and filled it with bird seeds. Then every day a robin...

Galaxy Part Four.

I needed a car, I had been using a taxi, seven days a week, I became like a ‘skilled back seat driver,’ my Husband Paul often looked on line for...