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Janet Jones

All that I write is true. I love TKMaxx it is my favourite store.I beleive People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold! Stop The Traffik! I love watching Under Cover Boss & I would love that to happen to me. I buy cotton & linen clothes & tie dye them I also love screen printing & batik I would love to do basket weaving again & knitting.

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It That Your Best Price?

I went to a car boot recently, and met some lovely interesting people who came to my stall. The first person, she came over and her Husband picked up...

It Was A Day....

I was at work and was sent out in the works van, it would be fifty miles to get there, I always love this particular journey, as I could enjoy my...

10,000 Reasons.

10,000 Reasons. I felt genuinely unwell when I asked my Doctor for a blood test, she agreed and I went for the test. While waiting for the results I...

The Cake.

The Cake. I remember when I lived on my own, in total it was for five years; I often used to cook food from scratch. During my time in my flat, a...

my BIG phobia fear.

I remember watching a programme on TV some years ago; it was about people who had strange phobias. Some were SO funny but to them it was real, some...