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Janet Jones

All that I write is true. I love TKMaxx it is my favourite store. I believe People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold! Stop The Traffik! I love watching Under Cover Boss & I would love that to happen to me. I buy cotton & linen clothes & tie dye them I also love screen printing & batik I would love to do basket weaving again & knitting.

My stories

Towers Faulty Part Two.

Back at home I had to pop to the shops with Paul, Megan had gone to Town too on her own. I’d made it clear to her that, “We had to be on the six o’...

Towers Faulty. Part One.

The end of last year I had an invitation from my cousin Poppy, to tell me her sister Lois would be fifty in January, I found it almost impossible to...

Thin Walls Part One.

We have lovely neighbours, or so it seems on the surface. Our terraced houses are over one hundred years old, they are strong and well made. Our...

The Card.

When I first met Louisa we didn’t hit it of straight away. We had nothing in common. It even appeared she made me her enemy or target, by the things...

Pink Tea.

A few days ago as I was at the bank, the cashier suddenly sneezed all over me. I was about two feet from her, I was completely showered with her...