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Janet Jones

All that I write is true. I love TKMaxx it is my favourite store. I believe People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold! Stop The Traffik! I love watching Under Cover Boss & I would love that to happen to me. I buy cotton & linen clothes & tie dye them I also love screen printing & batik I would love to do basket weaving again & knitting.

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How Times Have Changed.

How Times Have Changed. When I found out that Daniel’s girlfriend Claudette, was expecting their first baby, I didn’t really think anything. Maybe it...

Christ mas Is Cancelled.

Christ mas is Cancelled. Last Christ mas like the Christmases before was expensive. I usually buy my gifts when I got paid in December, the two that...

Lean Times Part Two.

A letter arrived from the benefits people for Paul it wasn’t good news six weeks ago, so I expected the same information again, Paul didn’t like to...

Lean Times.

Last year was the poorest I’ve ever been, in my life. Before that Paul and myself had juggled our money, bought mainly reduced food, went to jumble...

03.09.16A.D. Part 3

The final course was either apple pie and custard or apple pie with ice-cream, for me it will always be with custard unless it’s a heat wave! Proper...