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The Straw Man (part 1)

A young boy is distressed by what his father does to a scarecrow

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Story of the week


“I believe in the rapture for I’ve seen your face, On the floor of the ocean, At the bottom of the rain” – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
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Poem of the week

carnival ride

simple psychology

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Story and Poem of the Month


The Story and Poem for the month of July have been chosen by one of our longest serving editors. We're so grateful to all of them for the time they manage to carve out of their very busy lives. Here's what he says:


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Poetry Monthly

You gave Philip Sidney’s framing device lots of ink and thought this month and as a result, wonderful window poems have emerged all July. Seeing what you’ve done has made a deep and indulgent reading experience.

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Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

It's taken ages to decide on the picks today - so many high quality pieces to choose from this week, but here they finally are: 

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

It’s been a wonderful week for poetry and prose with writers using innovative techniques and genres. Story of the week goes to love-writing for powerful experimental short fiction.

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Bee's Journey

Fri, 31 July 2015
Mon, 20 July 2015
Thu, 16 July 2015
Wed, 15 July 2015
Sun, 05 July 2015

Picks of the Month

The Sewing Machine

As a young man, I was fond of walking holidays and particularly liked the wilds of Scotland, covering vast distances by foot. They were pretty much deserted then, and every year I’d spend a couple of weeks with the Duchess of X in Perthshire. It has to be an X I’m afraid or you might look her up. I believe she is still living, wrapped up in her ancestral tartan that comes all the way from Botswana.

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Not A Sonnet: Of Moths And Metaphors

It is the one thing we have in common:
that we breathe the world’s air, then we do not.
To write one line about something so trite
is a waste of paper. The rain forest
will bless me when I do not trouble you
with such banality. So I shall spend
my days sparing you the grief of reading
my shallow thoughts about mortality.

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