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The Beat Goes On

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you get what not

Jo warned me, twice, ‘behave yourself’. But she didn’t trust me. Bundled me out the front door, and shoved me down the steps to make sure I got the message. ‘The walk will do you good.’
            ‘But it’s pissing down.’
            ‘There’s nowhere to go. Nuffin’ to do.’
            ‘You’ll find somewhere.’ She glared at me, nostrils flaring.
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Poem of the week


Wrinkled like a Disney frog

Or toad, his face a crumpled note

Spectacles and gulping throat

Sitting on his mildewed log


Reading books concerning Jews'

A-rabic learning, Grecian thoughts

Noting pasts comprising torts

A mental mile in other's shoes


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Story and Poem of the Month February 2015

The announcement has just come through and it gives me the greatest pleasure to break the news.  The story of the month for February is awarded to canonette for:

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ABCtales Winter Competition 2015

Red Alert Everyone!

It's competition time.  Entries are now being accepted...  Details to be found here:

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Competition Opportunities

We always support the annual Wasafiri New Writing Prize and the details of how to enter the 2015 event can be found here:


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ABCtales Competition

We’re really excited to announce a new ABCtales poetry and prose competition.  Read more

Picks of the Month

Butterfly Service

There were butterflies
dancing against the light,
the stained glass of Jesus
changing them into shadows.

A coffin and butterflies.

I don't believe in gods
or souls or eternal life.
I tried not to smother with meaning
the moment that owned its own voice.

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A fairy story for grown ups.

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