Pick of the day

Mrs. Xu

This is dedicated to my Taiwanese mum-in-law who lives with and looks after us. 

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Story of the week

Passing Through - 2/3 - Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence

2. Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence - 2014/2026
'It's nothing to do with that,' she replied. Her voice was calm and measured, but her hand slid across the table towards him, forefinger tapping at the wood with increasing force. 'It's that you keep finding a way to fuck everything up.'
K stiffened in his chair, clenched his fork, and pushed a lump of potato on an aimless tour round his plate. There was a silence.
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Poem of the week

The Waiting Room


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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

The story of the week is a tie between new member SilverFish and old-hand Stephen Thom.  

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Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

 "The brief here was to write something that holds back and has stuff going on beneath the surface"  Scratch has

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

Well the the trend that started at the beginning of the year continues apace. Every week without fail new and talented writers turn up, open accounts and start to post.  We've already seen some stella performances; here's another...

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Picks of the Month

Another baby

The barmaid's waiting for a phone call. Her sister-in-law is in labour. She’s desperate for the phone to ring so she can hear from the corridors of the late night maternity ward where a cleaner mops and her brother full on vending machine coffee has promised he’ll phone with updates. His sister the barmaid shakes her head at people asking any news any news?

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My Other Life is

My other life is a peach

bare feet, warm sand

clear running water

mind, body, place

sweet blossom


gold, green





to be



this life

is a bitch




whining, whining

hot breath and drool

night pacing, back-biting

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