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Decimate me

Decimation (Latin: decimatio; decem = "ten") was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences such as

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Story of the week

The Iron Giant

She should have gone home. It was the first night Bibi had stayed away from them. Her boys. Brad, Tom and little Max. At bedtime, Tom and Max would have waited for her, sucking on their pepperminty toothbrushes at the bay window overlooking the street and hassling Brad to see if they could wait up just a teeny bit longer in case she came back to read them their story.Read more

Poem of the week

moving in

I will pin up my things,
like the picture of the out of season beach carousel
all wet on the left side from a basement flood.

In a box under the bed,
old Friends box-sets, and pasta bowls.
You will say you love them.

And then we will take things to the charity shop
and leaving them, feel clean.

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Story and Poem of the Month

Long-time, much respected, very valued ABCtales editor and professional writer Mark Say stepped in to scrutinise this months writing and his decision has just come in.  Here’s what he has to say:

Poem -

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

It has been an exceptional week for poetry!  At least four writers could have won this week's poem of the week and several others were in the mix.  There were two that I just could not separate.

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Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Another blistering week for poetry and stories here on ABCTales.

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

I closed the newsletter of earlier this week with the entreaty that you should all get writing and boy-oh-boy did you take me at my word.  The number of new submissions has been incredible and the standard is inspiring.  The two weekly picks could have gone to a few...Read more

Picks of the Month

Another baby

The barmaid's waiting for a phone call. Her sister-in-law is in labour. She’s desperate for the phone to ring so she can hear from the corridors of the late night maternity ward where a cleaner mops and her brother full on vending machine coffee has promised he’ll phone with updates. His sister the barmaid shakes her head at people asking any news any news?

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My Other Life is

My other life is a peach

bare feet, warm sand

clear running water

mind, body, place

sweet blossom


gold, green





to be



this life

is a bitch




whining, whining

hot breath and drool

night pacing, back-biting

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