Pick of the day

This Is Jacques

I remember when Jacques died.
He left a message on the machine.

Hello, this is Jacques.
ça va?
I wanted to speak to you.

The voice even deeper, his Frenchness amplified by the 
diseased closing of his throat.

It has been some long time, no?
I just wanted to speak to you, like before,
like we used to so long ago.

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Story of the week

Bias Binding

Bias Binding. Solid words to describe a length of slim cloth that edges, contains and finishes a creation.Read more

Poem of the week

Song for Sam Video

It was hard getting myself to do this. Which is why I posted it without a video. Then I felt the urge and went ahead with it. My love and heart goes out to anyone who feels such a grief. I've never known it before and hope to never know its like again. Much love to you all.

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

This week's poetry pick is an wonderful example of talent underscored by love, or love underscored by talent.  You decide:


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Competition Opportunities

We always support the annual Wasafiri New Writing Prize and the details of how to enter the 2015 event can be found here:


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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Finding a poem this week was quite hard because the quality of submissions was even more outstanding than usual. I think maggyvaneijck is the rightful winner though, with the multi-layered Blue. Definitely one to read again and again.

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Picks of the Month

Butterfly Service

There were butterflies
dancing against the light,
the stained glass of Jesus
changing them into shadows.

A coffin and butterflies.

I don't believe in gods
or souls or eternal life.
I tried not to smother with meaning
the moment that owned its own voice.

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A fairy story for grown ups.

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