Pick of the day

Warm Wood Kisses

The room is made beautiful by the peace of this morning,
Dusty corners lie undisturbed, slightly hidden
The shadow of the window frame rests on the floor,
Offset rectangles of light, warming the boards
A beckoning dance floor for barefoot steps,
For skin and warm wood kisses
In these moments
There is nothing to fight,
Yesterdays are laundered and pressed
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Story of the week


Prologue for a redraft of last year's NaNo novel. I've tried doing this several ways, and I'm still not sure if this is the right one. But it's the one I'm going to use as the basis. 1700 words.

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Parkinson's Awareness Week - Mastermind!

It's that time again.

Parkinson’s Awareness Week  -   Mastermind!

And your Name is :  Parkinson’s

Your Occupation:  Disease

And Your Chosen Subject is:  How to make life uncomfortable.

Right you have two minutes to answer the questions on your chosen subject.

What is the first thing you do to make life uncomfortable?

I destroy the cells that make dopamine.


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11.04.14 Stories, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

This week I’m glad to announce a new feature on ABCtales – which is the option to make pieces accessible only to other logged-in members of ABCtales.

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Luigi Pagano on Self-Publishing

Every now and then I get a query about self-publishing: how to go about it, who to approach, what to look out for.

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Poem of the week

Coldplay wordplay wedding day

Light breaks between late summer green

of overhanging, heavy laden branches of the surrounding trees.


You walk, your hand in his, sun creating white shadows that sparkle and glisten,

don't panic just listen,

the music plays for you and only you two.


There is a smile upon your face

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