Pick of the day

The Wedding Picture

This image was sent to me out of the blue the other day by my mother via Facebook Messenger. It seemed somehow incongruous that a snapshot from a bygone age would arrive in such a thoroughly modern manner. Still. I suppose that we've all got pictures like this in dusty biscuit tins somewhere at the bottom of cupboards. But given the events of the last few years this one struck a deep resounding chord with me. 

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Story of the week

Bible John

‘Why do they call you Bible John?’ I ask.
‘They’re just takin the cunt,’ he says. Then apologises a few seconds later for his language.
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Poem of the week

In a Broken Moment


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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

A bit early today because I'm off out in a short while..... well, what a week for ABC.

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Poetry Monthly

The first Poetry Monthly has been a real success. The flights of your imagination jazzed up old fairytales and took us to stories new. Here are some examples of your wonderful creativity:

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He's Done It!!!!!

As of now, Jack's book is FULLY FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!! Hip hip hooray and thank you to everyone who helped him get there, but most of all a MASSIVE congratulations to celticman!


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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

If you like poetry that delivers strong, sharp images and deeply powerful feeling then you'll love this week's winner.  Poem of the week is awarded to Esmerelda for:

this is the new life

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Bee's Journey

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Picks of the Month

A Room In Chungking

On the gritty wall askew in sultry disrepair, hangs Hokusai’s Great Wave. Almost a  window once perhaps, this place has won it over.   Below on crumpled sheets, she cradles him like a cello
having fed him a teaspoon of sin. Pallid tenderness he weeps he knows. She sees and lets him go.  Read more

Gave it to the sea

The cut between these times was such that I thought it possible I was living in an afterlife.

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