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No-one saw him fall from the sky the night of the strange lights. The lights themselves were only seen by the sleepless, the drunk, the late shift workers raising gritty eyes from their screens for a moment’s break. And they caused only a flurry of filler in the local news, and a brief effusion of conspiracy theories gibbering to themselves in the digital dark.

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The Gift

They are late. An hour tops he’d said, but it has been almost two. It is nearly Jack’s bedtime and his Transformers have been set up on his bedroom carpet ever since dad’s call. Grandad will be Grimlock and Jack is always Optimus Prime in car mode for every battle. I asked dad if they could come tomorrow instead, said it might be better to wait until we’d had chance to unpack and draw breath but he’d been incredulous,Read more

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Story and Poem of the Month

One of our most dedicated and talented writer/editors contacted me earlier this evening and it is with great pleasure that I can share following announcement on their behalf.


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Poetry Monthly

I hope the sun glowed down on you this summer. I spent most of August in Cornwall’s limpet pools and became obsessed with photographing mussels on sliding perilous rocks.

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Story and Poem of the Month

Announcement due soon.  

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

This week saw the launch party for the publication of Ex - Laurie Avadis' stunning debut novel which started here on ABCTales and was snapped up by Unbound. It's now available on Amazon and if you can leave a review it would be wonderfully helpful.

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Bee's Journey

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Please, leave the light on. ( The reply)

As always, there are two sides to every story. Here's the reply...


Dear Robert,

Your letter was forwarded onto me by the new tenants of Jenny’s old flat.

I have read it and notice that you say “sorry” eleven times. Thank you for that.

Jenny’s father and I are also sorry.

Sorry that we had to watch her fall apart after you left, just six weeks before the baby was due.

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running in the rain

There is sRead more
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