Pick of the day

Jingle Balls

The jingles play loud

Seducing the crowd

With the cheesiest shit

From the musically dead

But you’re easily led

By the costumes and bells

And the crap on the shelves

That you know you don’t need

But you can’t stop the greed

Merry Christmas

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Story of the week


The radiographer took her measurements. She measured the baby’s head, and hip to foot. Red tracking lines showed up on the screen. My small baby had grown. The static heartbeat could be heard, faintly then booming. I was told to come back in two weeks for the final scan.
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Poem of the week

Broken Faith

It's a shame about God
Seemed a good idea at the time
But the blood and suffering of children
is too much to ignore
and I can't really believe
that all the scriptures are worth the loss of one life
Pull down the churches
the temples
and mosques
Not one of these is as beautiful

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Sometimes less is more, and there's no better example of this than our Story of the Week - love-writing's dispassionate account of the loss of her baby at birth: 

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January 21st. Save the Date!

Here's something to look forward to next month - one of ABC's legendary readings at the wonderful Wheatsheaf in Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia. We usually start around 7 - 7.30 pm and finish by 9.30.

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Interview with Jack O'Donnell, Author of Lily Poole

Over the past few months ABCtales has helped turn two of its members into published authors.

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

The list of pieces cherried since last Friday is the longest that it has been for ages.  Well done.  

Bee's 'Empty' is the poem of the week:


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