Pick of the day


How many girls have you had sex with,

I’ve had sex with five girls, he said

one clear, windless Tuesday night

and passed a joint to his friend.
I’ve had sex with five girls, he said

squatting on a concrete ledge

and passed a joint to his friend.

He was sixteen, from Kentish Town.
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Story of the week

Mattie Johnson

There are two ways I could begin this story, and they would appeal to two very different audiences.


‘Mattie Johnson was widely renowned as the greatest whore in Newtown,’ is one option, though I fear it might put off more discerning readers and attract those with little interest in serious literature.


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Poem of the week


There was that week that just passed me by
where I slept on floors that crept with pieces of 
skin, the hair of someone else’s old lover, 
tobacco starched by the months it had lay there,
slivers of food that had travelled down chins
the day before a sell-by date. I would lie there, in 

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Story and Poem of the Week

A day early I'm afraid as I'm off to WOMAD but two absolute crackers from two of our stalwarts. The story is quirky and funny whilst the poem is heart breaking. Enjoy!

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ABC's Latest Published Poems and Novels

Another week, another round of successes with ABC writers.

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How to Write in the Summer & the Wasafiri Prize

Ever since I've written I've always looked forward to the summer with longing. From a distance it looks like a long expanse of constructive dreamtime - and hopefully the majority of those can be trapped on paper.

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ABCtales & Unbound

This week I’m proud to announce a new collaboration between ABCtales and Unbound - the crowdfunding publisher who have already published one ABCtaler’s novel, Jennifer Pickup’s ...Read more