Pick of the day

Come Sunday

Whilst you
your kitchen
on Sunday morning
an old woman
knocked at your

She’d moved
here yesterday
and had made
you a pie
of apple and

To say hello.
To calm from
loneliness and fear.

But you
missed her.

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Story of the week

All the Ghosts of Us


It's like a movie viewed over and over

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Poem of the week

Maudlin Tuesday Afternoon Poem

Looking into a creased photograph that is propped on a bookshelf
there is no line between us and even the sky that frames us
seems to be pushing us together. Then, I was a head and a half
taller than you, I had been running and we held medals, we were

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Congratulations this week to Bee for her stunning, multi-layered piece on memories, and to Barely Black Francis for his wonderful poem on parenthood:


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Roll Up, Roll Up

A guest post by ABCtales Author Ewan Lawrie:

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Unbound to Publish ABCtales Author

Ex, a novel written on ABCtales by Laurie Avadis (or lavadis), has now reached 100% funding on Unbound, and the book will soon be going to press!

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Jolono takes the story honours this week.  His eponymous character Jack Winter is resurrected for a villainous Autumn return:

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