Pick of the day

Appetitus Mortiferum (London)


There were a few cracks of thunder in Vauxhall, a cloud formed in Dulwich, several large raindrops made blotches on the pavements of Catford then stopped abruptly. An atmosphere is building.


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Story of the week


'There was a grove, dark with holm-oaks, below the Aventine, at sight of which you would say: ‘There’s a god within'. The centre was grassy, and covered with green moss, and a perennial stream of water trickled from the rock.'
Ovid. Fasti. Book III, March 1, Kalends.
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Poem of the week

The Return

Another piece by my daughter, Julia (Overthetop1).  It's important to me that she lives on through her writing so I am wading through a fat file - some scribbles on backs of envelopes, others neatly typed.

Not an easy task, but an essential one.

Coral Jane (seashore)

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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Two wonderful pieces for you. Our Story of the Week is Stephen Thom's brilliantly disturbing 'Sticks' and our Poem of the Week is Overthetop1's powerful 'The Return' posted by seashore. I thoroughly recommend both!

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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

This week's winners just have to be our two Competition winners. Both are exceptional pieces and fully deserve a week on the home page!

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

Birthday phone call

‘Hello stranger’ dad says, his chuckle dry and good-natured, the laugh of an overgrown kid.

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I wished to write

‘An ode to you’ – no, too thoughtless

too common

those words never reached the screen

and I wonder if they reached you

as I tried to recall

when I had sat on the bench

looking out at the dusted beach

and the turquoise glass sea and the smiles

of seaweed and the dunes they ran down

and I thought of you

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