Pick of the day

A Matador is Reduced to a Pincushion


It is twilight in the Barcelona hospital. An elderly vagrant in stained dungarees lies sleeping on a bench in a urine-stinking antechamber near the exit. I shuffle around the corner, doped into oblivion. Somehow, I retain the lucidity to halt my unsteady gait before I bump into the mirror on the wall outside the security booth. I lock eyes with the figure in the mirror, and recoil with revulsion.


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Story of the week

Under My Skin

My knock is a gentle cadence.
and a
I wait, lifting my head to the heavens. A few clouds scatter across the sky, but the moon is full, illuminating the night. The air is sticky and humid. It feels like rain.
It’s been a few minutes, but I don’t mind waiting.
No, I don’t mind waiting at all.
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Poem of the week

Snowdonian Stone

This is the stone, thrown molten from a fiery heart

which took its small part in:

The Transformation of the Great Mountain.


This is the stone, compressed under frozen weight

which moved with others

to reshape the land of highs and lows.


This is the stone, buffeted and buffed

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Competition Alert!

Make sure you visit ABCtales on Saturday when we'll be announcing the details of our fantastic new competition!

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A New Feature For ABCtales!

Starting this month a new feature will appear on the Home Page that will supplement the long-established tradition of having weekly picks. 

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Our poem of the week is from PhilipSidney, one of those rare writers who can produce poetry and prose of equal quality:

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Two wonderful autobiographical pieces take the honours this week:  Cannonette's Slip One, a slice of life about knitting and a nan who can do everything all at once, and Scorpio88's The Mechanic, a fleeting moment of a childhood summer.

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