Craven's Christmas Stollen - A Craven Danger Mystery

Craven's Christmas Stollen

My grandma sent me a Christmas stollen that was then stolen by a strong-armed stooge that was on the lam for...

Thought: Descartes and Desire

Descartes famously said “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think ,therefore I am” but he did not mention anything about desire.

And yet I am...

Is It Christmas?

Is it christmas? I don't know;
it rains instead of snowing.
And your dear face
is in my mind, but I can see you
there at...

Opaque sky

There was some sort of hope

in the sky

behind the opaque grey;

light shone like a torch

through tracing paper...


18. Rush

Some little punk comes up to you
in Koko: When’s No Reflection’s
next gig?
he asks. The manager
of an avant-garde Goth...

The Girl In The Red Dress (Part Four)

Holly had walked to the door with Debbie and stared out the window for a long time as she watched her get underway.
When she returned to the bar she said
“You’d better get off as well Steve”


Jason Gedrick, Erica Cerra, Richard Harmon, Amitai Marmorstein and Emmalyn Estrada star in this festive tale that is centred around the towns Wishing Tree.


You can now buy a Jehovah’s Witness
Advent calendar

A solstice death

Samhain sets the scene. Yule closes it.


Special Love

Special Love...

kingdom of heaven

generations of mankind

Trapped on New Year's Eve

INT. the courthouse-elevator-11:54 Am

(Officer Sam Karter is on an elevator headed to the main floor of the courthouse, coming...


I seem to have forgotten my manners

Lost on some roof top

My watch says I am half hour late by this point

You are not ever...

Through rain and snow and wind and hail (Christmas Song)


Both my parents assure me

he’s bringing presents for me.

Through the night, dark and stormy,

Santa Clause...

Advent Calendar … December 21st (+ prev.)

[notable events/promises leading to the coming/advent]
December 21: They travelled to Bethlehem, because of the census;
while there, as foretold, Christ was born, come to help us.(Luke 2:1-7)

Claws - Part 31

"I've never seen a dead body before. You think they've been dead long enough to start to stink? A cat got trapped in our shed once and died. Oh boy did that stink! There was just about every type of fly in that shed, I kid you not.” He sniffed, wiped his nose with the back of his hand and looked at the snot trail as though considering something about it. “What d’ya think the flies want with dead bodies? Reckon they’re eating them. I kid you not.”

Winter Wings

The light is low

and leafless trees are

chilled to the roots under

frosted ground and

the bird gives no thanks to...

The Princess and the Peasant Girl (A dialogue about the relativity of freedom and happiness)

Once upon a time, a pretty young Princess was abducted by an evil magician and locked in a tower for many long, lonely years.