night hawk

I am timid In an awesome close A vast duly settles Seeming to shine Pavements tinkle Of a thousand hearts Pulsating in rythm To neon light Roaring...

Full Circle In The Wheel Of Life Part Five

There was a commotion as Sylvie stepped out of the car, telling the driver and the other guy to see to the dogs. “Danny!” She shouted to the man...

There is a Dalek outside

There is a Dalek outside. A full-sized, real-life actual Dalek, with all parts in working, exterminating order. I can't show it to you I'm afraid...


Between lines of the crabsticks emerged a sound...

Dear willy wonker

Dear willy wonker sorry for neglecting u so fit not talking u up the town so u don the gown Then let it slip for eyes to see and one to gip willy...

With the father an ex-nun

Some clergy are openly human




To work, to work, to work I need to get, But the rain is pouring, it's really rather wet. I've worn my suede desert boots as they go well with this...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (16) The Highfinch Curate (Part 05)

“A “Godless heathen”?” he said after they had brushed the debris off each other. “That wasn’t a very christen response” “Turning the other cheek doesn’t extend to cyclists” she retorted and laughed.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (046) An Itch to be Scratched (Part 03)

Aunt Agatha was reading an article from her magazine aloud, the subject matter of which escaped him, as did the magazines title as his gaze had been fixed on Karen’s busy fingers

The BC Adventure 46

5 August. 1923 Cedar Creek My own Lovey Darling, A lovely letter again last Tuesday. I'm not very good today, Darling. Don't think my letter last...

She Said!

She Said. I know all about poor Mrs Brown, Mrs Smith told me. Her husband ran off with another man But I’m sworn to secrecy. And what about Mrs...

The Men's Movement

200 words.


distortions … nightmaresque … stilled

One of the Kind Ones

My Nan is one of the kind ones. She stopped helping out at the church recently. But only because it meant leaving the house early. And in the winter...


He said he was in rehab and that his story was an eloquent illustration of the collateral damage which flows from choosing the wrong parents He was...

Before Work

Sitting in my comfy chair Among the trees that once were bare Leaves of green, in different hues My garden with its distant views Blossoms both of...

an open letter to my future children

an open letter to my future children so, i’ll tell you about the blue hour, casting wishes for falling stars, about how a waning December moon...


Arrogant, cocky, over-confident were a few of the labels that could, and were, levelled at Greg Curtis, a 38 year-old fork-lift truck driver at a...