The Constants Are Always Maybe and What If

I've always been walking. No matter what, I always find myself walking down a path, but as I look into the distance, the only thing I see is fog....

Out of Control-4

The week had progressed to Friday. It also happened to be my night off, but I planned to spend it at the club anyway. I was getting ready for my...

The sound of a rainbow


A yell of yellow;

the song of green;

the brightest sounds

ears have ever seen.



The Gun

She didn’t like to admit it but having a gun in the bedroom excited her in a sexual way. She was all...


Crazy for You

Travel light, didn’t you always say?
I might just take your advice;


PT 2

Paddy was our milkman. He was a character – all those people were characters then. He was probably 60-ish, but even people my age now looked old...


This life is a plastic wrap

This life is a plastic wrap:
A bubble of conformity
Governed by such...

Five simple questions

My name is Dominic Melvyn, and I am a criminal psychologist. Today, I am at a criminal medical institution where of five patients I was scheduled...

Mable's Gable

Last week I had the easy job

Of painting Mable’s gable.

Paint it green she said to me

As we sat around her table....

The Sweeper

Science fiction about a sweeper of cosmic junk who captures the Voyager 3 spacecraft in a distant star system


Draw Me a Country Life

Sketch me an outline

of a farm

where people want to live,

with playhouse

and outbuildings too,

nestled in a...

Love's Thin Veneer

I saw her at the gym

She had her legs around her ears

I sat on a rowing machine admiring

Drinking a couple of beers




A lone shopping trolley is a discarding sight. It’s a lame horse in a saddle coat, abandoned in a grey grass-scrubbed meadow because it can no...

Toady of toad hall. (a warning to children)

And now on bbcitv1234 Jackanory.

(Intro music)
fade in
(Enter Sir Ian Mckellan sitting on a large red leather...

A Beach In Summer and A Beach In Winter

This is an opinionated description comparing a beach in summer and in winter. It is a description of extremes with a haunting tone.
I decided to take common opinions and completely flip them upside down, did I change your mind and make you see a different side to beaches?

A Road In The Nighttime

A description of something everyday and ordinary which turns into a metaphor for life and ends in a poem with a message.