When All is Said and Done

When all is said and done
And you look back on your time
I hope the memories remind you of the fun
That you had way back in your...


200 words.

Titty Milk





Where does sadness go?

Does it drift into the gentle waves of sorrowtide,

on grieving shores to ebb and flow?

Does it...



condos in orange beach

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The Partition Method: A 1 step Method for deducing 2 or more unknown numbers

  1. The Number detective asks a person to think of a number but to keep it a secret. (Say that hypothetically the number is 4)
  2. ...

A World With No Breasts

I was abducted by aliens and I'm angry, bitter and depressed.
They took me to a world where the women have no breasts.
When I was...

Let's Move On Immediately-Part Two

It's probably his teeth. Have you tried teething granules?

God, he's such a wee boy isn't he? He looks just like you.He's gorgeous! He's...

letter to a young lady

Cecelia, I hope my reply didn't seem




I breathe damp stale air as I wake.

The water bottle once hot. Now ice cold.

My bedroom...



Words swam around in Ian Ruthledge's head. Almost unintelligible, as if in some ancient, foreign tongue. He managed to piece them together, as the...

The Three Graces

I called them the Three Graces:
one flaming red, one chestnut brown, one ebony.

(An old poem which meets the IP criteria.)

I called them the Three Graces:
one flaming red, one chestnut brown, one ebony.

I called them the Three Graces:
one flaming red, one chestnut brown, one ebony.

"Don't Laugh at Me..."

To mark the start of Parkinson's Awareness Week

'Don't Laugh at Me 'Cause I'm a fool' Norman Wisdom, OBE 4/2/1915 - 4/10/2010


they were an awkward couple
pair of peas without a pod
whenever she was even
you could...

Sodium Vapour

My wife and I just rented our first house, on a cul-de-sac in a quiet residential area of a large city.

Our house was about half-way down...