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a light

a light from a firefly is enough

to breath constellations of stars

through bends of space

through bends of drops,


A Little Something For You!

Something I read today in this book that an old friend gave me. It's called Starting and Ending Your Day by Joyce Meyer. The title of this small...

Cook Book Medicine

A fashionable doodle? :)

heavy fish

surfacing for air

I look at the sun askance

its glow

dwarfed and filted through space, time, and water



First bed-sit

Friends Of Dementia

Friends Of Dementia

By Paul McCann


Taking a Selfie

Taking a Selfie

She jogged up the steps on to Charing Cross Bridge feeling pleased with herself. The last step...

LDV: Washwood Heath (Necropolis)


backbone of Midland industry,

ground out by the elements,



Dear Darling...

"Please excuse my writing;
I can’t stop my hands from shaking
‘cause I’m cold and alone tonight"
Olly Murs

5 Quick Tips regarding How To get Rid Of Fast

We don't seek this pattern of rapid results with the LAP-BAND. There isn't any good evidence that quick weight loss is less healthy. We are seeking changes for years to come and we prefer to perform these changes steadily at least eighteen months. For some people, you will more rapid results and, as long as there are no problems, for vomiting or severe limitations on eating, we do not interfere.

Formerly, everyone thought the most excellent strategy was to diet this for a couple of and go back to any daily routine. One more theory was to have on produce and prevent all fats like the plague. Aside from this approach gave birth to the 'yo-yo' dieters. Health experts of the scene that that most excellent to have healthy lifestyle habits that contain both balanced diet and a exercise routine. These lead a individual to generate a naturally healthy body with a quicker metabolic process and healthier defense system.

When a person receive injured from working the actual best action you can take for program is to sleep it. Make use of the acronym RICE: rest, ice, compression and elevation. Many sports medicine therapists advocate RICE as far as sprained ankles or other damage servings of the

Darwin versus Dior

Darwin versus Dior

In scientific circles, the debate over whether nature or nurture most influences humans as a species has been...


sometimes we ride up on the crest
sometimes there's undertows
but when the path of one might slip...



P K Routray

Quotient is an indicator...

My beautiful Bo

On a bed of violet velvet roses you rest
Where threads of soft tension is tested
From a sweet scent that leaves no threat


… but now with all abilities decayed,
he seems no longer bitter, or afraid …
sweet smile awhile.

no baby no bye!

no woman no cry
once bitten twice shy
no guy no no try!
baby i die i die
i no pie buy no no...

Chapter 22-Part 2

The ground hurt.

Dirt and grass rubbed off against Cassie’s suit as she slid over the rough earth.

“Ow.” she said, a slight ache...