I tried to explain

I tried to explain to a friend of mine...

Wet, Wet, Wet

Reflections on a wet March day.

Three lines love poem

Used up the eraser,

still cannot wipe off your silhouette,

from my painting paper.

Twenty minutes late

I heard the wind last night

It made the trees howl and battered at my window

Buffeting my peace of mind

Sending sleep...

Natural State

Natural State

P K Routray

You get angry, you get red,

you get...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (10) Loves Young Dream (Part 03)

But October came and went and Paul didn’t come home because his father had instructed the Head Teacher that he should stay at Roespring school for the half term as he was still in Londonderry.

When Paul received the news from the School and not his father it did nothing to improve their already fractious relationship.

The Deconstruction of Trisha Trousseau 3

What would the world be like without Jews?

No Jesus, No Paul, No Marx

No Revolution,

No Hollywood, No Fun

No Humor...


Devoid of jesses

Or strips of leather

Marple and the Chartists 4


August, 1842

The next day was Sunday, and the routine seemed...

Mother Of The Passion

Mother Of The Passion

by Paul McCann

A Fly Ride

I have my head propped up, lying on my sides. On the wall walks a little fly. It scurries and takes little flights. An urge arises to swat it,...

The Taxidermist

My mother was my dad’s first love.

Taxidermy was his second.

The quaint cottage I lived in when I was little is indelibly stained...

How to Make Life: Chapter Three


The soldier, the one with the gray hair and cool voice, upon seeing Father walk out of the house, drew his gun into his hand...


I once wrote a girl a poem for her birthday

I know! But at the time it seemed like a good idea. She was so beautiful and cool and I had to do something to stand a chance with her. I’d heard...


Diary of a Dead Man (Re-Write) 7

7. Judge, Jury, and…

When the white light evaporated Brian was standing in front of four men. They were dressed in military...



The Prodigal

OK – so you’ve finally made it home, and yes...
I am mad at you...and I might sulk for a while...but