i measure out my life in sleeps
the laws of man, i'm banning
for letting nature run its course...

Urge for offal

Jane felt free after Barry left, in fact it was only in his absence that she realised how unpleasant her life with him had been. She could stay...

Greek Mail Order Bride

I have a mail order bride and she is Greek.
There's only one English word she can speak.
The one English word that she speaks is...


Across glittering waters

"Our first ascent in Lakeland, our first sight of mountains in tumultuous array, our awakening to beauty" – Alfred Wainwright in The Outlying...

Flipping Bonkers Two: Episode Thirty Eight: Archive: Pedigree Crush With a Twist of Passion

Friday 11th July 2003.

It’s the early hours of the morning but I’m too wide awake and wound-up to sleep. I’ve...


Flipping Bonkers Two: Episode Thirty Seven: Archive: Mike Puts Himself in Danger

Wednesday 2nd July 2003.

The school talks went well and they are sorting me out with a rota for next term. I had...

What is it to live a good life?

The more he is lying the wider his eyes get.

I'm used to it. Moreover, I don't mind. If someone is discovered in a barefaced lie, to me it...

Chapter 7 - Victorian Child

Emma’s second favourite place, after Great Aunt Sophie’s flat, was the local library. This was where Sophie had worked for many years before she...


Reader Needed

A Poem

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles – George And Dragon (Part One)

George Tiplady had been a Chief Superintendent for four years and he hated it.
He felt cut off from his subordinates, and the day-to-day police work.
He found himself in a position he had never sought and treading his way warily through the political minefield such as modern Policing had become.


You said you would always be there
but of course you would always care.

I thought you would stand beside me
through thick and...


Feast of the Archangels


One of the twelve
Matthew the Apostle

The Grand Gift of Life

She stood over the grave, fresh tears making it down her face one by one to fall to the earth. Those tears are what called him, called him back...

Day after Day 22

Lahat, Perek
July 31st 1905

Dearest Muriel,

I find it hard to believe that it was a year ago when I received confirmation that...

Don't Ask

A simple look back and daring not to glance forward. A middle-aged man with a new perspective. A simple well-worn philosophical piece, but deeply personal non the less.



our paths have converged

in no apparent direction

but a hope is born

for our lives to merge (or not)

in whatever...

you be the flower, he be the bee

forget about being honey
to attract all the bees

just keep your spirit sunny
a flower dancing in the breeze



river mystery

Mrs Tellsee stared at Mary and twiddled her thumbs.

“Mother said you could help.” Mary leant forward, “I keep seeing things.”


ode to an autumn rosebud

A hint of smoke
fogs the garden
as fire spirits
have their last dance
on the ruins
of summer's decadent estates,...