Texas Skies

Why do so many people have a tendency to love the things they can't have?

The Master Mariner

The Master Mariner

I would lie on the softness
of your undulating beaches,
reach around your slender isthmus...

Jungle Cry

This narrative takes place in the late 1960’s when a young African American male was drafted into the Vietnam War. His name was Mercury L. Taylor...

Chapters IV and V


Remember when I said that I’m the kind...





He came forth.

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 6

When he would look back on the day's events he would wonder why he spent so much time worrying about what he'd just done. There was something much more important to worry about.


A Lifetime Carving Angels - Thursday

For our collaboration, we have written two stories, based around Saint Kenelm's church in Romsley, Worcestershire, and the old story of Saint Kenelm. The two stories are separate, but are linked by place, theme and myth. One of the stories is always written as the first half of the post and the other story is always the second half of the post. They're both longer pieces, so we're posting sections daily - links to the previous days are at the top of each story.

The Life Delusion

She burst into the room and I jumped up as she slowly strolled in and surveyed it; she had a bag as big as mine the only difference that mine wasn...

Your Protocol Profile

The subject is hooded, his face is obscured in shadow - so upon the failure of a visual biometric identification, two emitters fire...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (03) The Problematic Convalescence (Part 03)

The following Saturday was India’s twenty seventh birthday and as usual on very important occasions she was always in the company of Penny Davies.

For her birthday they went into Abbottsford, to the Phoenix Centre to spend the day doing girlie things and to have lunch and of course spend her birthday money.

She wasn’t an adventurous shopper she wasn’t extravagant.

Nor was she a collector or a hobbyist so her money went on the usual sort of things, baggy shorts and baggy T-shirts and a little perfume.

The Alchemist

Look, the trees are laden with ingots
while execs get suckled on the gravy train
and Old Mother Hubbard lets her cupboard...


Since the financial crash, strict conditions


Remembering Father -12 Hospital visit in Hong Kong

I enjoyed my stay in Canton, but was pleased to be going back to Hong Kong. I spent a little fortune on fans and ivory work. The jewellery, some...

The Icing Groom

Once, in a very posh bakers shop, on top of a table stood a tall, five tiered wedding cake covered in white icing and blue ribbons and, on top of...


Am I Okay?

To all the people I must've loved a little too much.


The Mallard God Complex (12)

12. Full Moon

And then, as if nothing had happened, I am back in the moment. There is no branch crack and I am walking through the forest...