Choice Tales from the Vale – (009) In Funereal Finery

One of the inevitable side effects of getting older is that you seem to attend more and more funerals with every passing year, which is ironically just part of life, but for me funerals have had a profoundly erotic effect upon me ever since the incident that occurred on the morning of my grandfather’s funeral in 1963 when I was just 13 years old.


If the Neverland government

The trip - part 4

Trip – day 4 Abingdon, the little town where I was staying, is very much a tourist trap – with loads of antique shops, gift shops, interesting old...


what words are in me my soul is restless people. not those people talk. not about that him. but another him feel. not those feelings please not those...

Unrealistic Stunt Doubles

We wrestle like uncoordinated snakes Hissing and shedding skin Our emotions knotted with Badly rehearsed movements Coated in isolation and tears;...

The Mezzotint Chapter 9 The Mezzotint

Creest woke up in a white world. His ears registered a bleeping noise like a satellite beaming signals back to earth. ‘Maybe I’m beyond space. Is...

Sweet Hell (Part 1)

‘When the ships put in, the crew marry; when they intend to leave they divorce their wives.’ wrote Ibn Battuta, the historian traveller from Morocco...

Stepping Stones (Poetry Monthly)

...blew a kiss, as they hit the open road...

Sideways haiku set

"Confusion is king: the talk of your town. Confusion is king: the talk of my town." - Elliott Smith mad as a hatter, strange, driven to abstraction...

Casework (Part 1 of 2)

It started with a friendly knock on the door. Stephen was washing up the pans from Sunday lunch, daydreaming about nothing in particular and looking...


I’d a bad night. The guy upstairs had a burst pipe on Tuesday, which he didn’t know about. Next thing it’s Thursday, the ceiling comes down, and I’m...


i'm driving to the radio it's sometimes fast and sometimes slow i tend to let its tempo set my pace . sometimes i'll hear my favorite song and i'll...

A Victorian Gentleman and the Steam Age

Surplice Dingleberry was the third and youngest son of the twelfth Lord Dingleberry, the renowned inventor of the steam-driven top hat dispenser. As was the tradition at the time, young Surplice was destined for a life in the church. However, he was – like his father – fascinated by the wonders of Victorian engineering and the possibilities inherent in steam power.

I will never understand why

non-Cornish pasties taste of the skid marks in a Croydon stag’s pants or that I only ever bump in to my abusive ex masked to hide the clouted bits...

Espresso of sweet amnesia.

Slipping - Chapter 3 - Reinventing Myself

Exiting the elevator the first morning of the Star Trek convention, almost fully recovered from head-butting the wall, I kept my eyes forward, and...

A Simple Mind

Tao,T’ai Chi and Benjamin Hoff

Bernard Shaw

The first time Bernard saw his ruination, it looked completely ordinary. It walked into his fourth-period class wearing the school uniform. The skirt...