I Believe in Santa Claus

I hope Santa has a bulging one for you...sack that is,
filled with all you deserve.

Claws - Part 31

"I've never seen a dead body before. You think they've been dead long enough to start to stink? A cat got trapped in our shed once and died. Oh boy did that stink! There was just about every type of fly in that shed, I kid you not.” He sniffed, wiped his nose with the back of his hand and looked at the snot trail as though considering something about it. “What d’ya think the flies want with dead bodies? Reckon they’re eating them. I kid you not.”

Winter Wings

The light is low

and leafless trees are

chilled to the roots under

frosted ground and

the bird gives no thanks to...

The Princess and the Peasant Girl (A dialogue about the relativity of freedom and happiness)

Once upon a time, a pretty young Princess was abducted by an evil magician and locked in a tower for many long, lonely years.


Helper, Carer, Fiend

Chloe gazed at Lucy across the dining table. She was everything to Chloe, her life even. Lucy had only been around for about a year, but it felt...

The Dentist's Needle

The Dentist's Needle

By Steve Laker

It was ironic that Kate should be in the bathroom when she...



Violet opened her eyes and it took her a while to make out her surroundings. Then she saw them again: Silhouetted against...

First day at work

Euphoria was gone,

On day one.

Air was cold,

There was no sun.

Tall order-

Was in front of me


The Intangible Self

You are the enchanted elixir

Flowing through the vessels

Like a molten ghost...


Treated me like a piece of furniture,

Shoved me in a cupboard....

Maidenhead Revisited

I’ve left the fires go out.

fast meeting


avenge, made her pupils widen

green marbles filled with unwant.

chemistry not abundant that night

desperation was chewing my...


Witch Pricker - part 1

Josiah Lytton continued to sit at the table in his kitchen. He had been there since sunrise, but he felt no compulsion to move and in some ways,...


Larry and Mick's Christmas Adventure

There was a bright light on Christmas morning.


Snow Fun

The snow fell gently, glistening brightly against the blue-black night as the Aurora Borealis performed its lightshow. In the distance a low hum...

"Player" from the point of view of Hamlet 1

The word "player" is used to describe the act of being a playboy without actually being a playboy. The player plays with women to figure out what...


17. Advert

Prof. desiring career change
seeks band to manage. Indie/
Rock/Goth preferred. Must own
own instruments. You’ll be

The Girl In The Red Dress (Part Three)

On Christmas Eve he drove to the pub, arriving at 9.30am, and thought
“It’s going to be a long day”
It was bitterly cold and the sky was grey and overcast, he sniffed the air and knocked on the front door which Holly opened within a couple of minutes and she was already dressed in her Christmas outfit, namely Mrs. Clause.


The first Noel the angel did say
Was to certain poor Shepard’s in fields as they lay:
In fields where they lay a keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.