The BC Adventure 28

4 July, 1922 c/o Campbell's Store Quesnel Dam, Nr Williams Lake BC My own Lovey Darling. It being now Monday I am writing again for the mail tomorrow...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (34) The Actresses and the Bishops (Part 07)

Being the worse for drink Tamsin stayed the night with Amanda but despite their condition the next morning they appeared downstairs bright and early to start work. Peter went into Shallowfield and got Tamsin’s car from the restaurant just in case she was still over the limit, which she probably was. So with a mug of black coffee each they sat out on the patio in their pyjamas and started writing and now that they had their subject matter the words just flowed.


We virtually lived outside Me and my friends On long summer adventures

Choice Tales from the Vale – (042) The Girl in the Pink Pyjamas (Part 03)

As she had been working at the pub that lunchtime she was still dressed in her waitress uniform of short black skirt and tights and a crisp white blouse, always a nice combo, Mark liked her in her uniform almost as much as her PJ’s. It was the first chance he had to ogle her glorious bod at close quarters.

todos dormimos bajo la misma luna (or we all sleep under the same moon)

I'd originally put this up as a first part, but have finished it now, so have put up the whole story :)

Flipping Bonkers Five: CURRENT: THE Conversation

Tuesday 3 rd May 2016 We had ‘The Conversation’ I wish it had gone better. I could have retaliated a lot more than I did. I kept my temper, I flatly...

Jonah and The Ninevites

After Jonah got out of the whale, he went to the city of Nineveh and warned the Ninevites. He told them that God was going to destroy them because...

Spherical Cows

*/ Theoretical Physicists have a reductive (?) approach to problem-solving and modelling: an old joke says that when asked to optimise the production of milk from a herd of cows they produce an amazing result, then they say that the model requires spherical cows.


There is a low glow in the sky, overcast, it looks like rain. The queue is orderly, with a smattering of middle-aged, black women. They tend to stick...

Behind The Bookcase

Behind The Bookcase by Mark Steensland, 2012 Children's Mystery / Fantasy Sarah and her family move into late Grandma Winnie's house in order to sort...

The Net Caster (Part Twenty-Four)

I looked at Hamish. Who had replaced the dodgy businessman, the charming, self-serving rogue I had known since childhood, with this stern creature who delivered lectures to the powerful?

Zooman in "Zooman zoom!".

Making its way through a forest of thick, dark hairs a flea crawled over the back of a bank robber, climbing up to his neck; all the while listening...

Switchback Ch16 pt1

Their room reminded Alex of a bedroom in a period TV drama written by Agatha Christie. No flash and spangle, just everything you’d need and nothing...

Blue Roses Haiku Set

Hermes slips over the green morning hills to light the stirring valley Men forsake blankets and soft arms to grind coffee: the day's race is sprung...


optical telegraphy to signal overland … wreckers …

Eloise, Be Kind

darling put your sword away you’ve never been good for you inflicting wounds upon yourself with words that were never true you crash in like a crisis...

A Revolution In Competitive Cycling

Velodrome Creamcheese is probably the UK’s leading long-distance cyclist. Many sports commentators and travel journalists put this down to her innovative use of the Cheap Day-Return Rail ticket in her races. Many sports experts also say that it is the use of such tactics, up to and including the short haul domestic flights she used last year, that enabled her to win the Trans-USA cycle race. All of which has allowed Creamcheese to stay at the top of competitive cycling while at the same time eschewing the use of illegal drugs.

Just Past Three in the Morning (8)

Just us girls. We marched on into town with our credit cards and our determination. I knew I was on a budget, but I resolved not to let myself care...

Live for tomorrow today

Advice: never work when you’re drunk or high. Ok. Or when your glasses need cleaning. Or when you’re feeling generally out of sorts, or dislocated,...