autumn leaves

earlier this year

A Tangled Web: Chapter 3

Quentin was alone with his thoughts as he drove home at the end of what he
optimistically called a working day. The early evening was grim....

strangers in the night

things that go 'bump' in the night

I still feel lost

Even though you've been gone for a year and a half, at times I still feel lost without you.
When I feel this way, it's so sad and I don't...


Camino 2 - 21 September 2014

The rucksacks turned out to fit the cabin-baggage gauge, which was a relief. We shoved them in the lockers and strapped ourselves in.


Moving Uncontrolled Change (I.P)

Through the windows that line the corridor the setting sun casts the last of its golden light.

For a brief moment everything is aglow....


An experiment. Play loud music, write whatever comes into your head, do not edit.

I have not even read this yet. It will by its nature be mainly nonsense but I hope that there might be some interesting starting points for something else. Who knows??

Chapter 11 - It All Goes Wrong!

She was here.

Gavin could just make out her pointy umbrella and sharp profile through the frosted glass of the front door. Mum froze and...

Here are your Stars

Here are your stars for today

It doesn’t matter what any of them say

Don’t stare up at the dark

Think of 1000 darts aimed at...

One Story

It has to stop!

The Good Neighbour (Part Three)

By the end of the third month the money had finally come through from Karen and I was able to move on but I was far from ready too.
And by the middle of the fifth, Natalie had made so much progress.
She could walk to the lift without pausing for breath, she could take the lift to the ground floor and even walk to the front doors.


Daylight was declining


Are you wearing a Devils Tail?


Dakota Diary 16 - Fort Lincoln and the River

We had wondered what we would do on Wednesday, but when we got home on Tuesday night, we had another little note in our pigeon hole.



No one ever noticed me or acknowledged my existence, for all intents and purposes I was invisible. I was the girl who sat on her own and spent an...

Papa You Gave Me Pleasure...

Papa you gave me pleasure,

You gave me such sweet memories,

You were a treasure to me.

Mama, you were the best.


Back Against the Wall

Clary's back hit the wall. She put her hand to her cheek; it felt hot and she...

Claws - Part 8

Before him stretched the scorched brown grass field of mid summer, broken by thatches of overgrown thickets as though the field was an angry animal that couldn't sit still long enough to be cut properly.

Early Life Crisis

Having been out of work for over a year, Mark signed up to an escorting agency. Nothing funny. Nothing naked. Just talk.



Blue with Raspberry Paisley

It was round eight in the evening...
they’d start rowing again,
my mum and my dad.