Twitter challenge 5

Dodge & weave

To Love or Obey

Your voice compels

Anti-Semitism 2

The way to attack Anti-Semitism and Anti-Asianism head on is to wage an economic war on businesses that support these types of attitudes. Also, we...

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles – The Belligerent BSc (Part Five)

Louise Tunstall was partnered with Grace Suddaby, Grace was a year older than Louise and was also a Lesbian.
Grace was a slim brunette and stunningly attractive it amazed almost everyone how she was still single.


The glass ceiling has been removed


On the question of independence

Chapter 5 Christmas Adventure

The Christmas holiday had begun. Much to Emma’s delight, Frances had gone to spend the holiday with her own mum. At last she had her bedroom all...


*Notice. This is a work in progress and is unedited*

I can remember it clearly. Not a single lingering side thought could
make me...

Day after Day 19

Muriel, acting on May's suggestion, wrote again to her half-cousin Edith Wood (pictured above) asking her for the names and addresses of others...

No Words Can Describe It

It isn't a smell, a breeze or a song

It is the haunting of a memory, it's the desire to have them back

Their voice keeps playing,...

The Mallard God Complex (5)

5. Sit Still

Dark. Where ever I am, it is dark. There is a caterpillar inching by my face. Or at least it looks like a...

The actor's son.

I bought a Martini with my dead father's money.

This, I thought, was fitting. He had died of a cerebral...


Three little words

A dialogue. Language warning.


I am a strip of bark
On a redwood tree
I hold still
Staring at the canopy above
Longing for the sunlight
That shines...


Back In Little League

A field of grass, runways sanded and topped

with four cream bases waiting to be scuffed

brown by laced cleats and hand palms. And...

Barnaby Jones

I'm a PI named Barnaby Jones and I send killers to jail.
But when people receive my bills, they always yell.
Three years ago I...


Last Request

"Tell me what you want, my friend. Anything in the world and I will make it happen. Tell me your fantasy. Your deepest, darkest desire. Let me...

Anti-Semitism 1

There's a rise in Anti-Semitic feeling in the US and abroad. People seem to feel that Jewish aggression in the Middle East is the root of all our...

Too cheap to buy a GPS

We're hopelessly lost and in great distress.
I was too damn cheap to purchase a GPS.
My family and I wound up driving through a town...