Holiday letter to Jess

I bought a camera after our holiday. Because it's the images that stand out.

You holding Fifty Shades on the shuttle from plane to airport...

The letter

A quiet afternoon is unexpectedly disturbed.




The night attaches herself to the earth like

an algae eater is fixed to the glass wall of an aquarium...

Haut Cuisine


Gormantaurus laid his knife and fork on the now empty platter and having expressed...

Aeventy and Thirty

Seventy and Thirty

P K Routray


Cut away- Grow again (action rhyme) –

The Rhyme –

First comes the growing and the ripening of the grain;

then comes the reaping when the grains mown down again


To the age of the world deniers

You are fucking pieces of shit

Like fucking holocaust deniers

You fucking revel in your ignorance and you don't even know it....

Mankind (Rhyme)

Mankind is many kinds;

many kinds is man

but the best man of any kind

is the kind who’ll be kind when he can.

Ten Commandments of relationships for blokes

1) Never **** someone who you wouldn't meet at an airport and be glad to see

2) Always wear a c*ndom unless you are allergic to them...

The Art Of Loneliness (Part Five)

On Friday morning she repeated the pattern and set off straight after breakfast, bought her lunch at the Store and was set up in meadow by 10 o’clock.
Rose was sure she noticed a curtain twitch as she passed the house but if it was him he didn’t make himself known.

03 - The Golden Arcade: You're a Babe (i)

Jasper's note: expositions complete, the hard work of telling the story begins here.

Story so far: Bartholomew Jones has lost his father in...


It was previously said

Six Tongue Twisters And A Riddle

Mother Nature (Green tongue twister)

Mother Nature nurtures many and men owe her as much as any.

Sunday Dinner...

You have seen nothing yet (I.P.)

"The real problem is, I can't sleep at night anymore."

The President stares at the trampled grass under his shoes. Then he moves his badly...


I dabbled too long in what was forbidden
Such as heaven and other drugs
Now I am stone
Withered and crumbling from constant...

Lights, Camera, Action 3

sounds bounce off the wall, breaking into incoherent tidbits, sounds breaks off the wall, start to dance in a trance.

Roman, please come in...


Day after Day 1

It was the memorial service for Queen Victoria, February 2nd 1901. Muriel King (pictured above) and May Stinton took their seats near the front of...

Church of the Open Mind

Tomorrow I shall start a new religion

But I will not become a preacher

There will be no god

There will be no teacher...