The Fatal Flaw of the Atheists "You Can't Prove A Negative" Argument -

Atheists often give the argument that you can't prove a negative when challenged to "Prove God doesn't exist". But if they CAN prove a positive then...

Mr Trent

If some things sound familiar, they should...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (30) The Valentines (Part 02)

At the meal a great deal of wine was consumed and even more followed it in the hotel bar so as a result only Catherine and Clare made it down for breakfast the next morning. With them both being in the police they were well accustomed to keeping irregular hours and early starts in particular and they learnt never to forgo a cooked breakfast.


Nickanan Night or Shrove Monday evening


The third day of Shrovetide Once known as Collop Monday

Caged Poet

Death to the Poet without inspiration It's as a caged bird except the physical cage Isn't apart of the resignation Ngleected to expierence the...

Path Untaken

All I ever wanted Is to live life Day by day The dilemma within that is There are roads you must choose from One may appear greener Than the other...


Doin’ ten to twelve On a roadway Of hell Dropped the sentence The instance of an institution Bears no witness To our death sentence Here’s the tale...

My dead diary – Sunday 7th February

A dull, grey day after the rain. Sheltered most of the night in the Brompton catacombs, passing the time with a crypt-wraith who had stories to tell...

A Tit Named Tin

Imagine the internal conflict and insecurity associated with the inability to decide whether you are more tit than wren or more wren than tit only to...


Pentametric typing appeals to me. I enjoy counting syllables per line Which adds discipline to my poetry And demands another beat after nine. Sonnets...


Struggles of a foreign speaker

Prolific (Poetry Monthly)

“You are prolific, Henry. I am not.” – Leonard Cohen to Henry Rollins

The Triumph of Death

THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH Stractionstractiondistractiondistractiondistractiondistractiondistractiondistractiondis...

Catch a rising fear …

to the tune: of ‘Catch a falling star …’


The bees play the blues on tiny kazoos; they play in B flat, I'm quite sure of that; they play for the workers in their honey hive then those little...

The Bogeyman (Childrens Rhyme)

1. A rabbit was hopping through the woods one day when he saw a big bogeyman coming his way so he hopped and he hopped as fast as he could till the...

The Coldplay Problem

It was barely 6.29 in the morning when I was woken by a loud knocking on my back door. Angry at being woken at such an hour, I quickly dressed and...

The Baobab Tree (2)

Busisiwe's journey continues along the river to meet her ancestors.