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i love those silent letters
and i don't think them absurd
i wish i could combine them all...

Lizzie's Bonnet

A novel interpretation.


In ancient times sweet flowers grew

White as the snow, fresh as the dew;

They wove them into garlands then

For maids to wear...

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles - The End Of An Era (Part Three)

The weak spring sunshine was beginning to burn its way through the morning mist and murk as the DCI’s car pulled into the police car park behind the Abbottsford station.
As he and his DI walked silently across the car park and up the steps to the rear entrance, Bill was still trying to digest the information Tom had given him about the victim.


At the Olympics the Romanians


If you see a bomb disposal man

Jail Break


Malcolm was lying sleepless in his prison cell. He was visualizing his escape that...

Wild Animals Are Meant To Be Free!

Wild Animals Are Meant To Be Free!

Eddie was in his police car sitting deep in his thoughts....

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

It had been almost an hour since my wife was busy searching for a perfect dress in the shop. There were a...

Letter from Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

December 25th, 0001

Dear Mother and Father,

I do miss you so, especially as it is now getting close to...

The Phoenix

When the fire flares,
Who's left to stop the smoke
From coiling the breath beneath the chest?
When the foggy ash blurs the view...

Intergalactic Space Cruise

The issue with humans is, they’re always screaming.

If you ask the chefs on the ship, you’ll get conflicting advice on how to cook boiled...

Bloody Arms

The blood coming out of her veins. You see red blood flowing down her arms. With little cuts on her arms that healed from before. Why is she doing...

Short Poem

Short Poem

P K Routray


I Wish I Was A Butterfly

I wish I was a puffin
So no worry ‘bout my sin;
I wish I was a bird
So about the world I’d learn;
I wish I was a crane...

Take Flight

Flight in skies,
Skies great height.
Flight take flight
From morning to night.

Sun to moon,
Moon to sun.


Caulked in white clay, blue stained and

riddled with flecks of red,

pelvises rubbed together until mashed

and falling away as...

Looking At Stars

I look up at the stars sometimes,

only to think:

"Why do they get to be up there?

While I am stuck down here?"