On Putting the Clocks On

With a ‘morning’s come too soon
kind of a yawn, she drifts off to sleep again
beside me – her spine

The Fox Road

After a month of sun and rain
grasses grow waist-deep,
downy with dandelion seeds
furring edges into soft focus.


Fraudster's Folly : An Extract

Betty de Torro stood by the ornate, marble fireplace of International College. The fact that such a high-faluting sounding place was located in...

flockers 8

When Myra told me she went back with Charlie after he raped her I didn’t understand it, but in a way I did. She made a bed up for me on the settee...

Heart Window

Will you open your heart through your eyes?
not just smile with your lips,
with your eyes in eclipse.
I don’t want to pry,...

Spanish City

I bend my foot over each wet slippery step gripping on like I have monkey feet. Behind me I hear clunk’s and slaps, whilst a dark blue saggy...

Inside Out

honest hearted

Just an idea: How you could make God a greater probability depending upon how you look at it

Firstly, look at it this way:

Chance some type of intelligent designer created the universe - 50 %. Chance it was a random natural...

Why it all began

I have always had an interest in social history and more importantly my ancestry; that feeling of knowing that I belonged.


One: A Haiku

Overcast morning.

Raindrops desp'rately seeking

Home in the still pond.


To Crossed Fingers

response poem

inspired by littleditty's L'Haim...To Life.

There is no failure like rebirth...

Dancing Silhouettes (1500 words)


The moonlight stretched the shadows from trees bordering east of the village. Great...



For an artist, a genius.

By a Thread


rejection unaccepted



A Fated Tragedy

Romeo and Juliet were both wed

It turns out that neither of them are dead

Alas the pair kept screaming and fighting