After Days - Chapter 2: Part 2

“Leave it, Leon, he won’t listen.” Ueda hushed, rubbing her scared but elegant hands in the fire...

Remember Everyone’s Name

The most successful and operational leaders are those who make you sense that they are really listening. Most...

Remembering Father -13 More from Constance

Constance is telling us more about her visit to the Mandarin’s house, and being entertained by the ladies.

“But of all eccentricities of...

A Lifetime Carving Angels - Friday

For our collaboration, we have written two stories, based around Saint Kenelm's church in Romsley, Worcestershire, and the old story of Saint Kenelm. The two stories are separate, but are linked by place, theme and myth. One of the stories is always written as the first half of the post and the other story is always the second half of the post. They're both longer pieces, so we're posting sections daily - links to the previous days are at the top of each story.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (03) The Problematic Convalescence (Part 04)

Danny had his by his feet with his camera and some basic artist materials in and quickly put it on and broke into a trot to catch up with the girls.

The Chapel was Olwen’s Chapel and the Olwen in question was an Anglo Saxon Lady who was one of the early converts to Christianity but her pagan husband’s tribe would not accept the new faith and she was forced to worship secretly in the forest.


Listen I am not a mind reader

And I never will be to be fare


Are you wearing snowshoes?


Fin de siècle

Another of my art history poems.

Iberia awaits

Me and a touch-screen phone.

Lying in the dark, going nowhere, feeling nothing but the sweat on my skin and the weight of another day...


Pollution, Carcinogens, Cancer

The gray plume rises
residue of industry
nostalgic shadow
of fleeting revolution
never quiet retreating


Episode 1

This has taken a while to ventilate. Rather than using my ordinary blog as a platform of communication, I decided to write a short...

Sinners Never Sleep

This single mattress upon which I lay

Tickles me uncomely of a previous day

That I became my own...


The fighting doesn't stop
The fighting never stops
Not even at one AM when you walk in the door

Letters To Maggie

Oh sweet Maggie

Their heavy boots
fall down...

Texas Skies

Why do so many people have a tendency to love the things they can't have?

The Master Mariner

The Master Mariner

I would lie on the softness
of your undulating beaches,
reach around your slender isthmus...

Jungle Cry

This narrative takes place in the late 1960’s when a young African American male was drafted into the Vietnam War. His name was Mercury L. Taylor...

Chapters IV and V


Remember when I said that I’m the kind...