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Saint or Scoundrel 13

February, 1864

Finally a letter back from Teddy. I had almost given up hope of hearing from him again, as it had been many more months than...

The Unwilling Symbol

“Put me back”, cried the poppy, “In the ground where I was. Put me back!”.

“But, don’t you want to be a symbol of remembrance?”,...

Blinded In Faith

Blinded In Faith

By Paul McCann


Leggings louder than usual voices in the dark.

2am ongings,

It was early in the morning around 2am, when in the house nothing was stirring and you'd of thought, without the endless white...

Essays Musical and Literary

One Classically English - ...

Riddles Too

How many apples were there left when the fruit of the forbidden tree were plucked?

Tell me, I wonder can a ghost harm you? And how would...

Marvellous Miranda

She grew up in a healthy home where fruit was plentiful,
where the air was fresh – hay and woodsmoke scented.
Posh but poor parents...

Yellow Plums

Gestating in the parlour of a Birmingham terrace,

her ears prick at echoes in the brick-lined entry.

Above the taut balloon of her...

Murder in the operating room

I'm a doctor who murdered a man in the OR. I lost my medical license and I'm behind bars. The bastard took a life with his gun. The person who he...

Sons and Brothers

"At this rate he would not live. He had that poignant carelessness about himself, his own suffering, his own life, which is a form of suicide. It almost broke her heart." (D.H. Lawrence - Part 2, Chap. 10, Sons and Lovers)


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I Am God (King Cameron)

I am god

Not the son of god

And I am more important

Than the original god

I was born to rule

From my...


Thralldom - Chapter 1 (part two)

I grunt and kick out, hoping to push Faye back against the lockers so I can flee. I did it, but my Vans connected with her chin.

I grab...

The Walking Game Chp. III

Chapter III

Today was the day. My father and I made our way into Rain-Tech Industry’s main corridor. It was an enormous...

The Walking Game Chp. II

Chapter II

Me and my father spent the next few days going over the basic rules of the game. So that when the time came I...

Thralldom - Chapter 1 (part one)


“Look at this,” I say, pulling a dime bag from the mess of my locker.

Daniel Prevro, who's...


What Alice Sees: Chapter 8

July 16th 1993

Alice waited by Mrs Radcliff, hoping Daddy was picking her up. He’d dropped her off that morning...


Indian Election

Indian Election

P K Routray

“I am one among you...