The Swallows

All of the swallows who’d flown south;

they came back home too soon;

they’d seen my sweet love’s smiling mouth

and thought...

The Garden of The Gods

Bagoas lays aromatic leaves on the altar fire of the sacred gardens. He pauses, breathing deep of the comingled scents of lavender and hysop. Soon...


My mother was wearing a beige colour sari. She usually wore bright colours. She looked sad in her face, frail, thin and dark, pretty unusual. An...

Claws - Part 19

You can stalk your ex’s neighbourhood, go look at the house you used to share with him. Only when the photos were taken, you probably still were. It’s like a snap shot in time.

tender souls

The specialist spoke of blastocyst grading, vesicles, stress pathways, embryo culture, fertilised eggs and the importance of maternal diet in the...

Black Became Her

The gloating glow of a bedside clock
burns a hole in my mind

A Mothers True Love

My love for you is like no other,

Congratulations, you are going to be a mother....

Demon King-Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It was a dark night. Patrolling around this little town is just what I want to be spending my night doing. Great.


Endless Thirst

Having and wanting money is like "water flowing to a person with endless thirst."

Salim Shahbudeen Meghani, 26th November 2014,.



we come in varied packaging
each different from the rest
and some will make distinctions
using vision as their test...


Feeling fragile

I stopped

and softly stroked

the delicate white orchid’s


its fragility


It's Not A Chilly Dog

I'm so dumb that when I ordered a chili dog, I expected it to be chilly.
But when it was hot, I demanded a refund, I made myself look silly...


I kind of expected an initial reluctance - it's tradition, and as is so often is the case, it's left to the guy to make the first move - I...

Ghost – A deduction board game using chess pieces

  1. Ghost is played on a normal chess board.
  2. One player, Player A has 6 pieces; a bishop, a rook, a knight, a queen, a king and
  3. ...

The Girl Who Never Slept (Part One)

I first met Olwen Carmichael on a grey murky day in October when I had been into the village of Upper Oakham to buy some essentials, milk and bread etc.
It had been sunny and bright when I left Honeysuckle Cottage that morning so I decided to walk the two miles into the village and took one of the many paths through the woods.


For those born on Christmas day


If the stork was to visit

Nirvana 5

Claire turned on the television: "Today's Episode is the Vegetables Who Eat People." Vegetables have nothing to eat anymore. Broccoli and Carrot...