The Enemy Is Up To Something!

Don't let the enemy control your mind tonight.
The enemy will try and get you to go back into that depressing stage.
You do not need...

Lock in



Flag day

200 words.

Come Closer To Your Sport Icons


sklep wojskowy

Last уear in January, France outlined NASCAR's intention tօ bе more evironmentally friendly ԝhile toǥether saving mіght teams money. Τhе main goal օf NASCAR is to find аll օf it's speedways tο become environmentally responsive. Μore than one thіrd of the speedways ϲurrently on method. The plan is to get all NASCAR sanctioned speedways оn board in the followіng couple оf үears.

Support ɡroups cɑn moѵе you to be able to larger stratosphere. Use yoսr group to dare tɦat take on sometɦing larger, to push you oսtside youг comfort zone. Left to your own devices you most liқely аre content perform ѕmall. Make use of ʏoսr support ǥroup foг obligation.

The Buell Lake County Park іn Clio gіves the scenic mile long loop tɦat partly trails ƅy Buell Square. Αnother mile long loop сan be found at at Flushing County Park іn Flush. This trail also connects on the Flint Riverview Trail (ѕee below).

There are really many water games աith regard tߋ Scuba diving, Water Skiing, rafting etcetera. Ӏn tɦіs article, Ӏ'd prefer to share ɑbout "Water Rafting". Iѕ actuаlly important to a wonderful water sport offers

Final destination

Today’s dependency hasn’t gotten the worst of me as the other days have. Everyday that I rise, I fight to feel alive. A cure for my needs hunts my...

Camino 4 – 23 September 2014

Camino 4 – 23 September 2014

Astorga to Rabanal del Camino
My ongoing cold was making me snore more loudly than usual, filling the...

A Weird Experience (I.P.)

Is that a man levitating on the ceiling?
I am thunderstruck and I’m afraid to ask.
Maybe I am dreaming but I have a feeling

Nirvana 3

"I have a proposal."


"The U.S. will forgive you for all the murders you committed if you promise to spy on Jason Kang."...

BERMONDSEY GIRLS - Eliza Minnie Cherry - Part 1

My name is Eliza Cherry. I was born Eliza Minnie Mutton on 18th September 1889 at 54 Abinger Road, Deptford, near the foundry and the docks. ‘...

Calling it off

What she was thinking when she first saw him: first, no suit, just a blue zip-up jacket and jeans. She’d assumed he’...

Domestic Detail in the House of Dreams - a collaboration between Philip Sidney and Noo. 4: Cooker

In the house of dreams, after a short, but necessary interval in the bathroom, we’re back in the kitchen. Let’s turn up the radio and put on the...



Before HER :

When the initial thought of conceiving a baby started there is a good amount of chance that it was meant to be a boy than a...

A Story of Our Time

They are taken by taxi to so called parties...

Turning Season

“I’m gonna get married,” she said.

Her name was Madeleine Stephanies; she was 17, she was blonde, and beautiful. Her skin...


NHS Rhetoric and Hunting the Bear

The Midwife tells me I’ll breast feed again. I’ve objected but she doesn’t listen to a fucking word I say. I tell her it’ll remind me of last time...

Musing at the kitchen table

If they presenting me a hot air balloon

I want a basket ball. When they bring

me a...


When I’m under this cloud
can God see me?

Where does the sun go?

Freya St David, 07 – Goddess Of Motherhood (Part Two)

During the first two days Freya and Joy had a great time using the facilities and enjoyed the full range of what was on offer, fitness classes, a gym, rock sauna, infra-red sauna, aroma steam room, ice fountain, drench showers, Jacuzzi, a Romanesque pool, Reflexology, facials, scalp massage, hand massage, Manicure and Pedicure you name it they had it.


I love you by any measure
You might wish to use



The poetic Pam Ayres