Accept As Such

Accept As Such

P K Routray


Felicity Undead

Since I have bad luck with women, I decided to build one.
But after I brought her to life, I said "What have I done?"
I used dead body...

A Cave.

With spangled grace your arms blacken virgin paper,

cast a liturgy upon those eyes cascading down the page;

a waterfall of mortified...

Up Your Street

On homelessness


What you are about to read may annoy you…

It may be because this poem is as boring as an out of date bag

Of Dorritos...


Half-Way House

'Steve, stop it, I don't like it, no, NO! Don't you dare come near me…'

But Natalie couldn't help but laugh; frightened yet delighted by...

Freya St David, 04 - Goddess Of The Folksyang (Part Two)

After about five minutes they deemed it was safe to climb down.
Owen went first and swung down from the large bough effortlessly.
It was a little more problematic for Freya because she was so tiny.
“Slide down on your belly” he said


Are you wearing a Halloween outfit?


All good ghostly kids

Kerching Kerching

Louise had amazing eyes, all the men said so. They were citrously green and had their own language that spoke to men below the waistline. They...

World Economy 3

Germany's austerity measures have helped to create a Europe that is either in deflation mode or on the edge of deflation.

Asia's growth has...

Sod It

Some dabbling in family history has shown me that I am not a descendant of one of the ‘lost’ illegitimate children of Charles...


The Tree and the Bird Man

"Greengages, dude?"

"Yeah, man."...


The Campaign Trail

When the

Chain grips the cogs

And you

Throw us to the dogs

Will you

Recycle the lies

And wear


World Economy 2

This has been going on for a while. It started with Japan and now, here is China. The same games which make no sense.

So the American...

The World Economy 1

The world is large. If the world is so small, why do we have to pay so much in taxes? Therefore, the world is large.

China's end-game is to...

Would't it be good?

First, do no harm.
That’s what she said.
I thought about this for a while.
And I had to agree that it seemed the best way to be...

Erin's Awakening

She screamed, she tried to kick her legs out at it, she tried to punch, but there was no way she could fight it. Eventually she slouched