Lost in me

Lost in you am i lost in me i am crying tears but they don't come down my cheek they are inside where they hide scare to show i might lose control...


Just scream Feelings welling up inside... balled up but expanding. rising... feel like I'm exploding. Frustration and lack of... control and...

Jim's wife

As he quickly removed his coat, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. He did it out of habit, it meant nothing to him, but to her, that kiss was...

Slow Down (Song)

1. (1st Verse Sounds Monotonous and obsessive) He looked at the train coming down the track. He looked at the train coming down the track. He thought...

Mesmerising Addict

cold seeps through skin cooking it in ice shivers like electric wires Shorting Smell of old urine And unwashed, crotch and bum that's me My sense of...

"We cannot help speaking of what we have seen and heard."*

Continuing the idea of one of my hymns on Sundays : Imprisoned by mere men, God brought them out of jail to tell the way of life to all in public,...

The Black Hole

Bravely, you blast off from the whirling ball of Earth in an ecstasy of speed like a star-knight on a steed. But whatever you do; however you try,...

postcard from centraal

Amsterdam feels compact and has massive infrastructure In to centraal. Double decker trains, intercity. The double deckers have length to and the ice...

It's later than you think

In the beginning there was everything. Incandescent potential. Fluid, malleable and alive with the possibility. And so as with the concussive force...

Women of Small Histories

The year is nineteen-forty-seven... through the smog I can glimpse it. Summer dragged its heels – one of the hottest on record. Women are waiting for life to get better.

The Old House By The Sea

Poem written in 1990.

From a random selection of words!

With trembling fingers she typed in the code word – PL1NTH . The lantern light above her head changed from red to green. Grabbing the cold metal...

Positive Thinking

Thinking positive

Mornington-By-Mere - (04) The Baker’s Daughter (Part 08)

After a wonderful meal and far too much wine on Friday night at the Manor, Scott was in no fit state on Saturday to be banging and crashing about in the Mill so he decided to write the day off but he would put in a full day on Sunday to make up for it. Addison’s wasn’t open on a Sunday so he got himself something pre-packed from Norman’s and ate lunch on the river bank in the late summer sunshine.


Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,

Summer's End

By evening all heads are turned west for a golden kiss goodnight, the clouds are streaked with coppery pinks as the sun begins to sink into her own...