Something different (Part 1)

There was something about him. Something hostile, but beyond what one could see. Not his hands, he has no aggression towards me. This is what I...

Welcome to the Psychtropolis

Fed on bacon, greens, and gruel,
we're all some devil's tool...
over-pious, gluttonous,
socially impure...
we live...

Camino 13b – 1 October 2014

Palas de Rei to Arzua, via Ribadiso - Part 2

The heat intensified as the afternoon wore on. Where the route followed the road, there was...

I made my bed but it's not easy to sleep in.

For Psyche. I hate to love you and who I also love to hate you--an ode to how you deserve so much better than me.

Distance makes the heart break harder with every mile

An ode to long distance relationships and the things that people who aren't in one can't understand.

Patron god of getting drunk before noon

Anteros is the god of true love, mature love, the kind of love that lasts eons and will be written among the stars. Eros is not the god of love; he is the god of getting drunk before noon and having sex five nights a week with different people at different bars. He is the god of staying up at night and nursing old wounds that refuse to heal and the god that I identify with most when I've been awake since 3 in the morning planning a poem.

Your Boyfriend Isn't What He Seems

I know that you've been looking for love and romance.
But your boyfriend only wants to get into your pants.
He's going to dump you...

Camino 13a – 1 October 2014

Palas de Rei to Arzua, via Ribadiso - Part 1

1st of October. A new month. A few days from now we’d be in Santiago. We rose early. There...

Done and Dusted

Daughter, aged nine, triumphantly, throws down
her pen...asking to go outside – homework...history


Started with an edit, ended in a complete rewrite.blush


If April Were October

A response to the poem found here

Old Scores

Did you hear the one about Ophelia and Hamlet?

'Did ya? Did ya?

It ends in tears.

I’m throwing skulls from a grave!


That Damn Peach

My peach tree only had one peach and my brother decided to pick it.
I grabbed it out of his hand and you know where I decided to stick it....

spring days

Spring days

Morning cracks

Piercing sun

Start of a day

Spring cranks

A weekend



Raison d'être

Put up, taken down, polished, further desertified and then put up again :)


Not red, violet or blue will do for Vincent...

Intire Irons

‘The criminal isn’t making a fashion statement when he wears Intire Irons around his ankle – they’re simply the most secure bondage available...

True Tales from an Austere Kingdom – the general election

There is surely no greater time to be alive than during an election campaign.

Elections are always a rewarding business. Last...



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