All Creation Resembles Evolution Theory Revised

Premise 1: All creation resembles evolution. (All human creations arise via a process of evolution and natural selection. Poems evolve; paintings...

Hypo or The Journal of a Hypothyroid Male - Part Four A Post-Diagnosis Journal 2013

To a Christian Source 4/4/13 Please, please pray for me for thyroid disease (hypothyroidism); severe sleeping difficulties; depressive issues;...

The Trip - part 2

The Trip – part 2 “You must be Barbara Day,” said the lady at the motel as we walked in. At first I thought that I was special in some way – to be so...

Mornington-By-Mere - (07) Dulcet Tones (Part 12)

On Friday night Nathan left home with Chloe’s teasing following him out the door and he drove over to Dulcet Green to pick up Alex who looked marvelous and smelt even better as her perfume intoxicated him all way to Purplemere in the car. At Waterside they had brilliant seats and Kayleigh Parkes was amazing and they had a great evening and they both enjoyed it very much. Then on the drive back to Oak Dale her perfume intoxicated him all over again especially when he leant over and kissed her goodnight on the cheek.

Remembering Molly

This is from a series of prose vignettes I've written, all of which tie into one story. All entries from the series are semi-biographical, this one in particular reflecting a real situation and based on real people, one of whom was me and the other, a prostitute named Molly. It's rather long but I couldn't split it appropriately so bravo and thank you if you make it to the end!


Her grandson was at university


I am by no means perfect, but my wife

Jake Mutant - Chapter Four

Chapter Four Jake had been too tired to watch the stars or even close the curtains that night, his calves had ached and his ears had rung with all of...

The Club

Lights up on Eleanor walking through the front door. There is a table in the middle of the stage with 2 chairs. ELEANOR (yelling off stage to Ginger...

Hello, I'm Sam - Chapter Seven - Sunday

A week in the life of my son, Sam, told as if from his own perspective. Written in September 2015 .

The Blue Hour

Today again she will flick her fag butt in the gutter and walk off down Cleveland Street in the half light. She stands under a purple umbrella,...

Confessions - Pt.II

It took almost a minute of silence, as Father Joyce dealt with the shock of what he had just heard. He couldn’t believe that a Thompson, such a...

Confessions - Pt.I

Father Joyce took his seat in the right compartment of the confessional box, covered by a curtain separating both the two halves of the box and...

The Girl Who Never Had Birthdays

Once there was a girl, called Bertharella who never had birthdays. Now I do not mean by that that the girl had never been born nor do I mean that she...

Love Unsparing

[Continuing the idea of one of my old hymns on Sundays :] … a treasure rare, true concern by those who care, thoughtful, willing, generous, wise; powered by grace that God supplies …

Bars of Light

Evening sunlight in recumbent ribbons lies dappled on soft curves of southern downs. Our quick-witted boys gambol always just out of touch or reach...

Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus By Paul McCann , He came and saved me from a fate worse that death , he restored everything when there was nothing left , he said...