Love's Thin Veneer

I saw her at the gym

She had her legs around her ears

I sat on a rowing machine admiring

Drinking a couple of beers



A lone shopping trolley is a discarding sight. It’s a lame horse in a saddle coat, abandoned in a grey grass-scrubbed meadow because it can no...

Toady of toad hall. (a warning to children)

And now on bbcitv1234 Jackanory.

(Intro music)
(Enter Sir Ian Mckellan sitting on a large leather back chair)...

A Beach In Summer and A Beach In Winter

This is an opinionated description comparing a beach in summer and in winter. It is a description of extremes with a haunting tone.
I decided to take common opinions and completely flip them upside down, did I change your mind and make you see a different side to beaches?

A Road In The Nighttime

A description of something everyday and ordinary which turns into a metaphor for life and ends in a poem with a message.

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles – John And Mary (Part Four)

When Bill got back to the office he sat at his desk, picked up the phone and pressed the home button.
After three rings Sally’s voice answered.
“Hi Sal it’s only me.”
“Hello love what’s up?”


When my Dad was just a boy


When the rain falls
Look for the rainbows

Elephants and Elderflowers

Young Holden glued up poster

In centre of...

The Rose of Madge Lumb

One hundred years plus thirty more

Lead a thousand souls to be no more

A tangled web of roses red and white

York and...

Such as I

Oh passing clouds drifting by

within this long...

We Three - Act III , Scene 1


ACT III, (1870-1880) Scene 1

Scene: drawing room of the Cox family, Netherfield...


A Page of Rage

I heard liquor on his breath

as he stumbled against the door

key scratching the wood

doorway painted with curses


seven seconds

piddle paddle squid brain
lights and flashing dancers
come for my eyes

yellow bottles with imprint-easy tops,
hard to...

Flying with Wings

And still one more time they circle the pond...
my two ducks.


Summary text


lids opening on a sheathed eye

undress in gradual moulting layers the unerring pitch

shuttering a wild caption; scenes to savour...

Clothes shopping

A sweaty man needs some shorts.

Deal Breaker


Deal Breaker

‘The waves crashed on the shore – elemental, relentless, untameable.’

Frank screwed the A4...

The Costa del Sol, España

An opinionated description on the famous overdeveloped coast in the south of Spain. Just some thoughts I had when driving to the airport after a recent holiday with my family. I couldn't bear not to express everything I was feeling and describe everything I was seeing. After all, I love to write.