Any honest investigation will easily turn up that from around the time of my college graduation, I was perceived as a political contender and thus a...

Where people only go to work and from which they come away again at night

He threw his newspaper and seasick green rucksack on to the station concourse, grabbed the knot of my tie and slapped me across the face with an open...

Moon, June, Spoon Tune

Give me a tune with a June or a moon and a light-hearted balloon made of wishes and I'll kick up my heels and cook you a meal and I'll even wash all...

Mistress and Servant two

The first few weeks wore on for Celeste, she accepted the rules, no mention, no giving out the house number and only using her mobile at lunch or in...

Tom's Choice

Tom switched off the Last Leg and felt contented. He had almost voted for Brexit the day before but then, thankfully, the ballot paper had spoken to...

Innocent Vampire Gals 12

12 Inside Motel room 103 at the Sunnydale Motor Lodge, the blinds remained shut, keeping out the late afternoon sunlight. Kelly and Valerie sat on...

Innocent Vampire Gals Chapter 11

11 Dylan and Brandon had reached the edge of Sunnydale, driving past the parking lot of the local Burger King franchise. Dylan was still behind the...


it seems that you are doubtful oh so hesitant to speak you're unsure of your thoughts you fear that some may find them weak . get ready for adventure...

Innocent Vampire Gals Chapter 10

10 By 1:30 PM on Saturday afternoon, the two of them had been on the road for two and a half hours. They'd spent the last 30 minutes driving in an...

The Dark Man and the Worry Wart

The Dark Man had thought of her as the Worry Wart from the first time he’d met her. Maybe though, that wasn’t the right description. That suggested a...
Gold cherry

The First Step

I remember the day I filled the car full. Full of all the things I thought he’d need; his baby walker, Moses basket, far too many clothes, stacks of...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (17) Copper Beech Farm (Part 10)

The next morning Charlotte was up bright and early, Anthony was awoken by the sound of the bathtub filling. He assumed she wanted to take her last opportunity for a soak. He got up and showered and went downstairs and started to prepare breakfast. When she appeared Anthony was satisfied she was fully recovered but he still made her sit in the kitchen and eat a cooked breakfast.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (050) Jumping to Conclusions (Part 02)

The vent on her skirt caught momentarily on the arm of the chair as she prepared to seat herself and showed him a tantalising glimpse of stocking top which to his delight confirmed the suspicion that he had earlier. Effortlessly and elegantly she slipped into the vacant chair and gestured for him to sit beside her in the neighbouring chair.

The Liberation of Juliet

A humorous twist on the conventional story of the classic romance, Romeo and Juliet. A story of love softening the hardness of prejudice.

Mo Molam

You were a pillar A list Girl A mum A stunner A fearsome non quitter Tireless you worked Not a bullshiter You made enemies twerps So strong And...

I love being stoned!!!!

Not quite ... what you think..... or is it????

Pay per view Sky

What if it was really happening.. The environmental catastrope?