Eugene and the Eskimo

Dream on and on and...

Mornington-By-Mere – (11) Writing New Chapters (Part 32)

In the last week of May Michael was away in Tipton on estate business, which actually kept him away well into the first week of June and all the time he was away Paige was dream free. The first thing he did when he got back to Mornington on the 6 th of June was to go and see Paige, he had missed her and it surprised him just how much. He hoped that she had missed him as much as he’d missed her, in fact he was counting on it. It was busy in the village as it was the weekend of the Mornington Beer Festival.


There is a religious reason

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (30) The Valentines (Part 04)

After having moderated their drinking on Friday night and having had an early night, they were all up for breakfast on Saturday morning and all consumed a hearty full English. Over coffee they discussed what they wanted to do for the day armed with a map of the area. The Lake was shaped like a teardrop, hence its name, and was surrounded by the ancient woodland of the Dancingdean Forest.

China Songbird


Java Jive with Craven Danger

"Hey, brother, can ya spare a dime? I'm a little down on my luck." "Let's see," said Craven. "How about a buffalo-head nickel and two Indian-head...

The Wolves in their Eyes

In readiness In the height of the storm clouds, far up in the sky, the Wild Hunt is preparing to ride out. The phantom horses with their savage,...

Only Delight

I haven't had fewer readers in decades which is pretty much okay wif me. I write because the light goes on and as long as it stays on, I continue to...

our eyes kiss

never thought the memory of your eyes will ever remain glittering into my mind... your sweet face serious as for a young lady into a child mind sweet...


Today it will be different, I don't care what people say, I'll do my best, and stuff the rest, Goodbye to yesterday

Question about Spacetime

A still object moves in time but not in space. What I mean is, say a vase is sitting on a table; it is moving with you and everything else, forwards...

The Solitary (Pt 2 of 2)

Leonard felt uncomfortable, looking nervously to the other end of the hall, watching for hotel staff to dash up the stairs with clenched fists. After...

The Solitary (Pt 1 of 2)

Leonard wore mist like a shroud. The rain, sore feet or possibly a combination of both, swayed him to view Central Park as a separate entity from the...


" Mine is a story of sadness."... A short story written today about a certain event, at a certain time, that changes something.

Travel for work

So I travel from town to town Through green and grey and brown. Leafless trees like a map of arteries Cut out from card, To make paper To make paper...

The Net Caster (Part Two)

Every single biological thing in the Universe leaves a trace.

Clare and Johnny

I look out the window of the plane and everything looks so small; trees like broccoli, lakes like puddles, mountains that I could skip over, and for...

The Net Caster (Part One)

StarMo's are pretty much all the same, when you come down to it. But there was something about this one...

A Man of the Mountain V (The Ad)

5. The Ad “We’re here in the small town of Clearwater Falls, where a menace has been plaguing the local mountain.” Rick Mansen strode over to a sign...

A Man of the Mountain IV (The Falls)

4. The Falls Jonas awoke late in the afternoon, put the coffee on, shoveled snow off of his cabin so that it would not collapse, sat down in a faded...