311 Pelican Court (book 3)

311 Pelican Court (book 3) By Debbie Macomber A book review. Easy Read; family & romance Yes, as the same with the first two books in the Cedar...


In South Woodbourne, Washington, widowed second grade schoolteacher Emily Spengler (Faith Ford) loves the Christmas holidays, as do all the townsfolk, and she is looking forward to spending the holiday with her grown up daughter, Heather (Emma Lahana), as usual. However Heather, who is at college in Boston, drops the bombshell a week before Christmas that she is going to be too busy studying to make the long trip home to South Woodbourne.


So when young Mrs Claus arrived in town I looked at her with her pure white hair


There is a special place

the shared park

The doggers and the cruising homos share the park I visit most Saturday mornings with my daughter. We like to feed the ducks and climb the many...

Just a Murder (3)

The two brothers sit and chat, catching up on trivia, and a little bit of gossip. It’s been a few weeks since they last met and Simon gives his...

My Little Heart

I apologies, my little heart, For I can hear you screaming. I have ignore your silent cries, While I laid their dreaming. I didn’t even think of you...

Blood is thicker than water

Rain splatters the pavement when I set out. My sister, Teresa, doesn’t live far, but then the moon isn’t that far either, and I don’t particularly...

The Long Walk Home

(Inspired by Poetry Monthly) Eerie...the dimly lit alleyway, but it was quicker.

Vanishing Trick

This is a short story I wrote eleven years ago. I am re-posting it to see if it has stood the test of time or if it has past its sell-by date. Comments welcomed.

Poet on the Hill.

Poet on the Hill. He sits, upon a lush green hillside smothered in Bluebells. Sad rain has drooped all petals, now hanging cobalt-blue kisses. Far...

Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice. Snow, radiant white, sparks crochet flakes, lie, calmed. Icicles drop-drip, platinum pools set. Blackbird stares at glaced mirror,...

Jehovah Is My Master

The almighty Jehovah is my Master, he is the one who I serve. He has my love and obedience and that is what he deserves. If loving God is wrong, I...


I like you a lot Like I really like you Like, you are really likeable I like, like you, you know? It's likely I like you more than just 'like' Like,...

A skeuomorphic diet for … (Poetry Monthly)

This is an old IP-poem, but while I was recording the other day, I thought it might come down well as a perfomance piece.

Pushed Into Oblivion

Pushed Into Oblivion by Paul McCann Pushed into oblivion ,' is the anger there within like an invisible pin that someone is sticking in . Even though...

Jacques: Picking up pebbles

Picking up pebbles and throwing them into the sea See the days of my childhood The white foam comes washing them all back to me When he was still a...

Unbroken Promises

Unbroken Promises - by Paul McCann The perfume of your soul , the taste of rock and roll , the words I know so well a fragrance I can smell , that...

Till the End of String

Time is a piece of string with a beginning and in the far distance a sign that says 'I have stopped loving you'

Jacques: Whole of the Moon

My brother is a lover and a poet, an unashamed dreamer with a brilliant fearless imagination. I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the Moon –...