If I could speak, I would say, “cggacacaca aaaagaaaga agaattttta ggatcttttg tgtgcgaata actatgagga ..” Repeating my honest little trifle Until my...

Floodplain (2)

When I first started writing this piece, it turned into a poem. I circled around, wondering if I was finished with it. Now it seems to have...

When faith is gone (part 2)

Six months had passed and my dad
was without a job and became an alcoholic, my
older brother became a drug addict and sister...

When faith is gone (part 1)

When faith is Gone
Part 1
Story by: Damian Henry

Life wasn’t always this hard; we had everything a family could ask for, but...


Vickary sadistically laughed.

"Well...boy! Where's your God now?' He said.

I was in pain and in need of medical assistance, but it...


I am the spawn of a liar.

You spat me out like disease

And stoked my awkwardness gently,

Malingering over years


Renaissance man

I’ve always been a solid kind of guy. Reliable; the sort men take to football matches and banter with in the pub. The type women covertly spend...


I never knew no Selena

The Good Neighbour (Part One)

My wife Karen and I were divorcing and I had moved out of the marital home, it wasn’t due any acrimony, it was just that I had no emotional link to it whereas she really loved the house so I had agreed to let her buy my half and while she was sorting out the mortgage I moved into a temporary flat.


Leave this world with me


Are you wearing Werewolf ears?

Silence of the Lambs 6

Kimiko wrote the words "Leonardo Da Vinci." The letters seemed to dance and then they moved around. "Devil Don Arnica." Arnica was a herbal...

Dakota Diary - 14 - Banks and Music

Monday June 18th, 1883

After a good night’s sleep and a large breakfast, I asked George how we could get ahold of the lawyer I knew our Pa...

Silence of the Lambs 5

the virgin and child with st.anne is a painting by l.d.v. demonstrating the V of the eternal feminine and the the bird or vulture theme signifying...


the fish that tumble through the sea
use their vision as their guide
they dart and curve and deftly...

Silence of the Lambs 4

-Dr. Lieu, do you want to help us find those who murdered our daughter?

-What is my prize?

-Is that all you care about?



Claws - Part 7

Richard opened his eyes, stared directly into the withered face of Grandpa Claw, the skin tight across his face and his eyes sunken into hollows. It was a grinning skull, teeth clicking together, chomping down.


Death Co: 14 (We Need a Dog)

14. We Need a Dog

The beating lasts longer than I’d like it to, but the kid has some issues to work out....



Study the discipline

Practice the discipline

Internalize the discipline

Teach the discipline