Daisy, Daisy...

The swing-seat’s still there;
the swing-seat made for two.

Far Away

I wasn't beautiful

Until I met you

My eyes didn't shine

And my lips didn't smile

I was like a balloon


The only thing

In the quiet of the night


1 Peter 1:13

you cannot think of whoever
or whatever created this world,
without stretching your...


A puddle for a head.

Do the maths.

I’m in decline.

But I feel fine.

I’m human.

That’s my failing.

A life...

Public Youth

Public Youth
Rusted tongue
Prodding the magma-pulse
Where fist and ogre’s rage...

Bluebird (Song)


Blue bird sitting in a willow tree;

you don’t seem so very blue to me;

sitting there singing; happy all day long.


Turd - The Video

A companion piece to the group-write story Stump.

Winky, Winky..

Winky, Winky,

High fly, lie.

With chocs, & roses,

I will comply.

Until I get what I want,

Then you will die...

The Four Princes

Four Princes; four friends; a Scotsman; an Englishman; an Irishman and a Welshman were all travelling together on horseback.


Woman For All Seasons


I love you in the Springtime

when the grass is green and the flowers bloom

and the pretty birds are singing...

for the drunks, the try-hards and the pessimists.

for the drunks, the try-hards and the pessimists



clamouring around a table...

Silly Old Sam Visits the Pond

This is the tale of how it began,

When Safety Officer Susan saved Silly Old Sam,

This is the boy called Silly Old Sam,


Mario VS. Luigi

My name is Mario and I have an ingrate for a brother, his name is Luigi.
Even though our games are in my name, he's always had it better...

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 3

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 2

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 1

Embracing Solitude

Let me linger here a while

a lakeside of dreams to savour,

as glimpsing misty mantle an elusive secret,



You Said

just as love...

The Communicators

If it wasn’t a squash court, it certainly resembled one. But it wasn’t one of those burnished glossy affairs - there...