Princil's Magic : Charlerion's Concubine : Ch.7 (Part 1)

Remzain has been delivered to her new master the handsome King of Pelancir, after he struck a deal with the odious King Guthelm. Her new situation seems much more to her liking as she feels his attraction.

Away Match

My husband and son are off to the match today. It's a birthday treat for Ryan and the first he'll spent mostly with his dad. It was his choice; a Man...


Imagine your final moment; you breathe out time. Nothing stops, you are not the moment. Time is concentric swirls of nebulae in a blanket of space or...

Cold Storage 3

The church were having Sunday afternoon tea with the Hare Krishnas. Lucy spoke to Rachel. "He's great the new pastor, Father Spoors. Have you heard...

Cold Storage 2

"I've received a videomail from the manager of Air India," said Clive. "It's about my proposals for a solar powered aircraft which can land in snow...

Cold Storage 1

"I want my body frozen." "Let me explain about our fees," said Dr Piers, trying hard to be polite. He did not know much about Ken Spoors but he could...

A Piece of Cake

So far so good.

Ayr at the fair.

Ayr at the fair. A day aff work, a day to play. A day fur goin doon the motorway. A day fur weans and digging sand. A day furtae haud a grandweans...

Mornington-By-Mere – (05) Old Dogs and New Tricks (Part 11)

Ian held her in his arms for the best part of an hour while she cried her tears, and beyond until she tried to kiss him, but he pulled away and said. “Now is not the time” “I don’t understand” she said


How should I begin to describe you? Well you are 13 down, Without exception, and always 2 across


Apple are designing a house

The Wanderlust Lady and the Door to Door Salesman - 4

August 30th, 2012 Stan I was fed up. I’d been round the houses in the area I'd been assigned, and had only made one sale so far. It was cold, wet and...

Black Holes and Singularity 3

A very basic way of thinking about time is as a continous, discrete unit that is linear. It is a basic intersection of space and time, but to think...

Black Holes and Singularities 2

To speak of time as a singularity seems counterintuitive. For time is the fourth dimension. But time is not an extension into another dimension of...

The Day I Grew Up

I admit that I was a bit nervous the day we started the big canoe trip. Nervous, anxious, mostly excited, but also calm and confident...


My shadow leaps in bouncing light And dances on the wall. She chants a chorus loud in sight But makes no sound at all. A kinship lives between us two...

Old age and crocodiles

Mornings spent lazily lying below a mist of speckled sun. Its rays are reaching from between the curtains up to the dusty beams , let glorious...

standing in the queue to order a word kebab at my local takeaway

What would you like? Voice of division Voice of derision Vice setting tone Garnish with that? Waiting for a letter to arrive Swirly bluebottle battle...

Sidewards Sixth Chapter (Part 1)

This chapter is going to short overall. In this chapter, Cain tries to start a fight in a pub, and we get to learn a bit more about the world of 2047.

Airplane (2)

“Tell me about SuperDuck,”