A catalogue of experiences


A beautiful night

A beautiful night
By Sean Nelson

I wanted to take Janelle to the under 21 club that night. But again and
again, I'd called her...

A Farewell to Reality

It's snowing outside my car windows.
Inside, my mind is racing, thinking.
A white world is swallowed in icy mist.
And I'm...


a bird has the adventure of his life, without ever knowing it.

Child of Nature

Thor, a high school runner, wants to run how he wants to run, not how his coach wants him to.

D: Red Goblin Saves the World

Red Goblin, a communist super-villain, resolves to destroy Chez E. Moneymaker Films.

a poem for Sobek

If not for poverty,
I would give you a robot hand
to serve your electric-head
(long green and handsome,
apathetic yet...