The Earthly Paradise

Once a three horned demon appeared before a man and said to him,

“Be afraid mortal, for when you die your soul shall go to hell...

Where No Birds Sing

Where No Birds Sing

A pallid sun shines fitfully u...



Of speech or writing, using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy.

The rosy cheeked, cherubic, innocent...

Marple and the Chartists 1

Prestwich, Lancashire

April 17, 1884

I picked up the letter


Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (09) Doctor in the House (Part 07)

It wasn’t a long walk from where they met but it wasn’t an easy one either and they were both sweating profusely by the time they reached Lovers Leap.

But as she walked onto the shelf and took in the vista it took away what little breath she had left.

They sat down on the rocky shelf which bizarrely felt cool despite the heat of the sun and shared the bottle of water from Richards pack.

When they had drunk their fill he gave Chantelle the binoculars and pointed out some of the lands marks and gave her a bit of a local geography lesson.

But most of the time they just sat there and talked about music, favourite composers, performers and individual pieces.

There was common ground on much but were diametrically opposed on others, for example he was a Wagnerian she was very definitely not.


She builds her nest

In the time of spring


Manchester United’s underground

Heating hasn’t been restored

So they’re planning to rename

The stadium Cold Trafford

ghost window

It's strange! Imposible!
I jumped from my bed and closed the window, again.The night before was the same,
remained open. Or,...

Plants of The Estate - Part 1 of 4

Woke up this morning covered in damp bits of plaster, it ground between my teeth unpleasantly, and yellowed specks of paint were itching in my...

The Fifth Star - Chapter 5 (1/2) - Broken Vow

If it weren’t for the regular visits of the mage whose name she’d learned was Darius, Sparrow would have had no idea how much time passed in her...

The Fifth Star - Chapter 4 (2/2) - Over Aethribane

Sparrow did as he asked, backing away with quickly shuffling feet while the jailor peered over from his seat to see what was going on. Her eyes...

The Fifth Star - Chapter 4 (1/2) - Over Aethribane

The moment Darius emerged from the dark confines of the castle's prison, he severed the connection to his aethris that had been fuelling the...


Son, you're always on my mind,

You're a fine specimen,

Of intelligence,

And troubled behaviour too.

Son, you'...

Omar's Diary 27th March 2015 - Mozart, prawns and Solihull

Both the servants were away very early today to somewhere called ‘Solihull’ some 144 miles away. Why Solihull I shall never understand? The name...

Woke Up This Morning, (Original For Competition).

Woke up this morning feeling
Fruity for my gal Lucy,but
Instead I had to settle for my
New best friend Mr muesli .


The cage of death

The cage of death.
Its fingers
creeping behind the door
are suffocating
the space between words



The Robber Rabbit - Tongue twister Children’s song

Did the farmer

in the cottage

catch the rabbit

with the radish?

No the rabbit

grabbed the radish...

A Cold, Dark Spring Day In France

Words can still not convey

How much shock and sorrow

Is felt for so many lives that

Now reside amongst the angelic



Bruit Blanc


Vietnam The un-Told Story.

My name's John Quinn, and as an 18 year old Kentucky country boy, I had mixed feelings about the war. I didn't agree with some of the decisions U....