Everywhere you go

You go slow

Traffic lights and signs

Altered white lines


Time stuck...


Long-tailed Tits, or …

Hedge Mumruffin, Fuffit,
pinkish fluffy ball
Long-tailed pie, Poke Pudding...


Flipping Bonkers Three: Archive: Blackmailed by a Friend

Tuesday 3rd August 2004.

This is going to be difficult to write because it deals with three relationships, my...


Flipping Bonkers Three: Archive: And Yet, Purple Is My Favourite Colour

26th November?

Three days to go before Forton? Don’t ask. I haven’t worked that one out yet.


She Cut Her Hair!

“Woke up this morning and just thought, hey why not?”

“Well I think you’re very brave Sue. It looks great. When did you last have it cut...


Flipping Bonkers Three: Archive:The Shit Goes, dum dum dum dum....On

Sunday, 1st August, 2004.

I have just realised why I’m so bloody tired. It is seven forty five on a Sunday morning. It is only the...


Eight Weeks


Devil's Soup

A bit of salt...
I'm cooking, not you!
I said,
Mixing the red soup.
Sugar, then...,
Get your...


Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (07) The Old Fashioned Way (Part 06)

Olivia picked up Ben when she left the surgery and they drove to South View.

Daniel invited them in to the drawing room and introduced Olivia to his wife Win,

Ben needed no introduction as he had met her many times before.

“This is my wife Win” he said proudly

“I’m so pleased to meet you” Olivia said

“And me you my dear” Win replied “It’s about time Ben found himself a good woman”

“The problem was you were already taken” Ben said

“Flatterer” she replied


The Brazil side was

The best I’ve ever seen


Are you wearing fairy wings?

Red Devils - 5 - Tom Thumb Meets Queen Victoria

“Did you do your show for any really famous people?” Cora Sue asked Mr. Barnum.

“How about Queen Victoria? Is that famous enough for you...


The Comfort of Quiet

There is a moment of choice,

sweet tension,

hold that long note of silence.

Eventually they tire of asking,


Caster-The Yin and The Yang, Part 5

“I know…” Carl said his voice soft and compassionate.

“No, he said he’d kill her…he’s probably already taken her…wherever she’s going.”...

Caster-The Yin and The Yang, Part 4

John raced the Impala the whole way to headquarters. He ran stoplights, broke the speed limits and was about as illicit in his behavior as he had...


The Fox and the Moon (Flash fiction)

I hear my lover’s call from outside the window; the sound of his serenade is unmistakable. I tiptoe over, trying not to wake mother. She is asleep...

The Sleepless Prince

Once a little boy, a Prince, named Moreus was in the forest when he came upon a cave where an old white robed man was sleeping and he woke the old...