The Reality of Love

To search can be of worth, But one may not find what he desires... If the earth would give birth To a sky watered with fire. Love is a fragmented...

Pain and Love

Pain is truth. Pain is constant. Pain is felt or unfelt. It comes as it would want. Love is hidden. Love exists. Love is only kept. It either fails...


Know yourself before you know another. Hypocrisy is a treacherous trait. Many have fought for blood and tears. All misled, misled. Keep your home...

X Factor Auditions

The guilt laden voyeuristic experience, that is the X Factor audition.

One way love

When your plans for love fall apart And no response can just break your heart When your world fails to turn Do you hope and just yearn To feel once...

Wish Upon A Kiss (Song)

Chorus: Wish upon a kiss; our love will bring it true; all kinds of happiness, they wait for me and you. Wish upon a kiss and dream within my arms;...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (05) Plain Sailing (Part 07) Sunday

Victoria couldn’t believe her eyes, she was driving down the Childean Road towards St Mary’s Church and she saw Jeff Hammett walking along the pavement ahead of her. She drove past him to make sure it was him before she embarrassed herself again. Victoria was a bit confused once she knew it was definitely him, as to why he was walking back towards his house, where had he been. Had he even gone back to his house the night before? Was he doing the walk of shame from some slapper’s house?

The Wanderlust Lady and the Door to Door Salesman - 26

January 27, 2013 Sunday dawned bright and warmish for the time of year. I knew from reading the poster that Lyme Park would be open for the Antiques...

After the War

There was nothing remotely familiar, I could see no one and every one all at once. These people were lost, they were all dead. Salem grew dark-...

a vagabond bard

the telling of my stories

the desert

the sands of time


The people always say the same thing It's not that hard, you just have to try It's not that bad, you just have to want it But I do want it I want it...


Searching for a daemon on a cloudy summer day ‘Cause life gets awfully lonely in the lighthouse on the bay. Visions bleed into my brain and I’m...

In the eye

Love lost Flowers dead pay the cost to see what's in my head the care is gone no time to share an ugly song that is not fair so much hate no more...

Song For The Girl With The Corn Coloured Hair

Originally intended for the 'Result' IP but life intervened and I didn't get it done in time.

fruit - five times a day.

fruit - 5 x a day. Nectarines are smooth, as skin is to the touch. It's enticing to soothe the cut of warm flesh, peculiarly mellow. No peach could...

Waiting (Poetry Monthly)

At Swanpool the sand is Demerara sugar a dark heart floats: cocoa on cappuccino scurf. Out there, the horses break relentless Shire hooves kicking up...