The first sharp taste of blackberries



I have fallen in love with a city

Where marble and stone worn thin by time

Chant beyond the temples and tombs

Where my...

Village Fête

Everyone is having
a jolly good time
at the fête.
The kids are playing
on the swings,
with shrieks
of delight...


if I could

Rewrite of 'if' . . .

At Night - Part 1

Follow Emily as she discovers something horrific hiding in her house and must use her wits to save her friends and escape her nightmare...

an ode to Saint Christopher

Oh Saint Christopher,
you herculean wolf-headed protector
of travelers,
and legendary healer of the sick

I know, that...

Barn Owl

Repost due to getting stuck in an infinite loop...very disconcerting for bears. Also edited – and thank you to Bee for your comment on the original post.


Tree Me


The Harbinger of Spring

What wonderful weather it was on that weekend, it was so nice after the long drawn out winter, which probably seemed all the longer than it was because we had had no summer the previous year to speak of.


Love him or loath him, Nigel Farage

Other Where

I came back to find my feet,

to try again

I brought with me a message,

which I dropped

at 19

and am...

Westons Go West 3 - Dinner with the Captain

June 4, 1873, out in the Atlantic, but nearing New York

It is dinner time and a table is elaborated set in the Captain’s Quarters, with...

Strange deeds of Anduin,

Strange deeds of Anduin

When her eyes slowly opened to the dim light of the room, Anduin find herself again...

Post Natal Depression

If you took my head in your hands and shook it, you could hear the rusty nails and broken glass rattling around.

If you look inside my...


Taking Turns



The dice lands triumphantly in the middle of the board. Five moves for Amma. Her face breaks into the tiniest of smiles,...