Choice Tales from the Vale – (046) An Itch to be Scratched (Part 01)

The Osborn’s and the Sherlock’s had lived in Childean for many generations and every year they had a family holiday together in Spain. Peter and Kate Osborn and their sons Brian and Mark, Kate’s sister Christine Sherlock and husband David and their daughters Karen and Julie, and they stayed in the Villa that was jointly owned by the two families every year in Moraira, just along the coast from Benidorm.

City in the sky (Lullaby)

The stars are little windows of a city in the sky where meteors, like motorcars and trains, go whizzing by and star fairies, in factories, make...

"A Wizard's Magic" Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 “Are you sure this is what you want?” David leaned back in the chair keeping his feelings in check. “I wish I knew how to explain it better...

Dead Famous, Famous Dead

I almost bumped into my latest celebrity crush the other day at Birmingham New Street railway station. I’ll not give the name. Far too embarrassing...

Carry on up the Styx.

The authority dissolved as the batons fell to the ground; the arms operating them too exhausted and impoverished to resist the tide that consumed...

The EU Referendum and a plea to voters

At this point of the referendum campaign most of us will have decided how to vote on 23 rd June. Some of us, at this late stage, will still be...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (16) The Highfinch Curate (Part 02)

Nick was knocking on the door of his 40 th birthday but he still had all his own hair and not too much middle aged spread. On Sunday morning he was making his way to St Martins Church when Julia Thomas caught up with him. She was a rotund lady in her fifties who sat on the parish council with him and was his next door neighbour.


Foghorn Leghorn left The basketball court

Choice Tales from the Vale – (045) A Room with a View (Part 02)

Carole Bean decide to return to University sooner than intended as she had work to finish and there were too many distractions at home, She let herself into the flat and was about to call out when she hear the sound of sensual moaning. She didn’t know who it was that was moaning or who was making them moan but it was making her hot so she put her bag down and carried on listening and with each soft sensual moan the burning heat inside kept on growing and decided to investigate.

The flowers wish

A flower wished that it could fly and flap its petals in the sky; granting its wish, God winked his eye and it became the butterfly.

Milk and honey

You can't say that. Off course, you can assert a lot of other things. For example. The houses in this town look like weary firemen. The life we used...

Mother Of The Word

Mother Of The Word - By Paul McCann . Mother of the word , help us to bring good news , with new hope to defuse , the lost and troubled soul , to...


Love Poem So many words unspoken, So many I wish I’d said, But I still have my memories And I replay them in my head. The happy times we had together...

Full Circle In The Wheel Of Life Part Four

Jacob had no idea how long they'd been traveling, but he'd now given up struggling with nowhere to go, the effort was too much and Sylvie had...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

The Kiss

There are several young people in the art gallery sketching copies of the grand masters’ works but you notice her in particular because she is...

Wish You Were Here (yma whans dhym ty dhe vos omma)

The summer Ruth spends in Cornwall is glorious. She stays with her Aunt Jane, her mother’s younger sister, who, with her husband Roger, moved to St...

The BC Adventure 44

14 May, 1923 Cedar Creek My Dear sweet Mummie wife I've just heard that the two mails a week have started, so not to lose it this time I'm writing...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (16) The Highfinch Curate (Part 01)

The village of Highfinch sat just on the edge of the Pepperstock Hills and Lily Green Hollows Golf Club separated the village from the Hamlet of Lily Green and since moving there in January, Nick Faulkner, had completely immersed himself in Village life and they welcomed him with open arms such was the nature of celebrity.


The sun burned bright Its rays struck the sundial

Choice Tales from the Vale – (045) A Room with a View (Part 01)

Claire Jarvis went to University in London where she studied English at Roehampton and it was for her, like many girls of her age, a life defining time. She was the only child of well to do parents, who divorced when she was seven and as a result she had been thoroughly spoilt and was given everything her heart desired, except the one thing she craved most in all the world, their love and as a result she withdrew into her own world.