16. River

Scudding a river of headlamps,
mirrored glass, the beaten iron air.
Paying your fare, crossing the park
on foot, two men...

The Girl In The Red Dress (Part Two)

He woke up the next morning with his face stuck to the mock leather of a bench seat.
And when he painfully sat himself up he saw he was in the lounge bar of the Pig and Whistle.


Despite the general awfulness of the Christmas song there are however always exceptions to the rule and I have a short list of personal favourites
Without exception all my choices not only include the song but the best performer of that song and so in no particular order here is my twenty sixth selection.


If you’re a Take That fan

T'was the Week Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas

Oh no that’s not right....

How to Kill Yourself

I know you've considered suicide at some point in your life. Everyone has, to some degree. If you haven't, it just means you haven't had a real...


“The woman has got something, get her, and you’ve got your man” the old man said. Michael was silent. “I’m gonna get him” Michael said. “Okay, now...


Michael parked his bike and walked towards the old man. “Did you call me?” Michael asked. “Yes, I did” the old man said. “I heard you are dumb”...


“Bye kid, I am late, got to go” Michael said leaving the door. “Bye dad” Lina said waving her hands. Michael walked out of his home and...

The Little Christmas Pudding

The little Christmas pudding wouldn’t

stay inside the pot;

the little Christmas pudding couldn’t

‘cause it got too hot;...


Anywhere but here, I suppose.

The Christmas Circus

The Christmas Circus came to town

and snowmen were its white faced clowns;

they juggled snowballs then, instead,

they took...

Teasing the Rabbi

A poem about the beginnings of an unrequited love between a Rabbi succumbing to 'impure' desires and a young man, in need of warmth, all too willing to partake.

Goodnight Grace

Whiskey and indignity of an eve.

The Tyrant and his Double

Once there was a tyrant who ruled over his nation with an iron fist and was guilty of ordering the most horrific and brutal crimes; torture;...

Claws - Part 29

They called it a death cult, the followers seeking out the great mystery of what happens when you die. Mortimer was obsessed by death, was even the town’s only undertaker. He lead a church of a small, but worryingly growing number of fanatics. They were heavily into the occult, devil worshippers, some called them.

The Culturally Incoherent Economy 7

I really don't know whether European Companies manufacteuring in the US will start manufacteuring in China or not. It is hard to say because of...

Departure lounge

Wish I was in some concrete bus stop
a day's flight from here
A hum of quiet expectation
A clock upon the wall
The only...


Ashland Motel haiku set

I came here shackled
but still in cashmere, leaving
my smashed big-screen, lamps

now, Abraham and
I smoke cigars by...