Girl with the Golden Hair

Tucks her shoulder-length hair
behind one ear as she bends
to prune a rose.

'Where were you born?'

'I was born in the dark on a friday morning. Four am I entered the World, it was cold outside, but warm in the back room of the Italian restaurant...

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First Communion

‘I miss God’ – Jeanette Winterson

reflection - from the past ... Familiar Deeps.

Familiar deeps.

Sun sanded beaches
with semi-permenant wave
by emoted ocean.
I float suspended
in liquid...

Let the curtain of the night

Be drawn,
The stars showered down
Upon us
Like rainfalls
Descending the staircase.

The stars are sailors


Mumbai Mirror

Life of an Indian beggar

This world was not made for agnostics (IP)

(Late IP : Get Committed)

This world was not made for agnostics, she said.
It's a believer's world. It's big and hard and unjust
and you've got to hang on to something...

Skennin Tom Races Whippet

As I was sat pot in hand

watching life go by

I spied Skennin Tom passing swiftly by

He moved t’ left

He moved...

When I was a Kid

At ground level we

discovered before days

of smooth asphalt

riding bicycles

on gravel roads

was a destination...

The Sweeper

The area of space around the planet ‘Home’ was unusually neat and tidy. Oh of course there were the normal set of communication satellites,...


Alice Springs 1999

Heavy is

a big stone

in my pocket

that I want

to throw

in a river.

But cannot

because it...


Easy Fishing Time

The wind is a roar

sky a hoot

people fanning themselves

against the horde

hands making signals



When I was younger I never considered myself to be overly sensitive, the words I would use would lean more towards;perceptive, open, human. I felt...


From the shadowy depths rise a thousand silent voices

that breathlessly whisper from the damp cotton mills

Listen and you can hear...

Story of the week

The Man I Was

The Man I Was

Harry Buschman

It was a small concave mirror on a...

The Bogey Man

The Bogey Man

Malcolm is a nose picker.

He doesn't want much, just some privacy to, when he wants to, dig up his...


we're often urged to "keep the faith"
but yet i'm filled with doubt
should faith exist to keep it in...

To the You in the Queue

To the You in the Queue


It was purely by chance

That I landed up in that queue;


I, Catherine

At Her Majesty's pleasure.