Letter from Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

December 25th, 0001

Dear Mother and Father,

I do miss you so, especially as it is now getting close to...

The Phoenix

When the fire flares,
Who's left to stop the smoke
From coiling the breath beneath the chest?
When the foggy ash blurs the view...

Intergalactic Space Cruise

The issue with humans is, they’re always screaming.

If you ask the chefs on the ship, you’ll get conflicting advice on how to cook boiled...

Bloody Arms

The blood coming out of her veins. You see red blood flowing down her arms. With little cuts on her arms that healed from before. Why is she doing...

Short Poem

Short Poem

P K Routray


I Wish I Was A Butterfly

I wish I was a puffin
So no worry ‘bout my sin;
I wish I was a bird
So about the world I’d learn;
I wish I was a crane...

Take Flight

Flight in skies,
Skies great height.
Flight take flight
From morning to night.

Sun to moon,
Moon to sun.


Caulked in white clay, blue stained and

riddled with flecks of red,

pelvises rubbed together until mashed

and falling away as...

Looking At Stars

I look up at the stars sometimes,

only to think:

"Why do they get to be up there?

While I am stuck down here?"


The Comer Inner


at Bretton

with our hats on

you look at me




Passing Tinsley Tower (for Joe Kriss)

I remember it.
The day I came.

My joked
flat cap on.

We passed
Tinsley Tower
in the rain.


If he is alive

Although Bruno is my senior, he is nervous of me. He has paced the corridor this afternoon, peering...


Surface Tension - Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Winter strips bare.

As a kid I longed for the transforming snow. I’d watch weather...

The Wicker Girl and the Deaf Boy

He still loves her--even if she's gone a little mad ;)



Tears in mind

they where yours that fell out of your eyes.

You don't know how bad it feels but, maybe

you do which makes the...

Missing someone special

Near sunrise on a cold, autunm day, I thought i was alone

only to feel a tug on my sleeve.

When I stopeed to look the beauty of a...

His Unique Creation

His Unique Creation

P K Routray...



knowledge of ones life

and, of family and, friends who have lived

and, who have died live on in memory and, of...

Trench Feet

Mother was pleased that Father was dead, because the thought of me getting divorced from a wonderful girl that had given me everything and three...