Step Inside

So long. So long ago, I fell for you. I was eleven. You were thirty and married. I carried your photograph, from a newspaper, I think. Beaming smile...

Amy Amy Amy

Sailor-tat marionette a fag-end fishwife with your filthy laugh and oiled piston hips, a hot, wet Minnie Mouse. Gutter mouth.

Going Back (Poetry Monthly)

Poetry Monthly has inspired me to think of 'psychogeography' and my own (probably incorrect) version of it. The picture is of Cave hill which overlooks Belfast. On the approach from my hometown, I've always thought the hill looked like a lady looking up at the sky. The poem is addressed to her.

Just William's Small World (Poetry Monthly)

One night, when everyone was in bed he decided to hitch a ride to the horizon..

witness to a wonder

Your hair caught rides on the gusts


Choose a life of virtue. Choose a life of vice. A life of vice will hurt you. A life of vice is nice. A life of sin is empty. A life of sin is fun...

Decalogue – Ten Words (IP)

Ten facets of love, ten words that abide which I love, for they guide in love horizontal outflowing and growing from vertical love … no flaws in these laws, though my love is lacking, failing and cracking, but …

Chapter 4 Children of the Moon

Chapter 4 Children of the Moon Pock marked with craters Luna’s airless gray surface is stark and lifeless. However, that is only her face. Far...

Mindscape: Beach (Poetry Monthly)

A crab's-eye view from the sand whispers, 'colour', invitation to sink into summer stripes of blue, azure, green, pewter, white in tasteful,...

Princil's Magic : Charlerion's Concubine : Ch.7 (Part 2)

Remzain is finding she can enjoy her new life with King Charlerion, but the King is beginning to feel the influence of Shalirion over his sexual desires.

Between First Light and Reality

“Wake up,” she says, squatting at the head of my bed. And I don't care that she's not real. I don't care because she's as beautiful as anything I've...

How do we get teens to fall in love with books?

Nowadays we’re often told teenagers don’t read much; as an author that naturally concerns me. So how do we persuade reluctant young people to try...

The Wanderlust Lady and the Door to Door Salesman - 7

August 31, 2012 Stan It only took me about ten minutes to cross Station Road, and walk down Ley Hey Avenue. I found the right cross street, and was...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (04) The Reverend Edwards Daughter (Part 02)

On the short walk home Mark had mixed feelings, he felt rather proud of himself, after all Katie had offered it to him on a plate and he had turned it down, and not because he didn’t fancy her, on the contrary, and he also reflected on the wonderful kiss and how much he enjoyed it. Katie ticked a lot of boxes for him and he was not possessed of any high moral principles, so why didn’t he take advantage of her was a mystery.


BOOF is an acronym

This Ragged Saviour

This ragged saviour, Born in a graveyard, Slowly slouches on; From pillars pellucid , In words exclusive Towards common song. Here to be separated,...

Brief Eclipse Of Time

Life begins and ends birth, joy, laugh, cry, death and dust brief eclipse of time