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With trembling fingers she typed in the code word – PL1NTH . The lantern light above her head changed from red to green. Grabbing the cold metal...

Positive Thinking

Thinking positive

Mornington-By-Mere - (04) The Baker’s Daughter (Part 08)

After a wonderful meal and far too much wine on Friday night at the Manor, Scott was in no fit state on Saturday to be banging and crashing about in the Mill so he decided to write the day off but he would put in a full day on Sunday to make up for it. Addison’s wasn’t open on a Sunday so he got himself something pre-packed from Norman’s and ate lunch on the river bank in the late summer sunshine.


Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,

Summer's End

By evening all heads are turned west for a golden kiss goodnight, the clouds are streaked with coppery pinks as the sun begins to sink into her own...

the haunted factory

things that go bump in the night


I am a bubble floating up from the abyssal waste. I am the final gasp – of the death rattle that falls on deaf ears. I am the black dwarf star that...

cover up

my grandma suffered a lot... this life it's so disappointing this life was! your grandma it's now the future!



the deserter

these hills know the truth, their weathered faces display scars of jagged rock: I will find no peace here. my exploration is not adventure; rootless...

our past

honey, hope our child will not be like my parents I hope our child will not unbury the hole human history

The 7.25 to Kings Cross, or Down the Rabbit Hole

“Begin at the beginning”, the King said gravely, “and go on ‘til you come to the end: then stop”. I’m right glad I’ve brought my notebook. I know it’...

Sidewards Fourth Chapter Part 1

The Fourth Chapter of my book; this one helps show the more supernatural side of my story's world.

Red Love

Pale as the moon she strolls through the streets of Avignon the sun burnishing the red hair yet somehow it don't eat at all the pale skin upon her...


Portrait of the town where I grew up.