todos dormimos bajo la misma luna - part 1

Or - We all sleep under the same moon.

When the manual gets lost

You know those phone conversations where you ask the other person how to use something that's with you and they can't see it but you can, so you...

Upperkirkgate Chapter 6: One That Was a Woman, Part 2

“With what you take with you.” She glanced through the Blake poetry, smirked at the “Laughing Song” and frowned at the one on chimneys, then put it...

Upperkirkgate Chapter 6: One That Was a Woman, Part 1

Jack stared at Alison. He had once dreamed of this moment in his life, during his time with Alison the previous year. Now here she was, with his ring...

Upperkirkgate Chapter 5: Vouch Him No More of His Purchases, Part 4

He tried to walk to the counter in a co-ordinated way, the buzz of surrounding conversation coming and going. He concentrated on getting there, a...

Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire and Mr McKissock

This is a place I clearly remember as being a stopping off point on a school trip from Maidenhead in the Thames Valley to Snowdonia National Park in...

Free cinema tickets

Do not read this at work or if you are easily offended. *lots and lots of swearing* The poem examines the nature of what we find to be truly important in life, and looks at our sense of what is permanent, legend, and fact. It degrades into a somewhat bizzarely aggressive rant, which ends with a comparison of the sun to a masturbatory session. In fact, the poem as a whole could perhaps be compared to such a session.


I never sing But I performed on stage tonight I never dance But I twirled around the floor tonight I never flirt But I made him smile tonight I never...

Bird you are rich

This poem attempts to compare our sense of freedom to a bird's. In some way abbrogating our need for freedom, and recognising a need to be confined.

I stare

Conclusions on the meaning of it all

A Colorful Tale (Song)

1. There is a pink house on a blue moor with a bright red roof and a little green door. And in that small pink house lives a yellow dame who strokes...

Sum yourself up

Lackadaisically lazy, Freethinking state-of-mind, Purposively pensive, Generously kind. Occasionally cautious, Heavy set, a belting beard, Despicably...

The Witches Came to Swindon

Dear Diary...adventuresome as I was in the 90s, I was led on a journey into the mysterious world of Roald Dahl. It all started when my friend...


I bought myself a bonsai tree, But little did I know, Whilst it started off quite little, You should have seen it grow

Flipping Bonkers Fifteen: CURRENT: Alone Again, Naturally

I only saw Mick for a few minutes this morning, he got up, made tea and toast and left. I have no idea if he was working or going to Baz’s but he was...

Flipping Bonkers Fifteen: CURRENT: Losing the Baggage

Thursday 28 th April 2016 I thought it was high time that I wrote something. Things have gone from bad to a lot worse with Mick. I think it’s time he...

Switchback Ch15

When Carter left the judge's house he took with him an A4 printed map of Leyton Falls with at least half a dozen locations ringed in red by the judge...


Questioning my sanity, Seeking help and friends, Can I cure the pain and more, Or is this my journey's end

A flock of different feathers

The Hoopoe of Israel; the Sunbird of Palestine; the Dove of Peace between them and all, in a branch of love, entwined.