Peace for Christmas (Song)


I wish there was a mistletoe

just hanging in the sky;

a great, gigantic mistletoe

and here’s the reason why....

Night live (I.P.)

I want to confront the world with eyes

full of holy fire, with handfuls of worldly

desires (didn't I learned this passion...

Paper Flowers

It started when I was thirteen and fourteen, I began retreating a lot into an
inner world. I don't think it had to do with family drama, I...

I blew a little kiss and I put it in a parcel (Song)


Don’t have a lot of money

to buy you a gift this year;

just kisses sweet as honey

that I hope give you some cheer...

Main St

There is nothing , only the same imprints left from the day before permanently attached to the darkest corners of my subconscious.

I find...


i've always been a solo act
so low i'd often cry
it seemed i shed more teardrops

First Job-Chapter 4

It was the morning after the initiation for Senna. I was outside, and my limbs all glowing with my crimson aura. I owned the property out there...

An appropriate friendship

'Ye wa' a bowally wine'.

It's not a statement that requires a questionmark.

We go to Waitrose once a week and he fills up my trolley...

Electricity Is Taken For Granted

We don't appreciate electricity until it's gone.
Especially at night when our lights can't be turned on.
Most of us take electricity...

Into that Good Night

When Lazarpus came back for the fourth time, it all became rather tedious.

It always started with a spin, slow at first becoming faster and...

Chapter One - The Fellowship

The table between them swam with the flat yeasty beer that had escaped in frequent sweeps between table and mouth. Brodie was draped, in...

Eros and Thanatos: Examples Of the Human Preference of Death and Violence To Sex

Below are some examples contrasting how people commonly view a sexual thing with how they view something involving death and violence.




To whom it may concern (you know who you are)

The main reason l haven't been at my fabulous job working alongside some great people is YOU...


Rudolph is doing stand up


In nineteen fifty three
The Magyars came to play


It's Christmas break and the sorority sisters are making plans for the upcoming holiday, but their Christmas spirit is diminished by strange anonymous phone calls, before one of the sisters, Clare, disappears.
However when they report it to the police their concerns are dismissed.

Pax Robotica: Genesis (Part 3)

The young woman reached out and touched Bane again, a little longer this time. There was no affection in her touch. His body shuddered again, more visibly this time. His face began to perspire and he appeared to be in pain and struggle to stay in control.

Pax Robotica: Genesis (Part 2)

The name “Sophia” seemed to have had heighten the young woman’s interest. She looked at Bane more intensely for a brief moment and the reached out to touch his arm. His body shuddered slightly, as if an electric current had passed through it. There was a barely perceptible expression of disgust on his face.

Pax Robotica: Genesis (Part 1)

William Sebastian Bane, Ivy Leaguer, playboy extraordinaire, reckless thrill-seeker, was Professor of Geopolitics at Harvard, Special Advisor to the President, and globe-trotting man-about-town. He should have been contented with his good fortune and stayed out of trouble. There was no such luck, however. His foolhardy attempt to coerce fifty of the world's most powerful men into maintaining the status quo – with the US at the top – ended in assassinations, ushered in Pax Robotica, and made him its first victim. His story is our current history.