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Sick bed touch?!

… with gentle confidence, not a bony, cold finger!

Supporting Grace

Continuing the idea of one of my old hymns on Sundays : Through faith the mouths of lions were shut, and fiery flame was quenched – the God all able...

Aging 'Countdown' Expert (IP)

Letters whizzed around his brain and slipped in place with ease, couldn’t conceive why others found it hard and their minds just seemed to freeze...

Disgwylfa* Hill

* Diss-gooil-va [the word means ‘waiting expectantly for something/someone’, but we weren’t, just enjoyed what was there for us.] …

Biomimetics (3) ‘Gecko-type’ tape

They imitate those gecko feet with their microscopic hairs* – the tape’s stick’s strong, but they can’t repeat attachment and detachment long …


90 of my comments have received 94 Great Feedback votes

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This reminded me of when my

Posted on Wed, 07 Jan 2015

This reminded me of when my son was being taught about the 'rules of composition' for music, and I worried he would lose what seemed to be spontaneous and individual intuition for what would make interesting sound. He assured me it wouldn't, but...

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Posted in The Discovered Unartist

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Trying to see where you're

Posted on Thu, 18 Dec 2014

Trying to see where you're coming from in this, PT. It's because of the suffering, death, sin, that God is doing something. I know we would like him to sort it all out at ths moment,  but just like the prophecies concerning his first...

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Posted in Broken Faith

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Stephen, I don't manage to

Posted on Thu, 11 Dec 2014

Stephen, I don't manage to dip much into the prose section, and horror and surreal isn't really my scene – I didn't even like 'Alice in Wonderland' as a child! However I did find reading this intriguing for the well-structured brevity, and the...

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Posted in Shadow Cooking

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Thanks, I appreciate your

Posted on Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Thanks, I appreciate your interest at analysis, Stephen. My background is Welsh and Welsh poetry which makes a lot of use of repetition of consonants or part words to form unbotrusive patterns to help the impact of verse. (In its technical...

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Posted in No Ties (IP)

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You have a knack of

Posted on Thu, 02 Jul 2015

You have a knack of describing your feelings. When I had to wake to my father-in-law's calls, when he was still here, I got to frequently not be able to get back to sleep, and in the end found I had to mix sometimes doing something (reading,...

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Posted in A.M.

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I agree with randy-johnson.

Posted on Sun, 28 Jun 2015

I agree with randy-johnson.T

The problems with Darwin's theory are far greater now than when he formed it, when he felt sure that the mechanisms would become clear. Natural selection is only the means of creatures dying out if environment...

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Posted in I Can't Believe In Darwin's Theory

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I guess they'd say that we

Posted on Tue, 23 Jun 2015

I guess they'd say that we wouldn't want the 'heritage' damaged even more, the old story of 'abuse it and lose it'. I remember a lively young lady from Holland visiting Ludlow castle with us and thinking she could go climbing on the half ruined...

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Posted in Circle or Circus

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Can you see the stars clearly

Posted on Fri, 19 Jun 2015

Can you see the stars clearly where you are? When we were down in Pembrokeshire we got out on a clear night and it was good to see them so much more clearly (not that there is too much light pollution here), though we had to wait til so late for...

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Posted in I'm Not Here to Talk to You...

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You can't share your

Posted on Wed, 17 Jun 2015

You can't share your chocolate medal, but nice to share your smile. Rhiannon

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Posted in A Medal!

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Some perceptive points of

Posted on Sun, 14 Jun 2015

Some perceptive points of understanding of the struggles of teenage years. So many are afraid to try to teach their young anything, and afraid to get close even, and listen and understand and share and love. Rhiannon

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Posted in ‘Excuse Me for My Suicide’