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Losing You

Don't ever leave me!
I called to you, but too late.
You crossed the river.

With me in this world,
You trapped in endless summer:
The place called Heaven.

I still cry for you.

Love, and other lies

You told me you loved me.
You told me you cared.
Another to add to the list of your lies.
You can't fix a broken heart.

Cheating, and hated, and bitter with rage

Je t'adore: I love you

Aimer, to like
Adorer, to love
None of these things can describe
What is in my heart.

To like: I don't like you.
My heart explodes in fiery joy
Whenever I catch your eyes.
I adore you.

Everybody's Fool: Chapter 1

You can't lie to yourself, as Laura finds out. Changing her appearance, lifestyle, and personality, the part of her mind that's still sane won't give her up without a fight...