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The Lookout Boy

No blood relation. Sentry at the gatehouse of some vast and rambling estate. His wife had followed him down through the years, held the front-line in...
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That Morning

In this dream I never told, I ran away.

Too Much Sky - Prologue

Something old I never finished editing that I forgot to post. maybe the beginning of a novel, I'm not sure.

Flat Badger

and I know I’ve just crushed its skull, spread its brains for the happy crows, laid suicide supper for the loveable fox -

Burnt Coffee

First entry for the comp which did O.k thanks to those that voted for it.


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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The point where you describe

Posted on Mon, 23 Dec 2013

The point where you describe the torch's myriad reflections in the quartz walls, was one of those wonderful visual treats where you have to pause the reading because the image is so strong it interferes with the words you are trying to process....

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A great tribute biggus. 

Posted on Wed, 27 Nov 2013

A great tribute biggus. 

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I'd guessed why you chose to

Posted on Wed, 14 Dec 2011

I'd guessed why you chose to do it in this way for that reason and I suppose it brings up the question of who we are writing for. Death of a Son (who died in a mental hospital aged one) Something has ceased to come along with me. Something...Read full comment

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