I Couldn’t Shake You

Real love is too hard to let go


The movie "Cars" gave me the spark to pen this down. Everyone gets hit hard in life, the point is, how well you recover from it,and rediscover life's true meaning!

Feathers to Filth - Chapter 1 : The Prisoner

Feather to filth is the story of a God, Wrath, who has been stripped of his holy rights and is banished to Earth to protect mankind. When he fails, he is once again punished.


The one I see, and yet believe are mostly still at fight; I divide the story into two to convince myself despite; rational still, the desires within, which angers mine ignite;

My Trip to Cape Breton (story)

Now I draw a bridge crossing a small river. My pencil moves in a crooked circle. The lake is for little trout to swim.

Grrrrr ..

It used to be quite reasonable a trip down to the vet. You'd take the dug to get his shots, pay the bill, and yet. I'm thinkin pet insurance, is now a better plan.


I was a stranger in town, And didn’t know my way around


The thing about mange-tout


Are you wearing a scowl?

A very sharp fork

It is not an easy choice for a weakened man.

I raised my gun

The misplaced revenge of a cat owner

unknowing student

A Poem above the love of learning and the vastness of total knowledge versus a human understanding.

Coo Cooing (IP)

Coo cooing like lovers in love carrier pigeons with little tags on Peck pecking away the noise they make so loud messy droppings to clear away Sent to far of countries and far beyond

Fun in the Sun chapter 23

Sal finished her glass of wine, placed it on the table in front of them and rested her head back on Nick's shoulder.

The pessimistic turn

Was it better once, or did I imagine it?

In Praise of the Pigeon (I.P.)

With pizzicato feet they peck about

Weary Feet

I can't stay in one place for too long. The second I get comfortable is when I get uncomfortable.