There Once Was A Time......

There once was a time when men were brave And women had pubic hair Dirt, it was rife and people had itches And itches were cured by benevolent witches And time didn't tick

...time piece...'

'...excuse me, what time is it...?'

Karl's Kee bab ..

You know who you are ..

aromatic memory

what was it in their hair that enveloped the heart, what was it that they must have doused themselves in that seared a scar on the inside of the mind, like some tribal tattoo,


he’s been with her for 4 years, having knocked her up the first night they did the deed & she had 2 kids by 2 other fathers prior to that hot & steamy moment, some time after work

pump em’ full of roids

don’t give a shit about baseball, don’t care about basketball, could give a fuck about football, could give a piss about the Olympics & i wouldn’t watch the Tour de France if

I've hit the big money

It was there, in front of me, not something I could ever have expected; a life changing moment indeed!

A weekend with Joseph Stalin (test story)

First installment of the thrilling 'a week-end with...' sieries.
Story of the week

The Letter

Short story in 400 words about a man on a mission!

Bass Rock

Forth in the Firth As a rotten tooth Tormented in the storm: Remembrance of its tears within Soaring beyond ornithology. Walled prison silent in foam Sneering at solidarity of prisoners,

Isle of May

Beneath the brightness of the Stevensons’ burning, Cormorants come to light on the igneous rock. Skuas dive by nesting razorbeaks, Puffin eggs tumble from the cleft cliff.


Warning to the way of seafarers Not to tread in the style of the rocks, Wisdom shining from its headland To light the path of the righteous, The ungodly, the stained and the callous

The Strangers on the Trains ( Part 5)

Emily meets her "Leg Man" and gets quite a suprise.

Chinese Mini-Mart

Mystified in that mini-mart I surrendered


He said “it’s Stephen with a PH”


I just heard about an incident That is reportedly true


The leader touched a buoy