Two Bridges

On the last day of summer I stood with my back to the traffic My chest pressed against The green flaked railings Of Kelvin Bridge, and Leaning forward to watch the water,

At the doctors.

‘I left the house without a scarf today.’ I say. She smiles, and, encouraged, add; ‘Yesterday in Ayr it was 12 degrees.’ And throw in some incidental detail, Like the price of daffodils,

Big Erchie

There is little known about Big Erchie, and what there is to know is from a source who still boasts about the time she bashed him over the head with the brass vase given

Out of Control - Chapter 2 - Part 1/3

We see the inside of Number 25. A corpse lies naked in a corner. Unpleasant, but its nice for the flies and rats....


How is it that women can go through childbirth?


Bimbette was in the shower


Are you wearing a bun? That will cause some chat

Biological Love

The first time i ever saw your face I felt my myogenic muscular organ, begin to race caused by the Norepinephrine and the opiates within the limbic system of my brain.


Just another poem to ponder upon. Been awhile writing friends. Enjoy!


Cross cultural ICU

The Promised child

Tranquil bliss of the Nile Reflects forever your partner; The universal skies Where two become one Free In a cosmos of flowing words Glows a rainbow In your sparkling eyes

Bradgate Park

The darkened hues of autumn Began to roll over the horizon, Like the hair of a girl with auburn locks. Gently swaying in the breeze like a belly dancer

I Believe.

I believe in a place Where my dreams become as common place As the reality of my thoughts; Unending, constantly changing, rearranging, My vision, a perfect earth.

Night terror

In the 1960s, 5 friends stayed in a summer home near the woods. No one knows what happened. How ever there is some evidence. the film has not yet to be seen. There was no murderer. Just 5 people.

Adela Dubois

The story of 13 year old Adela Dubois and how she changes the course of history forever.

Note to the reader

Perhaps now could be a time to address the reader and be clear about my intentions with all these stories about women.

atomised 2

Growing up in London during the The Troubles in the 1970s.

The braille clock ticked on the hearth has arrived

I am delighted with the standard of my book,published through feed-a-read, the hard work of getting it noticed is now down to me. Thank you feed-a-read.