From the old,
The sick,


Pease pudding hot,
Pease pudding cold,

The Elegant Chef

The Elegant Chef

Loneliness is like a soup without ingredients.

Like a soup without stock; clouded water too deep for its own depth.

Death is my Living!

Everyone wants a dignified exit!

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 27 - Work Ethic & Achieving God's Objectives

WORK ETHIC 1) Think of the greater good - Do you want to live a life with purpose and meaning?

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 26 - The Human Body & Celebrating The Season Of Menses

*Warning* - My work must address every area of life and this is an area which some readers may prefer to avoid.

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 25 - Money and Industrial Disputes

MONEY A 1) There is no shortage of money in the world; only a shortage of compassion in the hearts of an over privileged few and, while poverty is a cause of wide scale suffering and death, the posses

Ends and dues

ends of corner

Gold cherry

My Renaissance

I have realised that since emerging from the deepest pit of my depression, I’ve become a walking paradox. The journey’s made me a grown-up child, made me take stock of my life.

Apprehensive lovers

One wore the trousers
And went about singing,
Fearful of leaving…
Without; first drinking…

One wore black hose
Miniskirts, barefooted:
Without; thinking or caring…

Classical Timbres

Maybe classical music is at its best if we stay close to home..........


The smell of honest work

From a distance
I watch
recall machinery
modest men and the smell
of honest work (WIP Jan 2012)

The Prawn Sandwich

Black Shoes/Prawn Sandwich Comp. Entry

Christmas Eve - A Mother's Lament

Some verse based on experience of the season.

East is East

Days of the silent movie.

Soda Pop & Bubble Gum

I'll give it five..............

World Oblivion

Sometimes it's hard to welcome changes
And learn the art of letting go;
It's only fortune that arranges
And doesn't even let me know.

I need the key to solve the riddle

Boundless Sea

You just say you will always be there
When I need you right here with me;
I am trapped in the wave of despair,
Dreams escape to the boundless sea.

I indulge in the sense of December,