If we don't have love... where are we?

The search for Merlin Homes 15/15

They flew back to the land they’d left before they’d crossed the sea to England.


Across the distant lonely miles
There stands my love


If December ice will bear a duck

First Dance

A clash of cultures

Always the Way

“I can’t breathe.” The voice was shrill with panic. I threw a look over my shoulder.

Tell It Like It Is

I wonder if evolution
took a mitotic turn somewhere

Coasting. Chapter 12 The End & Epilogue

“Where did this bag of money come from?” Cooper demanded to know.”

“That is none of your fucking business.” Paul countered.

“It’s mine,” Russell claimed.


Raindrops talk.
They whisper bedtime stories
through panes of blackened glass.

"Ctrl-C" Opening

Detective or Murderer?

The Pact (Benevolence, Pt. 2)

This is the second part of my multi part story "Benevolence, Georgia."

Minding my own business...

Whilst standing in a Withington bar.
‘The Old Man At Home’
Minding my own business...
Doing my stuff, as a support worker
Ordering a clients drink; taking him out for an evening meal.


In defence of Heaven

It is assumed that a world without suffering would be boring. I think this might not necessarily be true.


The never ending Darkness leaves me blind.
I wouldn't ever have thought it would be this way.
Nothing that makes scense goes through my mind.
I think about something worth my breath to say.

An Immortal 8

"You tore their limbs apart?" Jason asked curiously with an evil smile.

army of tomorrow

dancing on feet of golden sorrow
prancing on streets of molten tomorrow
we wait
fleeting down streams with blazing ships
beating down dreams with thrashing whips
we advance


Nothing Good about Goodbye

I kidded myself if I said
goodbye, then...when it came
to the crunch it wouldn’t hurt
as much.


kind of

It's like -
d'you know the feeling? -
standing at a cliff edge
and your body leans forward.

To fall would be
a letting-go of mask and of self.
I know I won't go mouthing