I don’t compare myself to others
Of greater worth or merit


Three fish in a tank,

Two poems about praise

Man, whether he be in a state of upheaval or a circumstance of great joy and elation, must praise God for all the blessings that He has handed down upon him.

It's Funny

this is not about me. but when peopel face something in there lives in one second there life can be diffrent.i think we can all think about this in one way or another.

Spectral Paradise

The Good Lord gave us flowers, dragonflies and things;
A multitude of colours; petals, feathers, wings;
The freshness of a day and the chorus of a dawn;

There was a murder in my road yesterday

It was that scientist bloke at number 34.

When Darkness Comes

Darkness comes and comforts me
And sleep brings things I want to be

My pillow now lies next to yours
I turn my head and then I pause
to watch you lying next to me
softly sleeping silently.

My Dead Princess

It should be no surprise by now that some people
I have known have died
The girl with very long hair at school
died in Florida
in the Easter break
age 15
I remember her but not very well

That Night

Some nights you just DON'T forget ...phew!


Black shoes/Prawn sandwich Comp. Entry

easier for you

is it easier to think that those who suffer
will someday be alleviated of that suffering?
is it easier to think that those who are poor
will someday find financial stability?

the incident

all the hackers fed up with the way that
the empire has been dealing with the people on this planet
combine their skills
in order to break into the most secret of databases,

unfair fights

Barney vs. Godzilla
The Snuggles fabric softener bear vs. a Gremlin
The California Raisins vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Care Bears vs. The Decepticons

The Day of Forever - Part 2

Continuation of "The Day of Forever"


TALIESIN - The lay of the Cosmic Minstrel.

The bright notes spring from the strings of silver;
Wild words fall through time and space;
And I will sing to this blue world's ending
The songs I sang when the Earth was made.

Beach Bar

A couple discover a mythical beach bar.

The Day of Forever - Part 1

The day was fading into night, as she climbed the hill. She looked over her shoulder, gazing upon the fields behind her.


This was written when I re-entered the Solar System after a long voyage round the Galaxy.


My Favourite Sandwich

The sandwiches my mother makes,
Are never that exciting.
I unwrap them every lunchtime,
But they’re really uninviting.

If only I was taller,
And I could reach the bread.