Somewhere Holiday - A Real Person Travel Guide (Sample Chapter)

Sample 'chapter' of a book of travel writing that seemed to get some publishers mildy interested some time ago, but, it ultimately never led to anything - story of my life....


Look Longer

Look longer
at these words
you read
for in their midst
a single seed
was carried in
by flippant winds
and bedded down
in hidden sins
so do not
or turn your eye
to find another


Black lacy stocking, suspenders or garters
Silk cami-knickers will do nicely for starters


All I can do is stand and stare
At the silver headed lady fair


The simplest pleasures in life
Requiring no payment or fee

Georgina Adam and Eve 9/12

Jennifer Jane had left Abigail and gone home to try and think of a way to deal with Georgina.

Fireworks (IP)

Bonfire hot, guy alight,
brightening up the pitch-dark night,
candles fizzing,
rockets whizzing,
speedy soaring,
star-bursts pouring,
bangs and crackles,
children’s chuckles,

Go Figure- A Look Into Child Behavior

Well, if we all learned to stop being so greedy, and share our toys, so to speak, the world would be a much more resourceful place.

repressed memory & dog slobber

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.”

-Author Unknown

The Cyclical Nature of Destruction to Self & Others

where one fist is thrown
another will see the knuckles displayed &
with each connection the rage from one
primate to the next comes spiraling downward---

the new enemy

he was looking for a new enemy
for it was the man he hated before
which defined his very being &
in that respect, there was no other
who could possibly take his place---

Darkmatters Chronicle One – Standing on the brink of complete DARKNESS

Darkmatters is a post modern apocryphal cyberpunk fusion of prophecy and abstract comic mini tales...

You’ve never read anything like this.
It’s the end of the world…
Hold on!!

The Myth Files - Part One

Jemima Wittger works for a secret agency called Mythical Intelligence. Her first case working for M.I. sees her travel into Camelot, and unravel what happened to King Arthur 1500 years ago.


It makes me cry
to think of the days
When I was your bird
and we could both fly.

Jemma, The Mermaid

Another attempt at non-fantasy/drama.


There is something astonishing within you

I had accidentally tripped an electrician down the stairs
and now he was in the boot of your car.

You can't see me

I can’t really say what I mean here, I just know you’re far away
You wallow in the distance, in a mist, and the mist is... you say

And so

And so he held your hand for five minutes
At least he held you
And so he made you feel like a princess
For a while
At least you know that royal feeling
And so he held your gaze

First dip

A warm and gentle breeze blows up from the water.
A woman arrives with a baby, pink and plump, wearing a mop cap and giggles.
The edge of the sea becomes somewhere phenomenal.

The One

You are the dent
Still to be made in my mattress
The hand I will hold
Until my skin grows old
Yours is the smile
I will keep in mind
Whenever the day is hard
I will see only your eyes