Life is Precious

Years ago we took a train ride to visit our son in Toronto. The private suite on the train was half-price and was the first time we ever spent the money on one.

After the Fairytale

My first ever poem about life after the fairytale.

The Music Of Bones And The Meaning Of Ghosts Chapter 2

"How can a guitar talk?" I hear you ask. How can I hear you ask that very question, even though you only thought it?

peace & mercy

faith hope love mercy peace

she is joy

she is joy she joy is joy is she is joy she joy she is she

My Mummy xx

This is a true story

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 49) Twelfth Night (Part One) Dr Claire's Special Consultation

After my abject failure to keep my one and only New Years Resolution, namely to stop shagging other women for even one single solitary day I retired to the spare bedroom.


If you want next Christmas To be happy and merry


Are you wearing winter underwear? I’m thinking as you stand there

The Dream (my out of body experience?)

This is a true story, I have changed her name.


When you hit rock bottom, you either bounce or splatter. What determines which? A Kim Kardashian-like ass, or an intestinal fortitude of Clint Eastwood in "Hang 'Em High"?

Green Taxi From Oakland (Part 4 - End)

A practical joke between best friends, played out across the pond, goes awry with trigic results.

Dragon Riders

It all started the day when I found an egg mum said that it was a dragon egg which meant I was destined to join the Dragon riders not many people are chosen because the dragons chose someone who is br

Dragon Warriors Prologue

Kara was out in the garden picking flowers when suddenly she heard the loud clang of the town bell.


She then went on ahead, towards the cafe section, as if willing me to stop nearby. Her father's pet: the carrier pidgeon, fair

The Misunderstanding chapter 4

“Good luck Sophie, I hope we meet again.” “I’m sure we will Paul. Have a good evening.” The doors of the elevator closed and Paul stepped back and leaned against the back of the elevator, still gobsmacked by the meeting.

Visit to Clun

Clustered village in a vale of sombre hills, high mound aside with towering ruin: gaping, ragged window voids that frame stunning views of drop to valley floor


Agitated and restless, the urge to create. It grows stronger as you mature, tastes become solid and well loved. Shopping around has come to a natural end. We know what we like and what we don’t like.