Must find sustenance. We’ve been captive to this barren stretch of pavement for far too long. Making bad time.


to create a parallel dynasty

The visitor

Strange lights in the sky

Some Little Poems

A Bear Behind There is a bear who follows me everywhere I go. He hides when I turn round because he thinks I do not know but wherever I wander, near and far, I always find

My Generation III: The Resurrection

From here we can see the lights collide, truth held back from us, cards played in VIP rooms at casinos, tarots turned over, our futures mapped before others' eyes,

Stuff 2: More Stuff – Whistling Stuff (plus more other stuff)

Please excuse my Stuff but it is a sort of a silly hobby of mine trying to make musical noises although I’m far too quiet and shy to make them in public. Backwards Whistling –


questions questions questions questions


helloooooooo ?


This is analysis,something akin to satire,of MDMA (a drug).

Who Paid the Piper?

(Harry is on stage. Barry enters, his mobile starts ringing) Barry: Harry? Harry: Barry? Barry: (answering his ‘phone) Mum? Harry: Hello. Barry: Hello

This World

In the twilight of our years friends seem to pop off like balloons at an afternoon pace.


Synonym P K Routray Warmth is a measure of heat for glorifying love, affection, poets use it Is it because the mother gives warmth to child on her lap or on her breast which we find.

Rainy Drought