Off the Beaten Path

When twilight crept forward, I drew strength from its ancient song.


Kiss chase, game over

Faze has backed some girls towards another part of the playground. A teacher tries to catch them all but everyone runs away – too slow, loser...

Lost and Found

Yes I am a loser,
But why everyone show. .
that i'm worth nothing,
keeping me soo down soo low. .

I see the birds over the cloud. .
flying free aiming soo high. .

Positive Thinking - Part One

In whatever form it may appear, all our positive thinking comes down to one thing. Wanting to find happiness.

Why is Perry Hiding?

“You must get a haircut. Tomorrow,” mom said yesterday. “Your mop needs a trim.” Now tomorrow was today. What to do?


Far to the cities of the sun
The hero's gone;
Shining his sails on the salt sea.
Always the wind calls after me,
Ten long years beyond I see,
Years that flee -
I know not where he wanders.

Disney World- Animal KIngdom

Disney Excursion- Animal Kingdom

Friday- February 3,2012- Bonita Springs, Florida


Will the world be forever blue?
Ask the children of the Earth
As they waste the trees in the forest,
As they cast their poison in the sea;
As they part the clouds with their evil bombs


The seas of Time with jewels shine and rise on every side;
Not for me an earthbound sea or ebbing moon-tossed tide;
Sing me the legends of the stars, the sagas of Mankind ....


And home is up there
It is where we live
We also carry it
Everywhere is home
Safe from everyone
And sometimes from self
Home is in our head

Shopping in Paris

In any case one thing was for sure this was not the Paris of Sartre, Hemmingway, Miller or the Beat generation, this was a savage little pocket of hell that I could endure no longer.

La Mauricie - Quebec

my wife and I
inhale the silence,
the beauty

All the lonely people

Look at all the lonely people tonight
Who run in circles ‘round their heads –
Unknowing and with stifled dreams
Strangled by the words of the powerful
Who bury their backs in soft beds

It ain't gonna get any easier

So you think it’s gonna get easier as you get older?
Well, guess what? It’s only gonna get worse
You know that guy you said would be your one and only?
I promise you, he’s only your first

Heart Shaped Kisses

Slowly beckoning
a wounded light...
working its way
down the corridors
of the make believe,

The Dead Land: Chapter 9

Robbie bit her lip to stop her screaming all sorts of abuse, and words that no ten year old should use.


My Bookcase, 4am

Marie de France's 'Bisclavret' howls at the moon like a wolf.
'The Assistant' mutters to itself in Yiddish.
The window is full to the brim with stars,
and poems rise up like unanswered prayers.


The Poppy Man

I tell him the widow
next door, died last June.
‘I know,’ he tells me..