Get Lost

I got lost today,
Following the treaden path.
The footprints
pressed into the earth
and the smell of a day’s birth.

The wind was a roar and
it rushed through my ears.

Cinderella's a Northern Lass

Cinderella - the Yorkshire version. It definitely needs to be read out loud to truly appreciate the accent!


- - - She came to me quietly, like sunlight on sand;
- - - With her hair bound in silver, and a world in her hand.
- - - She said her name was Zarnia, star-wise to look upon;

The Dead Land: Chapter 8

She checked her watch. The hour was almost up. Where was her dad?

Black shoe with Prawn Applique

"...anyone for a prawn sandwich...?


Summer is green and the years they are young;
Tell me my name with your honey-sweet tongue;
Sing of your love to my earthcrystal heart
While the leaves only whisper of Autumn.

Freewriting 3 - Elders and Oak Leaves

Such an untidy line. Uncontrollably ugly. If meerkats really were poisonous, then toads and their uncles would be out of a job.



The heart of a man to the black blade of Time -
And the Blue World to stardust .......
And True Love to Time.


Crept out in secret

A spoon fed day stretches out
Naked as an empty clothes line
That’s tied to itself
Left to nature’s teasing

As daylight leaves early once again
On winters slowest train

It's Complicated

A complicated coat.

Part 4 : How God helped me….

Another event describing how God helped me once again.


Julian asks about Firemen

Julian wants to be a Fireman, wonder why?

every four years (the american election campaign sonata)

haves: knock knock.

have-nots: who’s there?

haves: orange.

have-nots: orange who?

haves: orange ya ready for more of the same?

Alex finds two new friends

Two days later Mummy took Alex and the new baby into the park. Mummy pushed the baby inside a pram while Alex walked because he was a big boy now.

The Ivory Dragon 1/14

Police Constable Charles Robert Pembleton was the fourth generation of the family that had always supplied the face of law and order in the quiet village of Holmwood.

January trees

Stark, dark
clean lines