After three weeks or so Working in the grotto


Are you wearing any clothes?


My worst Christmas present ever I thought I would be lucky to receive

Roxxy & Laddy Go to Hollywood

Enclosed is a short story titled “Roxxy & Laddy Go To Hollywood”. A standup comic and his dog, from San Francisco, travel to Los Angeles to interview for a comedy writing position on a new sitcom produced by Mark Wahlberg. (approx. 3700 words)

Yesterday, When I Was Young

Enclosed is a short story, titled “Yesterday, When I Was Young”, (approx. 3000 words) about one evening where a widower drinks, muses and reminisces about what his life may have been like had his wife lived.

Train Wreck: Final Stop

Enclosed is a short story titled “Train Wreck” (approx 1600 words). A despondent man on the eve of his 55th birthday ponders the question, 'why not', in regards to taking his own life and leaving his war hero father to fend for himself.

The Last Bike Ride - Chapter 3/15

Chapter 3 He didn’t know how long his eyes had been glued to the incredible sight in the distance, about 30 miles away, but Steve now found himself shaking with fear and the cold.

the spankgasm

something that doesn’t speak out loud at parties, but creeps across the fine dinner table, through glances, faint touches, laughs & intentional momentary stares &

“the last of the funerals”

today “the last of the funerals” takes place & the killings in CT get placed on the shelf, alongside the deaths at Columbine, Virginia Tech... those were the “big ones” right?


hello, my name is alvin and i am a ...


Isolation P K Routray Happy can I be all around unhappy if I see? Healthy can I be sickness all-around if I see? Wise can I be fools all-around if I see?

The Day After Christmas

Something across the street caught his attention. It looked like a shopping bag all by itself. Perhaps it was filled with rags

The Moonlight Gown

Then an orchestra began to play and, bowing before her, the Prince asked, “Would you honour me with this dance, please Princess”.


A child without words shouts. Crashes fists against, again. Stones break from concrete. The teacher holds him so he can't hide the hate and fear, swelling, breaking but she does not give

Infinite Sky!

It was so cold my boobs took on the appearance of a couple of Belgium Buns, you know, the sort with cherries on top!

The Singing Santa - Part 6 - A Conclusion - A Craven Danger Mystery

Craven Danger took a corner seat near the band stand and waited. “Just cool your heels right here, daddy-o," said the bandleader. “You’ll be on during our breaks.”

Happy Christmas, Heart

Happy Christmas, heart of mine; one dozen kisses sweet as wine and a great big smile for you, my face; wrapped up within her warm embrace.

Intelligence and Understanding.

Our sensual field of perception is dynamic. This is because what is actually perceived is dynamic, that is, it can be anything which is perceived.

God Bless Us, Every one: A Christmas Drabble

Ebeneezer Scrooge was a reformed character, what could possible go wrong.

The Dangerous Summer

A sort of present day Ah Wilderness.