Having Carol for Christmas

The thought of having Carol over for Christmas was filling Paul with intrepidation. But why?

Hold on

Lyrics I wrote quite a while ago. I have just finished writing the melody and will proceed to post the finished version on youtube as soon as I can.

beauty pageants for little girls

when mommy/daddy are rolling in the benjamins,
make sure to save some for the shrink’s bill in the future.

If the Book Closes

if the book closes
walnut eyes, draperies before
a countenance without a face, your
eyes are jellyfish—soft, colorless, juicy,
tender, and jealous—but with electricity

The Breath of Dawn and the Breast of Mourning

Darkness descended:
Exeunt the illumined diamond,
Each facet a
swath of color bursting light
pools of radiant white
defined in the pit of your eyes,
the luster an elixir mixed


the cat burst
atop a great bough, and
like a mighty religion stood
defiant in the sun;

slender muscles in the face
slapped green-black fire
from ashes of

My name is jealousy

My name is jealousy
P Gaan

Deprivation? I do not have any, not at all,
To say so looks funny afterall.
Bungalow, motorcade, estate and orchards,
Titles, positions, offices myriads,


P k Routray

A man once meditated on Lord with pain and penance,
The lord was pleased and offered him a boon to mitigate the man’s grievance.
But He kept one condition;


I still think of the running lava,
the hot pool of igneous rock,
the molten orange with the golden trimmings,

every bit flowing,
like eternity,

Do people feared it,

Peace & The Nightingale

Peace and the nightingale sing in harmony with each other,
reminding me of infancy and the cooing of my mother.
Thank goodness; like memories of my loved ones that live on,

A Prayer - For Our Family

Considering the demands placed on our children, we must pray for their protection. Too many snares await, and an armour-coating of faith is required.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Here is a suggestion for dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian impasse re territory.

Big Jim

Inching the shutters aside with the barrel of his revolver, Big Jim Dooling eyed the outlaws that peeped around the corners of the saloon across the dusty road.

White Roses

Love unrequited, a death, a farewell.


Want and Need

Want and Need (24th November, 2011)

The weight of your silence makes me feel old:
lead weight replacing a promise of gold.
Resurrect your idol just where she fell,

inspired by ABC tales, I've just written this.


Crushed into the ground
like a small child in the throng of the bus queue.
Everything was in slow motion
and the stop motion
of my stare
made them aware
of me.


Can't think of anything...

Built for Great Sex

Trawlerman's Dream

Flower Watching

Tease, tease...