The Prawn Sandwich

Black Shoes/Prawn Sandwich Comp. Entry

Christmas Eve - A Mother's Lament

Some verse based on experience of the season.

East is East

Days of the silent movie.

Soda Pop & Bubble Gum

I'll give it five..............

World Oblivion

Sometimes it's hard to welcome changes
And learn the art of letting go;
It's only fortune that arranges
And doesn't even let me know.

I need the key to solve the riddle

Boundless Sea

You just say you will always be there
When I need you right here with me;
I am trapped in the wave of despair,
Dreams escape to the boundless sea.

I indulge in the sense of December,

The Ivory Dragon 7/14

Brian Taylor, the editor of the Holmwood Advertiser, sat quietly behind his office desk as the door closed behind the two boys.

Night Watcher

The shadow in your room at night is watching you.

Prayer of the undead

This is a character in a book I am trying to write. The fallen angel Alonial turned a Qabalistic Jew into a vampire in the 1700s. She wants him to help her end the world.


This is about a fallen angel. Her name is Alonial and she is a character in a book I am trying to write. She wants her revenge against God for throwing her out of heaven.

Being Frank

Frank Stimmer, a little the worse for wear, had made his way home from the Scene; his local and favourite bar. He had been there drinking wine and smoking like a dragon with friends...

Black Shoes and Prawn Sandwich

'...for some reason I have gone off prawns...'

bateau sur l'eau

I liked to buy a boat
and sail it out to sea
I'd cruise along the coast
and be back in time for tea

I'd have to have some lessons
and a lot I'd probably need
but when you have a family


Forever Eden

You showed up at my front-door;
thrust a bunch of chrysanths at me.

'Black Shoes/Prawn Sandwich Comp.

Was the Christmas party worth the hedache

Throw Out

Thrust off your attention to detail, and speak.


Not like packages nowadays...


Two peahens watched
As the peacock danced


Amidst the first flurry
People start to hurry
And urgently scurry