Spirit of the Shaman A Waterfall of Dreams

Nestled beneath a harvest moon, our waterfall of dreams shall sing,

Father and God

Amen, oh Holy One.

Quotes questioned?

Quotes questioned? P K Routray The gift of the past is tradition The symbol of future is transformation. As per the general quotes the man is concerned only with the present,

Jakes Revenge ( Part 10)

Jake gets the info he needs and now he's set for Spain.


Weary leaden footsteps Tramp the war-torn road

Maa (Mother)

I am sitting in class. Around me there are lots of people. Sir is delivering his lecture. I am not able to comprehend everything he is saying or maybe I don’t actually want to.


A sign on the vending machine read


Are you wearing lipstick? Well to avoid looking like a dipstick


In the gathering dusk Bornali lights the lamp Under the Tulasi tree The sun dies crimson Bids farewell to the day's cacophony Freshly wiped earth Await footfalls That never will be.


Expectation! You sweet alluring whore You have turned me into that lamppost by the road Green with moss and freckled with rust. Now only the passing dog pees on me.

the wall screamer

what brought him/her to this point no one will remember, since there’s nobody to witness & nobody to find her/him if s/he takes it as far as s/he can---still, the walls are closing in &

wings off a fly

pity the alien who loses its way & has to stop here for a bit (to do whatever aliens do, if they lose their way)--- now, go one step further & imagine that like a child


so stevie harper closed an embassy & sent some people back to Iran, now, you think that Iran is going to strike Canada? really. word on the street, spewing forth out of the mouths


If I never let you go . . .

Robyn's Room: The Betrayal

This short story fanfiction follows the Chris Brown - Rihanna controversy that shocked the media a few years ago, stay tuned for the second installment of the Robyn's Room series titled, The Feud


more two people conversaton


When one realizes the reality of one’s self The moment is illuminate like the morning dawn. You begin to see beauty in your being

tainted morning glory

The golden dawn burned Behind the silhouette of the barren trees. As the mist rose like prayers To the ears of this creation. Dissipating into the atmosphere Of such beautiful surroundings.

Take that step

when I think that life has turned its back, and im feeling really down, I look to see, but nothing and theres darkness all around. alone I stand in silence no sound, no sight to see

The Boys and a Baguette (IP)

"...all anyone really needed was something to inspire them."