An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 59) Jewel In The Crown (Part One)

I greeted Sunday morning with mixed feelings, the sex with Molly was every bit as good as it had always been but I had let myself down again,


A Man in a hot air balloon Has lost his bearings


There was Snow in the forecast And the TV weather girl said

My name is Destroy

the saloon bar was a seething caldron of contorted proboscis and antennae

The Car.

This is a true story.


the one who knows

on “reincarnation”

why on earth would anyone want to “come back” to this fucking place? one should consider themselves lucky to be over & done with the mistake of their parents, that accidental moment

Salvia Divinorum haiku set

Hash can't sweeten the sable Mayan leaf nor bribe her noble visions ice-sliced, breathing red, an American Godzilla shoots a thin blue line in the swimming pool

River Bath

River Bath P K Routray In Indian river, in rain, summer or winter with running streams of water having changes in size, shape and color, woman folks of the villages located near

Brighton beach

yes the pebbles we sink into do not reflect the bursts of stars from the fireworks dying above balance is hard your touch on my hand your eyes thrill me

an archaic doodle for now

wild ship hold fast and steer this sweet refrain lest time and its hinted echo leaves us...naught but steers this ship far from rockier Isles To leave us as dust

The Ugly Dog

The woman was hunched over the juke box, wearing that yellow see-through summer dress I loved so much.

Boys From Brisco Mount

A legend concerning a hapless native, caught defiling a helpless ruminant

"violence and the allegedly mentally ill," letter to editor, Herald and News, February 2013

I'm contorted as to how to address today's issue because of its great actual complexity juxtaposed with the zombie-simplistic public thinking on the issue, if indeed "thinking" is the proper term as i

Shouting at God!

You shout at God Why? ‘As King why didn’t you prevent this illness, that event?’ “You do not see what I restrain, and soon I will remove all pain, but are you ready to embrace

This is not a game

An entirely original murder mystery

The Blue Green Carpet

Life in the bachelor's quarters.

The Widower Next Door

Yesterday – credit, where credit was due, they arranged a fitting funeral.