Are you wearing whiskers?
Well it’s not really workin’

Sometimes Precious

need a meal that voice said
at the doorway
back of the house

Blowing Hot And Cold

She was a woman of great pride,
Along with a self-proclaimed great insight.
Though they proved to all be delusions,
She was a woman of problems, but no solutions.

Crazy life of mine so much on my mind

I have so much on my mind
Alot of people here at the rehab center want me to become a CNA and work here
Ms.Kay says it would make Mr.Cary so proud of me

The Sunbeam

It was a glorious summer day and the sun was beaming down upon the whole world; opening gentle flowers with its golden fingertips; making the waters of lakes and rivers glisten and shine and warming t

Broken mirror

I knew there was something wrong; I felt it deep in the pit of my stomach. I choose to ignore the niggling fear that was penetrating through my veins.

Complex Heaven

heaven is a concept that requires faith and belief in a world, or universe, much larger and more complex than ordinary particle physics can explain.

Glimpses On Srimad Bhagvad Gita

Glimpses On Srimad Bhagvad Gita
P k Routray
This is a too high an aspiration,
to present you the limitless infinite within this nave’s limitation.

Some Comparisons

traveling salty waters in
search of supper


It's A Good Day So Far: My tits have grown

Something new, I can't write my own diary so I'm going to write somebody else's.

Hanging pictures

We fought that first night
wanting different walls for the grubby divan
- dragged from the back of a rusty transit
by a man wearing a greasy beanie and four day stubble -

Desperation, Longing and Desires (part II)

The second part in a long poem I wrote whilst out in Libya, for a woman who fled to Morocco before I could show it to her. She hasn't discovered e-mail yet.


I’m looking at my feet.
Feet standing dead still in the water, ice cold.
The sharp little stones are cutting the soles, badly.
I’m aware.

A WEEK- Tuesday-

It is still raining; it is now more the twelve hours of wet weather and according the weather voice on the radio it will going for all day long.


Castaway -- 3. A lucky escape

The lines on the tape deck’s waveform peaked and troughed like writhing worms. Stewart held the headphones close to his head.

Tiger Stadium, USA

a crowd of winos
no baseball excitement
in their eyes --

Since He's Been Gone...

(Edit 19/5/2012)

Love manifests itself in many ways;-)


Don’t we all fantasize?
Of that perfect love