Laws and life

Laws and life.. Minds and deeds are mutual dependence. Each will boost and each will guard. Some interacts may imply are life with laws. Do it well and all reciprocal needs.

The Worm That Turned!

It doesn't do to upset me!


la la la la la


a busy wind keeps company so he may finish the task

Sex toy in then out for good design award

How did this sex toy get past the judges in the first round?

65 I am an orangutan

orangutan respect

Best night of her life so far

This is a true story and I changed the names around because I wanted to keep the guy as a secret. This acctually happened to me.

How to write a novel

I’ve been riding my bicycle without brakes For the past three weeks There is fog in the streets Confidence is key steady and remember to Look both ways


it all started when I was little boy. I use to play with my little toy car and pretend that I was a detective.


And more choices to live or die love and forgive

Kingdoms Falling

A fire. A fire. Burn. Bring. Break. A fire. A fire. Take. Take. Take. A diamond. A demon. A dazzling star. Like the blinding lights of a speeding car.

Dying for tomorrow

A piece I wrote 3 years ago. I can't explain everything lol!

Tales of an Immortal: chapter 1

If you were immortal would you be good or would you be bad?


A poem for my mum

It hurts To see your pain I pray almost every day For God to take it away Red liquid running in and out of your body For hours every other day An appointment you dread, but necessary


The drugs hadn't really worked, I was grinning but hating at the same time, angry that my mouth wouldn't soften into a comforting scowl

Up Periscope

My ancestors gave me very peculiar genes I found out about this when I was in my teens When all of my friends were starting to shave And chest hair was sprouting like a man from a cave