The Notes of Life

A poem designed to jerk a tear and a smile.

Which One Will It Be?

Do you, Like I have a knack of always choosing the slowest queue?

The Cat's Whiskas!

If cats had their own way.

Star-Crossed Lovers

A legendary moment in literature told through the eyes of the heartbroken!

The Holy Lance - Prologue

Vienna, 2am, December 26 2010


Photosynthesis- blinded by light

My uncle’s fighting today,
the air in the living room is un-breathable.
I study my nan’s antique vases,
watch her tired hands rearrange flower heads.
She is so happy that they are alive;

Visitation Rights

A woman visits a dangerous criminal in prison, but her motive is unknown. Uncomfortable emotions combine with intriguing dialogue, until the final harsh truth is revealed.

Written in blood: Chapter 1

Written in the stars... or blood... Lexi sets her sights on bad boy Damon in hope of love, but is she making the right choice...

Such As Should Be Saved

A Lagos girl faces a lonely future in the new Nigeria.

Freddy Teddy Christmas

What did Tim cat get for Christmas


Appreciate what you have...

No. 2

No. 2


No. 1

No. 1



The fate of the Renoka race lays in the hands of two infant twins...

"Please, help!"

Welcome Anyway

And from not wanting to say a word...


At Least As Good As

They're talking about death on the radio again.


A Study in South Street

I know where I want to live when I grow up.

Skin in Sunshine

Vibrations scuttle into the rough lines of a parched field.
Each erect string aches under a silver staccato
– the sun’s improbable densities tap
wells that never knew their maker;


Thick black sacks flow inwardly, spewing
translucent mallets; their
heads to the floor like flickering monks,
humming ordinate sighs. Thick mouths stain
the skies with reds-to-greens-to-blues.

Fake Blood

Innate like a polyester rug,
cold red ruptures from the character’s
spleen and swaths across an impotent
knife. The man behind the stage wall
struggles to find breath,