Newborn Brilliant times in the home, just a playful baby and me. Brilliant times all alone, just a tearful baby – you’ll see. Brilliant times in the home, just a stinky baby and me.

Mother Cat's Tale

Look, little kittens, up at the sky. Can you see the black cats sitting upon high? The stars are their eyes all shining bright as they watch over good little kittens in the night.

Niagara woman

Every hurt consoles me with a new devotion So wont yah join me in jumpin off these falls… Niagara woman—there’s no such destruction

Co-Op Live Art Fiasco

Stick the empty bottle up my bum.


A small poem about a merchant and his gifts to the world around him. Enjoy writing friends and good day to you all!


more funerals. need to add a wedding soon.
Gold cherry


To think, your births wound up predicting how you would both be in life...


Morose Black sleet and sheet of cloud Descend upon the mountain's shoulder Awakening memories in the village below Of the children they've lost on the hill A world of work defines this land

Chocolate Petals

Tourmaline in pink and blue decorated your fingers.

Night Bus Home

Anyone who's rode the night bus home should understand....


now where did i put that ?

Song of the Big Belly Oak

Slipping from beneath the sheets of antiquity, Wiltshire swaddled - steeped in ancient might, always has been master of its own destiny.

Talking to Jesus

Mornings early we began the day with singing and prayer. The choruses are amazingly beautiful with the men's deep voices the African rhythms the clapping and canons and the sisters clear and strong.

I'm laughing.

Sitting here, listening to the familiar click of the keyboard, trying to supress my deafening anxiety that is bubbling inside of me, intense movements that threaten to break through the skin.

Under Trees

The dream was of words lost in woodland amongst fulsome, grinning fairytale trees.....

Night and Day

I prefer the night-time to the day, this is why....

Holywell Dingle in a Wet Winter

We went in the back end, didn’t know we’d have to wend through a field like a paddy, squishy mud to squelch and puddles to paddle, then, firmer ground where sunshine catches

The Candle

The tables are turning.....

Breaking the Mould

He watches her sleeping. 'Peas in a pod', they’d been...

Emily, they tore down the ABC

Emily, they tore down the ABC where we went, every Friday You and Me, in the back row pretending to watch with glasses tinted in Technicolor, and reading each other in brail,