Time and Movement

a speedway with dew
worms scrambling

We are

hearts scrambled on paper
memories heavier than rain
pointed kisses on 75

we are

upside down at four a.m.
letting safety drown
melting into one another

we are

crashing fireworks

Eyes Can See

It scars the landscape with
good intentions


After You've Gone

(Edit 30/4/2012)

After you’ve gone...
who shall I have to cook for..



The bikes sped along the grass in the warmth of the spring sun. Their riders were fearless, traversing rapidly up and down steep hills with no regard for their own safety.

I'd rather be a cat (than a dog)

I’d rather be a cat
Now there’s nothing wrong with that
Cats like to be looked after
Just like dogs as well

I could stretch and I could purr
When my owner strokes my fur


You must be devoted,
Kind and true


Why is it that the flag?


John Cook was riding down the road

Memories are made of this

Why should they want, or need, another daddy as if you could pick one from the sweetie counter at Woolworth's and..

Ayansh - Prince of St. Gallen

Ayansh - Prince of St. Gallen
P Gaan
P K Routray

Prince of St. Gallen, how do you do,
We see you in picture only, not the real you.
When you will come to India to show your sweet face,

Magical Love (Lyrics)

1st Verse:

Like the seven of hearts
with your magical arts
you have vanished my cares;
banished them to nowhere.

Like a pair of white doves
that were white satin gloves,

gall stones haiku set

formal espresso
under blue oil-paint canal,
smiling young lover

vomit and vomit
pale beside stomach writhing,
ambulance, E.R.

familiar old doc
tells me I'm sick as hell hound,

Black Shoes

It was after the accident that he bought a new pair of shoes, black brogues, which he would wear at the weddings he was invited to that year, one in spring, another in autumn.

Tanya The Lottery Winner

Tanya won the lottery at 18, after only 6 months of work. However life does not proceed smoothly as she encounters personal problems, and workers become excluded from the consumer economy!