Left behind In the mind of troubled times Two sides Collide The Foundation And Free Will Society After eons as Part of an entity What do they know? Angerweather forms

a screaming discontent against all things real.

I drag behind a heavy iron sword and in a warm wet bloodied hand then I bury it deep in the damp wet sand, and I scream myself so very hoarse As I carve a heavy line

A six liner

A six liner P K Routray Accept your past, without any regret to lambast. Handle your present, without any tension but by being confident. Face your future, without fear of failure.

Confused By Confusion

Wollering, hollering and jollying follying All the while ideling the widening gap, Between Politics, heretics, the all powerful fix,

you creep ..

Brown noses ..

My beloved friend

The loss of a dear friend

Tomorrow is Today

A disgruntled office worker gives a damming account of a typical work-day within the Finance department of the University he works at.


Re-post. This former Poem of the Week has been highly commended in the Larkin & East Riding Poetry Competition 2012.

Peeping Tom

He spies on her as she takes her bath, so beautiful and serene, but then she notices him watching and, spreading her

The Blanket Of Fog

But then a 14- year old cabin boy who had been on the ship went to talk to his friends


as feathered forefathers once stood in awe

Wherewithat 5

Marthi Flaardvoorst stumbled along the narrow forest track between the two women, Hope nimbly leading.

Ocean's Walkabout

a tidal swoop of slaps sweep-sweep-slap

Early morning

trucks belching past neighbours on their way to some necessary activity

Dream no more

Alone, twisted and wet.


A scene seen too often in London hospitals.

A 2-year old’s Birthday Perplexities

feel puzzled and dazzled … I think I’ll just go up to bed!