Precautions taken against tiger attack Chapter 5

Stephen has improved immensely since he started on his medication. He no longer has delusions about talking tigers and government conspiracies.


Hedonistic thrill seekers
Adrenalin junkies
One and all


As she sat by his bedside
As his life ebbed away


Are you wearing a seat belt?


Scrap 99

Serial following the lives of two truckers in the early 1970's


My Mum - The Funeral!

A solemn and sombre occasion...erm...perhaps not!

Walking Wounded

Basically a comedy this play is hoping to portray life inside an understaffed institution where the sick are trying to recover from their sickness and injuries pains and depression ..

ode to Atheistic Blossoms

Atheistic flowers are blooming

Watered by the Bastille ink of Voltaire,
by the copious tears of Galileo and Spinoza,
by the blood of Marlowe, Thomas Aikenhead, and myriad other martyrs:

Supervixen Challenge - The Birthday Treat 5

The astronauts thought they'd found paradise, but they couldn't wait to get away in the end. The hot ones were always the most psychotic.

Mountain Spirit

We spoke for only a short while
as we trudged the rocky trail...
with its deep treacherous canyons,

James Told Me That Stuff Actually Works

In the basement mixing medicine,
next to a bathtub loaded with nitro-glycerine.
Glass beakers alphabetised and shattered,
our faces are beaten and battered.


What Once Was

In pockets of sunshine amid the shade, clouds of midges swirl, while flute-like thrush song issues from the thickets, a haunting reminder of what once was.


i knock on the door
no anticipation
neither wondering nor caring
what the owner of the door
will be like

and then it opens

and i notice the red wall
and the tiled floor

Prologue - last part

End of the prologue of Laimrota. See the two first parts before reading, and of course enjoy, and comment


Tales of the Dreamscape - Sir Gallant (2of2)

Utter blackness enveloped them. Sir Gallant could not see Smoke, nor his hand before his face - only vague shapes in the darkness that seemed to leap out to grab him.

Because I Do Not Hope to Turn Again

And I’m moribund to watch you regress
Through ages and ages to youth again;
Youth reborn, a child without form, the loss
The end of us marks, and is beyond ken:

Pebbles, water, wind & toad

Almost sleepy, eyes nearly shut,
you hear the water falling.

The wind blows too, the sun is coming down
in infinity, to repeat the cycle.

Little pond of pebbles,

Supervixen Challenge - The Birthday Treat 4

Lee was amazed that such doll-like, glamorous women could be so ferocious, their ability to endure pain was impressive, even intimidating.

We are who we are

This is the first act of a Spec script I wrote for Modern Family. I have attached the full script as well. The format is off because of transferring issues, however I hope you enjoy!


Not a lot changes!!