'These Are Not the Droids You're Looking For'




The lightsabre of the mind.

Logic and freedom.

Feathers and axes.

Love unbeknown...?

Your eye is a stationary set stone
If it were a press it would
Squeeze marrow from the bone
If it were a wing it would

Plummet from its heavenly thrown
If it were the ocean it would


Back here again

Those few weeks
seem so long ago
now i'm back here again,
in the lonely husk
of the walls
within which i dwell,
just wishing
i was home again
and not in this
make shift cell.

D is for Destiny

Divorce is but a way to say goodbye,
and break forever vows that were as chains.
Sweet destiny, though fickle, won’t deny
untying of two lives, where love now wanes.

The tide is out... far beyond sight

The tide is out... far beyond sight
There’s little lord here in view...
Fatigue hangs bejewelled.

Heavily webbed our finite!
Silence hovers here whereto...

Can't start a fire without a light 4

"The Egg is a grand success. Churches want to buy it and use it to unite couples long separated. Everybody wants the Egg.

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 19 - The Arts & The Media

THE ARTS A 1) All of the arts, old and new, are sacred. All art is a form of divination; the voice of god speaking through the artist.

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 18 - Science and Exploration

SCIENCE & EXPLORATION A 1) Experimentation and exploration are the means by which God discovers more about itself; develops and becomes more efficient.

Idea for a New religion - Chapter 17 - Punishment and Rehabilitation

PUNISHMENT AND REHABILITATION A 1) The Demonic view of punishment - Demons feed on suffering.


This is a story of a boy.


Glitter Balls & Lip Gloss

Bubble gum and soda pop..............


Carmine Kisses

The door groans open.
“Anybody there?” he calls...

Part 7 : How God helped me….

Another installment of How God helped me.

rational tweet to a nationalist ethnocentric american imbecile

stp wving ur big american dick,beating evry 1 ovr head w/ it.u r broke.ur ppl R suffrng. tend 2 ur own, 1 wants ur freedoms.

concerning Iran (a brief letter to the american voter)

turn off the tv,
get out of the voting booth &
get into the streets.

an uncomfortable moment

jenny & johnny
(two hetero-swingers)
were enjoying the sunrise for their first time
with swirling rays of blissful first contact,
animalistic scents filling one another’s nostrils

Apollo 11

One small step he came so far to tread
Upon this little world of lonely desolation;
One great ring around his planet's blue
To grasp these lifeless rocks, this dust, this inspiration.



I know tomorrow never comes
However long that I may live;
So drink to me with all your heart
The amber nectar from a sieve.

I had a husband long ago,
My own love I was happy with;


You see it, you feel it
On a languid Summer's day,
The longing to climb the cumulus stairways
To the high blue portals of Elyseion.
It is there where the roadways
Of past and future meet:

07/01/2012 - did i jump or did i fall?

I decided to start a journal/diary where i can be protected by anonymity. They are truthful confessions and they come from the heart. It's not meant to be art but it's meant to be true.