After Hours - Chapter Three

Max sank back onto the settee. His legs wouldn’t hold him up anymore. Was it really him who had said yes or was it the other Max? The one with only half a brain cell.

I just can't wait

I just can’t wait for Christmas,
It’s going to be Christmas soon,
“I am going to enjoy this Christmas”,
I say as I hum a Christmas tune,
I will open up my calendar,
As I do I will say,

The song of Trees.

I stand amid the oncoming winter chills,
and the delicate sounding sparrow-jacks;
To feel the soft, clod of dark earth;
clamping tight, upon my near iced feet.



On the Other Side

the end will be nothing
but a chalk line written
in invisible ink...

The Battle

A battle I think everyone has

Little Acorns

so upright and true
like her lover’s cock, perhaps..?
or so she dreams


how could I not fancy
or love still this brave woman?

I Wish For You This Christmas

I wish I was with you this christmas,
I wish you were my present for christmas.
I wish santa would bring you to me,
I wish,
I wish,
I wish I would find you under the tree.

The Holy Lance - Chapter 7

The list may not be life, but it is quite impressive

It's been a while

It's been a while old friend
so you'll have to forgive
my rusty ideas,
but i'm back now to share
my hopes dreams and fears,
current life experiances and such.

Coming to uni has been like

love is like ice

Love is as cold as ice,
But it comes at a price.
Here today, gone tomorrow,
My heart is full of sorrow.
The words "I love you",
Are sometimes not true.
My love from me to you,


This is a story about two brothers who through some fault of their own steal a car that had amore than they bargained for in the boot.......

City Hall: An Autobiography, Chapter 5

Jake's new "P.A. System" proves to be a bit of a problem... Poor Jake.


Plutonic Blunders

On the last day of their Annual Convention in Prague, a few of the world’s leading astronomers voted to strip Pluto of its planetary status. Having rearranged the solar system, they then went home.

Sammy the Seagull

Awk, AWk, AWK,
Goes the seagull
Every morning
At 5.35

Awk, AWk, AWK,
It's exasperating

Awk, AWk, AWK,
It's enticing

Awk, AWk, AWK,

Death, under the radar

Surely, swiftly,
Bringing death.
No trial by law,
Just obliteration.


De Profundis

i hunger
For my youth.
For those lazy,
Hazy, crazy,
Sperm-filled days.
When my eyes
Feasted with devilment,
Instead of mockery,
Upon the young
School of nymphs
That swam up

why dont you love me when i love you

My love is a red, red, rose
What makes this feeling no one knows.
But you are the one my heart chose,
Out of the other woman and there fancy clothes.

If the words "I love you" are true,