Everyone knows fairies can't fly 2/9

As he got nearer he could see a sailor at the top of the mast working on the rigging.



You are my Christmas essence
My yuletide effervescence
You breathe life into me


I got a book for Christmas
“101 sexual positions”


I came home today to a horrible sight
All the doors and windows were smashed in


You never see a sad musketeer

Snow Globe

Permutations of students
swirled to the front and sang
not just
"The Coventry Carol"
but "And the Glory" and
"Lullay My Liking"
with monastic harmonies
perfectly entwined



There is a longtime tradition of women preparing for their big day... a solemn, yet joyous ritual.

An Untimely End

Beginning of a story I turned in for English class!! :D About an assassin named Genesai!!!

The Much Anticipated Speech

"Johnson", my name was called and I raised my hand. The professor looked toward me and raise his pen to the podium, signaling me to go.

The Old House

For Judy Lista


I have merged my hearts ambergris
With all the oceans of the stars
Mine soul harpooned like a cuttlefish
Has cut me from the loom
So, I am but a tapestry

City Hall: An Autobiography, Chapter 7

Will the mayor allow Jake to go to Montreal?...the Saga continues...

Short-lived, yet so lived

A world of certainty?

(Player (melded) sparrow).

Each; flower must flower a flower.
Each; rock a stone a stone.
Each; necklace a link to one another
That none ever be alone.


Lazza The Valiant

A couple of days and a night in the Outback can provide and interesting tale or two.


I don’t know if my mama either recovered
from his love, his carelessness killed her former self.
Stripped her tender seventeen year old skin
clean from her limbs and her mother,

Bradgate Park

The darkened hues of autumn
Began to roll over the horizon
Like the hair of a girl with auburn locks.
Gently swaying in the breeze like a belly dancer,

To err is human, ‘songstresses’

She's a contralto,
With high sustaining, notes
Her voice is a salvo,
O’ the rapture, she emotes
Calling-on spicy, Bacchus...
In “lightness" or "heaviness"

She specializes in control.


An empty seat at Christmas
For all of us to bare
A lonely crystal glass
Filled with silent air

An empty plate untouched
No smile to light the room
A lonely cracker left