grounded, focused

have to have had nothing to appreciate something, have to have had something to know all you can lose, have to know what can be lost, in order to preserve, have to preserve & sustain

the consequentialist

chain reaction dominates this life & to walk astray from this path, creates a domino effect of which not one part can separate itself. walking then with a lucid conscience,

Go Away

Go away that what I heard you say to me the other day But I don’t want to go I want to stay I said why we did not even try and now your telling me its goodbye You said go away

i dont know why i write)

i dont know what write what i write in the middle of the night i just know it in my soul and that its has to come out at night dont ask me why i do it or what the reason 1type


e pluribus unum

An homage to plastic cutlery (part 1)

In the warm cabin, The girl swept the crepe mixture round the circular griddle like a World War II radar. The other side of the counter, the air was crisp and cold.


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Karma Korma

Poem about life.


THE FIDDLER AND THE MOUSE Born through necessity, came the blackest night ever known on Planet Yarn.

Grandmother (part 2)

The journey home was even better than the one there. The thought that he was finally rid of the old battle-axe, was the icing on the cake. It was like all his birthdays had come at once.

Grandmother (part 1)

Always remember, family is everything. If you know what's good for you.

Postnatal Blues

not so silent night...


A Hispanic Stanford grad infiltrates the illegal farmworker world of central California to conduct research for a book he is writing.

Death Bed

Enclosed is a short story, titled "Death Bed" (approx. 1400 words), which depicts a scenario between an abusive husband and his wife, upon learning of JFK's assassination, which then escalates to murder and suicide.

Redford & Newman: Last Call (Part 3 of 3)

"Redford and Newman: Last Call", (approx. 9000 words). The two great American actors meet on the night one year prior to Newman's death of lung cancer. They exchange barbs, sentimentality and wordless commentary over a final evening of cocktails and dinner, much as they did onscreen, though in this case, unedited and in real life. They reminisce about their lifelong friendship, their careers, their off-screen lives, their tragic shared history, their regrets and the women they never had. A discreet, lovely bartender complements the mood of intimacy.

The Poor Little Birds

Nature bless all the poor little birds; feed them for the joy that they give

Infinite Sky

Once upon a Christmas

River Swimming

It is so unconscious, this water, So still and unknowable; Amniotic, cobbled with lillypads, Thick with pond weed and meadowsweet rushes. It is so unthinking too;