Hope Prophecy

Bright is the destiny of man, I see; for I am not a prophet of gloom.

draft - no.1



The smell of hell has come to sell
The burgeoning desire of flesh and metal

The hunters of the hunted become the hunted
By a superior race

Crush the flower
Under your foot

What She Thinks - An Addict's Inner Struggle

I may be down on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside.

The Short Tale Of The Flatbilled Duckypus & Other Cursory Rhymes [suite] [unfinished]

In all of Oz there is no wus
Like the short-tailed flatbilled duckypus
It hides among the jub-jub trees
Playing card games with its fleas
Then when it's lost the final hand

The Cult of the Succulent Lamb

After deciding to create an investigative blog, the next thing I had to do was find a subject to investigate. I sat around for a while scratching my arse, drinking too much coffee.

Memories are made of this

She learnt that she was not stupid nor thick; just crazily mad!

Memories are made of this

It was only her rocking shair that stayed still!

Purpose versus need

Purpose versus need
P K Routray
Deer is chased by lion,
one for one’s food and the other for life to live on.
In eighty out of hundred such cases,
lions fail but deer survive in these races.

Springing back to life (IP)

The allotment field was made of leeks and cabbages, of abundant verdant spinach, of broad beans not yet in flower. Of brambles and tufts of grass.

The Aftermath

Sometimes there is only the distant keening of the howling things that stay hidden in the dark-shadowed places.

Mary of the Bay

colours within cloudy gray.
Below, a fishing village

Welcome to global warming Britain

Welcome to global warming Britain
No one’s got a secure job unless they went to Eton
Summer weather one day winter weather the next
Teachers been layed off as top bankers get pay rises


The waiting game

In ancient times a chicken, or even a goat, would pay dearly for this level of precipitation.

God of the Mountain

No, He is


How do you end up with nothing? It’s not as hard as you might think. It’s surprisingly easy, in fact. Well, it was for me.


Forgive Me?

All the things he should have said..

I Will Cry Tonight....

I will cry tonight
Not for what happened
But for what happened had to happen.
I will cry tonight
Not for I miss you
But for I can’t tell you how I do.


Blue Zebras

There's nothing to equal a child's imagination.