Ativan Haiku Set

While still supping, Zeus bombed the Urals to help man off his hubris whorses Young Yankee zombies roam our book-malls, skimming the tome-tombs and talk-heads Far as the eye sees

Back Door To Babylon

A planned accident of automatic writing where Kafka, Burroughs and Ballard meet in a bar somewhere to ponder upon our collective future.

Prologue (Vanguard)

It was just past 11:00 PM when Calvin Mercer stepped across the threshold into his office suite high atop New San Diego’s Apex Tower.

The Cow Shed.

This is a true story.

My inspiration was always there

Others had sight because of them

DREAM TRAVELER (book 3 - The Imagination Series)

Can Jamie Richards save trillions of lives, prevent a war that has already occurred, and stop herself from meeting her self, while attempting to stabilize creation?

INSECTLAND (book 2 - The Imagination Series)

Imagine a world where humans are pests and insect-like aliens rule over them. Imagine that world is Earth.

SILENT INVASION (book 1 - The Imagination Series)

They are here! They are hidden among us! They will stop at nothing to destroy us!

Picasso and Snickers - Part 2 - Rupert, Brenda and Debbie

Rupert felt sleepy behind the wheel of his ‘65 Chevy as he waited for the old car to warm up. So he rolled down the window to let in some of that snowy fresh air.

The Legend of the Locksburg Vampire: Chapter 4

The long awaited fourth chapter of my slowly developing novel. The legend of the Locksburg vampires, as discussed in a nursing home by people who remember the event.

America at Last – Part 7

Roanoke – Nashville: 482 miles

Song of Life

Song of life P Gaan P K Routray (1) The meaning of life never you get how much you search, life's arithmetic is never complete work out how much.

Weavers In the Web

Little spider listen while I pluck on my guitar; my fingers weaving patterns from its strings. Your tiny web glistens like a galaxy of stars; strummed upon by the rain and sun of spring

The Willow and The Wind

The willow, by the wind’s forever hassled. He’s always tugging at her pretty tassels. Outside my window, I can hear the rustle as the willow and the wind wrestle and tussle

Wuthering Heights as Limerick

There once was a house on the moors, 'Wuthering Heights' writ over its doors. Cathy, its miss, Heathcliff did she kiss But he never got into her drawers.

Our Love

Our Love P K Routray The fourteenth February with Valentine day’s glory we celebrate world over lauding love’s splendor and grandeur. But day in and day out, we love


poetry for makebelieve.

A Weird Dream

A weird dream P K Routray Beauty and nectar, fragrance of the flower, soft touch of the petal. are divine blessings to a mortal. Flying as per will and whim singing to the tunes of hymn