A Sucker Seduced - Part IV - A Craven Danger Mystery

Jonathan T. Winthrop was an old hound dog whose bark had long been laid to rest. But he still had some of his wits about him.

Tips to love

Tips to love P K Routray Listen without interrupting, Speak without accusing, Give without sparing, Pray without ceasing, Answer without arguing, Share without pretending,


What keeps people from Falling Apart?


A poem about the power of words.

Let You Go

I can't tell who you are, I can't tell what you think, But we've come pretty far With my heart out on the brink. I can't say I quite trust you, And I know the sentiment's shared.

Attache Case - The First Line IP

A small edit. ‘I always feel better both when I’m here and after I’ve been here.’ Country Life magazine. August 8, 2012. Page 43. About Little Bindon Abbey by Tim Longville.

What Hurts The Most

When you are alone, you are desperate to find someone to love.

One in seven billion: Benson

There are seven billion people in the world. Seven billion! And yet, every working day for the past five years, I've sat opposite Benson.

the Eros Kiss

The light dance resonates resilient, To leave an aching longing, wanting. There’s no fragile fresco waiting here, Or hints of a gentle clever toile tease.

The Girl is Lost

The girl is lost, Remembering your smile, Awakens her heart, And opens her bliss. Closing her eyes, Memories fade more, Clawing the stomach. It hurts to laugh,

Dear Mervyn

Dear Mervyn

This is Him...

Coaxing laidback, Sunday morning bluegrass from his guitar

Tongue in cheek - like this

It's just it's like this

Sparkling Wit

Just an everyday conversation of the Chime family's-- do try to keep up. It's that pesky closing line you should watch for...

8: Prague Diary

Tuesday 17th Day six.

I'll always protect her from you

You beat up your girlfriend because you are a brute. I tried to send you to jail but your girl won't prosecute. I'm a preacher but I won't marry the two of you.

It's all just a load of P@litics

Blah, blah, blah, he said I stood still and stared Then came the lies and the flannel And still I stood and stared Transfixed, bemused, overwhelmed, confused Still I stood there and stared

Lies Flying

Lies flying Truth dying People too Electrifying Give me back My country lost Play a hymn To what it cost Colors gone And sides were taken Will this end In banner shaken


A thousand days go by, of every one I long to be near your Summer wind and see your dusk moon shine. Emotional waves crash into me and thwart me with their crests, you're so far away now,

Lisa, you have a helicopter

Lisa, you have a helicopter How nice Looks like a dragonfy