"violence and the allegedly mentally ill," letter to editor, Herald and News, February 2013

I'm contorted as to how to address today's issue because of its great actual complexity juxtaposed with the zombie-simplistic public thinking on the issue, if indeed "thinking" is the proper term as i

Shouting at God!

You shout at God Why? ‘As King why didn’t you prevent this illness, that event?’ “You do not see what I restrain, and soon I will remove all pain, but are you ready to embrace

This is not a game

An entirely original murder mystery

The Blue Green Carpet

Life in the bachelor's quarters.

The Widower Next Door

Yesterday – credit, where credit was due, they arranged a fitting funeral.


Britannica Britannica Hungry as the ocean Sucking souls beneath her crest Sexy salty sailors Surfing on her rising breasts Sinking deep into her waters Thinking they are blessed

It Echoes Back

It echoes back from the heart of not knowing, This is a place where we must always stand As it is not always so easy to find a way Through to the hidden centre of these times

The Cacophony of the Dead

Do the deceased ever lose their voice?

The Bridge.

Sitting on the edge of the bridge and looking down, there is no vertigo, no anxiety, no fear at all, just peace.

London Rush

A poem about walking round London, the things you see, tied up in the rush you never had to have....

Captain John Reid and The Mermaid

A local myth from the Highland town of Cromarty. John Reid, at least, was a real person...

The Wreckers

Dark deliverers from safety, they stand Shining as angels of light into the deep Anti-clockwise, taking ships away, Fog masking the sturdy towers of the true light.

The Skull of Eriskay

Smiling from the air, these jaws of rocks unite In chomp and champ of spray, to consume them all. Saliva washing them in its salty way, Eye sockets glimpsed gauntly from the air,

The Spreading Spring

When prim white winter melts away then carefree Spring comes out to play; each peach tree the Winter undresses she covers with her soft pink kisses and stroking willows makes them gush;

Jumble Sales.

Do you Love Jumble Sales Too?

Take A Picture Of The Lighthouse

Here the red Carr stone cliffs are millions of years old, full of iron oxide, red because they’re rusting.