The Alternative Story: Provided by the Jewish men I have had occasional dates with:

The Strangers on the Trains.

Something I've been working on. Sorry it's quite long. Interested to see if anyone likes it and is it worth continuing with.

Thy're Migwatch

Thy're Migwatch Ubey folds thy Migwatch glows, destruth uley, uley bowls. Askanth thereby estey my, they'se doth destrey, destrey by. Askanth thereby estey my,

The Farmer

The Farmer The farmer stands in the bare-earth field, a solitary figure under the balmy, warm sunshine of spring. The whipping winter winds have passed, April’s warming has changed things.

Christmas night

Christmas night Come, come, come and see, what Santa Claus has brought for me. A sack of wonder and of awe, Christmas gifts, and so much more. In candle-light, and on my knees,

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 55) The Burns Night Supper

On Monday afternoon, my progress was followed every step of the way as I left the leisure centre swimming pool complex.

Older but not lesser

Though your old eyes may be wrinkled, they’re as blue as periwinkles and they sparkle and they twinkle like the welkin* when its sprinkled with a trillion brilliant stars.


I used to have a coping strategy


The Carrot cake

Funeral In Ardmore

The minister in black stares at gashed ground, This hole opening into eternity. Dan the crofter’s days are finished, Each one numbered in his Maker’s book.

Change and Decay In All Around I See

Autumn, with its golden wheatfields, Streets full of dead leaves and whorled chestnuts, Sunshine straining to pierce the mists, Is the most lichen-like of the four seasons.

Cromarty's Gaelic Chapel

Built for the influx of workers, Heeding the hammersmith call, The hard grind of the Industrial Revolution. Beneath this roof the Highlanders sang To the giving out of the line

the enricher

ushering in a special calm that no one human can ignore, even the most cut-throat murderer can be humbled by the gaze of that which has been referred to time & time again as

tables turned

following the “suicide” of Aaron Swartz, a delightful punch has been driven into the gut of the empire, whose eyes now twitch & whose muscles now flinch, for the tables are turning,

Shanghai (Thus Far)

My first impressions on China, often cynical and sarcastic, but hopefully not too terribly offensive.

Wisdom and Child

A child Wisdom and Child P K Routray Hypocrisy, insolence, wrath, cruelty and human pride, none of these demoniac traits can be ever found in a child

The Car Keys

I woke up in time to see her step off the train. Then I noticed her car keys on the seat next to mine.

Kissing The Ear Of The Mule-Faced Girl

Waking in the arms of the mule-faced girl The sound of her whinnying, causing significant arousal Braying promises of lust, from a muzzle of lies

October Rhapsody

The whole of September was One delicious prologue Before that special day came. Waking up, I felt renewed. My birthday always fell In the traditional harvest holiday: