The 5 People You Meet in Heaven

We are really in the cathedral, Malcolm. They can't see us because we're dead. It's got something to do with the fifth dimension. The places you go to are all real.

A brown Christmas …

A brown Christmas, dead buzzard in the mud, fields a-flood, welcome sight of clearing sky a breeze up high to make clouds skud away awhile; still warm and bright the friendly smile,

Christmas Shoppers

He walks like an animal pacing its cage She walks like she's dragged down by a weight He walks as if edging towards a precipice She walks as if she were making a debut on stage

Sarah's Story

I do however find your breasts very distracting.

Calling the Tune : A Fairytale Drabble

His plan had worked perfectly, he'd shown the townspeople not mess with him.

Flowers for the New Year

Flowers for the New Year; flowers for the Spring; for bright hope; for good cheer and new life awakening. Ring in the year with bluebells and sing the Sun King’s praises

The dance of death

The reason in my mind Becomes the resonance with in yours When I am gone the path continues My path continues My empty words Only my actions have meaning But when I am crowded in

Bucking The System.

Bucking The System. The Cinderella of the Constabulary. By Neil Cairns. Introduction.

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 46) Leaving For The Missions

As usual St Lucy’s was well attended for Midnight Mass, despite the bitter cold. And to the great delight of everyone in attendance Reverend Katy Oliver led the service.


When celebrating


Are you wearing plaits? Seriously though are you


"Precocious", (approx. 1100 words). A ten-year-old boy recalls his life as an only child before, and then after his mom's death when he was eight.

Shank Beach

"Shank Beach" (approx. 1300 words). A defeated man assesses his life in an alcohol-fueled, pre-dawn reflection on a local beach.

A Life Unlived

“A Life Unlived”, (approx. 1140 words) about a father’s thoughts as he holds his three week old son who has just died, having never escaped the ICU of the hospital in which he was born.

the traditionalist

throws down his coat in the puddle, always wraps his arm around, squeezes her in public, goes to church on sunday, shows her off to his mom, takes her to his favorite bar,

redeeming qualities

when she saw you she knew d e e p d o w n (even though all her friends told her the contrary), that even though you had not a cent to your name, even though

first through the ribbon

when upon grasping in the fridge for a bottle of hot sauce amidst the myriad of styles collected for the taste, her/his hand grasped hold of a teriyaki hot sauce,


based on a dream i had


back on track Pia (hopefully).