Last One Standing, part 2

A small piece of rubble breaks off from the broken wall, falling down through the crumbled remains of the house.

Last One Standing, part 1

‘Shhh, little gate, don’t make a sound,’ cackles Jim in a wheezy breath as he creeps along. He breaks out into hushed giggles as he the gate, whispering to it like a truant child.


On Entering...

Silly, I know, but I half expected
to see her...



with a little help from Damien Hirst (though of course he doesn't know it)


The Rally 11/11

Moggy was only too delighted to be able to return to the alternate world and join in the search for his old owner’s daughter.

Empty Houses

The day was glorious, not a cloud in the sky, or a chill in the air. It was perfect.


One of my greatest life's lessons, and the hardest to learn - let it go... release...

The Enginemen, Chapter 17/3

Peplow is aimless at first, then his warped mind begins to plan his revenge, and a dark intention takes root...


My sister in law
Fills a sweater well
I think she’s rather hot
The truth to tell


Last year at the Christmas fair
I reached for my wallet and it wasn’t there


Christmas is the perfect time

go-go dancing to Rob Zombie

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.”

-John Dryden

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

the x-mas tree salesman

every happy face, every twinkle in the eye
approaches with or without a child,
bundled up regardless of whether there is snow on the ground
regardless whether it is actually cold outside &

Condom conundrum

Condom conundrum
P Gaan

Condom is a conduit closed at one end,
Conducive it is for coitus, do not pretend.
Condole not, condom is absolutely safe,
caps it your cock cohabitation to help.

Human War

What if everything we know about religion is a lie?

the ordeal

there was a time
back when people believed that dragons
roamed the country side,
back when kids were scared of the
trolls in the forest,
back when the world was flat &

The oohs and OH’s... of a winter rose

Shyly, the distilled November— light!
Exudes around; the blushing rose.
Till then her beauty is unduly, contrite!
Her virginal warmth; tingles, oohs,


My dead diary - zombies and alcohol

A story of sorts in 200-word episodes. In which our hero learns how foolish it is to try to out-drink the undead of Clerkenwell.


The Hundred and Ten Pound Novel - Chapter I

For better or for worse I couldn't finish it in two segments as originally thought.

The Enginemen, Chapter 17/2

After the police interview, Peplow retires to the footplate of his old locomotive on the'condemned' road and feels self-pity and looks for the blame...