A shoulder

A shoulder P K Routray As to a query of my mummy as to the most important part of a body, I mused for a while, “It is sound” I came out with a smile, hence to me it was the ear

We Are Dancers

a bushel full of living---fishing for lobster / cutting wood during winter’s delight

Out of Control - Chapter Three - Part 2/2

The numbers are tentatively confirmed and Jem has actually pulled.....

The loss of innocence

So long kept safe So quick to loose and break. So carelessly thrown away On the scum of the streets The most precious treasure wasted.

Short Story: A Small Price to Pay by Carlos Salinas

A boy asks his wise grandfather for advice of good and bad friends.

Short Story: My Father and Me by Carlos Salinas

A young boy and his father walk through the forest that “seemed to go on forever” and have a heartfelt conversation about life, death, and love.

The Night Watchman

This one gave my kids a few nightmares, when I first read it to them, all those years ago. Sorry boys.

Something wrong

There is something wrong with this - a poem pouts a poisonous kiss in every word an ounce of venom spoils the way to fucking heaven false victims are the bullies here

Lets Dig up Mother Teresa

Run through the graveyard crack open these lies spray over the legend now broken and vilified lets Dig up Mother Teresa that nonce hiding witch spell it out with her bones cold hearted bitch


alas my garden has no gnomon...alas i have no garden


tick tock tick tock

Ever present

Ever present my In-laws are. Always here, though they live far. We thought we'd scoot to the Abbey. Though shops by them, they aren't shabby. We thought we'd eat out for lunch.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Seven: Monobo

Some time later, Lidlia took pity on them and brought out afternoon tea from the castle kitchens. Chef had cooked a ham especially in honour of the new guests.

Barred Sine Die Ch 8: Wired

Spartacus and the lads inch another step closer.

When you grow up my girl...

Never underestimate your job or the work you do.

Long Distance Running

She dreams, she says, of running up stairs. I wonder what she believes she would discover, But I can see her, losing the weight of her years. The motion would smooth away her wrinkles,