Secret Keys

She has so many keys, collecting them
All since she was such a very young girl
To lock her secrets deep inside her dreams
Where no one could rip them away from her

Really truly have a gift for stealing

I'm not that good at stealing in real life, alas...

I Need You To Quit Smoking

But I'm not allowed to need you for that.

I Don't Like Your Company

As the land around us
Is enveloped by the sea,
You recite your formulae.

For What Reason Must You Impede The Truth?

Maybe this indignation is indeed my youth.


Dry Mouth Today

shuffling along as a
ragtag remnant

The Ivory Dragon 8/14

Jennifer Jane had made up her mind to visit the Smuggler’s Cave at the earliest opportunity.

It's Only Words

Between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles first LP.............(Larkin)


After thirty years of marriage
To celebrate our anniversary


From the old,
The sick,


Pease pudding hot,
Pease pudding cold,

The Elegant Chef

The Elegant Chef

Loneliness is like a soup without ingredients.

Like a soup without stock; clouded water too deep for its own depth.

Death is my Living!

Everyone wants a dignified exit!

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 27 - Work Ethic & Achieving God's Objectives

WORK ETHIC 1) Think of the greater good - Do you want to live a life with purpose and meaning?

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 26 - The Human Body & Celebrating The Season Of Menses

*Warning* - My work must address every area of life and this is an area which some readers may prefer to avoid.

Idea for a New Religion - Chapter 25 - Money and Industrial Disputes

MONEY A 1) There is no shortage of money in the world; only a shortage of compassion in the hearts of an over privileged few and, while poverty is a cause of wide scale suffering and death, the posses

Ends and dues

ends of corner

Gold cherry

My Renaissance

I have realised that since emerging from the deepest pit of my depression, I’ve become a walking paradox. The journey’s made me a grown-up child, made me take stock of my life.