I'll build myself a mansion to shield me from the rains, To guard me from their cruel words and all their worldly pains; I'll build it out of loneliness, I'll build it out of sorrow;


Just 'who you know' to open doors - - - It's a Face-fit' thing, you see.

Poppy High

No one denies the beauty of the rose, and yet its thorns are there for all to see. In scarlet fields another flower grows. Its make-up is more deadly by degree.

Leave the light on

A bit of fun at my son's expense.

Madame Karnak has spoken

Madame Karnak says, I have spoken, Your fate is sealed.


Was it worth it? That’s what they’ll think. That’s what I’m thinking now, lying here in my own blood.

When Granny got an ASBO

She stepped out of the door And shouted at a man in a suit, Thrust a plastic bag into his hand To clear up after his dog, But he just shrugged and walked off. In the park she had to ask

When I was Five

When I was five I sat in a plane waiting on the runway. Leaving behind everything I knew, and you standing waving at me. I tried to stay, to open the window so the plane couldn’t take off.

Photo Op

Robert reached for his knife and slit across Betsy’s eyebrows.

Brian Solis: sociology versus technology

In modern day, sociology is at the helm of any great business venture; this is especially true in social media where if someone wants to get into the fray of social media and build a business out of i

Heart eartH

I’d like to give the Earth a great big hug and keep all its continents warm and snug and, upon its equator, place a kiss to say there is no greater place than this.

Keeping Monsters at Bay

jugular ribbons of white streaks a cacophony of crescendos


FAN MAN P K Routray The name may not be there in Google net or any dictionary, But it is a real name of a trade in past never an imaginary. It may be year of nineteen fifty nine,

Dwellers of the New World Chapter Four ( Pt 6 )

The sky still remained cloudy, as Brad and Simon walked along the river's edge.

Dwellers of the New World Chapter Four ( Pt 5 )

The poor child was so scared as she crawled out from the scrub

Radical 0

There's too much on one side of the fulcrum This imbalance will threaten all The Free Will Society split into two The Foundation must harken their call Their plan is to reboot existence

Our Spitting Image

A ladder reaches down To a hallway Two ways to go To power down The source That separates The universes From each other Described as A million dancing fingertips


I realize what I should be looking for But it's not here Destroy this place For their release Come Down we shall go --------------- The Decider was destroyed