I need to forgive... who should ask?

How does the process of forgiveness work?


If Love Were Banned...(I.P.)

Where would all the lovebirds go?


Scrap 52

Serial following the lives of two truckers in the early 1970's


Scrap 51

Serial following the lives of two truckers in the early 1970's


How gently she smiled, with


Sorry if you caught me staring
But it was your fault to be fair


My grandson thinks me a wise man

Of Transparent Windows

Simple little poem showing how a transparent window can be viewed differently, just like a mirror into the soul.

When I Was Younger

Poem based on thoughts of childhood and inspired by a song called When I was Younger by You Me At Six, and a song written by Evanescence called Field of Innocence.

Peace Sweet

tell me sweet dreams
one more time
and I’ll be forever dreamin

A Fine Japanese Couple

At the table opposite mine, in the Saigon café where I dine alone, slowly working my way through a brie and blue cheese omelette, there sits a Japanese husband and wife.

the obvious thoughtful gift

the truly romantic &
the truly caring
do not come forth to announce themselves
when capitalist commercial society deems it so,
no, they do not fold when the extreme pressure

all the ducks in a row

the first move made was the worst move
played---making like the sky had parted &
somebody was watching over, somebody
was lighting a candle for the struggle, as if

the bartender

the bartender gets more patients
than any shrink could ever dream of &
the ability to stay with them through bouts of
loneliness, guilt, extreme sadnesses & self-destruction,

Charlie's Pictures

I didn’t know what to expect driving to the therapy center. When Mrs.

Anthem of Summer

Aubrey slammed her “17 Magazine” over her face and inhaled the faded scent of ink and glossy paper. So bored. How many times had she read this?

Creaky House III

Something was scratching at the back of Uncle Ned Creaky’s brain. It was that little thought in the back of one’s mind that grabs hold of your ability to stay focused.

Freshwater bay

for my mother who passed away suddenly and very tragically on the 28th of January, aged 67. God Knows my Dad sister and I will miss her so very much.