Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Why do you do this? Time and again
rumours whisper,

Living Life With Death

like translucent eyes this is only the taster.

Armchair Counsellor

My advice to you is, well if you have to ask...


'Black shoes/prawn sandwich Comp entry'


Clouds of dreams try to infiltrate my unconscious brain,
Suddenly I wake up sweating all over like I’ve been sleeping in rain

Black sandwich, prawn shoes

Black shoes, prawn sandwich comp. entry
- all long history, long ago

The Getaway.

He must get away, he must...

A Never Ending War

Psychiatrists, psychologists
Councillors and more,
An endless round of battles
In a never ending war.

Depression pills and sleeping pills
Stomach pills and stuff,


The Robot

Two friends' Dads get a much-deserved lesson in co-operation and humility when tricked by their sons.
A light hearted and wry short story.

Deathbeds, Girl Fights, Hearts

The Make-A-Wish Foundation came to him on his deathbed and offered him one wish.

"I wish for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristen Bell to fight for my love." he told them.

Lord Rokeby’s Repast – 02

Sitting behind his desk the Editor stared out into space, palms flat against the blotter. He still looks stern, thought Ophelia, but at least he isn’t shouting.

The call of the Lake!

The troubled memories.. the call of the destiny. one troubled soul and her final decision to end her life.

Don't you forget about me 4

Kevin wondered what a good chink was as opposed to a bad chink. Was a good chink a chink who obeyed his parents and loved Korea? Was a bad chink someone who loved white girls and caused a riot?

A sin of overintellectualization (Montevideo, Jan 23, 2012)

This impending
fed by reading
a perfect novel
about the truths of marriage
and a Cerulean bird

bred by a love of you
that´s killed at birth

harvested soon
beyond regret

Jesus begins His journey

They jostle for space staring at John the Baptist; unkempt, dressed in wild looking rags---they flutter in the wind.

Life in my shoes - pt5

A few weeks later,the last incident forgotten, and Mary once again babysitting,she told me that she had a brother who would like to meet me and that I could have a sleepover at her house if I wanted t

One Son

locked in rules and steel bars
tears flow.

Today is a

mediate on journeys afar
like flipping on a
banana peel.


Black Shoes/Prawn Sandwich Comp. Entry'