Noster Nostri

Noster nostri translates as 'the old dream of ours' or 'our hearts beat as one'.
That's according to Wikipedia anyway, sooo...

Alone I Stand

Short, pointless poem.


Don't read this. Depressing as hell...


Ticket to Ride

I fell asleep – head on your lap
on a bench at the station...

Playing soldiers

She solders a bit of cheese on toast
Then she cuts them into soldiers neat
Whist he dreams a large rack of rib roast
She says—it's over. Did you cheat?


Today I am not eighteen

I am not a eighteen year old girl,
slipping into tights which elongate my legs.
Placing my hair into a silky bouquet
sensing his eyes wash over me like breath;


Samuel began to realise that by hiding the key down her front she had been challenging him, calling his bluff...

Jealous of Trees

A tree is rooted, its path mapped out,
Coaxed by the light, its heart colours tips of branches - reaching,
Never does it yearn to stray from its beginning.

Take another look

Deep within the valleys of every man,
under seemingly immovable objects,
placed there by centuries of evolution,
lies a concealed sun.

It burns so bright,
and never sets,

I am the Resurrection

Don't read if you are easily offended.

Due to no popular acclaim whatsoever, here is a poem from the miserable poetry collection of the normally jovial Over The Top.


Billy Five Donkeys and The Red Fandango

If you walk past billy's house. You might see a face through the window, you might hear a tortured scream. But don't laugh, it's not funny.

The Eulogy

Tom Wilkins dies, his best friend has to read the Eulogy. No one expects what happens next.........

Georgina Adam and Eve 11/12

“I don’t know how she does it,” said Abigail, “but whenever that child is really wanted, she always manages to go missing. Not a trace of her anywhere I can reach!”


River of the Universe

Someone was messing with a power that they shouldn't be messing with. Can the Doctor and Martha stop them before disaster strikes.

Grave Obsession / Chapter 4

Michael and Bryn seek help from Mrs. Morales and get more than they bargained for.


To beauty born in an era of blindness

You’ve come too late, my love, to shine;
an antique pearl in an age of swine.
Man’s lost all love for things divine.
You are the sun but men are blind.


The Casualty

The Casualty

Harry Buschman


Hari Janma
(Hari’s Birth)
Lord Krishna’s birth as Hari Janma or Janmastami is celebrated,
All over India by the Hindus,it is a day very sacred.

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11 August 2003.
Every journey in life starts with a single step. Today I took that step.