Tuna and rice


Justice (Chapter Eight)

Clara spends a night in Darkmoor.

Just The Way It Is

Accepting the transience of elusive joy

No Crossroad For Me

Real life demons can lead to interesting late night creations...


Wrinkle P K Routray Wrinkles comes with age for all including actor, doctor or sage With cosmetics or medication or plastic surgery or meditation one may delay it for a while

On Listening to Mahler

(edit) They say Mahler’s 5th turns corners...

To Geneva and Back

To Geneva and Back

The Yellow Shoes.

Is it you?

Bosses will say there are right

Boss will says there are rights… China top leader WU JANTO says” Country Unity.”. Cauchy3 says” there are annexed evil forensic words for leader powers.

Fear my dirt

Fear my dirt..


You never knew what I felt your voice a tolling bell, death jam; calling me out from the shadows and every time I rose again and again. Flashing like Rome mighty and eternal


Cruelty P K Routray With timidity and humility a deer begs human mercy. With its grace and agility It adds to the creation, the beauty. A dear in a group or alone, standing or on the run


Maybe to the world at large You are just one person Small, inconsequential


I’m sorry But I’m leaving you Its not you


An obese girl served me today When I went in to KFC

Larry and Mick Discover Parkour

"Over that wall!" said Larry. "Under that rail!" said Mick. "Dash over there!" said Larry. "Shimmy up that drainpipe!" said Mick. "Across the rooftop!" said Larry.


We are the damaged ones; broken and corroded and incomplete. We are missing that crucial part of ourselves that protects and preserves the spirit. Our spirit is huddled, naked and


So softly, he stroked each key The same lugubrious way he played me Smooth as jazz, he took my heart in his hands and gracefully tore it apart

Pride and Prejudice 2

As a Korean-American, I often feel an anxiety of cultural influence from both South Korea and America.