A scandal has broken Of the very worst kind


I’m getting old My youth has been relinquished

Hugo Dracensa

I was walking up the old wooden stairs, following my companions up to try and end yet another evil being.

The Strangers on the Trains ( Part 2)

Emily does her homework and has a couple of theories.

Stack, Foinaven, Arkle

Stack, footstool of Thor’s voice, Tremble the earth before the sky’s blood So tender to melt the earth, Foisted and fostering, Awaiting grace on the fall of summer,

The Life and Times of a Halberd

Cut from the oak, in dying it lives again. Swishing harvest fields austerely as a judge, Beheading the still and silent grain, The axe come to call on Anne Boleyn.

Nihilism and Feathers

First crow to the kill dips his beak in gruesome ink, Red staining his glossy black plumage. Looking furtively for unwanted brothers, Those as bleak in outlook as he.

Mother Heaven - Prayer (Personal Faith)

Mother Heaven help me to endure and I shall be a carrier of your cure. Mother Heaven help me win my fight and I will be a bearer of your light. Let your sacred milk of mercy flow.

I feel ok

That's it. Just ok.

Jack and Venna

Fifty two year old, Jack Finnegan opened his eyes to see chrome wire spokes of a wheel. He felt a slight tapping on the top of his aching head.

Captain Octopus

There was a pirate octopus who had four wooden tentacles; he sailed the seven salty seas in a boat built out of barnacles. From lobsters, crabs and cuttlefish, he made his fearsome crew

January morning

January Morning Winter. The lady’s cold, rheumatic fingers scratch away some ice from her windows. Some children in the street throwing snowballs. Clunk! Snow hits the wall, and sticks,

The Have and Have Nots

The Have’s and Have Not’s


Newborn Brilliant times in the home, just a playful baby and me. Brilliant times all alone, just a tearful baby – you’ll see. Brilliant times in the home, just a stinky baby and me.

Mother Cat's Tale

Look, little kittens, up at the sky. Can you see the black cats sitting upon high? The stars are their eyes all shining bright as they watch over good little kittens in the night.

Niagara woman

Every hurt consoles me with a new devotion So wont yah join me in jumpin off these falls… Niagara woman—there’s no such destruction

Co-Op Live Art Fiasco

Stick the empty bottle up my bum.