My Sisters Weight

I'll always remember "Bridge over Troubled Water"

Youthful Erections

As it happens the moistness or otherwise of a small furry mammal matters little when trying to bring it up to full operating temperature.

Although Myself I Am Not Religious

And what happens when society crumbles?
The big fat cats in their slimy millions
slowly soaking through the seams of their diamond cages

What Was in That Cup?

What was in that cup?
It made her laugh so heartily,
That strands of hair were dislodged,
And fell about her cheeks
Now flushing red,
Half with the self consciousness of

Ballad of a Merrow-Maid

An attempt at a ballad...

In the Summer I Would Put it to you Gently

In the Summer I would put it to you gently,
So as to send it on the breeze,
In parts it snags upon long grass,
Still it finds your ear with ease,

A smile would likely envelope me,


Dear Hertford College

So the other year I applied to Hertford College Oxford... and didn't get in. And that's all you need to know.

The Ivory Dragon 3/14

Polly was discussing a design with Robert as the whole Bell family burst into the workshop.


Guns and Roses

Blind since birth,
he paints flowers...


I leapt up out of bed,
And I opened the door


The landscape is deserted
The lake is frozen,


Are you wearing a wonder bra?
I think you almost certainly are

The Enigma

Do you know why?

father, son and white lightning

father, son and white lightning

a summer evening,
time spent together
in the front garden,
as the sun slips down
the back of the settee.

together you rifle through a bin bag.

how the sun brings the mad out

how the sun brings the mad out

the heat hits
like a tyre iron
to the back of my neck.
i sag early.

people who have not washed their hair before,
talk to their hands.

around me,




she looked at me and said:

"I want you to do rude things to me".

so i let the door go in her face,

cut her up in traffic,

criticised her food with a slow, slow fork,

Christmas in Mexico

From the top of this pyramid
I see the sun going down
in its parabolic trajectory,
night will come quickly
and stars will show their faces.
Their old and wrinkly faces.


These Old Hands

Getting old is not for sissies.

Idea For A New Religion - Chapter 13 - Domestic Violence

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1) If domestic violence is occuring within a community then the community has a duty to know about it and take action to help the victim.