Grave Obsession / Chapter 3

Lila's ghost seeks out Michael through his dreams.

Grave Obsession / Chapter 2

Michael flashes back to the beginning of the relationship.

Bad Sad

Smile its free

Winter News III 2004

Over the high pass and into Marrakesh.

Grave Obsession / Chapter 1

Michael reaches out to Bryn for help in getting rid of a ghost.

Winter News II 2004

Finally we reached the Tahgazoute camp in Morocco and many colourful characters



Response to 1st World War poetry after recent Armistice healing mission to Flanders Battlefields with Path For Hope (Healing Our People & Earth)Written in poetic style of Old Testament Book of Job.

Winter News I 2004

A short letter of our winter travels in our motorhome.

Battle-ready Surveys

‘Fix your sheets to your clipboards, boys, and don’t start asking the questions until you can see the whites of their eyes!’ Thus were the famous words of General Gideon ‘Soggy Biscuit’ Rupe


In a Green Grave

Two souls not in harmony, for a prolongation of death's eternity........

Lest we never forget!

Lest we never forget those young Brave men.
Many whom paid the ultimate price and sacrificed there lives.
Some Brought home, wounded, broken, scarred.

Ten Lives and One Death

How the hell did this happen? I had seduced the last woman Now here I was with a breadknife in my belly. If only I could get to my mobile phone. If only there was someone to call.

The Segregated Bus – A Utilitarian Parable

Parable, partly inspired by Rosa Parks and partly by 'The Italian Job'.

Little Bear

Accepting loss.

Draft 23

Another useless draft.

Draft 106

Another draft, listing futile drivel.

Blood of Life

A world with no drinkable water means a world with no future. How could it happen and why? Would you be ready for the consequences? Could you live in a future where every drop of water could kill?

FLOOD GATES (Working Title)

The year is 2198, a hundred and sixty years after The Warming.

Callum Darke makes a good living as a Retrieval specialist, but his latest job was about to change everything.



The Demons

A girl starts a new high school, but there is something about a certain person she is attracted to