The Day of the Leaving

Memories of my homework Disappeared that very day I kept saying I'd do it But it never went that way I slept till late on Saturday And on Sunday till evening five I never once thought of it

showdown at the UK corral

even though Correa has finally granted asylum to Julian so that the empire’s little concubines in England & Sweden can’t pass him off to the growling beasts

Ecology and Wisdom

Ecology and Wisdom P K Routray Once a disciple staying in monastery approached Budha saint the holy for a piece of cloth to put on as the earlier cloth was tattered and torn.

Making Friends (was A Story of a Girl)

I have never been one for having friends, apart from one time in school when I had a bunch, not true friends though. But all this started before then.

Wake up!

It’s only a poem Wake up! Wake up!

Home sweet home ..

My house, it belongs to ME. Every flower in the garden and such a gorgeous willow tree ..

Gone (WIP)

I lost everything. Everything i knew, was now ashes in the wind. For the last 10 years of my life i forgot that. And now im going to get my revenge.

A Sucker Seduced - Part V - A Craven Danger Mystery

“Pull over, Sidney,” said Betty. “I think this is it.” “I hope so, Miss,” said Sidney. “My hemorrhoids doth protest too much, methinks.” “They doth?” said Betty.


People People touching people, Like smarties in a tube, Helpless as candy. People watching people, Consciously or not, Arousing themselves. People hearing people, Private conversations,

Animal (Chapter 7 - Part 2)

“Now I ain’t taken many women by force, something I’m proud of in relation to opportunities presented, but it’s mainly Varlyn’s watch that’s kept me from such indulgences."

The Dangerous Type

Philip K. Dick meets The Cars as a visitor from another galaxy tries to talk his best girl into going home.

Animal (Chapter 7 - Part 1)

“I prefer honesty to politeness. You wanted to die; I say we should have let you die. I’m guessing by your continued presence here that my decision would have been a mistake.”



'LOVE SONG' RE-POSTED NOT MINE! 2009 I Feel mcscraic needs a cherry!?

Wonderful piece you have written. A timeless treasure is a song it walks proudly with us,hand in hand sharing a special relationship in our lives, There are so many lyrics but
Gold cherry


We were half way between somewhere and nowhere; a stone’s throw from the Divis and our street when we were pulled. Street lighting was kinder here as all the bulbs had been smithareend.

7 Billion

There are 7 billion people in the world

10: Prague Diary

The restaurant at the top of the hill is called Usemika, I think it may mean something to do with horses as the sign outside depicted a galloping horse.

9: Prague Diary

We got back to the hotel I flung off my clothes and lay naked on the bed glowering at myself and noticing every spare inch of flesh, every mark, every scar and every blemish.

Season's change

I walked to the station today and my head was filled with gloom