Intercity Synchronicity

I’m riding on a train; on a train through the rain; through the rain falling down; falling down to the ground. And little silver drops fall again and again and again without stop

Ode To My Commode

Hope you enjoy

A Close Shave - Part 9 - A Craven Danger Mystery

Thelma Theodoracopulos was not enjoying the company of the man who came by for one of her special readings.


warning this contains an extended sex scene, which may bore you to death, if that's not your thing, especially since I'm writing it.

A Friendly Letter to Mitt Romney by an Obama Enthusiast

Gov. Mitt Romney, I passionately oppose your politics. I gave money and went door-to-door to re-elect the admirable President Obama.


Long and lingering on the west coast Changed it again. Scratch, scratch.


Leisure happened to provide the opportunity to look...

The Opponent

The Opponent Surveying her opponent, she feels unbelievably

Be A Friend – Song for a better world

1st Verse: Be a friend, be a friend to the stranger in the street. Be a friend, be a friend to everyone you meet. Be a friend, be a friend to the people at your work.

In every human being

Life and death and love
Poem of the week

The Rising of the Leaves

Under lucid gaze the clock turns slowly backwards,

A Close Shave - Part 8 - A Craven Danger Mystery

A bowl of Autumn colored mums sat on the white table cloth, surrounded by four place settings set in front of four hungry people.

Sonnet for Mia

When i first heard Mia Zapata rhyme...


Fifth and final poetry pentathlon punt


POOR MABEL I worried about poor Mabel She’d seemed rather strange for a while To concentrate she’d been unable but sat with a permanent smile. I’d known her for many and many a day.

Pandora's Box

PANDORA’S BOX The men came in the early morn as I lay in my bed They took my son and handcuffed him. They battered his poor head They threw him in a prison van and then they drove away.

The Damask Rose

THE DAMASK ROSE Inside her Bible memories dwell Between the leaves: She only knows There lingers still the fragrant smell Of a single crushed white damask rose.