The problem with cats 8/8

She threw a fireball big enough to have roasted a dragon and would certainly have killed her target if it had connected.

Maxwell and Jacob part II

At once, everything went black as Maxwell crashed to the ground.

next time

Why did you tell me this thing if it wasn't true?
Next time you think you love somebody,
Just make sure you do.

Dragon Poem 1

Flesh of prehistoric fears meld and ancient bones grate.
Frightening intensity, molten inferno.
Acidic caress, the last.
Shimmer of metallic fire envelops.
Her gaze the golden horizon.


Re source



Edited by: P K Routray

The title of the poem may sound strange,

Values and Valuable

Values and Valuables
P K Routray
Edited by:P.Gaan
The words in the title may have many meanings as per dictionary.



like the thread that a spider spins



Albeit the envisions of reality;
Seemed too shallow for her belief...
She chose not to worship a deity...
Immersed in nothingness, much to her relief-

From the Eyes of a Murderer

In school; is everyone oblivious to her manner-
Weird is just she; nothing else unusual to differ...
Unsociable and isolated; seemingly harmless-
Ignored as it is useless...

Blood Red Romance

A poem about jealous lovers...

Timelines Chs. 15 &16 (final) Rescue-Applied, and Completion

[The Supreme Being, had made the sphere and stars; the wardens had turned away from his delightful service, and lost much blessing; he had come to take their due penalty, death, but then …]

The Complex Relationships of Youth.

A poem about the "complex" relationships of youth. Not really a poet, but always looking to improve...



“A guy in this business can’t have too much insurance. You know what I’m saying?”

Another Marlowe spoof...


A man reflects on his life. Knowing he is now battling the ailments of aging, he fixates upon the love he had for his wife and the consequences of such passion.

A Perfectly Good Mourning (Part Two)

On the day of the funeral there had been a howling a gale too, the sleet stinging her eyes as she looked about her at all the lifeless cold-pinched faces...

Dreams of a Better Place - Part 3

Lil’ Trevor sits in the back seat of his daddy’s car, snug and belted in his child seat.

Victimized ( I.P. )

The strangest place I've ever been.

Before I post them

My local writing group suggested the theme 'knickers' and reality came along to help me. I know that mums can be embarrassing so I have given my daughter an assumed name!