Are you wearing some protection?

Forgive Me..

You forgive me for liking you too much, And I'll forgive you for not liking me enough. You forgive me for missing you so, And I'll forgive you for being so cold.

Part 2: All the Pretty Birds

My dad is taking us to the property he wants to build our new house on. It’s out in the country. I hate the country. There are too many bugs, and trees.

Part 1: The Azure Reverie

"Beep, beep, beep!" I reach over to turn off the alarm. I hate waking up before the sun rises, but David is insistent that the house we're going to look at is perfect. Perfect?

an elder electoral perspective

mom says she can’t wait till’ the election is over. mom says she’s sick of hearing them talk. mom says they’re reading from the same script, only using different words.


came onto her in intervals, where each joke told made her laugh & kept her smiling, looking at him & watching him move like a jester who was putting on a show solely for her &

afterglow hairbrusher

with deep blue eyes that loomed out between the smoothing sepia strands falling like raindrops over her immaculate flushed face & lips still wet with sex & sweat, the brush gently,

Biden ackward, bizzare... but gets the job done

The Biden-Ryan debate might have been a strange farce if the presidency and the future of The Supreme Court didn't clearly hang in the balance.

Growing Old

What If I simply can’t understand, or cope for that matter?

Kittypet Ch. 7

I lay on my bed, staring up at the plain, grey ceiling. Colwyn slept quietly on the floor across the room. I sighed. I’d lost the war and every battle since.

The Fox and the Pigeon hole Chapter 2

For a moment Lance stares into the man’s eyes, they are a deep blood red; piercing into him, the man’s eyes remind Lance of fire, and rage.

Bandit at Twelve O'clock

Bandit at Twelve o clock Helen read the letter, written on a single sheet of notepaper, three times and reached for the phone to call her friend Angie who was as bemused by it as Helen.

The Oracle of Love

and when I hold your hand, I know, we have only higher to climb. Our love's like an oracle that shows my heart glittering visions

The Stairs in the Park

The Stairs in the Park

The Gentle Wazeau - Part 2

Mal tells Kai a secret; they make plans.......


Attractions Music blares over the fairground, lilting and old-fashioned-gay, metallic as it crackles through gramophonic speakers.

Hello, my name is Tom.

Hello, my name is Tom. How may I be of assistance today?

Hunted Down

Short Science fiction story. This came from a creative writing exercise where I ended up having to create a story using the phrase 'and everywhere stars'.

Up Here In Heaven

A long forgotten silent movie star takes the opportunity to come down and set the record straight.