Value culture and the arts

Letter #3

Hey Danny!

I've been reading this book and it's got me thinking. Things like:
how small is infinity? how vast is small?

The Deer

another first drafty

The Swan

she wields her wings about her.
Surging forward and up for flight.
While beneath her, she feels
the finality of iced fingers;
desperately scratch their last,



Cleanliness is next to...


Jack the Ripper

Plain clothes, painted wings
claiming piety
whilst I take nightly
the last breath from vermillion lips.

A reprise to the cry;
the 'shick' of my knife
taking life, the Devil's device

Poem of the week


‘We cannot reach you,’ they said.
‘Where do you go inside that head
of yours?'

A Hunter, and Dreams - story

Yesterday about this time Matt was carrying a bucket of grain for the sheep on dad’s ranch.


My Wicked Witch

A poem about the dilemmas of love: we only know what we have once it's gone.

"The Ocean"

Is it moving? Or is it still?
Those are lies the ocean tells
Save your strength, you’ll need it for later

In the hateful waters lies a silhouette
Fighting against the sea of stone

He Saw Her Eyes

Pastor thankful
for the Church-giving, sharing


Love and Duty
P K Routray
“Hey Son!” heart-rending is the cry of the father’s ghost,
“I tore your body for shake of my moral duty or it would have been the worst.

A Copycat Race – Idea for new game/sport explained in story form

You could call it an 'offshoot' of "Follow The Leader" but in the form of a race.


Bad Habits

I know you want me to leave but
if I do that I’ll feel cheap so
I lean across
and press play
when I really want to say:


three of them
soiled and ripped
slump against the
wall awaiting incineration

a triptych of bedsit DNA
worn fabric marking
the stains of humanity


The Artist

About someone I used to know.

Ministerial diary Day 6

An emergency has been declared. The tiger is officially declared a ‘category red’.


Precautions taken against tiger attack: Chapter 4

After my meeting with Nigel I decided to return to the other Plough and Compasses. What sort of journalist was I, you might ask, if my day simply involved crawling from pub to pub?


Precautions taken against tiger attack Chapter 3

It took me less than half an hour to get to the Plough and Compasses. Yet again I passed through empty streets, in all my time in London I had seen nobody, my only conversation was with a tiger.

The Generation Gap

hiding in woods from
desperadoes, helping to protect
towns as we boldly fought
for goodness