Inhabiting the margins


Are you wearing sunnie’s? Oh dear you do look funny


reflections on my 25th move

Sweet Lies

Your bright blue eyes tell pretty little lies Your lips, cherry red the only thing I truly dread Yet won't you let that sweet smile just stay for a while Won't you let it linger

Wallflower ..

Excuse me .. (taptap) Do you think red is the colour for me ? I saw it on someone who looked like she'd be A similar age and the same shape as me


Over the Heaven-dreaming moon; Down through the canyons deep in shadow; - - "Fly, swiftly fly," came the call of the sky, - - "If you seek for El-Dorado."


I wrote this within 5 minutes of reading one of Ray Bradbury's brilliant stories. One of my favourite Sci-Fi authors of all time who has just died.

Five Shades of Ray

After hastily spreading the legs of his latest pick up, Sebastian Ray crouched there like a lion in a feeding frenzy, his tongue growing numb from the strain of his efforts.

But wasn’t it just purest blue…

“I’ve watched these horizontal skies turn gray…

Oh, The Blood!

When I woke up I was alone on the blue velvet couch. No sign of Camila or Ana. Thin brownish lines of dried blood ran down from my chest as a reminder.

Fireman Fred (flash fiction)

As Grandfather Atkins sat down, he clicked the switch on his chair. Slowly the seat slid back to a more comfortable position. Then he picked up the remote and turned on the wall screen.

A train to catch

"In a universe suddenly divested of illusion and lights, man feels an alien, a stranger. His exile is without remedy since he is deprived of the memory of a lost home or the hope of a promised land.

Momma Knows Her Boy

the way she tucked him into bed with a kiss, then seeing him off to school next day

Unconditional Love

Your smile lights up the greyest days Upon you face I love to gaze

Little Duck

Waddle, waddle, quack, Quack, Quack, waddle, waddle, quack, Splish-splash, waddle quack


You are my destiny, you are my book of life, what are you doing with that knife? I worship and adore you, never ignore you, understanding and compassion; never question your suggestions;

Star man

Thank you, Mr B.

Tree of Life

I see a comparison with these feathered flurries

Mans Best Friend

The scent was the first thing that she noticed.