Calling her a dog


Are you wearing something saucy?
Beneath your beautiful wedding livery

Memories are made of this

If only religion had been the tool to lift him out of the hole he had dragged them all into, yet a million ringing of bells, sweeping of clerics' cloaks and cloying incesnse wasn't sadly......

My analysis of the films of Chris Nolan

In the movie the prestige both the characters you're introduced to at beginning of the movie are dead at the end, both replaced by doppelgangers, the twin and the imposter.

the parasomniac

teeth gnashing
teeth grinding
breaths coming
sporadically &
each time the seizing feeling rips through
feels like one step closer to the end
legs doing a dance
all their own

trance de pavot

se déplaçant lentement la tête
de la gauche vers la droite
que le ciel s'ouvre à la lumière night-club
avec le globe scintillant
avec les produits chimiques se précipiter dans les veines


It was cold and stormy. The wind made the window shake. Little five-year-old Thomas was looking out the window best he could to see if his parents were coming back for him.


There is only one thing to do when you can't do anything else.

carpe viam carpe diem second position

Come on, seize the road!
That strong steady, stained and chiselled path;
Scratched out from chalk filled touches
of our nakedly conceived dreams.
For it is here, and now


“Bread Man’s at it again!”


Ex Chapter 25 - the battle of Kentish Town part 1

"Shooting people is important Charon, especially if you’re the person getting shot.”


3 months too soon

I have the hands of a Doctor
Come here, hold my hand
Let me whisper in your ear
A plethera of delicate secrets,
Trails of words, strings of light
Told and retold a thousand times over,

Cut Up 3

Cut Up 3
Jack Hughes

Beware sexy theories
Troubled men,
Smart women –
Joy is your entire social life:
An epidemic of sex differences.
Why do people (but mostly cute)

Memories are made of this

Being blind didn't make you nice;everyone knew that...didn't they?

A Senior Day

the old age cheque is in

Time and Movement

a speedway with dew
worms scrambling

We are

hearts scrambled on paper
memories heavier than rain
pointed kisses on 75

we are

upside down at four a.m.
letting safety drown
melting into one another

we are

crashing fireworks

Eyes Can See

It scars the landscape with
good intentions


After You've Gone

(Edit 30/4/2012)

After you’ve gone...
who shall I have to cook for..