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Life is Grand (Automatic writing)

We are shooting stars falling through the cosmos; let us look at universes great and small; the way that rain shines gold upon the window pane or the stars seem to surround a person’s head;

Craving Tacos

Crazy. That’s how the world sees you.

The Owl

Calm, still is the night Up at a great height On a twisted twig The owl doth sit Listening, glaring into black air Awaiting a movement, awaiting a stir Sharpening claws against bark

A black kind of love

The Black widow spins her web. A lonely attendant for the dead, Her silver-line of memory Depicting scenes of tragedy... A distant pattern of love Blowing between two branches above

autumn haikus

Leaves swirl at my feet a colourful tornado Stark, bare trees stand above Fruits sour, leaves crisp Heavy is the sodden floor Weightless blossoms fall

The Builders' Report (chapters 9 & 10)

A 'cold-hearted' publicist with her own advertising agency, Cleo is going to get more than an office added to her house! As she searches for a reputable builder, love is about to knock her to the ground and begin its own rebuilding...

Wildhearts (Need to be free) – Lyrics (80’s Rock song)

1st Verse: Free like the wind; free like the rain; free like wild horses that run on the plain. Free like the rivers that flow to the sea; free from the cages of captivity. Chorus:

Wazoola – An interactive choosing Game for children

You are the Champion!!!!!! You take home the fabulous Wazoola Golden Bear trophy.

A Walk Down the Aisle - Part 1 - A Craven Danger Mystery

Betty fletcher flipped the switch on the intercom. “Mr. Danger,” said Betty. “Ya got a minute?”


ah Pia the one before a new year!

...And will I Miss New Years?

I’m pissed off about not being paid too. My car tax is due tomorrow. I haven’t given Dan a penny for my keep in over six weeks.

Did I Miss Christmas?

Sunday January 30th 2012. This will be my last entry for this year and indeed this book. I haven’t written for nearly a month which I’ll be explaining… if I get the time.

The Barber of Winchmore Hill - part 1

Can a haircut change a man's life? Donald thinks it can. This is the first in a collection of stories taking place in North London; Winchmore Hill to be more precise. Fiction? Perhaps...

The Governor and The Mourner

A bit longer and more detailed than my usual stuff but hopefully worth a read. It's still under construction so crit. would be especially it interesting, believable? Thanks :)

What has happened?

What happened to those beautiful and light Jewish faces which light up like candles illuminate cherish love and pure feelings religious overflow that was so giving to others?

Infinite Sky

Aunt Esmerelda or Auntie Esme as we were allowed to call her was something of a mystery to me. Occasionally I would go and see her without telling my mother.

Infinite Sky

...he's been stretching his mind to think up ways of adding and multiplying to make an invisible abacus of entrailed structures in the Ebon stink.