The search for Merlin Homes 8/15

The little group discussed plans while eating their dinner.


Dream Cord

Same themes but different dreams.
Some skin connection brings

Soul Members

Philosophy for the poor man/woman

The Hundred and Ten Pound Novel - Chapter VI an Intermission

Anyone wishing to go to the lobby for some Raisinettes and a beverage may do so. But don't be surprised if the curtain starts rising while your still fidgeting in your pockets for the proper change.

Their Type

Hey, why are convinced that we have to destroy style and start over?


Death of the author


My dead diary - baiting vampires

A story of sorts in 200-word episodes. In which the writer expresses somewhat freely his distaste for his toothy undead colleagues.

Une Poème Pour Les Dames De La Nuit Paralysé

A poem for Dear Old Claude, who was a friend of mine (he was never quite satisfied).

An Immortal 6

The Egg slowly opened.

Francis and Jason stepped out.

"It's a wonderful success," Francis beamed with a smile. Then, she squeezed Jason's hand. Jason looked at her for a slight second.

Poem of the week

Messiah to Mummy

Messiah to mummy.
Mother to brother. Mother to sister.
Daughter is eldest. Daughter is best. Means she is good. Means she says yes.
Prescriptions. Nineteen eleven fifty nine. Appointments.

Under The Mistletoe (Christmas Love Song)

1st Verse:

It’s Christmas time
and it would really be a crime
to let this opportunity
to kiss you slip away from me.

And Santa Clause
deserves a big round of applause.

Coasting Chapter 7


Relics From A Bygone Era

Feet and hands are useless,
their labours and toils are fruitless.
Flesh and body replaced with steel,
and dead hands, with no means to feel.

Metal, with oil and grease below,


Just a little Ruby Rhyme...

The hourglass man

Gathering new members to the flock.


Lucy lives with the knowledge that her father has committed a great sin. Summoned to his deathbed, she wonders if he will finally acknowledge his guilt or die in a state of denial.

Grave Obsession / Chapter 6

Michael and Bryn receive a mysterious package.