The City on the Burning Hill

I The late spring sun cuts my backyard in half. My mother says something to me Relaxing in the latticed shade of electrical pylons, But it's muted on...

Magic Of Making Up System Review

There is an important part of life that we tend to put on the back burner.Your business is very important but most of all your relationships are.You surely can not run a successful business knowing that your spouse or marriage is in trouble. Psychological tricks? Yes, essentially that's what you'll be learning when you read this guide. Whether or not you feel comfortable with that is up to you. I know you may not want to feel like you are manipulating him or her into coming back to you but at the same time; how else are you going to do it? Are you willing to just let them leave without a fight? First things first, remain calm. To get a lost love back you must keep a level head. When people panic two things occur. They lose their cool and become desperate. How does T. W. do all of this? He has gleaned hundreds of offline and online resources to study how guys and girls relate and communicate. He has studied relationship professionals and has spent years of his life traveling around the world since he was 17 years old - that experience gave him lots of insights into how people interact. The magic of making up can provide you with a good, solid plan of action for getting your ex-girlfriend back. Don't


So this is famine. Yellow sun a dull, drab drench upon fields of indifferent gold. Silvery moonbeams richochet off brittled leaves falling...

Don't Drive Yourself Nuts Studying Relationship Psychology

Most of you think that winning back a guy is all about exerting efforts and showing affection . This is where you are wrong. Guys sometimes lose interest in the relationship if the girl loses attention in taking care of herself. So it should be a lesson to women that they should not give too much of themselves to their partner because it will leave them with nothing but regret and hurt. You may find it hard to take this first step. After all, if you were the one who brought up the subject of divorce, your spouse may be feeling very hurt and angry, and may even have started thinking that ending your marriage might be a good idea. However, unless they have truly convinced themselves of this, then you can probably save your relationship with a sincere apology, and by admitting that you were the one who was wrong. Use this time to work on yourself a bit. If your ex-girlfriend is dating a "bad boy," it's likely you were a little too nice and safe for her. If she's involved with a doctor or lawyer, maybe you should focus more on your career. However, it's

Sidewards Third Chapter Part 2

Second part of the third chapter, final part coming soon. I'm not really sure about David and Cainn's back-and-forth about explaining their ability to understand languages. Do you think it seems out-of-place, or works to a degree? Does it actually feel funny, at least in places? It's s part of this chapter that I'm kind of struggling with.

Sidewards Third Chapter Part 1

Third chapter of my current novel, detailing the first thing David remembers back in prehistoric times.

Daisy and The Chalet Woman (Part Two)

Part Two. Still don't know the ending.

Daisy and The Chalet Woman (Part One)

I am really struggling with this one. I've got two thirds of the way through and I now have about three endings, all entirely different, and I can't decide. I don't even know what genre to put it in. Depends on the ending...

Gave it to the sea

The cut between these times was such that I thought it possible I was living in an afterlife. In louder places we sat in filthy messes, plates and...

Arriving; Waking; The significance of locality; Leaving

Arriving To be reborn I must disappear completely, move four-hundred miles up country, live in a converted gaol; listen; learn. Then in this northern...

A celebration of austerity

The government’s spending cuts were the greatest thing to ever happen in this land. The government told us so on many occasions. The Prime Minister...

The need for God’s revelation

Continuing the idea of one of my old hymns on Sundays: Man, created in God’s image, knew communion with his Lord: earth’s Creator and Sustainer Adam...

The Zen of Dog (Part Two)

First draft of a ramble about dog grooming.


Pass me your cup, and look at this Picasso I have. No, this is just where nature didn’t meet up with industrial waste. I wonder where the next rain...

Passing Through - 3/3 - Passing time with no time

3/3: Passing Through/Passing time with no time (End of K) - 2028 I met K just once, at the end of it all. I believed he was ready to leave. I found...

On Your Leaving

Empty boat on a vast expanse of fairly troubled water Insignificant though distressing should you be watching which you aren't A raw wind whips...


together, were assembled in the womb, all safe and warm but all too quickly, find ourselves in life's insurgent storm . the winds may tear us limb...

I Was Forced To Take His Life

When a man came at me with a knife, I was forced to shoot and take his life. It was self defense but I was still horrified by what I had done. I...

Rewrite sonnet

It was really nice meeting you here Countless details light on my fire I could hardly take away my heart from there The past we’ve been through...