ganja haiku set

Rain falls on the park:
on the swings and street guitars,
on haves and have-nots

sakura shine like pearls,

The Fragility of China

two mugs stashed – each in each;
so tight I can’t prize them apart
for fear they’d break in my hands,

The Mallard God Complex (13)

Slowly but surely I will finish this story! Let me know how you like it so far? I've taken a turn for the weird and majestic (where I hope to...

Story Told By An Elder

An old Native American Indian man is telling a story to his grandson. His grandson doesn't know that his grandfather will be leaving this world....

The Good Fighter

There is an eighteen year old teen that has been fighting since he was fifteen. His name is Freddie Long Legs. Boxing has been in his family for...



Having been lustful about a blonde bimbo
it seems I have transgressed some doctrine.


… power above the must of lust
– for love.

Sloth is …

… loth to move,
will shirk to work
and feels the appeal
of why not time steal
from the criticised boss,
if possible...

Gypsy Travelling Girl (Folky song)


Down a country road I ride;

a travelling girl right by my side;

I want to see the whole world wide

with my...


The Little Lonely Girl and her friend, the bird.

There was once a little girl who was very ill; so ill that she had to stay in bed all the time and could never go out; Cherissa was her name....


Woke up this morning.

She could talk forever.

We had less than an...


A Sea of Lies

So anyway, there were these two gerbils sitting in the Timothy Spall Pub,

Discussing the world of brilliant lies, and trying to get down to...

Unlike Poles Attract

Unlike Poles Attract...




Tell me how to act, in this, the final chapter...


Dante's Lament


A Promise

A Promise

P K Routray

My every thought, my every word and my every deed...


Flipping Bonkers Three: Archive: Don't Look Down, He's Naked

We arrived at the apartment and I tried very hard not to look too impressed. Mauri’s place is a mismatch of style, elegance, taste, opulence,...


Flipping Bonkers Three: Archive: Next Disaster

Monday 28th June 2004.

I’ve got so much to tell and don’t really know where to start. I don’t want to miss anything out...