New Shoes?

Who you staring at Mister, in your posh limousine?
Kerb-crawling’s illegal, so stop hassling me.

march of the muse

her footprints glow her shadow falls
on deserted plains and moonlit valleys
she climbs the silver spiral stairway...

Flipping bonkers Thirteen: Current: The R-Team

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Yesterday we covered the first part of my role at work. I request, prepare and...

Reef 5 - Mayday!

Reef, or Wonder Dog, as Jim and Barry sometimes called her, was in some ways happy go lucky but in other quite specific ways very serious indeed....

Tales of Tricks and Treats

"Is something wrong?", she said
Well of course there is, "you're still alive," she said

Fantasy Island

I went to Fantasy Island but my fantasy didn't come true.
I beat up Mister Roarke and I also tried to beat up Tattoo.
When Roarke...

The Conspiracy


June 13th 1968

Vincent plugged a searing Lucky between his bared teeth, ingested on the cancerous...


lost my voice again; the landscape is huge and dangerous,
but without my words I'm trapped.

you too...


Flipping Bonkers Two: Episode Forty One: Archive: Leave Me Alone

Monday 18th August 2003.

We’ve had another long gap. I keep saying I’ll do better but if I had written, it would...


Flipping Bonkers Two: Episode Forty: Archive: I hate Kids.

Monday 21st July 2003.

Saturday was a nightmare. We had David over to sleep on Friday night. David and Mike...

Between Thoughts

Between Thoughts

P K Routray


Outta Sight

Getting ready to write some stories on the theme of 'out of sight'.


Alcatraz Penitentiary is located in California in San Francisco.
It became a Federal Penitentiary about eighty years ago.
Alcatraz was...


Chapter 4 - Old Mr Mulligan

Of course his ever watchful Mum noticed straight away that he had changed into his best trousers. “You can’t wear those, they’ll get muddy,” she...

Artemis 6: Strictly for the Birds

"Who are you?"

"I am your commander."

"Where am I?"

"That's a good question. Where are you?"

"I'm in an aircraft, the...

Hmmm Emmm Emm

Hmm Hhmm Eeem Eeem Eemm

By Paul McCann

Can’t you see what’s under my skin ,

Can’t you