The Girl Who Never Slept (Part Three)

It was Halloween and that time of the day when in my home town there would be a constant stream of expectant children knocking on the door.
Due to the remoteness of the cottage and the foulest weather I had seen for many a day, so I wasn’t expecting even one.

Angels and demons

Wordsworth was a wordsmith who's words were worth smithing.

Dan Brown is shit.


Trading Places is a very amusing Christmas Comedy.



Take this evil from our land

Take it by the hand

Take these wars bullets and violence


The Human Race

The face of a human,

a repetition of selves conjoined

like a centipede;

sexless and nondescript

stretching back to a...

The Small Atoms Of Time (Song)


My life beneath the microscope,

I see the small atoms of time;

moments of bliss; moments of hope

seem lambent with...


I had this thought, but then I realised it was too close to reality and I knew it wouldn't be prudent or decent to share it.

How can anyone...

The (Nec)Romancer Part 1

He liked this part of town. It was still, quiet, undisturbed. At night, however, this area played host to the depraved. That was why he was here....

Whiteout III: 2 (Halls of Gold)

2. Halls of Gold

Waking moments came sparingly as I was dragged through the strange land. I could not tell...

L'Atelier Saint-Germain

A rickety easel – grubby rags
hang like flags at half-mast...


‘Let’s take the short cut’ Jan said.

‘Let’s not!’ Sean replied, ‘They told everyone in assembly to walk home by well-lit routes now it’s...

The quarrel

Why can't you give me a straight answer?

Do you think that I'm a fool?
Why must things be so complicated

Crispin (Working Title) Part 2

...For around two months now Crispin has been going on his outings, and he doesn't always just stand, or sit on benches...


your laughter sometimes ripples
like the backspin of a river
as it tumbles down the valley to the...

His Need

His Need

P K Routray

Wealth, wisdom and...

The Fifteen Hour Siege

9 p.m.

My friend Ann had a big prob-lem


How To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

The perfect way to avoid overeating this Thanksgiving is to put super glue on your lips.
If you're not able to eat your Thanksgiving dinner...

The Point of No Return

A trimmed down version of yesterday's offering - 'Persuasion'