when one is born in silence with no language to enhance they pantomime in splendid rhyme their fingers in a dance . when people do the hula it is...

Mr Morpheus 5 - Mr Morpheus and The Nightmayor

Mr Morpheus looked down from the top of the Sears tower at the panic ensuing far below, people in large screaming crowds running from a giant,...

the desert

See then, the hard Misshapen land, worn Away to sand, It is Dead and rots, it Shrinks and shrivels. Pick, pick, pick away, a vulture Feeds its...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (22) Betcha By Golly Wow – Lindsay’s Tale (Part 07)

Lindsay felt terrible after rewarding the man’s act of kindness with a face full of pepper spray. “Don’t rub them you’ll just make them worse” she advised and then produced a small bottle of water from her bag

Explaining God

Explaining God Genesis unfolding In the beginning Once upon a time Tick-tock Can’t go back Revelation’s final stop. God in a book. That’s where to...


My wife was in the bathroom

Watching Kettles

Watching Kettles Time has become a fascination for me; nay an obsession even. As I seem to hurtle through my autumn years it seems to be accelerating...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (068) On the Night of the Summer Ball (Part 03)

As soon as Samantha had stroked him to a satisfactory state of arousal she stopped kissing him and took the wine glass from his hand and nonchalantly took a leisurely drink while still massaging his manhood with her other gloved hand and smiling at him mischievously before releasing her grip and walking over to the sofa where she stood with her back to him knowing full well he would follow and as he did he put down his own drink so he would have both hands free to grapple with the elegant little temptress.


I don’t think I have ever told you properly about that guy we spoke to in Amsterdam. It was the first evening, I think, and we were walking along the...

Weird Speech in a Parking Lot

Evan sat in his car outside the restaurant where he worked. His shift had ended half an hour earlier, but he couldn’t drive away. He had to wait...

The Warm Glow Of Autumn (Seasonal Song)

1. The warm glow of Autumn made me feel so nice; sweet scents of the season cinnamon and spice. 2. And bright patchwork patterns; Red, Amber and Gold...

Joy and Sorrow Chapter 3(sandcastles)

Celeste felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle, when she heard Karen's shrieky voice fill the beach air. Her sister - in - law had one of...

Joy and sorrow chapter 2(The heat is on)

Celeste shifted her weight uncomfortably. She was sitting in a stuffy, college auditorium, half heartedly watching her husband's debate for governor...

Joy and Sorrow chapter 1 st.patrick's day

Celeste Richards,and her husband, Senator Joel Harrington, were attending a wedding that the New Orleans Picayune hailed as "the event of the year."...

Intelligence, what is it?

When an animal takes a feeling, produces information from it then conveys the information to another animal, it is said to be behaving intelligently.

The freedom train - Moses, 12th October, 1993

The next bit of something longer I'm writing :)


twas born on a plane i know that's insane imagine my mother in flight . in clouds, high above when a push came to shove i arrived on that curious...

Joker At My Door

As daylight began to melt away and the mysteries of the night fell upon me, I found myself concealed under a mantle of smog, foolishly wandering...

Call Her Love

Sleep Deprived Half Dream