Miles to Fly Before We Sleep (Poetry Monthly)

Only - close those sleepy eyes, we've got miles and miles to go, rest your head on my shoulder,we'll be there before you know.

En los Jardines del cabo Noval

I'm watching the kids playing football in the sun. There are many times when I sit and think there’s nothing more to write – that I have nothing more...

Silent Echo (Part Two of Two)

Despite the passage of time, I had no trouble remembering the two agents who’d expressed an interest in The Followed . A search of Companies House...

Silent Echo (Part One of Two)

The novel, that hateful object which started it all, had been in the house for almost three months before I noticed it. As a general rule, my husband...

I don't know what to Title this yet.

This novel is about a gentalman and his travles with a young girl Amber how he is taining her trying to do change her into a girl with a better...


CANUTE My pet newt, Canute, is far too minute to hold back the tide on its moon-inspired route. Nor can he dispute the ocean’s pursuit of valley-...

Criss cross

human non human we are linked by threaded steel human non human bacterial congenial human non human tesco adept human non human together we wept

so OS in love

‘Is it possible to increase the size please? ‘ I can! Let’s try A1 and see how that comes out, then go from there! Will that be OK? I nod a yes and...

People say ‘the grace’ to each other

[Continuing the idea of one of my old hymns on Sundays:]. (May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14) … we cannot understand his might, but love to learn and praise, tell of his gracious ways!

Stealing from ISIS

A former Special Air Services soldier turned mercenary is tasked to steal gold in ISIS held territory.

Yellow moon haiku set

After summer's red roses it's the grass that ice-shines bright even into the night Tourists walk the bright shop-front sidewalks seeking out sushi or...

Stolen Dreams

Pain sears through my body and I cry out. An immense tidal wave of agony engulfs me . The pain becomes my whole world and I withdraw from reality,...


studio morning calls in distant flight announce cirrus radiance shore awakened beckons sea sky's ensuing warmth expands energy's seep back into being...


Four conversations overheard at tables in cafes.


Frustration by Paul McCann Living within isolation , frustration setting in , like the blood in my vein or the winds and the rain , with no...

The Longest Day

The Longest Day The run up to Christmas Day has inevitably changed for me over the years and I guess there a quite a few factors involved. If I set...

Mornington-By-Mere – (09) Penny and Tom (Part 01)

Happy go lucky Penny Williams had lived all her life in Abbeyvale and was a bubbly bright woman who always had a smile on her face she was in fact by nature a happy outgoing person.


An enjoyable and credible reworking of Charles Dickens well spun yarn of redemption. This retelling of the story is of a driven and heartless publishing executive, Carol Huffman (Emmanuelle Vaugie) who on Christmas Eve is visited by the ghost of her former boss, Eve (Carrie Fisher).