Flipping Bonkers Two: Episode Fifty: ARCHIVE: I'm So Angry With Him

Sunday 21st September 2003.

I haven’t got a lot of time to write this but, as usual, time has passed and...

Mother Of Marriage

Mother Of Marriage

By Paul McCann...

Riddle (2nd October, 2014) – for National Poetry Day

I cannot keep hold of you;

you slip and slide -

like spilt mercury, you just divide;


The Danger of the World's Police Force

The Danger of the World’s Police Force

If we flashback one hundred years for...

Drunken Cop

I turned to the bottle because I was a Cop.
I was a good Policeman but it had to stop.
I couldn't stand the crime and violence anymore...

/might delete this later/

He inhaled the poison, holding it in a bit before he finally exhaled. He tapped the cigarette on the ashtray to his right, then put it to his lips...

Evidence-based trust (IP)

Trust, blind faith in men of might,
certainty that they’ll do right:
but feet of clay –
enticed away,
leave a litter
of backers bitter.

Faith in God need not be blind …

Early morning thoughts

As little as it was of a keepsake, it's gone now, I somehow deliberately did it, Looks like i'm slowly letting go...letting go of something that...

Clockwork Yellow 3

i'm drivin and drivin. if the millicents catch us, we all plead diplomatic immunity. that means that i can do bloody well as i please. we have the...

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles – At The Lord Lieutenants Summer Ball (Part Two)

It is said that police officers are never truly off duty and they are always waiting and watching.
Though Jimmy Pidd had never really believed that to be true certainly not for him.
He had never had any trouble separating work and personal life and when he was off duty he never gave work a second thought.


The best years of a woman's life


Happy Birthday, mother dear

black rock

faith, hope, love

Literary Excavation

Slow emerging photographs
their focus never yours
for she sees rectilinear, slam up close
in fisheye. Motion blurs won't

suburban sunset

ten years ago


The Absence of Noise

Factory sirens no longer wail

Chimney smoke has all but gone

The wrecking ball began the fall

Of an empire of workers strong...

Mother Of The Home

Mother Of The Home

By Paul McCann...

Mother Of The Home

Mother Of The Home

By Paul McCann...

a sabattical in darkness

Inside the gated microcosm,
the street-lights are abundant
and ultra-bright like snarling demon sentinels,
or spike-toothed...