The Hallway

And he looked up from his seat.
Knowing that yet darkness his eyes would meet.
His world was of confusion.
All aspects part of a...


A rabbit runs in the field.
Its perception quite clear.
In the distance, an object of yield

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (03) The Problematic Convalescence (Part 05)

Riding every other day really built up his stamina so that after exactly one month from the day of their first ride together he completed his first circuit of the perimeter road.

“Wow” he panted as he brought the bike to a halt

“Well done Paul” Indie said

“I didn’t think I was ever going to do it” he confessed

“Let’s do it again”

“Absolutely not” Indie said “just enjoy the moment”


“But nothing” she reiterated

“Ok” he said resignedly “you’re very bossy”


Are you wearing Ermine?

More Wrongs Don't Make It Right

More about cats and dogs - if you are sick of the subject please don't read on, I'll understand. I'll stop soon, I promise.

Bee x


Not Afraid

Not Afraid

“It’s not death I’m afraid of – it’s the process of dying.”

I've said that over the years to various people....

In the flux.

An attempt to describe a moment of changing before a cleansing in
less than 500 words. The penultimate line is reworded from a Borges
short story.

Moon Day Mirage

Together I saw you;



How To Be A Poet

Just like the title says.


Shetland Echo

I like how the sky sucks the wet darkness
from the earth without fuss, and how
the black peat releases a breath
to cast a halo...

Snowed - A Craven Danger Mystery

“It says here it’s the biggest blizzard ever!” said Craven. “Even bigger than the biggest one before that! And that was pretty darn big,...

Friday nights...

There’s just something more difficult about Friday nights. The rest of the week is a blur of rushing around, getting things done, being places...

The Way Out

The engine died and silence fell in the dark street, but not in her chaotic mind. It had been one of those days when nothing had gone quite right...

A Solitary Lady

As the widow of a policeman, Mary's life had hardly ever been a happy...

The 5 Doors: A Complicated (sequential) card choosing Game

  1. Behind five doors are hidden five things but you do not know which is behind which door/ They could be represented as cards, each
  2. ...

noh theatre opening night

To smile is shallow,

we’re far deeper when we’re sad,

more intelligent.

Our stage is bare wood,

painted green...


I Hit The Rocks

I hit the rocks.
Half a life sunk into a quarter,
the days dropped away
as I sat, watching the mighty ones
take home the...