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If April Were October

A response to the poem found here

Old Scores

Did you hear the one about Ophelia and Hamlet?

'Did ya? Did ya?

It ends in tears.

I’m throwing skulls from a grave!


That Damn Peach

My peach tree only had one peach and my brother decided to pick it.
I grabbed it out of his hand and you know where I decided to stick it....

spring days

Spring days

Morning cracks

Piercing sun

Start of a day

Spring cranks

A weekend


Raison d'être

Put up, taken down, polished, further desertified and then put up again :)


Not red, violet or blue will do for Vincent...

Intire Irons

‘The criminal isn’t making a fashion statement when he wears Intire Irons around his ankle – they’re simply the most secure bondage available...

True Tales from an Austere Kingdom – the general election

There is surely no greater time to be alive than during an election campaign.

Elections are always a rewarding business. Last...



P K Routray

A user ID and a password...

April 18th



The pie problem

Jed was sleeping in again. He wasn’t there to meet the morning boat, and when I called round his house the lazy scamp was still asleep. It was...

Lattes in Limbo

One son, torpid, lounges

swum fluent in books, scrawl fresh brewed

lost in the flurry and hiss.

The End of the Beginning

Tonight Brian and Tina hold hands on the bus home from work. Although they’ve travelled home together every night for eight years, it’s something...


After Serious Concerns

With apologies to Wendy Cope.

a corner... mine only

...spring water

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (11) The Train Wreck (Part 02)

Claire was disappointed that Peter couldn’t make it as it was the first social event she had been invited to since they got together and it would have been nice to have her boyfriend at her side.

She liked the way that sounded “her boyfriend” so she repeated it her head several times.

Unfortunately Peter was going to be working in Abbottsford overseeing production on a location shoot.

Ben couldn’t accompany Olivia either as he was already attending three weddings that day in Shallowfied.