Stepping Stones (Poetry Monthly)

...blew a kiss, as they hit the open road...

Sideways haiku set

"Confusion is king: the talk of your town. Confusion is king: the talk of my town." - Elliott Smith mad as a hatter, strange, driven to abstraction...

Casework (Part 1 of 2)

It started with a friendly knock on the door. Stephen was washing up the pans from Sunday lunch, daydreaming about nothing in particular and looking...


I’d a bad night. The guy upstairs had a burst pipe on Tuesday, which he didn’t know about. Next thing it’s Thursday, the ceiling comes down, and I’m...


i'm driving to the radio it's sometimes fast and sometimes slow i tend to let its tempo set my pace . sometimes i'll hear my favorite song and i'll...

A Victorian Gentleman and the Steam Age

Surplice Dingleberry was the third and youngest son of the twelfth Lord Dingleberry, the renowned inventor of the steam-driven top hat dispenser. As was the tradition at the time, young Surplice was destined for a life in the church. However, he was – like his father – fascinated by the wonders of Victorian engineering and the possibilities inherent in steam power.

I will never understand why

non-Cornish pasties taste of the skid marks in a Croydon stag’s pants or that I only ever bump in to my abusive ex masked to hide the clouted bits...

Espresso of sweet amnesia.

Slipping - Chapter 3 - Reinventing Myself

Exiting the elevator the first morning of the Star Trek convention, almost fully recovered from head-butting the wall, I kept my eyes forward, and...

A Simple Mind

Tao,T’ai Chi and Benjamin Hoff

Bernard Shaw

The first time Bernard saw his ruination, it looked completely ordinary. It walked into his fourth-period class wearing the school uniform. The skirt...

the Trip - part 3

The trip part 3 The next day our plan was to go to Gem Mountain in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. I had no idea what this would entail, but Jenny had...

Mornington-By-Mere - (07) Dulcet Tones (Part 13)

When Chloe emerged from the kitchen it wasn’t to be greeted by one of the Addison’s at all it was a small blonde haired woman. “Alex I would like you to meet my daughter Chloe” Nathan said “I’m so please to meet you” Alex said “I’ve heard a lot about you Chloe” “Likewise” Chloe said and kissed her on both cheeks before steering her into the lounge “Go in the lounge and dad will make a drink” And to her father she gave the thumbs up to show her approval. He didn’t rush with the drinks he knew that they would do a far better job of introducing each other than he could manage. When he did join them they were laughing about something they were not prepared to share with him.


If the advice for a man who has lost

Little Angels-CANCER

Little angels With so much wisdom In their attitudes, in their eyes hands always grasping with hope In their hearts a undescribable humbleness to...


My mum gave me the sex talk And during it she told me what to do


the morn is an amazing time unveiling is the sun to spread good cheer to earthlings, dear embracing everyone . it's time for new beginnings and a...

Hypo or the Journal of a Hypothyroid Male - Part Five A Post-Diagnosis Journal 2014

To a Christian Source 03/01/2014 1. Hi. Ever since I became a Christian over 20 years ago, I've had an easy ride I'll admit it; good health, minimal...

The Babysitter

As the cab turned the corner onto my street, the rock in my gut tightened even further. Familiar landmarks began whizzing by that, despite the...