best day's of our lives

Our meetings fraught

I’m a fragile thing

Flexing home-made wings

Balancing on a lid of doubt

Bent double with...

The Deserter


the house is dark now;

I think you took the light with you.

Floorboards creak with an ill foreboding


Sword master

This is the sword which gives life

It can kill, or heal

Cutting the unprepared mind in twain


Suitcase full of blues

Well the suitcase

Carries the tales

It has flown with eagles

And swam with whales

It has jumped on trains


Silence of the Lambs 3

-Kim, these are not duck feathers.

-What kind of feathers are they?

-Drake feathers, a male duck. They are colorful. This one is...

The Abbottsford Police Chronicles – The Body In The Tree (Part Four)

The last thing DC Griffin wanted at 5 o’clock on a Friday evening was a shout on the other side of the county.
Particularly when he had a really hot date.
Not that dates for him weren’t an everyday occurrence because as a result of trying to break his gambling habit he had become a sex junkie instead.
But his date was different, this one wasn’t a conquest, this one he was in love with.


You have a really dazzling smile

Flight DCT 13

Flight DCT 13 1592 words - Cobbled together from some old emails

Another one from The Parkinson's Players' Revue 'Where...

Dakota Diary 13 - More from Linda

Linda and Cora Sue and I went out to the large back yard, with some trees struggling to get big enough to give shade. Linda said we should sit on...


The Grey Prince and the grey sea

Once upon a time there was a prince, a prince who was destined to be king.

However, the prince’s mother, the Queen,...


The offal short story collection

When the famous writer promised his Ten Tales of Offal, the publisher was delighted, as his...

Hazy days

Hazy days,

eyes a glaze with last nights worries.

Fears take hold,

the air turned cold, like temperature matched my panic....


life is beautiful

life is beautiful:

spider shadows moving long-legged

slow over the ceiling,

a lover’s hand...


Play Therapy

It weren't me what told the social work woman about dad, it were the puppet. Her voice didn't sound nothing like mine either. It were some real...

My Thought Of The Moment

Let us try to give gestures

Of love not hate,as it may

Be the last thing we ever

Do or say to someone,but

The first...

Rattling down the hill

The rattling jalopy
shugles down
the steady hill
with no hope
of ever going up the way -
there’s no reverse to...


There are Days, and then there are Days

The day after the 'end of the world' was the last anyone ever saw of him.

William J. Seymour the man who was in Azusa Street

Born in Centerville, Louisiana on May 2, 1870, to newly freed slaves, William J. Seymour grew up during a time of racial unrest and injustice....