The BC Adventure 27

Vesuvius c/o Cecil and Joan Springford June 15 th, 1922 Dear Mummy and Daddy, Mark has gone to the Cariboo taking Eric with him, and I don't know...

All Hope is Won.

You're as hot as the fire. I can conjure sparks and flames. I've got ghosts in my closet, to keep my dolls maintained. They will tear you to pieces,...


Moon crescent at dusk like an elephant tusk; bright herd of the stars like an elephant's soul. I reach up and I rip the moon from the sky, replacing...

Sparkles and Shines (Jangly pop song)

1. Speckles of gold that twinkle in the dark; heaven can hold no more beautiful sparks. 2. Tinkles I hear like angel tambourines that shake in my ear...

So many raindrops

So many raindrops falling through the night; the lucky of them touched by a moon beam, bright. The rest just rattle downwards in the dark and,...

flipping Bonkers Five: CURRENT:Have You Been Sha*ging Someone?

Monday 2 nd May 2016 We had ‘The conversation’ it didn’t go well. Yesterday I had a surprise visit from Baz and his other half Kelly. Baz is Mick’s...

Hard hearted?

My heart bleeds, leaves Sits in a ruin by the sea Drinks brine Eats kelp Barnacled but free.

Bank Holiday

Day Trippers

I'll Teach You To Burn (IP)

Fire was a dominant theme in my childhood. It was for most kids in the fifties and sixties. It was one of our earliest lessons on the contrariness of life.


A soft 'whump' or thwump'...

Porcelain perch 2 - we're all in it together

The main weakness with trying to understand human life lies with its basic building-block: the human-being. ​Does anyone genuinely believe that any one group of humans is all good and others all bad? Do they believe that any one individual is always good or always bad? Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed (and all of those I’ve missed) were human beings. Where does that leave the rest of us?

Banana custard and scrumped plums

Fruit would appear in the house at different times and for various purposes. We had no fruit bowl. There would never be, say, a bunch of bananas, but...

It was our home

After you were born I took to walking around the neighbourhood a lot more and I came to love the charming Edwardian villa with the rambling garden...

The Net Caster (Part Twenty-Three)

I knew who she was. We all did. And every face was afraid.

April 23rd

The cruellest month Took the greatest pen, the ink Spilled ever living

The BC Adventure 26

Vesuvius Salt Spring Island 20 May, 1922 Dear Mums and Daddy, Eric has decided he will go with Mark and work as a carpenter - as there is need for an...

Just Past Three in the Morning (7)

I watched that space. I watched her getting out of his car. She was wearing a short red dress, under a jaunty, lace trimmed black jacket. Her heels...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (34) The Actresses and the Bishops (Part 05)

They broke for lunch and then two hours later they still hadn’t made a beginning. “Come on let’s go for a walk and get inspired” Amanda said positively. “Thank God you’re so sensible” “It’s a blessing and a curse” She said


If you can’t tell the difference Between a plant and weed

Choice Tales from the Vale – (042) The Girl in the Pink Pyjamas (Part 01)

Mark Sheridan was twenty two and had just returned to his parents’ home in Shallowfield after completing his degree. After the obligatory kiss and hug for his mother and helping his dad unload the car he went straight upstairs to his room.