The Winter Moon

The Winter Moon

The Moon on a Wintry Night


A Pity You Didn't Johnny Appleseed

A pity you didn't Johnny Appleseed
and scatter
the products of your devotion to
" the glamorous hell of love"
they could spring up for the reading of the will
with youthful juice

A Seagulls Eye

In your eye
your reptilian shallow eye
the supposed
brutishness of the British
is all
Our Shakespearean louts and
Falstaffs companions
dripping and itching
are taken for all

After the Rain

After the Rain

After the rain everyone has new cars
clouds slide across their roofs
silk slips of skybright and shadow
the tops of flagpoles are collaged with tinfoil

Brenchley By Dark

Brenchley by Dark

Storm wind took the power from Windmill Hill
by torchlight the Georgian house paints itself a Reynolds
Jane Austen wraps her pelisse close in the carriage
smoke sings of warm conversation and a musicale

Competition Entry

Competition Entry

Rainy Finchcocks

Rainy Finchcocks

Bank holiday charm, Finchcocks
greets with gorgeous Georgian facade
and every view is labelled glorious
swelling greens and fielded sheep


Old Roses

Old Roses

Old roses
underplanted with lavender banked purple petticoats
solid as old money and a well trained chorus
a Jacobean courtyard of mellow stone
seems to be theatrically painted


colour flashing
The sun stored egg yolk warmth under coffee ground

The Life of the Mind

The Life of the MInd

As beautiful as smoke
letters flying off pages and swooping like swallows into the eaves
up then darkling into a light blue and a yellowing sunset

The Schola Tomb

Competition Entry

Faure's Paradisum

touched by beauty at Evensong


The Sleigh

The sleigh only flies
in slowed down
when we have time
for logs and mulled wine
and the world can't get here
or us there
because of the risk of


The Edge of the Garden

The edge of the garden dissolves
like an Disprin
a spreading cloud of watery fog
in it a tree hunches in the margins
like a huge man in a mac
with a Homburg pressed low
cold in a peasouper



A little light stalking
like a sneaky cigarette
out by the barn
or the odd piece of chocolate
on a good diet day
like my kitten watching a beetle
just moving her head

There he stands


It needs a Dragon

The garden needs a dragon
it looks now slumped,hungover,unkempt
as grumpy as a Freshman on a Monday
shrubs collapsed by a winter hypnotist
"and down"
Sleeping Beauty's wicked witch

Snow Globe

Permutations of students
swirled to the front and sang
not just
"The Coventry Carol"
but "And the Glory" and
"Lullay My Liking"
with monastic harmonies
perfectly entwined

Islands and Ferries

The far Isles


Fire in the Wood

A Bonfire in the dark

Owl Time Rag

competition entry

My Dead Princess

It should be no surprise by now that some people
I have known have died
The girl with very long hair at school
died in Florida
in the Easter break
age 15
I remember her but not very well


Future Fruit

There are blossoms
and blossoms

Some gaudy about
Shiaperelli pink
and bright yellow
hiking up skirts
for bees
waving stamens
all fishnets
and 6 inch heels
take my pollen

Hysterical Trees

A bit of wind
and the trees are waving boughs
like little girls
screaming at a spider or a
dessicated dead mouse
teenagers hearing creaking steps
after a seance

Muskrat Dam

vanishing worlds