The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008). That means if my arithmetic is correct that there must be at least two girls. One of the in Natalie Portman as Anne. The other is Scarlett Johansson as Mary. Eric Bana is Henry VIII and, although there are three of them, a very nice couple they are to. It’s more complicated than that, of course. Henry is already married, for one thing to Katherine of Aragon. She’s rather nice, but dull and can’t even give him the male heir every autocratic ruler wants and needs and must have. The two Boelyn Girls are motivated by different wants and needs. Mary is simpler and wants love, which Henry gives, for a short time, long enough to make her pregnant and she has a baby boy. Ann is unhappy about being rejected by Henry for her sister Mary, but she wants more. Kristin Scott Thomas, the Boleyn Girl’s mother, provides the template and the advice for her erring daughter to be the power behind the throne. Ann wants to be queen and to give Henry a legitimate heir. Katherine of Aragon and her sister stand in her way. Interesting triangle, but Henry VIII as we know couldn’t stop at one wife. There was always somebody younger and prettier. I must say, however, the two Boleyn Grrrrrrrls should have been enough for any non Morman. That’s the problem. It always comes down to religion, or not.