Cherrypicked stories


Absent Without Leave

An A to Z story accounting the effects of the absence of a loved one during Christmas Another Christmas had come and gone, but Jason’s present still...

Wild Rose …

pink blush of beauty climbing the hedges … fragile, fleeting ….

Pigeon Variations - Ch 15 - Stains

Quit. Don’t do it. Quit. Pyser knew he could walk out of that hotel and not clean the bathroom. It was easy. He felt loyalty to no one.

Momma - Remember?

The morning coming home from waitressing and your band of monkeys stirring- you chased us to the bedroom with fly-swatter swings trying to make a...

Pigeon Variations - Ch 14 - The Blood Room

Pyser pushed the hotel room door, which was heavy and on a spring. He propped it open with a vacuum cleaner, noting the dense smell of cigarettes.

Radio Times

A polyphonic spectrum of melody and sound, a rhapsody of composition, a toccata in fugue. Aural symphony, timpani, Marconi’s dream retold, Wireless...

Pigeon Variations - Ch 13 - Origin of the World

Jenna wanted to be a painter. “I adore Egon Schiele and Frida Kahlo,” she said, drinking a dark rum and coke.

How Harper Lee helped me to gain admission to Harvard's Creative Writing MFA

‘The only time I ever came close to Jesus was the calm after her orgasm.’ This was the first line in my portfolio of stories. During lockdown, I...

angelica (after reading Onemorething's beautiful poem)

Reality is a trap. In this garden no sun warms. Underground, worms squirm in a rootless world as tongues before words. But then, there, at the back,...

A Hauf an a Hauf

The cauld air slaps ma cleanly shaven face as ah step oot intae the front gairden. No in a bad way, ye unnerstaun. It’s good tae feel such a vibrant...

The Ends of the Earth

I used to sense the future as a vast, temporal space like the open road on a highway - an immense uncharted land of chronological kilometres into...

Pigeon Variations - Ch 12 - The Dove in Vauxhall Park

The Convulsions began when Pyser was a boy. He remembered being in Vauxhall Park with his father. It was rare for them to be together.

Pigeon Variations - Ch 11 - Bring Out the Dead

The pain that people carried around with them was mind blowing. Anxiety. Depression. Paranoia. Phobias. Anger issues. Ever since Pyser was a boy, his temper had landed him in trouble. His mum said he could flip on a sixpence. Not that he’d ever seen a sixpence.

The Uncertainty of Being

Life as light bends to the will of gravity, the ever-expanding wave of being warping the weft of existence. While the interfering particles, children...

Any Other Name

NOTE: Final chapter of story shared on ABC Tales a few months ago and previously-titled 'Crazy Diamond' and 'Mad Alex and The Moral Panics' I...

Everyone's a hero

Watching, dying, being superior

Corona LOG - Nov. 30, 2020

Corona Log Entry- Nov. 30, 2020 It is warm and muggy this morning in SW Florida. Rain is on the way, followed by a three-day cold front. Our Spring...
Gold cherry


And so it is as a planet mourns and the grey sleepless days and nights of grief and isolation build to an inevitable crescendo In Spring, the daily...

Pigeon Variations - Ch 10 - Farewell Marseille

Brighton wasn’t all ponces. The French housekeeping girls in the hotel on the seafront were alright. They had left Marseille to find work and escape their scag habit.