When a Cold Wind Whistles

My first real attempt at horror. Would love some feedback :) "Someone once told me stories are best told on a cold night next to a warm flame." The...

The Corn of Redemption

As the boogeyman tries to catch me, I run into the Lord’s cornfield, As the boogeyman tries to catch me , I hide into the Lord’s cornfield, As the...

Night Terrors

The First Night. It was sudden. I was awake. I had been thrown out of my sleep. Not the slow and gentle shift from sleep to waking, that comfortable...

Imagine THAT

What the fuck is THAT over by the shanty? THAT's what happens when science, fear and greed run amok. After I saw THAT, I ran into the bushes in front...

The Cave Chapter 2

The Cave Chapter 2 Phil Lam had just entered the cave when the earthquake struck. He was an edaphologist specializing in agrology by training and...
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The Rockery

Sometimes it's best just to let things lie.

Half a Tangerine (Part 2)

Part 2 of a ghost story. Will he make it home?
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Half a Tangerine (Part 1)

A ghost story for Christmas in two parts.

Goddess Lihanthe.

Tears crept down Aelfie’s face. All she could do was hold her friend, Juth, tightly to her chest. The wind blew, softly, and the only sound other...