The Man Who Hid From Death

T this is one of my more surreal stories - with a very dark and existentialist theme. To be frank though, I didn’t finish it because I couldn’t really see where I wanted to take the storyline. There’s a lot of messy writing here but also some quite interesting ideas IMO, so tell me what you think! Where should I take it? What parts did you enjoy, what did you think needed improvement?
Gold cherry


An old story I wrote, about an imperfect man in a perfect world, and what he gave up to be like everyone else. Looking for tips or feedback, anything would be appreciated :)


A dystopian story about a man driven by something that he does not understand, to do something that he cannot come back from, where the forces that create his actions are eerily similar to our own world and society. Looking for feedback and advice :)

The Last Case of Dr. Jonah Wexley Abbott (Pt. 3)

The folders were next. The tale they told was one of greed, apathy and horror. After being processed into the facility under the placeholder name of...

An Entire Nation Still Mourns

One minute everything was fine but the next, everything went sour. Terrorists hijacked some planes and attacked the World Trade Towers. Because of...


When you’re desperate and you Cut yourself to feel That feeling is it true? At least the blood is real Into the bath tub you get And take some potion...

Going the Distance

This is the more complete story of our journey to Iowa which concludes with a happy ending, I think.


Scars on my legs and arms I own Deep enough that some were sown Back together pound of flesh Clean my act I started fresh Slow and steady wins the...

Mistaken Jealousy

In just a couple of minutes, I'm going to die. You are probably curious so I'll tell you why. A man has slapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. He...

I Was Cheated Out of Getting Revenge!

A man murdered his stepdaughter and framed me for the crime. I was arrested and found guilty by a jury and I had to do hard time. He blew his...