I’m off work at the moment, and recently I have been stressed at home and last night I went to bed worried thinking about work and next week when I...

The House by the Lake

"Three young friends venture from the safety of their village to pay visit to a supposedly haunted house." This is the first of many planned short stories involving this world. I am currently new to writing and this is my first time world building. Any advice is more than welcome!

As The Coronavirus Continues......

This morning when I woke up, I thought of the people who about two weeks ago or more was in the category who was told, “Stay home.” This morning...

Necromantic Abominations Anonymous

Here's a short story I had some fun with to get me throuhg this time of isolation. Hope you enjoy! Necromantic Abominations Anonymous By, Ashton...

Playing Golf While Rome Catches The Virus

Rome was burning. Nero practised his violin to keep his mind off the ruin of his great city. Meanwhile Trump tried to cut taxes for the rich businessmen, desperately slashing Obamacare. Then the virus came.....!

I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Virus Version)

(Based on/ influenced by the lyrics of the famous 1979 track by The Damned) They’re closing the schools They’re storing the books The church is empty...


`There was little noise, or that’s how it seemed to me… You know like in movies when you see people slowly walking, but the surroundings… the other...

Mother's Day With A Difference.

“Just a heads up, the Ministry of Defence has been told to be on standby for complete UK lockdown as of Sunday evening 6pm. No one is to leave their...

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 4: Aftermath: Section 1)

The Festival goers, led by Aribor the Sorceror, spill out of the Temple to find the other damage done to the Temple and to the City, and to its people, by the Black Sorcerors and their spells. Also a short explanation of the post of the Empress Of Shalirion.

Propaganda! Unprecedented! Surreal!

What a week It’s been! That’s an understatement!! All that is happening now is stranger than fiction, if anyone had said, last year, that in March...