Driving over the moors at night could often be a challenge. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, ice, wind, a Combination of any and all; each could present a problem… but not tonight.

Oh Little England

Oh Little England The Empire has crumbled The Colonialists long gone But the Landed Gentry Carry on like nothing has changed They inherited wealth...

Jack The Being

I don’t believe in urban legends. Nor do I believe in myths like God’s, creatures, demons, or anything like that. For the longest time, I have been...
Gold cherry

Highly Strung

Parked by the church, I had a sense that life was about to change: it had to change. I couldn’t quite believe in Conrad’s legacy or that Aunt Olga...

The Cave: Prologue

The Cave Prologue I scream You scream We all scream For ice cream She had seen a little boy, maybe several years younger than herself, enjoying an...


No matter how hard I tried, I COULDN’T SCREAM! The witch had grasped me from behind, one hand on my stomach, the other hand not around my throat but on my shoulder; it was sheer indescribable terror that had paralysed my vocal chords and robbed me of my voice. And how I needed that voice!


I used to think All Hallows Eve was harmless.

I Couldn't Scream (IP)

I couldn't scream, no body to run, no chance to get away. For years and years I stay the same, long forgotten and rotting away. Forced to endure the...

The Ghost Trains

The Ghost Trains By Paul McCann Can you hear the sound of the ghost trains , running around and around . Whistling down through the underground Dead...