Just an isolated experience to recount. But was it? I was in a large charity shop looking at stuff when I found myself ambling slowly past an orange...

No Cream in the Carbonara

Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping? And do you put cream in the carbonara?

The Motley (Part 1)

The façade of the Town Hall was plain and functional, incongruous alongside the old stone houses which otherwise lined the street. Clay bricks and...

I didn’t think you would’ve listened

A little ditty I wrote about how depression just creeps up unexpectedly, and all the emotions that follow. Having depression to me, really does feel like some kind of ghost that stalks you at every corner.

Something in the Room

Something in the Room is a piece about my personal relationship with darkness and despair, and my battle with anxiety. Written in second person.

In a Cornfield at Midnight

Summer always makes me want to write B-movie sci-fi. Hope you enjoy it! In a Cornfield at Midnight The scream was an awful, wretched sound, primal...

To Cringe Further

All of we writers leave behind literary symptoms of our blind spots. One of my recurring problems is with the word "remember" which I continually...

On Downey Street

Nobody knew who in hell he was or how he got in but judging from the mess he left on the sidewalk it became kinda obvious of how he got out; an open...
Gold cherry

The Snails Are On the Move

The Snails Are on the Move Harry noticed them immediately. Groups of snails clustered in three or four moving across the slick, freshly rained-out...