A Turbulent Awakening

A fire burnt through Johnathon’s leg, a stabbing pain starting in his thigh and then shooting down, as his son’s small fingers buried into his muscle...

The Lake

The morning sun rose over the placid lake as two figures in a boat motored 1,000 yards off its eastern shore. In this secluded sliver of lake, desert...

Dark Dark House

On the second landing, you can hear the Dark Dark in the walls. That’s why we can’t go outside, Mum says, because of the Dark Dark. They want to eat us

Panic with Pen and Paper

I'm writing this on paper with an orange RIT Alumni Association pen. I like these pens. They have a friendly flow which tends to make my handwriting...

Creation in the Crapper

No matter how erudite and urbanite Merle Seton pretended to be, he was plagued by tics and scratches, weighed by cups full of hicks in batches...

Beneath the Blankets

When I was little I would pull the covers over my head and hope that it was enough to ward off the things that i hoped would leave me alone while i...

The Tragic Marriage of the Mad Scientist

(Image: "The Brain Machine" by Alan Levine. Found on Flickr via Creative Commons - used in accordance with Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).) A macabre ballad inspired by Victorian horror stories. When a mad scientist learns that their beloved spouse is nearing death, they think up a way to preserve the best parts of them for all eternity. Written for an online contest with the theme "The Best of You". (It's fair to say that I took a more unusual approach to the topic!) Contains gothic and horror elements - may not be suitable for younger readers.

The Melancholy Ballad of the Clockwork Soldier

(Image: "Clockwork" by William Warby. Found on Flickr via Creative Commons, and used in accordance with Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)). A rather melodramatic ballad inspired by my interest in steampunk, especially various military-style costumes and clockwork prosthetics I've seen in pictures and at events. Contains hints of violence, mentions of horror-related scientific experimentation, and some minor cursing.

Frankenstein in Ireland

Hello 'Victor'. My name is Mr. Kerwin. I'm the town magistrate. I'll be conducting your interrogation. Wolf and Zyfrklt are our very capable...

A Brood Of Bats

from dusk till dawn