Easter 2022 by Alfred N. Muggins

The whole world prays as Putin’s stooges, young inexperienced soldiers, pilots, sailors and generals reign down death upon civilians turned into...

Silent Shebang

Don't mean to be fatalistic but if now then when? A special on teevee predicted that if the nukes start to fly, the shebang will be over in about...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

A Theft

I have set myself the challenge of writing a ghost story a month in 2022. This is probably more wierd fiction , but my challenge, my rules.

Lead in Ovid's Life Line

When Ovid Peets was in second grade, he was given his first pencil. It was Ovid's responsibilty to keep it on his desk and keep it sharp. The teacher...

Final Slide

When we were kids, we loved to slide. In baseball, we slide into a base to get there quicker if it's a close force play or avoid the tag if it isn't...