A Different Version of Hide and Seek

My nephew is making me play a different version of hide and seek. This version involves a gun, if he finds me, things will become bleak. In this...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Go Now

(You are allowed to cheat the driver)

A Summer Story (Revised) Part Two

The food definitely stopped coming. My knuckles lost their skin from striking the walls. My tonsils became achy and swollen from screaming to myself...

A Summer Story (Revised) Part One

A fluster of dark brown hair bounced upon my forehead in a springy buoyant rhythm, while each leap jarred my knee each time my feet struck the...

Grace Part Twenty.

Time moved on, and my Mum, Auntie and Uncle emigrated. They had a large home especially built for them, with many rooms and the home was in two...

The angel in the corner.

A mans belief system is tested by an unusal encounter.

Blue skies, apple pies PT 1

A teenage boy unearths the darker side of his idyllic hometown. This story has been uploaded twice before, but i keep going back and changing parts that i'm not happy with. I'm really just trying to get it to where i want it using all the help ful feedback. This version has a complete change of pace, and is a 1st draft of this version so i am expecting it to need some work. Looking forward to hearing any thoughts!

The Leafblower

His lolloping gait complemented the motion of the machine he swept pendulously before him. It blew not only leaves, but all manner of detritus: grass...

Sable Sable

Catastrophic calm and blue, blue skies. Bleeding into the water. Moments ago, just a slice, like an ice dip, at the edge of the toe. Such a lovely...