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Due to the pitiful size of my

The Day Will Come

The day will come When life has gone. Then love will claim dominium. As I search through the stars, I'll know where you are. And find you. Eternal...

An ode to my 20-year old self

When the day taunts you with bad weather Bolt the doors and windows to save your temper Don’t play the game of guessing You will lose every round...

Imaginings at Tebay

Thanks to Roy Plomley, Kirsty Young and Anne Enright for the inspiration.

The Sky

is a tenor in an orchestra of music its proud evening shades of sunshine dropping as notes in a soliloquy during twilight. The nearby farm family in...

Reconciled, then fostering peace

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] So vast the chasm, huge the rift …What could he do? …to foster peace they’d now been freed!
Gold cherry


Almost the same length as his bed. Taller than me since last year. Knows more than I will. What can I tell him? Listen. If there are no words, wait...