An Author in Search of Six Characters

An alternative scenario to Pirandello’s play "Six characters in search of an author”.

Eternal Happiness

Eternal Happiness P K Routray When two friends meet reflecting on the memories sweet of friends and friendship at the heart that nothing ever can...

Mother Of Belief

Mother Of Belief By Paul McCann Mother of belief , help of the helpless we place into your hands all our worries and immediate concern . Mother of...

Platform for remembering

A shade sat down beside me On the bench, on the platform Wrapped an arm Snuggled up Invited me to lay my head on Its shadowy shoulder The scent of...

The Ducking Stool In Leominster Church

Once it was a tree standing proud in a forest.


It will get easier right? Like eventually I will close my eyes and no longer see your face, those golden eyes.. Eventually I will move on and love...

Well I guess this was inevitable...

I miss you It's this strange yearning This feeling I need you Though at times you can be abrasive And I get angry I love you It's stupid right....


Are you wearing a red rose?

Bird song

You clipped my wings when she left you

Right, Said Fred

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