Old Soldiers

Old soldiers never die they just keep marching on priming their pistols fixing their bayonets firing their missiles GIVE ME GLORY OR GIVE ME DEATH...

Mossy thoughts

Admittedly, the vegetable is not very prominent, but there's a lot of green to compensate.
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Empty M_______o

Well, I'm sure you'll work it out. Image made at canva from PD elephants.

East from Cwm-yr-Eglwys

7/5/24) Sea mist over the sea and distant cliffs, walk the cliff path awhile. Down into a cove, see a couple of oyster catchers with their red legs...


ARCHANGEL, Mercy in Darkness: Two steps from the pit of hell. Battle intense: standoff, who can tell? Floor waxed, slippery cell bottle drenched...

Arctic Coats

We will wear our arctic coats for one last time, climbing to the top of the world that is all white and each direction is south. Winter forever...

The Tree They Couldn’t Cut Down

The Tree They Couldn’t Cut Down By Paul McCann There was story I heard about a tree that stood alone on a hill , before the little village streets...

Because It Was Sunday

Because It Was Sunday By Paul McCann Some days were windy and cool others days I went go to school . We didn’t go on a bus because we walked , all of...

Vote Larry!

Our nation's saviour. A Petrarchan sonnet. Best recited with a Churchillian twang.


An exercise; taking a poem, this being Affirmation by Donald Hall, then keeping the basic form, and recasting it, then revising it further, to see how far it is from the original. I must get out more!