Three Notes on Platform Four

Three notes, over and over On a harmonica As the travelers jostle and grumble He sits by his hat, playing Eyes closed, unaware. A girl waiting for...

The photo album

You blew the dust off an old photo album...


Toblerone, the perfect Christmas gift

Virgo Hands

My mans hands


drops create warm puddles of wet sloppy slops that hide in your hair then crawl down your face so you can lick them and that is cool too.

that you cannot be grasped

in the raw spot beneath the speaker you take me down, devil–i feel your hands on my hips sure as if you’re standing behind me sharp as static; your...

Covet Contentment

Warm weather gives pleasure while …but weather extremes … remind us … what we have got for a while.

Rabi, Our Pal Precious

Rabi, Our Pal Precious Hey Patnaik! Our Pal Precious Do not be heartless to ignore us. You made us profoundly proud so we all loved to be in the...