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Another silly quatrain.

Leggy bespectacle

Stepping down the pavement Leggy, hoody-wrapped, thickened lenses A shade of Glasgow through the years I pass by with my sandwich And, as we cross...

Let the Blue through!

Blue light flashes Woo-woo! Woo-woo! Woo-woo! …Blue lights once more flashing by… Again see blue lights flash, but why …

You Did Not Come

You did not come Came the call that he had passed You did not come His life he gave to you chose you to love made you his nurtured you Trusted you...

One dies, but lives, one saved to serve longer

… off the chains fell, the gateway then opened by God’s mighty will …

Something Good

Something Good By Paul McCann There will be times I’m sure you will find when things don’t turn out the way you planned , just carry on and say to...
Gold cherry

Gunslinger in a Tutu

He rode into town on a steel dust mare and the James gang, killing time outside the dried goods store, eased up the rims of their ten-gallon hats.

The Goodness In Us Makes Life Worth Living

. The Goodness In Us Makes Life Worth Living By Paul McCann I’ve got to know how to try and accept whenever things don’t go the way they should ...


We were tougher back then in my earlier days of life: One day was blitzy with snow hard to see through icy-up windows- heard the whooshes &...

Not Much Cop

The barrel needs changing, it's not enough to claim there are just a few bad apples... image has no known copyright issues