Fish And Chippy

Fish And Chippy By Paul Mc Cann Mr Murphy fries potatoes until they’re crispy brown he owns the greasy chippy in the centre of the town . Theres...

Shades Of Emerald

Shades Of Emerald By Paul Mc Cann . There’s gold in our hearts and guns in our hands Sons of Ireland’s pride, Pearse, Connolly, Bobby Sands Let’s...


I went for Health and Safety training


Once lit the candle of life burns Hour by hour, day by day

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (48) A Man to be Trusted (Part 04)

The next morning Martin woke up in the uncomfortable armchair next to Clare’s bed and stretched out his aching muscles. He hadn’t slept well, but that wasn’t altogether the fault of the chair. It was mainly his racing thoughts that robbed him of his rest, thoughts of love and hope.


In the autumn meadow

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (48) A Man to be Trusted (Part 03)

On the first night of Clare’s maiden buying trip they stopped at the White Horse Inn in Finchbottom and spent the evening in the restaurant where Clare proceeded to drink more than was good for her. Martin thought she had been in a really strange mood since the journey down and all evening she had kept looking at him in a funny way.

The Shannon

Shadows On The Shannon By Paul Mc Cann Come all you fishermen with some time to spend on the rivers blanket where a banquet awaits among the pebble...

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 15 – End Game

Supreme Commander Emad Salmin and Captain Kolan Nulak were greeted on the ramp of the Tornado by Bagg and Merri and then were given the news that Duff had regained consciousness.