The Art Critic

An art critic struggles to tell an artist her painting is not a good as she thinks...

Woodland Walk

Um... fairly self-explanatory, no? Picture taken by me when out walking the dog.

Ukulele Lesson 2

WARNING! There is one instance of adult language in this piece (due to my lack of tolerance with artificial intelligence) . Did I say even the longest journey begins with the smallest step? I was wrong. The second step can be even smaller. My unrelenting Tiger Mother ukulele bends my fingers back until I squeal and insists on perfection.

Ukulele Lesson 1

The longest journey must begin with a single step. Me and my new ukulele friend have a long way to go. We have a relationship to build, a trust to develop, unknown experiences to go through together, and I'm sure some disagreements. But if we can learn from each other, what better journey is there to embark upon. This is that first, tiny step...

Golden Memories: Sundries

No real theme to these recollections, but then that's often how memory seems to work, with strange tangential connections and unexpected associations...

The Myth of Olympians

I have played and followed sport all my life. I am thrilled by the endeavour, skill and sheer bloody-mindedness it takes to be the best at any sport. I just can't see the point of these Olympics, which are devalued by how they will be conducted. I really think a cancellation would have been better. Thousands of disappointed Olympian athletes, I know, but still... Image from wiki-commons fiddled with by me. Licence: CC BY 2.0

The Late Christopher Mayer

He starred in an episode of "18 Wheels Of Justice". He died ten years ago today and his name was Chris. He starred in a movie that is titled "Stunts...


Just an isolated experience to recount. But was it? I was in a large charity shop looking at stuff when I found myself ambling slowly past an orange...

Two Old Men and A Baby Belling Cooker

Oh, come on in my mate Marnie. Would you like a nice jam sarnie? Then we can get down to some full blown blarney. Like that time we met Reg Varney...