A carved wooden statue of Merlin stands in Carmarthen town centre. He's a mythical Celtic shaman who constantly popped up in Britiish folklore...

The Storyteller And The Gypsy King

. The Storyteller And The Gypsy King by Paul McCann Sean McKay was a gifted story teller and it was said people who heard him fell into a trance with...

Defenestrating Jezebel

Windows are made to look through. Threw out history, outraged rulers,prophets and parents have also used windows as something that a rival, a witch,...

The Water Mark (part 5 of 5)

The W§ater Mark Part 5 of 5 He drifted slowly down to the water's edge, it was as if he were walking through the very wreckage, of what earlier had...

The Water Mark (Part 4 Of 5)

Thomas didn't see Carl until the following Wednesday. They met at the school, and during a break they took a coffee sitting on the patio by a small...

Drop the Quite At Least

Quite Frankly...... There, I've done it. In all of the thousands of idiomatic word combinations that I've typed or uttered, I've never before have...

The Mists Of Time

The Mists Of Time By Paul McCann I was on the road to Galway not too far out of Ballinasloe sometime today or tomorrow I should be at the gap of...

Friday the 13th

A Black Friday.

Friday On My Mind

Nonsense. image is from Free SVG and licenced CC0


Odd. Best left well alone. Image FREE PD from clker.com