Rode like the clappers around the dam, away from her and her drilling Yes Dear's but mostly from the funny starred man of yesteryear Now another...

Martian Poetry

Why not look it up? NB This is not martian poetry. Image is in the public domain because it was created by NASA and ESA .

One Millet Seed

Short. Image from Wikipedia Commons: Licence CC3.0 Share Alike Author - Sengai Podhuvan

Assume - Not!

How old, before one realises that to assume can be a precarious thing. Words of trust the fundamental backbone of youth – locked in the innocence of...

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 39 – The Third Angel

Friday evening passed with the three of them enjoying simple pleasures and congenial company, but it proved to be the lull before the storm as later on Friday night Katie took a turn for the worse so the weekend was rather less tranquil than any of them would have hoped for and was spent in constant anxiety.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (182) An Intimate Dining Experience

Nick Gretton hated business dinners but sadly he knew they were a necessary evil so he had to endure them. And so he was filled with the usual sense of dread when he and his Financial Director Lena Wells wined and dined Constantine Leovaris and his second in command Sarah Swann at the Runcible spoon in Purplemere.

"there is no elite"

ha ha... Image is from wikipedia commons via wikipedia.de image creator is Softeis at German Wikipedia

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 38 – Shop till You Drop

When he went in to the house Katie fussed around him like he’d been gone for a week, which was a bit over the top but he thought it was nice to be missed. It was one of the things he missed out on when he lived alone, having someone to come home to.


The love in me Touches your heart and soul And I feel a love divine