Ghosts in the Machine

An old friend died a few days ago. Faceache sent me a friend request from him. He was already my friend, so I knew it was some hacker. I took the appropriate action. (No, not write this poem). Image authors own created at Canva.com

Bronte's Inferno XXX (They're Not A L L Mad)

Aren't they, though? Still hunting for licence or rights for this image... Will remove if man he say no.

The January Rebellion

The dishwasher is reading Kafka. The toaster has taken to drink. The freezer has joined the picket line. The whole kitchen is in the sink.

The Wanderer Returns

My brain was addled. Bonkers Breakfast TV was usually preceded by an hour or two of serious programming where one able person demonstrates that four...

Not Fair!

So, I was in my favourite shop on Earth. TKMaxx I had just arrived at this particular one, and I noticed a man near the door, by the men’s perfume...

Play the B-Side

You know it. Image source wikipedia.org and used under fair use terms.


I have always used Dylon dyes. They are tried and tested for me, over the decades that I have used them. They have not let me down. Over the years...

Completing the Vigil With Muttered Asides

If I were to engage either artificial ghost writers Casper or Jasper, I would want to test them first. It's pretty clear that Ice has a great...