18 Just Use the Thing

This the last, for a while anyway. I've got to do some tidying up of Mr Martinez before I publish it on 1st August. In the meantime, see if you can guess what happens to our hero in this story, let me know, because your guess is as good as mine. Image created at

17 What Would Interest Big Brother in Merthyr Tydfil?

Well, what? I ask you. I've reached 10,000 words on this. That milestone usually means I'll get a book out of a project. However, it also means I probably won't post the other 40 to 50,000 on here. I might do an excerpt or two between now and whenever I do finish it. Keep an eye out for it on the 'Zon, sometime after Mr Martinez appears. Image is copyright Jaggery, source and used under licence CC BY-SA 2.0

16 Two Jokes for the Price of One

Some military nicknames aren't very kind. Some are bestowed with sympathy, whilst still being less than polite. Anyway, that's not important. "You want some more-a?" It's your own fault then. Image PD elements.

15 Helping People Every Day

I bet Hastings Library Services are much better than this, but "artistic licence" and all that. All complaints to E. Wailer, C/O Unhelpful Literary Agency, Paternoster Row, London EC4M 4BA Image created at

14 "Laters"

More of this? You ask. Of course, I say. In 2022 around 6% of rough-sleeping homeless/indigent people were veterans. This was down from 22% in 1997. (Good job, charities, but keep going) Not all people who are homeless are sleeping rough. Image author's own.
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13 Don't You Step on my BluTacked Screws...

Sorry about that... More of Prospero Vint. Image author's own

12 "Better Get a Travelodge"?

I find the ads a bit annoying. Don't you? (Old) Travelodge Logo used under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Attribution TFE Hotels, CC BY-SA 4.0 <> , via Wikimedia CommonsWikipedia. Image created at

11 "I Just Don't Like Hastings"

No disparagement of Hastings intended. It's a character's words, not mine. Image from licence CC BY-NC 2.0