Via Bank or Via Charing Cross

I am writing a ghost story a month in 2022. This is September's

Body Building for Dummies

Jean Pierre was a self-made man but he wasn't perfect

Like No One Has Done Before

, \ Like No One Has Done Before By Paul McCann . I’ve got to know the person who you are and I’ve got to say I love what you do . I wish that people...

Real Time Calm

This is real time. He's heading toward us. We hope to God he isn't heading at us. He already savaged Puerto Rico made his way East and then ripped...

Small Town Insurrection

I walked through the maze of streets and alleyways, trying to remember how to reach the town square. Seagulls circled above me, swooping low over my head and crying out like I was a scrap of food to be snaffled in their beaks.

The Big Game Hunt

It seemed like a good day. Not one of those where you're sitting on the toilet, realising you've just wiped your backside with the bottom of a long...

Chemo 10

Have you ever hoped to have a positive covid test? Hoped that is, not got. I thought if I had covid I could get out of my chemo sessions for a week...

1:2:8 Scouting (Part 2)

Ace didn’t speak but rather showed exactly what it would do. They activated the board; it silently raised itself from the ground to a cruising...

1:2:8 Scouting (Part 1)

Brightness. The clones had never been allowed into Celreagaire but especially not since Magpie decided to swipe Tolan’s keys three years ago. Their...


Traveling in a car As a minorital man 12 inches from A majorital man Feeling as certain As anyone can That we are 98% each other And 2% space.
Gold cherry

Healing - to Dave

Healing is the better part of dealing It is nearly 4am I have a stinking cold. I pull myself out of my pit. I light the gas I brew up a cuppa. I add...

Riddle Of The Wolf

Riddle Of The Wolf By Paul McCann There’s a wolf prowling round the market place , greedy as can be , he’s shaken all the loot from the money tree,...

Shiny treasure

Spikey case around soft mattress cushioning the conker’s fall shining polished horse-chestnut ball copper gloss that brightens up child’s gaze of...

My stepfather

When I was only six and my younger brother was two, our father passed away. Since then, my mother and we were dependent upon each other. Our days...

A Tribute To Glass

A Tribute To Glass By Paul McCann There’s glasses on my eyes , There’s glasses in my hand , There’s glasses on the shelves in pubs in every land ,...

THE TRIALS OF AN ANGEL - Part 6 Isolation

Exhausted after hours of reading acres of scientific literature we sat under the library’s skylight on gilded regency chairs staring into space...