I always carry earphones to drown out life's cacophony, with wit and wisdom from the BBC or a gorgeous Mahler symphony. Today I forgot them. Today I...

A Smorgasbord of Love

I try so hard to understand the meaning of life so I pray every night for family and friends— all so very precious and someone’s delight. From...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (90) After Graduation – Paul and Sharlene (Part 03)

So Dale wasn’t the only member of the Smith family to have a penchant for a Nichols girl but it was a week later before cupid hit the mark for a...


The English language


To paraphrase the great Frank Capra

Signs of Spring 7)

Star-like white flowers of blackthorn, sloe, sprinkled, sparkling on leafless hedge branches; greening of hawthorn, May-tree, with tight-flower-bud...

The Viper Who Waited

Notes: Cord-19 is a superhero in that world. Fireforce is a super powered criminal with the power to project force fields and energy beams. Gamma God is a radioactive superhuman mob boss. A man plotting to destroy the corrupt government in the story's world is hearing news from a potentially traitorous messenger.

He's Not Going

I meet McGurk at his house at about eight in de morning. He comes out wit dis huge bag on his back as if he’s already in de secondary school. --Why...

Isolation Diary

I study exponential curves. Maps have circles on them. How many faces are there in a dot?

Dimensionals-Chapter 2

"Huh? W - Who- Why are you here-" Fran took a step backwards and looked at the number on the door. Six. "Don't tell me..." "Are you one of my...


The relentless rattling outside startled Timothy awake. At first, he waited, lying, hoping that the sound would stop and he could go back to sleep...

Covid 19- politics and the reality

2 April 2020 The prime minister is requesting tougher measures from his isolation as I reflect back to his fascist and a psudo intellectual advisor:...

Pad Life: Fluffy Bunnies

The Pad is playing nice, for now. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

Riding High

along ridges of worn and battered asphalt Camden Village is a showcase of homes seeming lost in scattered disarray ‘cause tourists no longer come...

love from afar

Pandemic has us on lockdown, Yet somehow we found each other. You’ve turned my frown upside down, And made my heartbeat flutter. A million dreams we’...

Whilst Reading Anne Tyler

I was something else sometime ago. I know that if I wanted, I could climb the twelve stairs, open the battered case and pull out that day on Venice...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (90) After Graduation – Paul and Sharlene (Part 02)

Being over six feet tall and being arm in arm with the two girls gave them a height advantage of more than a foot, affording them a wonderful view down the front of their low cut dresses, they knew they shouldn’t have looked but even for good Christian boys it was difficult to resist the temptation.


Mice have very high standards