Wisdom P K Routray To be wise on wisdom peeped in an urge from heart’s bottom. Is knowledge, intellect as its companion with their appropriate timely...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (42) In Green Silk (Part 06)

“Hello” he said “that looks refreshing” “Oh hi” She retorted with a beaming smile “Yes it is” “Do you mind if join you then?” “Sure, be my guest” she said amiably

Monster In Law

"My son, my son," Is the battle cry She wanted him to get married Now she wonders why. The wife is a distraction She takes away her share of love Why...


Are you wearing spats?

Choice Tales from the Vale – (235) The Purplemere Verger – Breaking the Ice (Part 03)

Annette suddenly looked quite childlike and unsure, the complete opposite of her normal demeanour, he assumed because she was so ultra-confident and self-assured that she was experienced, in all the ways that he was not.


like a prospecter I hunt for flakes of gold. By the gate there's a shining load and greedily I claim it till the cloud bank takes it all and I'm back...


I don't know how to be a mother. When I told mine I was pregnant her advice was to get an abortion. When I was little I used to watch mothers with...

Drums Across the Mohawk

Goodbye for a while... Image is and CC0

Americans Assess 15 years of Feminism

Thousands of people have had their picture on the front page of the New York Times. Aside from possibly Muhammad Ali, I haven't met any of them...

Hamstergate (Part 5)

This morning, Towser had a running with some kind of buck-toothed woodland creature.

we don't need an autopsy to know that we're drowning

we don’t need an autopsy to know that we’re drowning beyond sight our waste bulges brick tunnels jam in the darkness all that we have left behind and...

Love Change Me

Love Change Me - By Paul McCann . Changes come and chances are things have to improve from now on. Something has to change soon . I ask myself where...

Around four

A here and now one

May the 3rd is "Our Wars" day

May the 4th is Star Wars day but May the 3rd is Our Wars day; Corbyn our own Obi-wan; our force, the force of "Jez we can". Just like in the Star...

Jeopardy in Beta Block

In a near-dystopian future, CID Inspector, Jeopardy Carter, stumbles on a conspiracy involving a leading construction tycoon and the privitization of council properties. If she doesn't pull the plug, things could get worse for the residents of block beta.

Bad Habits

It’s not just her nails that she bites but the skin surrounding each. It doesn’t hurt but even if it did she couldn’t stop. She mostly wears gloves...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (42) In Green Silk (Part 05)

When he finally managed to drag Mercedes away from the group or more specifically Jake, there was no sign of the girl in the silk dress and they had only gone a matter of yards when he was halted in his pursuit of the girl by someone who he instantly recognised and his heart sank, she was a little blonde Cougar in a white dress, a highly unsuitable shade considering what she gets up to too with all and sundry and he had been on her radar from the moment he arrived in Shallowfield.


Hair of grey Falls untamed