Many Rainbows

A real rainbow, one in the sky, comes together with rain after an afternoon shower. Usually fragments only pieces between patches cloud can be seen...

It's All In The Game - Part 2

In which Josiah seeks modernisation and Archibald bursts into rhyme!

Cuban Excursion- parte-tre

Cuban Excursion- parte- tre Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 We were up early at 6:30 A.M. Mary had retrieved coffee and a pastry from the deck five coffee bar...

Thin Walls Part Three.

The young family who lives opposite our home, I was just about to go to bed this morning at 2am, I’d already had my customary nap on the sofa while...

First Contact

Attention! New arrivals coming to earth every second of each day, having no knowledge of our language or customs, oblivious to why they're here,...

Encounter : Part One

ENCOUNTER : Part One Adam Kesteven was thirty-five and looking for a home. He’d been in the estate agents all day looking for a house to share with...


Alacrity Choose a topic to jot down Oh it is a cunning plan Her smile is full of lies Manipulations and desperations Mask a jealous rage She knows...


Infinitesimally scaled people Of the forgotten planet Pitter patter the surface of their planet. Almost atomic in demeanor! Though bulldozered many...

The Great Escape

News headline - Two nuns accused of stealing $500k from school for gambling escape trial

The Angel and the Cygnet (2)

One day a bright white dot seemed to be falling from the blue sky. Birds and fowl at the pond looked up guessing it was a large bird. Instead she is...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 01)

Yvonne Makin closed the traditional loss making Spa Hotel in Pangmere and opened the House of Fun, where spa treatments like Raki and Reflexology were replaced by a more exotic menu for those inclined more towards restraints, punishments and the more unusual pleasures.


Melody Parris (Mimi Rogers), works on the Perfume counter at a department store and feels like her life is in neutral.

A Different Version Of Pinocchio

I'm Pinocchio and when I lie, a certain part of my anatomy grows. But I'm talking about my wiener, not my nose. Women constantly beg me to lie. But I...


Anyway is it right when all you see on tv are celebrities cooking £120 meals in a nice restaurant for masterchef when some people are relying on food...

December Christmas Acrostic — 'L' [and previous]

Learn of this love that sent us a Saviour, Lean on that love that offers such succour, leave all that promises fun, but brings but harm, lose rubbish and lies for peace and calm, light to see clearly the pathway to heaven, love shared with others as we are forgiven, life of the spirit through trials will sing.

Tea leaf

Eyes on us

Now They Are One

Bliss: she responds to her kiss falling into vast oceans of passion, dwelling in harbour that's their haven...tossed boats undulating on rippling...

Habana, Cuba- parte dos

Cuban Excursion- parte- dos Sat. Dec. 1,2018- Havana, Cuba We were up early at 6 A.M. hoping to watch the ship enter Havana Harbor. The television...

Results: 1979

Gary trudged the last few yards of his morning paper round. Late July and the rain was teeming down. At 16, Gary was a bit old for a paperboy, and...