logging evidence of us

Deisel tang rank above sweet grasses' long soft tongues, broken. Small birds' fear shrills still in re pooling peace. Within woods' broached haven...

Ugly Puggly 70

When I drew up in the van outside Molly’s house, we rushed the close door, which was jammed open, and galloped upstairs using our elbows to gain...

Is There Any body Out There ?

Counterarguments to the Fermi Paradox The correct solution to the Drake Equation may mean that alien civilisations are (very) few and far between and...

More Bonkers

Monday morning and the Bonkers staff returned en masse. Fresh from their manorial homes, chinwag dinner parties and bad golf, five stalwarts...

At Small Heath Station

These walls now scored with scratch-black graffiti Hide robot metal eyes which peer along the tracks And dance to the hinge-song of a gate, cast iron...

Feint Right

edited doodle

When it Comes to Family

“Will you marry me?” So many thoughts are going through my head, so many feelings: the joy, the fear, the almost-surprise; but the one that looms...

Holding On

Another bloody concrete poem... I find them hard to read... Geddit? Image by me from Canva .com

Notes For A Lost Poem

Or did I? Image created by me at
Gold cherry

Glorious Moments

I am the moonlight on the land – the smack of glitter on the lake the beam for nightly shapes that whisper in the wind. Soon I will be a slice of...

Mosley Will Be Missed

On August 4, 2022, he was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He had a car accident and he will be lowered into the ground. For eight seasons he...

"Willow's Missing Tail" 3

After being wined and dined by the suave owner of Incognito Inc. Martha and Perfidia asked to hear the plan he had. Avery stood up and nodded to his...


just a couple of lines

Breakfarce TV

Another day, another dollar (well, £500 or so). It was Sunday, in fact, at Bonkers HQ and the weather forecast had just finished, with a sun tanned...

Matching Heirloom One

Every child is born into a new family. The family that I was born into had no other children. I was gonna turn out to be either an only child or a...

A Treasure Shared

. A Treasure Shared – By Paul McCann We shared a little time this child of mine and I . I’ve counted out the years like pearl’s money can’t buy ...

A Little Bit Cute

. A Little Bit Cute By Paul McCann Its harvest time and tomorrow is coming the sun will be shining , now ain’t that something , things are getting...

Someone has taken offence

‘Someone has taken offence’. The message flashed up on my screen when I tried to log into my writing site. There was no detail. No indication of the...

The Real Jesus

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Who was Jesus, do you know? … Now they could bear persecution, no more weakened by confusion, for the truth of resurrection meant sure hope, and …