The Withdrawn Ego

Recalcitrant as ever!

Scattered Shades Of Springtime

. Scattered Shades Of Springtime By Paul McCann The colours of spring are a wonderful thing, they scatter my troubles away . Everything is out in...

A Glimpse Of Dolphins

. A Glimpse Of Dolphins By Paul Mc Cann Can you see the dolphins? Can you hear me scream? Just beyond the breakers on a silver sun skimmed gleam ...

Uncanny Tales – (053) Cello Virtuoso

For Thomas Barnstone, there is something about a Cellist that really turns him on, a female Cellist obviously, in a low cut evening dress of emerald green velvet, with the great polished instrument between her long black clad legs.


The theft of a whole shop in Regents

the comfort of trees

as rain tips from October's sky I'm trudging through this sludgy mud then ~ slipping to a sudden thud while laughing leaves of yellow fly


Anyway, in the republic of Ireland they have volunteers who risk their lives to save others, we have the same thing in the UK,it's called the RNLI,...

A Retiring Lady

A shy type. (Flash fiction - 200 words)

In Our Heart

. In Our Heart By Paul McCann Written words that come straight from the heart always sound so true , especially when the reader there feels the same...

June: a yellow woman

June: a yellow woman Wraps in rapid rabbit leaves Her bald daughter frail as meat, As soft and poison-wet In life as pondweed. To cure some vast...


Raindrops turn into a pounding surf on our asphalt driveway splits a pile of autumn leaves into scattered colours spaced into sectors apart enough...
Gold cherry

Wesley Tickle's 20th Century Bookstore

Wesley arrived to find the lock jammed with glue again. Third time this month he had to stand outside waiting for the locksmith while passers-by eyed...


I used to think I was my own worst enemy and so did many of my friends. But I wanted to find out for sure. So I kept a diary: a record of faces and...

I Am Tired of Complexity

Well, I am. Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


The truth is that he has already made me millions. And I feel bad, because I don’t have any way to repay him. # This all began with such innocence. A...


. Belonging By Paul McCann . There’s sense of belonging to a song or a place and it’s helps us to be strong and it keeps going on and on just as long...

All That

. All That By Paul McCann Why did I never see those things before Those beautiful wings there that made you soar All the love that you had inside...


Sometimes I wake as a goddess Commanding storms with fistfuls of thunderbolts Sometimes a wild child Climbing trees to the stars Tethering galaxies...