Disappointing Shoes

I’m a little disappointed with my current pair of sneakers. But, please don’t tell them. They can’t help it. It’s not their fault. I’ve had them for...

The Jehovah's Witness. The Muslim. The Christian.

The Jehovah’s Witness. The Muslim. The Christian. I was at work on Saturday, the door bell went, Mo went to the door, I could hear women’s voices, I...

Christmas Crook

Last Christmas Eve, I met a man who was homeless, he was all alone. I made a serious mistake when I decided to let him stay in my home. My family and...

Holly King

Wearing flush of crimson berries, with pride revels in respect of slowing down...this restoration our sacred earth. Does robin sing your praises...

Jill Scott MBE

I can name some footballers, from when I was young. George Best and Bobby Charlton. I also know at least twenty other footballers’ names, including...

The Community Water Officer (part 2 of 2)

[This is part 2 of this story, read part 1 here ] * 'Very sorry to disturb you, sir.' The man on the doorstep lifted an ID card, on a lanyard around...

Feel the Shine

I wish to share this sunny day pasted to your cheeks- now feel my kiss of love upon your precious lips.

The Taxi can Wait Because I Didn't Order It and Anyway I'm Not Ready

Cantankerous old man spouts gibberish on a quiet sunday afternoon. Could be autobiographical...maybe.

Ghost Village

A man returns to the scene of a childhood tragedy

Letter to Marcus Aurelius, Emperor

Dear Emperor Aurelius, I am writing to you, humbly, to enquire, if our minds are born free, at least, partially, and power did not corrupt yours, is...

Someone Who Loves You

Someone Who Loves You By Paul McCann When you fall in love it’s special and you know it and its’ beautiful in the way that you show it , just because...

What dangers in the valley?

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] A sheep on a hill on his own, far away sees the mountains of home. He’d like to arrive there for sure, but...

Glad I Came

. Glad I Came By Paul McCann I shouldn’t be here Mamma trying to knock but the finger of fate came to pick the lock and now we’re all rocking in the...

{Secret of a man's love}

She was beautiful , a gift . the sun and moon finally sharing a kiss. When she spoke everyone listened. When she walked everyone stopped breathing ,...

The Liberator of Israel's Children

The name of Moses is the most frequently occurring one in the Koran―twenty-seven times more than the name of Muhammad himself [1] . His life story represents an epic of miracles from the very outset: to the deep humiliation of the tyrant Pharaoh, who was taking all precautions to prevent the rising of the savior of the then-enslaved nation of Israel, Allah predestined that Moses would be brought up within the Pharaoh’s court itself. Growing to manhood, Allah bestowed Prophecy upon him, and provided him with many miracles that stand as the most distinguished among those given to His Prophets and Messengers. [1] The word “Moses” is repeated 135 times, while the word “Muhammad” is repeated only five times in the Koran.

Empty Pages, Empty Fields

Food for the body. Food for the soul. Without both, we'd starve.


"I know they had sex with an Iraqi female. I don't know if they forced her or if she was a paid prostitute or just a civvie who wanted to ride...