The Lane Between Two Roads

Cox’s Walk, Dulwich, 2009, enduring haunt from childhood, largely untouched since the last steam locomotive thundered through in 1954

Colony Lives

An attempt to wipe out humanity fails hilariously and the unintended consequences lead to an enormous explosion of inspiration. This burst of...

Mother Earth

Mother Earth By Paul McCann Mother Earth we have felt earthquakes and seen tidal waves bring devastation and destruction to all of mankind . Mother...

Modest Bloodshed

--De Priors are on de front of de papers today, McGurk says to me. --Why? says I. --I don’t know. Ye didn’t expect me to read it, did ye? -- I’d wunt...


Apparently in days of yore,


It was pitiful to see, he was totally inept

Calban Attends A Concert: A Night Out (Ch.17) Part 6 : Clarella's Search

Clarella the lawyer, the object of Calban's desire, explains something of her situation. Her previous boyfriend Demus was not understanding of her Neo Creadd sympathies and ambitions so she had finally let him go, increasing her Neo Creadd contacts, partly in the hope of finding someone more suitable. This is my continuation of my Martainian Empire and the continent of Gallanol novel in the Modern Age, where the dullness of modern work life is breeding the roots of personal freedom and social change.

My Own Version Of The Crying Game

Something bad happened when I was in high school. It has traumatized me for yers because it wasn't cool. One day when I went to class, I grabbed my...
Gold cherry

To the 185,000 retirees in the multi-billion-dollar Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Let the dollars keep rolling in to my spacious Toronto retirement duplex. Give free financial reign to white men in dark suits and crisp, white...

Johari Windows

Everybody knows about Joe and Harry, right? Phil Andreano, one of my mentors told me about Joe and Harry and the Johari windows. Seems that Joe and...

Twisted Time Chapter 2

“Where are we?” Sara heard the fear in Steve's tone and he was also squeezing her hand so tight, her fingers were going numb. “It’s okay; you’re...

The Broken Fix (Chapter 26)- The end, and the beginning..

I moved to Kansas with Chad, and a couple years later he proposed to me, in spectacular fashion at the top of a hill where he decorated a tree in...

The Golden Ticket.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting someone special. Agnes has special needs. Her Mum is elderly, and recently Agnes’s elderly uncle died...


Measureless infinity sparks flash scattered in darkness, spanning space and ripping through time, prodigious travelers with cosmic eyes flinch,...

The Broken Fix (Previously Junkie Named June Bug) Chapter 25

Behind the scenes, and while I was unconscious, Chad was busy saving my life. I took the pills at night, and he had been trying to text and call me,...

Father Time

Father Time - by Paul McCann Centuries passed and millenniums came and went as Father Time blinked his eye . He saw the ice melt and man evolving...



Inferno Revisited: VII.ii - The Unsympathetic

(Image from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain) One in a series of verses inspired by Dante's Inferno / The Divine Comedy, exploring modern-day issues in relation to the circles of Hell. The Seventh Circle was always going to be a tricky one, as Dante's text has individuals in there who I personally feel have either suffered enough in life, and/or did nothing wrong in the first place. So, replacing the Forest of the Suicides (poor souls), here are those who belittle mental health issues.

From Filton to Fairford

A nostalgic look back – Image: Pixabay License - Free for commercial use - No attribution required.