Aberystwyth University Student Union Clubs and Societies Haiku

The vegan disco. They dance to ‘Meat is Murder’. Racism ignored.

Durk Willems

(died 16 May 1569) His pursuer had fallen through the thin ice — what would he do?


Let’s celebrate the hairdressers of Chorley, whilst in Sao Paulo a family can’t breathe. Exhale the black men dead of Minneapolis. Caress the poets...

Poem A Boy's World (c)

A Boy’s World is a boy’s world. Time to round up friends for a game of ‘scrub’ our neighbourhood’s favourite game. Harry brought his mom’s Sears to...


'The Fat Lady Sings The Blues'

Flight of the Eagle novel (Chap. 16-17 & Ending)

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Two hurrying adults burst through the foliage. Adam’s father was younger and faster. His new sneakers almost flew across the mossy...

Flight of the Eagle novel (Chap. 13-15)

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Perhaps a large rainbow trout darted too swiftly behind a rock. Or, reflections from the watery surface played tricks on the rapidly...

The Knights at Camelot in Christmas

Fitt I Right then! Time to start the story. The Knights of the Round Table we shall meet, via the tale of one of them: Noble Sir Gawain. And when we...

I Wish

No clues, just guess. It's more fun. Image is in the Public Domain. Source

Setting Sons

I have seen the spectral darkness, quiescent corridors where emotions quietly dissipate. I have been in the unlit, silent void, a vale of tears where...

The Kaleidoscopic I

A psychedelic cartoon in split-perspective

A Bee in her Bonnet

Ouch! Ouch! I've just been stung. If I find that varmint, it'll be hung. Well, you wouldn't wear a hat. Told me I was just a nagging prat. Better if...

A little more from shade of the black

A little more from shade of the black Polly started towards the door and then stopped again, and turning back she said. “I take it that you know...

Corona Log Entry- April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021- Corona Log Entry It has been a few weeks since my last log entry. After a brief period, when it looked like we had the virus on the...


'Damsel In Distress'

Flight of the Eagle novel (Chap. 10-12)

CHAPTER TEN Saturday morning began with a warm breeze. Each boy wore jeans and a t-shirt. Bare arms and faces were generously lathered with bug...


they were blighted, our Japanese Mimosas. the frost bit twice, two weeks apart; the first stunted the new growth, the second chilled the roots. a...