The appointment

Might it happen?


We all make assumptions, it's never wise... Image is used in acc w/ CC2.0 BY-NA-CC Image made by wlwin to be found on Image manipulated by me in GIMP.

Reds Under the Beds

I am not a particularly nervous, superstitious or gullible person. I don’t deliberately avoid cracks in the pavement or throw spilt salt over my...

The visitors

The visitors came too early. I wasn’t expecting them so soon. In fact, I wasn’t expecting them at all. The boy arrived first, pushing his bike. I say...

A Song for Prince Charlie

A Song for Prince Charlie Oh Charlie! You razzle and dazzle us with your Harley. With your gold stashed in Offshore haven And multiple servants to...

The Golden Lion

The world of men lay between the warm kingdom of light and the cold queendom of darkness and the queen of darkness wanted to slay the Golden lion who...


Peckhamist In this fair vale of Peckham; A rill ebbs and flows; Sometimes crystalline And sometimes murky! In this fair vale of Peckham Daddies in...

Under The Blue Roof

More for "Days Like These"... walk on by... Image is from the British Museum and is in the public domain. I suggest you read that poem instead :-D

The Lord will lament

The Lord will lament P K Routray In the Himalayan terrain despite immense physical strain the saints wander to be wise. The nature acts as their...

Come With Me

Of birds that call me wild and wing above your water’s edge Allow me, that I shall fill myself full on the summers of your misted sea scent. To tread...

on Psalm 56

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] They hotly pursue with slander and lies, they press their attack, proud plottings devise. When I am afraid,...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (91) Yuletide at the Claremont Hotel (Part 02)

When he first found out he was being sent to Shallowfield Matt was very unhappy, he was a city boy, born and bred, and he viewed being sent to the country as purgatory, but no one was more surprised than he was when he found that he actually loved it, it was a beautiful place, it was quiet and the air was clean and he felt immediately at home.


This is the delightful animated tale of a young orphan boy Yotan (Kyle E. Christensen) who is tricked into going to the North Pole to steal a powerful crystal by Santa’s Brother Basil (Gerald Owens).

Choice Tales from the Vale – (244) Family Christmas Tradition (Part 02)

When they got back to the house he couldn’t get the car all the way up the slope of the driveway so he had to leave it where he came to a stop. It was only ten yards from the car to the front door but the snow was calf deep so by the time they reached the sanctuary of her house the snow had got into their footwear and Clare’s thick woolly tights were wet through. “Make yourself at home” she said and ran upstairs

A Millennial Syllogism

Thinking of the 90s is strange: those images echo back like an ambulance siren curdling against brickwork

Who could know?

Passing time

Getting Ready (and other fun pieces)

Woven together in the depth of the womb, expelled in due time to a sheltering home … Aghast if a child left to flounder unfed, don’t leave them to blunder in the world, unled.

Politicians and Daisies

Destroy not the common man’s daisy on this pleasant afternoon for when the lawn is barren banality and greed shall parade itself to centre stage...