I've heard it said that deciding to become a teacher is like deciding to open up a bowling alley in your mind. I'm a much better teacher than I am a...

Peter, The Painter

Once upon a time, on a farm, there lived a boy called Peter who was not very physically strong and his father and mother worried wether he would be...

Jack Mutant - Which Way is Down? (Part 3)

Jack and Chris re-assembled for afternoon registration and left the school gates together. Stepping along awkwardly as they became accustomed to the...

A Shocking Affair

Jenny checked her watch again before taking a gulp from the large glass of Merlot the waitress had just put in front of her. She had a good twenty...

Letter From Italy

Dear diary... This was a letter I wrote about my trip to Italy when I was twenty one. Luckily mum and dad kept hold of it and placed the letter in an...

Statement Reversal Ontological Argument

If a fake god is not God then God is not a fake God
Gold cherry

Tangled Threads

Not long ago when mail was slow across the ocean waters (and phone costs high in days gone by) communication’s steady flow of parted love was written...

Soundbites and Humble Pie: The 2017 (alternative) Great British Menu Banquet

A short political morsel.... This year’s Great British Menu Banquet, in recognition of the austere times in which we live, was only two courses; a...

Downshire Diary – (34) Moonlighting (Part 03)

Although Sharon Black had grown very fond of Michael Booth in the months that she had been nursing his terminally ill wife, and flattered though she was when she caught him ogling her legs, she had far too much professional integrity to act on her feelings.


Avoid dating pretty men, no matter

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 08)

When Karen left Jean-Claude she was feeling very pleased with herself after the shag but very guilty about her mum, so she went straight upstairs. Her first port of call was her room to change her knickers which she had leaked onto almost the moment she put them on.


Jerusalem has been coming to mind a lot lately. I have been aware of the city all of my life, as is the case with most of us. But Jerusalem as a...


No place to hide

Russian Disclosure

I used to belong to a poetry society called 'The Woodland Poets Community' (just on-line... but we were a close group nonetheless.) Gradually our...

Why the Democratic Party has a Future to Believe In, Pt. 1

As a life-long independent Democrat from a family of politically involved Democrats going back a couple generations to Congressman Henry Leonard of...

The Hunger Ache

The Hunger Ache - By Paul McCann It hurts when there’s no food again today , Time to get up and try to earn some pay . Get in the queue there and...

Walking With Tears In My Eyes

Walking With Tears In My Eyes - by Paul McCann Not every ache is an injury , not every pain makes me cry , like some of the things that can hurt us...

Conspiracy Theory

A couple cans of Brew Dog's Punk IPA, a touch of boredom, and this popped out onto the paper tonight. It's a little rough around the does that...but it passed the time until bedtime.

Teach to the Test and Commence

If you're gonna teach it, you've got to test it. If you're gonna test it, you've got to teach it. Create the test at the beginning of insruction not...