The Man Who Knew Too Little

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The Lad from Pointe de Bute (Chapters 13-14)

Historical Fiction for Young Readers 8-12 Chapters 13-14 THE LAD FROM POINTE DE BUTE By Esther and Richard Provencher COPYRIGHT: © 2014-17 by Esther...

The Lad from Pointe de Bute (Chapters (10-12)

A Historical Fiction for Young Readers 8-12 Chapters 10-12 THE LAD FROM POINTE DE BUTE By Esther and Richard Provencher COPYRIGHT: © 2014-17 by...


When I was younger I often wished I was born a boy because I thought life was easier for my brothers, I was the only girl with lots of brothers. I...

What Goes Around (IP)

You can't miss what you've never had. Unless you've had it before. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

The Flying Basket

The Easter bunny has a basket he gets out every Spring, that flies wherever he may ask it with handles just like wings. In it he travels round the...


Eddie Soulston was dying. He had cancer, but the cancer had savaged his body's immune system, so he had pretty much everything else as well. He was a...

The Lad from Pointe de Bute (Chapters 7-9)

A Historical Fiction for Young Readers 8-12 Chapters 7-9 THE LAD FROM POINTE DE BUTE By Esther and Richard Provencher COPYRIGHT: © 2014-17 by Esther...

Fake Rabbit Head: Bill and Ed

I'm not sure what talecatching is but this seems like a tale that I caught out of nowhere and is part two of tale the Fake Rabbit Head.


I used to philosophize early in the morning, when all the birds were singing. Now I do it only at night. At the crack of dawn, it seems more...

Heart Songs ( Poetry Monthly

apply no CPR or defibrillator take this heart of mine give to another squeeze it please it make it sing songs full of joy let it hum along the notes...


The old man sat in the corner of his carpentry workshop. A room in a mud and daub dwelling in a small village in Judea. The hot sun beat mercilessly...

The Church of Lost Souls 11

I slumped onto the bed, my fingers loosely holding the note in a sort of dazed confusion. I wondered what she could possibly want. I was an art...

The Announcement

"A murder is announced and will take place during the night on Friday 19th April at 17 Horesham Terrace." Dan Azari's boss was taking the piss. "Go...

David's Face

For as long as David could remember, people had been telling him to cheer up. Even when he felt happy, people said it. “You are allowed to smile, you...

mama afrika

sparrow eyes comfort warm tender rich the ground life in abundance fertile is your earth mama afrika eden after rain mud lush green grass your skin...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (41) Clinician Heal Thyself (Part 01)

It was to a very successful organization that palliative care Nurse Patricia Clerembeax joined on a bitter cold January morning along with another new nurse named Dani Carew. It was four years to the day after Dr Claire Lutchford nee Andrews, took over the Shallowfield Surgery and in that short time she and her business partner Olivia Shenton had transformed it into the Dancingdean Heath Centre, which had continued to grow in stature which necessitated the expansion of staff numbers.


If I knew the future and in particular

Choice Tales from the Vale – (154) The St Patricks Day Adventure (Part 03)

After their long and exhausting fuck they slept soundly in the sleeping bag and when he woke up the float was moving. “Wake up Sara” he said “What?” she said sleepily “Wake up” he said “We’re on the move” “Well you certainly are” she responded grabbing his early riser and tugging on it before ducking her head inside the sleeping bag and taking his cock in her mouth. “God I love you Sara” he sighed and a second later her head appeared from its cocoon and she gave him a wet lipped smile “I love you too” she said and then she returned to her breakfast.