The Seiche of 1844

From the novel "Buffalo Beachers" -Joseph Xavier Martin 1844 The Seiche rolls across Buffalo In the shore side lee of the wall, a small beach grew...
Gold cherry

Always On My Mind

My girlfriend was murdered by her family

Captain Kangaroo's Green Jeans Dream

Twenty five years into his routine, Captain Kangaroo was reading in his library which was located far in the back section of his Treasure House. This...

Objects travel in a parallel reality

A saga of silly poems about constantly losing objects.


I want to climb a lightning bolt & feel its sizzle or scare down a rainbow to seek out chests of gold or even ride a dream into the deep forest...

Frost Flowers

Born when the cold becomes too much But has not yet frozen the core Making the sap expand: cracks form Drawing wetness, freezing with air Breaking...

Silver Path on the Green, Green Grass

… sunlight catching fine wispy cobweb carpet, glistening, shaking, shimmering in the breeze.

All My Life

All My Life By Paul McCann its hard to believe but wait and see what a lifetime means for you and me . If we discover our love is true then there’s...

Warning from the bank

Lloyds Bank advise all female pensioners. To watch out for Romance scams, since the average Age of victims is beyond 65, with a spree – self...


There's an ugly side of war As the mother weeps It has no age restriction Nor colour of ones skin Not even religions are spared It's a battle Where...

Anything For Her

“Will, wake up.” A familiar voice prodded followed by a hand to jostle him awake. “It’s almost time. There wasn’t much else he needed to motivate him...

Kafka Lemmings

Once upon a time, in a strange and confusing world, there lived a group of small creatures known as lemmings. They lived a simple life, running from...

Octometric Lemmings

Let's begin with a sonnet about lemmings in iambic octometer. Oh curious creatures, lemmings fair, That roam the earth with nimble feet, And rush...
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The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven Someone once told me that love can transcend time and maybe even defeat death itself. I don’t know about that but as the future...

British Bulldog.

My eyes closed on the train journey home. I’d jumped out of my seat, pulling my rucksack from the rack above my head and made a run for it as the...

All the Legends

You know when you're growing old - when all your hero's are gone - all except Mick Jagger - though he wasn't one of mine. (Image, courtesy of Wikimedia)

Morning Glory

birds chatter idly gossiping on rooftops filmic vistas backlit by sun. time's hammers sculpt the silence shafts of light through curtain gaps. silver...

My Other Dog is . . .

My other dog is quite cheeky, but he cannot bark or go for long walks sniffing in dead leaves or chasing next door’s cat. He doesn’t have a name. He’...

Did You See Me

Did You See Me in the moonlight as you began a journey during this evening’s sunset before it began its song? Did you meet anyone by a blue spruce...