No Word For Blue

Image is an East German Air Force MiG-21 from Cottbus Air Museum web-page: I could not find a Soviet Forces Germany Fishbed picture. Contains foreign words: most of them are swear-words, others are explained in text. This was an Unbound Shed post for Pledgers to Gibbous House.

The Sinhpony

When a devil screams it is heard throughout the universe. Echoed into the darkest corners. The hounds of hell whine and whimper to the Sinphony. It...

Romantic Dramatics

Good-looking to a ‘T’ popular, and chic, immaculate, cocksure, well-dressed and sleek, dangling followers by a string, always in control, confident of all her power, certain of her goal …


Spring Concupiscent foxes tame their offspring Me thinks this is the first sign of spring. Bumblebees bombinate above-heads As myriad dark clouds...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (26) Betcha By Golly Wow – Rosie’s Tale (Part 07)

In the days that followed the Bank Holiday weekend Kelly cursed herself for not exchanging contact details with Rosie Parsons. She was positive that Rosie would be receptive to her advances but she could hardly make an advance if she didn’t know where she was.


If the singular is this

Choice Tales from the Vale – (091) The Inclement Adventure (Part 02)

It was still lashing down with rain when they left the café and added to that there was a violent thunderstorm accompanying it and when Sara opened the door, everyone was scurrying for cover. Gary however took Sara by the hand and led her to the end of the platform where just around the corner was the disabled toilet.


"You've got a pussy..." - Rammstein

Whiteout II-8 (Aftermath) [2 of 2]

This is part 2 of 2. Link to Part 1 They only ended up hiking until a little after midday before they found the next marker. An hour after leaving...

Whiteout II-8 (Aftermath) [1 of 2]

8. Aftermath “Are you sure you want to hear this part? I could just skip past, tell you the camp was massacred and move past it,” said Nick, hoping...

For God, King and Country

Every year we promise to remember them. So why does it feel like every year we forget?


Jaz panting and out of breath runs uphill, the dark street a whetstone underfoot, and the unexpected urgency of the chase sobers him. It makes him...

Leggings – How does the Shah claim to own the UK?

I was in a kind of turmoil, did I believe this or not? The room was empty.

The Wishing Rod

Once there were two little girls called Sandy and Sue; two orphan girls who, after their parents had died, had been forced to live with their Aunt...

You Can't Pin Me Down

You can’t pin me down I will slip away from your fingers For I am a free thinker. Ideas, I accumulate My imagination is flamed By my tots untamed...

Rosie Sumner's Recommended Reads

The following list is a compilation of some of the books, book series and stage or screenplays that I have read and would highly recommend. They are...

Messy Joe’s bacon box lottery

When Eric Braithwaite died, he left a space on Thomas Bogle’s bacon box. Boxes are a much-sought thing in the trenches, the only thing coming between...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (26) Betcha By Golly Wow – Rosie’s Tale (Part 06)

“Are you ok Hun?” Kelly asked when she saw the paleness of Rosie’s countenance “It’s from my friend Lindsay” she said “And?” “I can’t read it, I’m scared” Rosie said