Truth telling?

I’m not sure why I agreed to it. My nan always said ‘Be sure your sins will find you out.’ I think she might have been right but there’s still time...

From Jester To King XVIII

About the father.

Bit of a pervert

Part 11


Part 10

Milo Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight Next Sunday would be Milo’s birthday and Estevo wanted to get him something. A party was planned and he was invited. He felt almost...

The Blind man Who Plays Chess - an excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves

The blind man arrived every day at precisely the same time. His taxi pulled up at the same point at the kerb. The driver, always the same one,...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (81) Assisted at the Claremont Hotel (Part 03)

On her first day as assistant manager Sarah Poole had substituted her uniform of dark blue skirt and jacket and was wearing a turquoise green suit, a crisp white blouse and black opaque tights, but the most noticeable thing she was wearing was an accessory, namely a smile.


The only business model

The Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper By Paul McCann It was in the dead of night when the first air strike began . No one had expected it so soon . On the ground below...

The Wee Ones And The Bonfire

The Wee Ones And The Bonfire By Paul McCann On the seventh day of the seventh month about half a mile from the Fairy Glen on the path to Ambersglow...


Empty sex, and a horrible narrator. What could be more enjoyable, right?

Jeremiah's Fortune

Jeremiah’s Fortune - By Paul McCann I sat at the bar in Sean O’Caseys one evening with Brian . Before us were two dark pint glasses half filled with...

From Jester To King XVII

All sexed up in Manchester.

Shit Goth

Part 8. I'm off sick again today so you know, gonna write.

Me and Marvin

Part 7