Holey Moley

Holy Moley By Paul McCann Well she left me in the morning about half past ten, never saw it coming way back then , little did I know when she went to...

Mornington-By-Mere – (53) Strangers on a Train (Part 02)

George and Tracey spent their first twenty minutes together exchanging glances, his of curiosity mixed with desire, and hers of coquettishness. But then the motion of the train began to lull him off, and when the long blinks had set in he slept, and while he slept he dreamt, and all his dreams were about the girl in the lemon dress.

Snippets of Downshire Life – Margarita Day

Downshire is a relatively small English county but that didn’t bother its inhabitants, the may not have been the biggest but they were in no doubt that it was the best, and that belief was no truer than in the southern town off Abbottsford which was Downshire’s administrative capital and the seat of the Downshire government.

Angel 33 (on report)

Angel didn’t see what happened to Carol Anne. Before he dashed away to use the phone Peter had taken her by the arm into one of the workrooms and...


Communication is a constant worry


Many years ago, a baby was a baby for a long time, they didn’t seem to do much but cry, sleep and eat. When I was young a baby was just that, a baby...


See-through wings, past waving grasses seeking out red lips - Paper-folded rose surpasses those narcotic trips… Orchard-legged, heavy-handed I...

The Toshers

The Toshers As usual, Alec was the first down. He was young and keen and much fitter and more agile than the other three. He unclipped himself from...


Worry drags; smoke inhaled deep within withering lungs. An anchor; creating deep crevices in tired tarmac. Pathway past nothing to nowhere but...

Mother Of The Aged

Mother Of The Aged . By Paul McCann Mother of the aged, inspire the minds of those who are searching for solutions to provide better care for the...

Free From Fear

Free From Fear Blackboard, chalk scored Whiteboard, black marked The jungle’s just as forbidding A harsh remark A sly under-table kick A pellet spat...

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home By Paul McCann Home sweet home you’re so far across the sea . I miss the old faces that used to smile at me . Home sweet home I so...

8 AM Again

Spotted my next door neighbour in his morning ritual – cig and a coffee and a deep breath of smoke whispering away with the wind followed by a gulp...

Mornington-By-Mere – (53) Strangers on a Train (Part 01)

The Varney’s lived in the small country village of Mornington-By-Mere in the Finchbottom Vale nestled between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest and the rolling Pepperstock Hills.


Tony the Tiger is dead


When you’re on the pull If you want to break the ice

Angel 32 (causality)

Carol Anne’s hand reached into her jacket pocket for her tobacco tin. Her fumbling fingers had a hard time forcing the lid and anger flickered across...


Under Spanish law, rebellion is defined as ‘rising up in a violent and public manner’, so how can it be that twelve Catalan leaders are now in the...

A Glass Winter 5

Looking down at her phone she see’s six missed calls from her mother. Wiping her dewy eye’s, she stows it back in her purse; swapping it for a hip flask full of vodka. She didn’t feel like flirting for drinks tonight.