Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)

Pride and Prejudice

Pride begets prejudice, assumes others antagonistic, proud and prejudiced, so incites prejudice, provokes enmity aggravating their pride, justifying...

Tower of Strength (IP) Part 3 of 4

The Tower has summoned Strength to the Old Place, between Barclay's Bank and Marks and Spencer's.

The Gambler

This would be his fourth time around. If she said ‘yes’, it would be. Jerry was scared. He supposed that was the feeling in the pit of his stomach,...

Head Full Of Dreams

Every writer has a gem they wish to share coming out of visions exposing their flair, some are like diamonds glimmer and shine few are full of...

Tower of Strength (IP) Part 2 of 4

'Tentacle things...all bright and that thing with all the snakes on its head...' 'The Medusa,' said Mrs Brenton.

Tower of Strength (IP) Part 1 of 4

The Tower comes alive. Which is a shame if you've just started your Fat Rascal. Image: Author's own feeble attempt.

In the wee small hours of the morning...(that's the time I miss him most of all)

In the wee small hours Before the first Morning light When Night lights glow Amid crickets songs Cool breezes Finger through Open windows Billowing...

Meet Me On The Corner

Dear diary...1977 holds a big sack of memories for me, not only was I a part time vegetarian, that is to say that throughout the working week I'd be...