Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)



Silent streets give you dreams. Picture from Needpix, in the public domain.


The outstanding recurrent mechanism within my dreams has to do with my camera. Like all of us, my dreams are overloaded with spectacular vistas,...

Travelling Free, Travelling On...And On...And On

My dream is to move as free as my dear friend the neutrino amoungst the stars and beyond...forever and ever. No lockdown can contain my imagination or my dreams...

Every Night

Every night I have this dream. The night is heavy, and the darkness is liquid, caressing inside itself warm, whiskey colours; umbers and ambers and...


You can decide today I live by the facts I will not be guided anymore by pale pink ideas or dark purple illusions From now on I will be a man of my...

Final Fudge as Birkdale Becomes a Ghost

Birkdale is described as a village. I went to college in a village so I've always enjoyed the village vibe particularly the Main Street. If It wasn't...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Bang Bang Thank You Ma'am

Tuesday afternoons have been special times for Lynn and me since we moved down South. We visit the mall town of Birkdale and go to a matinee then we...

To Make You Smile ;O) At This Time x

“Spare a thought for the man that came out of jail this morning for us to go into lockdown tonight!” Tim Dowse Twitter @Themlotsdad. “I said to the...