Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)

It's not okay at all

I've been keeping to talk about this for so long, that I need to say how important this is to be talked about. This is all based on my own...

The Land Of Make Believe (IP)

Once upon a long ago in the Land Of Make Believe there was a wicked witch named Poison Ivy and, looking through her magic mirror, she said, " Mirror...


image by pixabay free to use. In the Summertime me and my brother Jake can think of nothing better than to fly up – up and away in our red and green...

Beautiful Doll

Song titles in italics - Image of Amsterdam from Pixabay - No attribution required

Liam Anders

He got up before dawn. Each day. Crawled out of bed to the stinging sound of an alarm going off beside his bed. Woke himself with stabbing cold water...

Juan and Jill

In response to airyfairy's comment, a sequel to Good News, Bad News

Good News

Inspiration point. Image created and released into the Public Domain by The Tango! Desktop Project

Good news meets the lack

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Why did Jesus say he’d come bringing news that’s good? beaten, scorned though he had done nothing ever bad...
Gold cherry

Good News

The walls flow down from the ceiling, pooling on the floor and seeping beneath the patterned carpet. There are cracks in the lino that skirts the...