Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)


Stonehenge 1965

It's only just occurred to me how fitting this piece is for several of the recent 'Inspiration Point's' So I guess I am looking at Stonehenge from several perspectives.I is true to say that as a young boy the exeprience that day/early morning was to change me forever....forest_for_ever! The image above is actually a clrcke of stones near Chippping Norton.....I didn't have a camera back in 1965!

It outshines the old!

Rushing to the pub with their weekly pay … Some loved buildings old, with their ritual, bells…Some loved hate of Christians …


The cinema was in the basement of an imposing Art Deco building

We Are Seacroft!

With my folks, I lived on top Of the North East Gas Board showrooms shop In a row of flats called Parkway Mews From which we had outstanding views Of...

A Secret Barricuda

I've grown used to blood, scales and X rays giving away my secrets but was surprised this time when it was my pulse. Last week I fainted. We had been...

The Secret

Just as suicide is the most sincere form of self-criticism, repressed memory is the sincerest form of secrecy and sometimes the latter leads to the...

Secrets Of Wistman Woods

This is a poem about a small wooded area on Dartmoor, that is both ancient and otherworldly, like a secret to be told. Troubled cobwebs blown away in...

A Secret Can Kill Ya

Yeah, secrets will kill ya. I know and knew this all along. Perhaps I have a secret unconfessed death wish because I don't want anybody to find out...

Everything Is Negotiable

Yesterday I was thinking about how expensive it can be to share my discovered secrets with a lawyer, a shrink or a dominatrix. I'm paying them to...