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Ten Year Anniversary

I've been living alone on my property for ten years. Mom and Dad moved to Sneedville ten years ago today on April 14, 2011. I found the house where...

Aberystwyth University Student Union Clubs and Societies Haiku

The vegan disco. They dance to ‘Meat is Murder’. Racism ignored.

Durk Willems

(died 16 May 1569) His pursuer had fallen through the thin ice — what would he do?


Let’s celebrate the hairdressers of Chorley, whilst in Sao Paulo a family can’t breathe. Exhale the black dead men of Minneapolis. Caress the poets...

Poem A Boy's World (c)

A Boy’s World is a boy’s world. Time to round up friends for a game of ‘scrub’ our neighbourhood’s favourite game. Harry brought his mom’s Sears to...

Flight of the Eagle novel (Chap. 16-17 & Ending)

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Two hurrying adults burst through the foliage. Adam’s father was younger and faster. His new sneakers almost flew across the mossy...

Flight of the Eagle novel (Chap. 13-15)

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Perhaps a large rainbow trout darted too swiftly behind a rock. Or, reflections from the watery surface played tricks on the rapidly...

I Wish

No clues, just guess. It's more fun. Image is in the Public Domain. Source wikipedia.fr.org