Certificate U

Suitable for all

Incredible You Are

Incredible You Are by Paul McCann Darling I know how hard you try , you set limit in the sky and I know the reason why , you’ve got values you live...

On offer

There is a salesperson we all know, who sells a story about us, he’s being paid with lies and truths with love and hate, indifference when paid in...

Since He's Been Gone

Since He’s Been Gone By Paul McCann In a flat down by the bay there lives a young lady who sits by the window and she stares out into space . Oh she...

Ángelo’s cows

A country excursion - sorry, couldn't wait until tomorrow

Lost in a space

More overblown nonsense

King of the jungle

I wonder where I will go. Where haven’t I been? I’ve crossed the deserts of the world and made many friends. I’ve explored the icy frozen lands at...


PANDORA’S BOX Only Elpis remains, only hope remains Said Pandora. They told me it is a simple task Just open the cursed box. I did! I did! All the...

Canute, Part Two

My pet newt, the minute Canute, was hatched on a mossy islet festooned with pine-cones and chrysalises in a soggy explosion of yellow, green and...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (46) Clinician Heal Thyself Again (Part 02)

After a very enjoyable first Christmas in her new home Dani was really pleased that she wasn’t starting the new job on her own and she knew Patricia felt the same way.

How Easy She Forgets

How Easy She Forgets By Paul McCann He was all she cared for once , but that was long ago and now she hasn't time to say hello . He’s not there and...