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Suitable for all

The Fairy Floss Tree

. The Fairy Floss Tree By Paul McCann In the fairy forest there grew a flossy tree Back in a once upon a time when the bumble birds made honey and...

Monster of the Blues

Cyborg Day Animal Night Surging Excitement Perpetual Fright. Unrequited love : and the secrets of the doves sweeten a sour brew... with poems and...

The wasp (an excerpt from the next Crowe investigation) 2021

One It was a Tuesday afternoon towards the end of August when the wasp came in to die. Its stuttered descent, like a downed spitfire, made Pius John...

A Spring Fashion For The Fairy Queen

A Spring Fashion For The Fairy Queen By Paul McCann Where garden fairies dwell around the wishing well some perfumed petals fell with a heavenly...

A Lick of the Cat and the Muck of a Duck

India is trying to snooze but her rather damp companion has other ideas!

J’ai dormi sous l’eau

Waiting has its own tides and I have slept beneath the sea, playfully pulled away from shore to wide, shifting fields of spray shattered, broken,...

Ukulele Lesson 5

The Tiger Mother softens, I get to play my first tune, and a cat gets to surrender one of its eight lives, apparently.

Maria's Diary 37

Chapter 37 Father and Friend! Thy light, Thy love Beaming through all Thy works we see; Thy glory gilds the heavens above, And all the earth is full...

Time, gentlemen

World is old, but not as old as Galaxy. Galaxy is old, but not as old as Universe. We know not what is older than Universe. Forever is a long time,...

Whenever Love Steals Your Heart Away

. Whenever Love Steals Your Heart Away by Paul McCann I will whisper gently to you the words of my heart without any fear . There’s no need for me to...