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A Smiling Blue Face

The Vogelkop Bird-of-Paradise


Look at the big hand Overtaking the short hand Listen to the loud ticking Taking over your thoughts It’s a long day, starting at 8 Your already...

A Break in the Clouds - my Memories of living at Faslane Peace Camp back in August 1983

The rain stopped! We emerged from our peace caravans. Jenny fanned the sparks from the local newspaper The Helensburgh Times. The sparks from the...

A seed- fear syndrome

A seed- fear syndrome Smile. I often with thrill and fun at this age then in my village my childhood time, that has stood engraved in my memory in it...

Getting the treasure!

Parable about God’s kingdom: like a treasure in a field …

Hurricane Ian

The Specter of Hurricane IAN Like most of America, we watched the formation and development of Hurricane Ian, as it drove relentlessly across the...
Gold cherry

high seas

leaf shoals race on grey twig currents as west winds lace rushing rip tides through fast colours, with quick air rinse out sluggish thoughts so free...
Gold cherry

Gift From The Sky

Photo from wikimedia.

The .......Part Two

I had forgotten to mention, importantly we were told, “There are ten meditation/prayer rooms, they will be open all of the time, no cameras will be...