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I'm Standing On The Moon

Poem about Night Dreaming

Shades of `Cold Comfort...`

She came towards the end of Autumn A cousin of a cousin. We were farm entrenched Farm deep in earth yield And carcass cuts Drenched in milk lakes And...

My Journey

Born to a world of strife This is the story of my life Turbulent waters I was born Father left and forever shorn Mother with two young boys Pain all...

To Trump or not to Trump

I worked for over thirty years in the political arena of WNY. Many of those years were spent battling in the super-heated contests of local elections...

You’ve got to laugh!

Unaccustomed, as I am, to pubic speaking


Rotating inferno, thunderous hum

Dinner for Two

We climbed the stairs clutching our cans of lager and freshly cooked chips, the heat from the chips mixing with the heavy evening air. I could feel...


The six o’clock alarm Breaks my slumber, and I swat at the clock Like an unwelcome bug.