Robert Craven

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I have 48 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 28266 times and 23 of my stories have been cherry picked.

My stories


The City of Ink - an ode to Lyon

Baked summer heat in the city of ink; escooters, dreadlock'd deliveroos weave through the narrow alleys trap the heat while the mercury hits 100F...

Aloha from Roscarrig - an excerpt from Crowe II, (wip) 2021

Freud once observed, repetition was a ‘desire to return to an earlier state of things.’ . Crowe felt like reminiscing and pulled Elvis Presley’s ‘...

The wasp (an excerpt from the next Crowe investigation) 2021

One It was a Tuesday afternoon towards the end of August when the wasp came in to die. Its stuttered descent, like a downed spitfire, made Pius John...

My boys will pay a visit - Excerpt from A KIND OF DROWNING

Midnight The boat was moored in the Poolbeg Marina, near the bustling docks of Dublin. Getting cleaned down. Removing his smatterings of blood and...

Excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves: An appointment in Seville

1946 Seville, Spain Thousands of brightly lit paper lanterns adorned the tent city beneath the swaying shade of cooling stretched canvas. The colours...