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The Isolation problem

I was woken early one morning by a hammering on my back door. I quickly dressed and rushed downstairs to find Alun in an excited mood.   "It's the Off-Mainlander Magazine, Jed," he said. "They've listed us as the most isolated island."  Read more

Story of the week

the weather forecast

I read The Herald’s weather forecast as others would scry a chicken’s entrails after eating barbecue wings. Tomorrow will be dry, but your life will be shit. Next day the same shit, made worse by a chiselling, plutocratic, government stealing from the poor and giving it to even more obscenely rich people. At the end of the week rain, high winds, but you don’t need to worry about that. That worries me the most.Read more

Poem of the week

Compassion Fatigue

Hey you.


Yeah you.


I know your grandad died last night but conjugate this verb.


Get into groups now.


Group one:

Data says you're the smart kids.

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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Big congratulations to London_calling79 for 'Compassion Fatigue' which is our Poem of the Week, with a very honourable mention to PoetonaHill for 'Tribes', and to Celticman for his extremely funny and completely surreal 'the weather forecast' which is our Story of...Read more



We’re happy to announce our next abctales readings evening, all set to take place in London on Saturday, 3rd February.

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November's picks very kindly chosen by love_writing:

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

At the Arts Council in Manchester

And to think I was just about to complain
About the weakness of the coffee when
my head turned through the glass to
witness the hearse arguing in traffic.

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It’s my birthday today.

I’m eight years old.

My name is Poppy Rogers.

I was born at twenty past nine in the morning on November the 11th. Mum says if I’d waited a little longer we’d have scored a hat-trick. I think that’s a funny thing to say.  

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