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By and by

A poem of hope and belief.  A poem of years.

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Story of the week

Between the Lines Chapter 10

It was a Sunday, and Sundays were always special to Guno and me. Shubho had just flown down from California and was fast asleep. Guno woke up early, she loved goat curry, and Sunday was a goat curry day in our house. She did not have teeth yet to chew, but she loved the curry with rice. Goat curry and luuchi(fried Indian bread) were a typical Sunday dish in most Bengali households.Read more

Poem of the week


She purrs 

I am a cat

No make that mother of cats

The supreme being

The honourable Queen



Her name is yumak 

The fist of soft yarn

In Turkish

Yumak is as hard as a fist


Her Persian fur is soft;

Deceptively so.



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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

It was difficult to pin down the picks for this week on ABCTales due to some gorgeous work.

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We’ve had a hiatus since our last abctales readings evening, but are happy to announce that we have a new event planned for London on Wednesday 10 May.

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

The Man on the Other End of the Phone

For my dad...

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The headlights picked out individual snowflakes, quivering cotton drops spliced from the gauzy storm and suspended in their yellow orbs.

'You have to pull over,' he muttered, fidgeting. 'I don't know where the fuck - '

'Etteridge, or something,' she snapped, 'that's what you said last.'

Windscreen wipers scudded flowering white maps aside with irate, rubbery yelps.

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