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Dear Santa, 


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Another plane takes off.
Jeffrey’s ready to go.  He looks the part.  With his suitcase standing next to him, in a tweedy jacket, with a scarf around his neck, a small carry-on bag and a camera.  The sky behind us, through the massive windows, has gone a peachy, saccharine colour.  It reminds me of pink lip gloss, and sunlight through a glass of brandy.  Low clouds add a feathery texture.
I don’t want him to leave.
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Our picks for the month of November have been chosen by rjnewlyn:

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Poetry Monthly – December

Hello all,

Hope everything is good where you are and that the short days and long evenings are giving you lots of chances to write!

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Bee's Journey

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Walking in the dead grey

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Mr Russ.

I don’t have any War Medals from relatives. Dad did National Service in 1950, but was too young to serve in WW2. My Granddads were too young for WW1 but did their bit in WW2 but both of them on these shores, one in the Home Guard and one as a Local Air Raid Warden. Great Grandfathers fought in WW1 but I have no idea where their Medals are, probably lost over the decades. The only Memorabilia I have is from an old next door neighbour.

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