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We Can Do Your Weeds

McGurk is de only scout among us.  But he’s a traitor to der cause as every bob-a-job week he swipes an extra card in de scout hall and we use dat to get money for ourselves to rent out videos.

McGurk wears his neckerchief to be more authentic.  Well, he is authentic.  He’s a real cub scout.  He’s just a traitor.

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Story of the week

The Monkey Plans. (An audio extract from Sven Goes to War)

The Monkey Plans

1. Listen to The Monkey Plans. 
2. Read the full story here.
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Poem of the week

I Fall In Love With A Plague Doctor

This is how it feels:

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Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of March have been chosen by airyfairy:  Read more

Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

I think this has been the hardest weekly pick I've ever had to do - I can't even list all the honourable mentions - instead I'll just say how lovely it is that ABCTales is somewhere you come during these difficult times - and you are all wonderful.


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'PERFECT: A second lifetime to get it right' by JoAnne Stefanizzi (Penny4athought)

I'm very pleased to announce that this is out now on Amazon - by ABCTaler Penny4athought!

Here's a link if you want to order from Amazon Uk:


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Crown of Eggshell by Rachel Deering (onemorething). Out Now!

I'm very pleased to announce the publication by Cerasus Poetry of Rachel Deering's 'Crown of Eggshell'


‘In the myth of me, I am geese in flight...’

This flock of poems features cuckoos,

blackbirds, owls, magpies, ortolans,

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We have had to suspend the automatic joining facility for a while so if you would like to join us please email admin@abctales.com with your desired username and we will set up an account for you. It's all free!

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month



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Sven Goes to War. Part 1. Warriors of the Wasteland

Sven Goes to War. 

Part 1. Warriors of the Wasteland  

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