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Bluebottle Triptych

Bluebottle Triptych

(Calliphora Vomitoria)

In summer’s molten sizzle of days
in a sleepy forest’s midday haze
maggots hatch on a dead bird.
A white tide of squirming rice grains –
lords of death and excrement –
dismantle what it took years to create,
leaving a stack of fine bones,
dusty feathers to flap in the wind.

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Story of the week

Very Beret

My brush with fame was more my hat of fame – if that can be seen as even a thing. 
When I was doing my degree, I lived in a house with a number of oddballs and ne’er do wells and I loved every minute of it.  There was the guy who danced nightly with his mange-ridden dog to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. The guy, tall, serious, in rhythm at every step.  The dog, on its skinny, back legs, bits of skin snowstorm-flying to the floor. 
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Poem of the week

The Reproachful Muse

Its been a very patient sheepdog

never nipping or barking

just walking behind me stopping whenever I did

lying down when I stopped

gazing with big limpid eyes



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Best Book Plug Ever!

I am a huge fan of well-wisher's excellent children's poems and stories, and I didn't realise he'd published some of them until I read this very funny book plug today:

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We have had to suspend the automatic joining facility for a while so if you would like to join us please email admin@abctales.com with your desired username and we will set up an account for you. It's all free!

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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Story of the Week goes to 'Very Beret', a fascinating and exceptionally glittery piece of life writing by Noo, with two honourable mentions for well-wisher's 'Pareidolia', and skinner_jennifer's 'United in an Ancient Wood'.

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

The Green and White Dress

“Make me a dress for the upcoming gala.” This is Lady Mirithmae. She comes sweeping into my shop, with her gossamer train swishing behind her, her little servant in tow, her shimmering deep red clinging to a figure that's graceful and austere. A willow's grace; a half-grown sapling's, the unset lines, the swannish bend of her neck.

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My Neighbour the Alcoholic


My neighbour, the alcoholic

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