Pick of the day

Beach Pottery Mosaic

Storm-washed sand-stormed jigsaw,
            your voices sing
as the tide comes in.
            High-tide the moon rides
the waves like a hag,
the sea’s mirror.
            I’m here in a million
pieces on the beach;
            nothing aches like
the static of tides.
            You chafe my sharp edges,
silky stories in your hand.

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Story of the week

The Third Blessing

Once, a long time ago, a woman gave birth to three baby girls and, as they were lying in the cot, a fairy flew in through a window of their house to bless them with her wand but she only had 3 blessings to give and so decided to give one blessing to each of the girls.
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Poem of the week

Branwell Clinic

As I'm finding it difficult to write at the moment, I will continue to let my daughter Julia (Overthetop1) live on through her own writing, until I am ready.

Coral Jane (seashore). 

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We have had to suspend the automatic joining facility for a while so if you would like to join us please email 

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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Firstly, how lovely it's been hearing how much ABCTales means to so many of you.

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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Congrats go to the Other Terrence Oblong and samhenig this week - and the IP is something very different. Give it a go!

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ABCtales - an important announcement

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you all that if no one is found to take over ABCtales then it will close on December 31st.

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month



The last man I loved
made me a dream catcher
of dental floss and blonde hair.

This is him, the last of him. We’re driving
through a phlegmy drag of days. Stealing
rayon rose petals from damp motels
to stitch into his coat.

Pullover please.

He digs his fingers into my knee.
In the middle of a fake orgasm
I find myself
And I’m ugly.

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The headings are a nod to Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea, The Sea', a wonderful book :)

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