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Ginny. Part 2. the stranglers’ underpants



And it was that Summer, death of mother, metamorphosis from boy into girl and back again, that Ginny and Charles posted a notice on the board of Claire’s Roadside Café offering 5-7 year olds, “a once in a lifetime opportunity at a knockdown price”:

Latin lessons and open sea swimming.

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Story of the week

My New Nemesis

It was small wonder that I was continually nursing a boil somewhere on my bottom...Read more

Poem of the week

Getting Ready

Gone the rag  sound of a bird alone

dropped on naked silence

between dumpsters' grinding regurgitations

from horizon's bridge

and fuzzy pulse of cars below.


In the woods, now,  everywhere you turn, birds are

hanging out bright bunting of their songs

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Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of January, very kindly chosen by onemorething:




As always, with such a wealth of diverse and fantastic writing shared here, it’s very hard to choose just one poem and story.  


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Invitation: free Gresham lectures: John Mullan, Powers of the Novel; Mathematical Journeys and Structure in Fiction, Sarah Hart

We were sent this information recently, and I thought some of you might be interested. It's free and available to anyone - not just UK-based:

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Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel By Drew Gummerson.

Big congratulations to Drew Gummerson for the publication of Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel.

Available here: 


Review by Mark Burrow


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We have had to suspend the automatic joining facility for a while so if you would like to join us please email claudine@abctales.com or jane@abctales.com with your desired username and...Read more

Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

To a Lone Sailor

'...sail steady, sail always, sail true.'

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My father’s bones

When my father died, I asked for the body and they put it in a bag. It was a lot heavier than I thought; I had imagined a certain weight, I had scoped it out in my mind, but for some reason it turned out to be much heavier.

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