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Story of the week

I Stayed Up For Portillo

1st May 1997. The election that ended 18 years of Tory rule and ushered in a landslide Labour government under Tony Blair.
I'd spent the day in some obscure backstreets of Croydon, the nearest target marginal seat to where I was living, knocking up voters, delivering 'have you voted?' leaflets and sitting at polling stations taking numbers. 
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Poem of the week

A Secret Garden

Audio version at https://soundcloud.com/user-62051685/a-secret-garden-mp3


A Secret Garden


Sinking sun creeping lower, stalking horizons,

rays of light fading, pale moon lies in wait,

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Story and Poem of The Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of October, very kindly chosen by rjnewlyn:


What a great month! Well done to everyone who posted in October – it has been a tough choice. 


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A Supermarket Love Story by John Osborne illustrated by Katie Pope published by Go Faster Stripe

I'm very pleased to announce that John Osborne, who writes on ABCTales as mcmanaman has a new poetry collection out now!

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YOU (From Pissed to Publication) by Drew Gummerson

I'm very happy to announce that YOU (From Pissed to Publication) by ABCTales' very own Drew Gummerson is out now. You can buy it here:

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A Working Class State of Mind by Colin Burnett: Review

Once again, It's my pleasure to announce the publication of ABCTales writer Colin Burnett's debut short story collection. Here's a review by Celticman:

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Bee's Journey

Picks of the Month

Pain au chocolat

We lived together for what must have been ten years. I hardly knew him. That’s not to say we didn’t interact. He talked a lot. He talked about his problems, his difficult childhood, he went hell-for-leather into his family history.

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When I'm sad I eat sweets

which isn't going to help anything. Being sad is hard though

Robbie WIlliams will tell you all about that, and his dad

Peter, having to see his son go through so much fame

and addiction. It's a tricky bugger, sadness,

when it arrives like an uninvited guest, a suitcase

in their hand at your front door. 

Well I guess you're going to be staying a while,

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