Dynamics and Statics

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Dynamics and Statics

Understanding some necessary concepts, Classical (Newtonian) mechanics is a science dealing with force and mass, time and distance. Traditionally as a study on it's own, statics deals with forces that balance each other to keep objects in a state of rest, dynamics is the physics of forces producing movement.

Einstein's theory of the universe, general relativity is based on the principle that movement is relative and that time is a fourth dimension related to space and the influence of gravity.

The Question is, what is the equivalent of Statics in General Relativity?

Note: I  have consulted the Oxford dictionary




My answer is that they are equivalent, statics in relativity theory is the same as in classical mechanics. Of course given above were meant as descriptions of the terms and not as definitions.

I have two different lines of reasoning agreeing on this result.

This then I now have stated without proof, I had hoped someone would at least try. So I leave it at that perhaps now someone would  attempt and prove or else disprove my ideas.

See you! Tom