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My father was a motor-mechanic and my mother a librarian I am the eldest brother. We are South-African my roots lie in Pretoria and East-London. I have a doctorate in Applied Mathematics but people mostly know me as Mr Brown. The promoter for the PhD was Prof N Sauer (UP 2005) and the Master's supervisor Prof WK Bartoszek (Unisa 1997).

There have been formal advanced coursework and research in diverse areas including the following: Markov operators; stochastic processes; partial differential equations; semi-groups and double families of evolution operators.

The most admired famous mathematicians to me are Gauss, Riemann and Newton. Georg Cantor is very inspiring. Some favourite authors are Jules Verne, HG Wells and Jack London and poets, William Blake and Dylan Thomas. I like science fiction and fantasy movies my all time greatest are the Narnia stories and the Lord of the Rings.

The meal best enjoyed is a breakfast of bacon eggs on toast fried chips with fresh orange juice (as opposed to instant oats and banana bread). For leisure I like nature hikes, and to go fishing and preferably alone. I love dogs and especially Labradors and Maltese poodles.

Including other interests such as in languages and literature I am interested in sciences in general for instance amateur astronomy. The formal studies were well worthwhile but the plan is to concentrate on writing now and not esoteric but instead popular accessible work.

For the love of God and the fear of Mathematics!

My stories

Exploring a New world

Butterflies dragonflies frogs and tadpoles from streams and pools between reeds and lilies catching ladybugs and digging up earthworms under rocks...

A world of fantasy and wonders

As a small child after an afternoon shower walking alone along the road I saw a small dirty oily puddle with all kinds of magic colours flowing into...

Glowing Embers

Flames in ancient African fires dwindling, Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none can come to buy, and in the whithered field where the...

The Wisdom Of Solomon

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and...

Ancient Wisdom

Knowledge is better than riches, virtue is better than wealth Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse Advise and council him, if he does not...


167 of my comments have received 169 Great Feedback votes

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No doubt inspired

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020

No doubt inspired by Jules Verne's classic scifi novel 20,000 leagues under the sea. Also makes one think of Jacques C. and the research ship the Calypso.

Good work, original too! We are in, looking out, man and fish roles reversed! Who's...

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it's good to be young

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2014

It's good to be young and insane.

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Posted in Mental Illness

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Don't know really

Posted on Fri, 13 Nov 2020

Don't know really what this is all about but I like it! Must be those hurricanes.

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Posted in Thunder-Roll

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"part owl, part tree",

Posted on Mon, 02 Nov 2020

"part owl, part tree", I must say the photo is fascinating it's even hard to believe it's real. Camouflage?

Tom Brown

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Posted in Screech

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When you see her it's butterflies

Posted on Sun, 04 Oct 2020

When you see her it's butterflies in your stomach, such a beautiful creature you just want to hold her hand.

Thanks Richard! We never forget the first crush.

Tom Brown

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We are all brothers and sisters

Posted on Fri, 30 Oct 2020

We are all brothers and sisters here this is Africa.

Tom (bra uncle oom baba muna madoda) Brother

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Posted in My Sister Asked Me

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Don't know about this

Posted on Mon, 26 Oct 2020

Don't know about this it always looks better on paper. Old African Proverb- The only cure for love is marraige. You were just lucky.

Tom Brown

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Posted in Marriage

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There is the following situation

Posted on Thu, 15 Oct 2020

There is the following situation, motor car hijackings and car robbery commonplace, every day. Let's say you come home from work at 2am you worked late. Streets dead quiet. Do you stop at the red robot (traffic light?) Do you? No. Technically it...

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Posted in 4 Way Stop

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Someone you acknowedge just

Posted on Sun, 27 Sep 2020

Someone you acknowedge just in passing, just a nod perhaps, a "non-person". Yet he is actually one of the most important people, can you imagine how it would looked if no-one cleaned? A janitor they call him in his noble and selfless calling....

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Posted in Cleaner - County Building

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Very nice Granny!

Posted on Sat, 19 Sep 2020

Very nice Granny! Kids learn contrasts and opposites, with rhymes to remember! This is how we learn and it's much better than TV and computers.

All the best, look after them to them belongs tomorrow! Tom Brown


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Posted in Kids’ Contrasts