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I consider myself a teacher of mathematics. I have an MSc at the University of
South Africa and a PhD at the University of Pretoria but people mostly know
me as Mr Brown. What gives me most meaning and fulfilment in work is to
encourage and inspire gifted young people, who could face similar difficulties
and adversities than I've had. My main academic research interests would be
in stochastic processes and in the mathematical theory of empathy.
My greatest academic ambition is to consolidate the work of Prof Niko Sauer.
A monumental task. For the love of God and the fear of Mathematics!


My stories

Night terrors and waking dreams

A dark and evil terrible power holds you forcibly to your bed smothering you, you are unable to move or call out or struggle to free yourself...

∫iv A perfect game of Chess

In principle finding a perfect chess game seems to be a reasonably straightforward formulated problem in discrete mathematics. To find a method and...

Dear friend Paddington

 Master Paddington Bear 32 Windsor Gardens London England My dear friend Paddington! Thanks for your letter and coming to visit us. You're already...

South-African Pastimes

Why have a picnic when you can put the table cloth under the table sit on the floor and throw sand over the food? On a sunny day by the seaside...

Best Paddington

Master Paddington Bear c/o The Browns 32 Windsor Gardens London England Dear Padinton! A Padintin movie! A film star! You're getting on in the world...


56 of my comments have received 57 Great Feedback votes

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it's good to be young

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2014

It's good to be young and insane.

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Good old stuff

Posted on Thu, 20 Jun 2013

Good old stuff! Defiant!

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Sala kahle!

Posted on Sat, 10 Nov 2018

“Sala kahle” is a Zulu greeting for goodbye. It says “stay well”. For “go well” the greeting is “hamba kahle!”

I gave an attempted phonetic English spelling. I am learning isiZulu it's going slowly but steadily. I find it very difficult....

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Posted in In That Moment

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Sounds good!

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Sounds good! We don't ever get snow here in South-Africa. Never. Most of us haven't even ever seen snow. Only when it's terribly cold sometimes it snows on the mountains. The Cape mountains and the Drakensberg. There in the northern hemishere is...

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It sounds like a fairy tale

Posted on Tue, 13 Nov 2018

It sounds like a fairy tale. It's good to hear of a success story but there must be a lot give-and-take. Not all moonshine and roses hey!? Do you have other kids Richard?

Keep well! Tom Brown

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Two men look through

Posted on Sat, 03 Nov 2018

Two men look through the same bars, the one sees the mud, the other the stars.

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I know how it feels-

Posted on Wed, 24 Oct 2018

I know how it feels-

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Posted on Thu, 25 Oct 2018

Excellent! Enjoyed! Your poem reminds me of Narnia of the scene with Lucy with the falling leaves in Prince Caspian. A sense of wonder.

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Posted in An Autumn of Leaves

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Just beautiful

Posted on Thu, 18 Oct 2018

Just beautiful. To me yellow is faithfulness, gold is noble and eternal. Your others could be, the colour blue serenity and peace perhaps, and red would be love.

Good! Tom Brown

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A beautiful little poem, sometimes I wish I had

Posted on Wed, 17 Oct 2018

A beautiful little poem, sometimes I wish I had children especially small children steal one's heart. Do you have? In the end thrown into the world they too must make their own way, fight their own fights, take their own chances. Without choice...

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