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Apart from studies in the natural sciences I am interested in languages and literature in general as well as religion. Lately I have been writing more popular general interest essays and also trying for a bit of balance with mathematics and while keeping things understandable for most people.

I am South-African born and bred. At high school I excelled in science and mathematics competitions and completed two years of mechanical engineering with very good results. That didn't work out due to ill health. I have had permanent teaching positions at Unisa and at Wits.

Graduating with an MSc under WK Bartoszek (Unisa 1997) and a PhD under N Sauer (Pretoria 2006) formal interests would be in abstract analysis: Markov operators and stochastic processes; vector valued Laplace transforms applied to semigroups and families of evolution equations (empathies). It has now been quite a while since I was academically active I don't have much published. The way things have developed was beyond my control and I am very isolated.

Favourite authors are Jules Verne, HG Wells and Jack London, Shakespeare and poets William Blake and Dylan Thomas. I like adventure, science fiction and fantasy movies my all time greatest are the Narnia stories and the Lord of the Rings.

The meal best enjoyed is a breakfast of bacon eggs on toast fried chips with fresh orange juice, and for supper an ox-tail stew. I like eating out romantic. For recreation nature hikes, camping and fishing, listening to good music and reading, classics mostly, and good movies. I love dogs my best one was a Maltese poodle Freddy. I love rain and lightning thunderstorms and rainbows. As well as writing and publishing here on Abctales.

God is in the details. God is in the timing.

My stories

UFOs Aliens and Cover-ups

Typically stories are of alien abduction or infiltration and eminent attack with the earth and mankind in great peril, UFOs Bermuda Triangle, Area 51...

Dreams Mathematics and Chess

It seems I dream mostly of people, all kinds of people I knew. Does make sense I have had no contact I know how it feels for years and years just my...

Two Rainbows

Just now after a summer shower we saw a rainbow it was very low because it was still early afternoon. It was beautiful the sun was still quite high...

Fit For Work

Disabilities in the workplace Amazing things like miracles do happen I think of a friend's son. His parents thought he was disobedient, stubborn and...

The Nature of Truth

The fundamental questions we must ask are: What , How , Why ? “What?” concerns physical observations and experiments, and records kept, consisting of...


317 of my comments have received 319 Great Feedback votes

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I got lost twice since a long time

Posted on Wed, 29 Jun 2022

I got lost twice since a long time it was terribly scary. The one time was in bush sea bushes at the sea God spared me nothing else. The first one I can remember was in primary school. Another was weird tunnels behind across the walkway of a...

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Posted in Lost and Found

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Sorry Di I honestly did not mean

Posted on Sun, 06 Feb 2022

Sorry Di I honestly did not mean to criticise your work at all and I don't recall that I ever have. It is a great poem. But please keep in mind any good teacher knows one often learns more from your mistakes and by the way I'm also out of a job....

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Posted in February Rainbow

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Posted on Tue, 14 Sep 2021

Yes. Beautiful ending, man's best friend. Heartbreaking sometimes we feel a duty for mourning. And indeed, it is much more noble to live for someone than to die for someone, sometimes living takes great courage.

Keep well Paul! Tom

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Posted in With or Without You

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No doubt inspired

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020

No doubt inspired by Jules Verne's classic scifi novel 20,000 leagues under the sea. Also makes one think of Jacques C. and the research ship the Calypso.

Good work, original too! We are in, looking out, man and fish roles reversed! Who's...

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Posted in Here Be Dragons

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it's good to be young

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2014

It's good to be young and insane.

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Posted in Mental Illness

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Good Stuff!

Posted on Sat, 17 Feb 2024

Checked out your user page just now there is a lot of new work will take a while to read all of it. Luckily your stories are not long they are quite manageable. Brilliant! I didn't really know of it you've been so busy with the comments. You are...

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Posted in UFOs Aliens and Cover-ups

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The story feels rather violent

Posted on Sat, 17 Feb 2024

The story feels rather violent a restraining order should do, but I know how it feels believe me. Anyway the gun under your bed might help you deal with aggression I don't know. Just don't go to a nursery school and shoot some kids. And I don't...

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Posted in Killing the killers

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Something new

Posted on Tue, 06 Feb 2024

Something new from you, excellent. I especially like "Why not the flight of angels bring alight in rainbow colors?" but I do realise this is not quite the mood of the poem.

See you! Tom

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Posted in "Oneiroi" (Greek myth - gods of dream)

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Posted on Sun, 27 Sep 2009

the dude is a monkey

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Posted in the dude

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Posted on Sat, 27 Jan 2024

Amazing, the photo looks typical Africa scene, maybe lowveld. I zoomed in there's just one thing that puzzles me, All the shades? or a road or what? Maybe your camera flap?

All the best! Tom Brown

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Posted in Above Weobley