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I have 117 stories published in 7 collections on the site.
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Tom Brown


I consider myself a teacher of mathematics. I have an MSc at the University of
South Africa and a PhD at the University of Pretoria but people mostly know
me as Mr Brown. What gives me most meaning and fulfilment in work is to
encourage and inspire gifted young people, who could face similar difficulties
and adversities than I've had. My main academic research interests would be
in stochastic processes and in the mathematical theory of empathy.
My greatest academic ambition is to consolidate the work of Prof Niko Sauer.
A monumental task. For the love of God and the fear of Mathematics!


My stories

Promise of the Rainbow

The Ark The Lord said, every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. The same day were all the fountains of...

Time and Dynamical Systems

What is Time? Cause and effect are described in laws of evolution we think of physics as in a classical framework. The evolution paths in phase space...

The Two Testaments

According to the holy scripture of the New Testament salvation is through faith, in the Old Testament it was to be earned by works and good deeds and...

The Nature of Time and Semigroups

We attempt to explain to a layman in a very basic way from a mathematics' viewpoint the concepts of a semigroup and later on a dynamical system, the...


She worked for the education department for more than forty years. At the start it was mostly private companies and computer programming. These were...


68 of my comments have received 69 Great Feedback votes

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it's good to be young

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2014

It's good to be young and insane.

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Posted in Mental Illness

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Gentle. Do you know

Posted on Mon, 27 May 2019

Gentle. Do you know the poem "on the marraige of a virgin" by Dylan Thomas? One of my favourite lines "the moment of a miracle is unending lightning".

Or what about Madonna for that matter! Tom

PS. Thomas Edison said women are like...

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Posted in Sensual World

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Great adventure

Posted on Sun, 19 May 2019

Great adventure, the dawn sun reflected in the water's mirror! Reminds me of my own youth the thrill of alive!

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Posted in At Lake Babine BC

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Joseph's many coloured dreamcoat hey?

Posted on Sun, 14 Apr 2019

Joseph's many coloured dreamcoat hey? You are a granddad Richard? I believe you have mentioned it so before.

Keep well! Tom

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Posted in She Looks Great

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Lovely! A dreamlike

Posted on Thu, 11 Apr 2019

Lovely! A dreamlike contemplative mood. A childlike wonder!

Your poems make me feel happy. Tom Brown

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Posted on Sat, 06 Apr 2019


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Posted in The Sins of the Fathers

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Posted on Sun, 31 Mar 2013

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance imperishable, undefiled, and...

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Posted in Confession Of Faith

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I asked my love

Posted on Mon, 28 Jan 2019

I asked my love to take a walk just a little walk, down where the waters flow, down by the banks of the old Iho. Do you know the song Parson? Your poem also reminds me of "Diep Rivier" of Eugene Marais.

Your poem's tragic end is masterly...

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Posted in Cabin

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This is really lovely

Posted on Thu, 24 Jan 2019

This is really lovely Donna! So beautiful in its simplicity. The kind of poem I most like to read.

Keep well! Tom

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Posted in The Hills

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Lost on the internet

Posted on Fri, 25 Jan 2019

So true &

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