Picking up Pebbles

Picking up pebbles and throwing them into the sea, watching the white foam roll them all back to me

The days of my childhood I throw for the sea, watch the white waves washing them all back for me


A world of fantasy and wonders

As a small child after an afternoon shower walking alone along the road I saw a small dirty oily puddle with all kinds of magic colours flowing into...

Exploring a New world

Butterflies dragonflies frogs and tadpoles from streams and pools between reeds and lilies catching ladybugs and digging up earthworms under rocks...

Sand heaps

They were our neighbours we moved in the same day we were both five years old. There were french drains and gravel roads and a blackout with each thunderstorm.

Sprinkler Rainbows

My father was a qualified petrol mechanic but he didn't own one new car in his life. He was very good and was reliable at his work. He had a problem...

The bottle and spanner

I came into this world with a bottle in one hand and a spanner in the other, in my nappies I didn't know what I was in for. My dad explained the moon...

The misty mirrors of childhood

“The land of Song within thee lies, Watered by living springs; “Holy thoughts, like stars, arise, Its clouds are angels' wings.”

The wicker basket

Dad was holy on his Sunday afternoon nap. It usually resulted in good sports followed by a descent hiding all round.