ABCtales Critiquing Service - good reports!

Over the years many of you have asked for a critiquing service and it has taken a long time to find (a) someone good enough to do it well and (b) someone who will charge what we regard as a reasonable fee. Finally, we've done it! Lorraine Mace is a freelance writer, columnist and tutor for the Writers Bureau. Winner of the Petra Kenney International Poetry Competition (comic verse category), Lorraine's fiction, features and humour have appeared...

Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government, BBC 4, BBC iPlayer, directed by John Archer and Clara Glynn. This is the kind of programme I felt I should watch. For a start it’s got Anarchist in the title. I could mention Kropotkin, but I don’t know who he is, or Sid Vicious, Anarchy in the UK . For me it’s more an attitude. Life Without Government? Like Huxleys’s Utopia, I’m not sure it’s possible but Carne Ross seems to think it is. I hope he’s right. What privileged position does Carne Ross come from that he...

Postscript to the Repeating Steak Pie

If you have been following my Steak Pie saga (which can be found here and here ) it may have occurred to you, as it has just to me, 'What the dickens was the waitress doing in the kitchen all that time after we ordered our mythical steak pies?' In the absence of any facts, I've done what anyone else would do in the circumstances, and made something up: Waitress: "Oh my God, Oh my God, you've got to help me!" Chef: "Calm down, whatever's the...

The Jugglers

when the juggler flops

Baby Driver (15) - Film Review

'Film Vroom Vroom', it's a genre flick. Almost non-stop car chase to a sometimes apt sound track. The characterisation, plot and backstory are sketched thin and just about believable, if you choose to believe in gangsters, mental-mad car chase and a lot of the old Bang-Pop! 'Baby', our eponymous hero, has been hoodwinked into the criminal life by a big old baddie. His passengers, a new set on every job are rough tough armed robbers. Baby's job...


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Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

We are positively heaving with good stuff on here this week - particularly prose, so it's been very hard to pick the best - in fact I'm going to cheat a bit and do some honourable mentions too... Anyway, our Story of the Week goes to Weatherwax's two-parter 'A Meeting with Kindness' - a departure from his usual genre (fan fiction), and I hope to see more like this from him. A big honourable mention to Celticman for his hilarious 'The Best Days...

The Steak Pie Repeateth

Some of you may recall my failure to purchase a steak pie from a local cafe a while back? I'm quite prepared to believe that this event hasn't exactly burned itself deep into your memory but I'm hoping there's a small chance of a sliver of recognition? For those for whom this earth-shattering event did not register, you can find the gory details (which include a spot of drain-unblocking) here . If you can't be bothered to check out the whole...

Thief In The Night

now you see me - now you don't

The Dogs Of War

'bullshit baffles brains'