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Chris made his way to Room 101. A man in his 50s sat behind a desk wearing a suit and a pair of distinctive red wire round glasses. Few people wore...


The family sat down, with their friends, at a table for 6 in a restaurant. The lights went out. Chris' girlfriend Maria took a handlamp out of her...

The Dodleston Timelines 3

Wendy sat in the police station. "Is the child injured?" she asked. "He has a few minor injuries," said the sergeant, who was slightly overweight and...

The Dodleston Timelines 2

Barry drove the minibus through the stargate. "Why are we going down here?" asked Stanley, looking a bit embarrassed as he fingered his favourite...

The Dodleston Timelines 1

Gary drove around the village of Dodleston. "You have reached your destination," said the satnav. This could not be the right place. There would...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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The scene with the

Posted on Sun, 19 Nov 2023

The scene with the psychiatrist is back in our lifetime. I am writing this in 2023. I think from the context that that is fairly clear. You are right that those who were mad got electrocuted. ECT was common right up to the 1970s and especially...

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