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I have 222 stories published in 15 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 121199 times and 13 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Malcolm Lisle

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The Chocolate Teapot

Drunken Campbell: Why do a podcast on the subject of backsliding? We're backslidden Christians and we consider that we belong to one of the biggest...

Money Made Man Mad 3

Gary picked up the letter that the postman had left under the windscreen wiper of the bright green van that was the location of his business. The...

To Vegans and Their Love of Beans

Beans help vegans to do their part, The more they eat, the more they fart. The more they fart, the better they feel, So they eat beans with every...

Money Made Man Mad 2

Gary Johnson sat in the lounge of the community house called Peculiar People thumbing through a copy of Operation World. "I want to go somewhere that...

Church Planting - What are We Doing Wrong?

Church Planting Movements (CPMs) are happening all over the world. They promise great things. A church plant amongst every unreached people group by...